1. @ranveer allahabadia bro pls don't shoot your video with black background man. The colourful background in your office is faaaaaar better than this pls bhia.

  2. Ranveer… u have lost the spark… jzzt for the sake of releasing a video within 2-3 days… your content quality is depriciating… nd what are these thumbnails… cheer phaad bno…👎👎👎

  3. कल भारत मॅच हार गया,मन बहुत उदास हुआ
    इस हार से केवल भारतीय टीम को हि नहीं बल्की मुझे भी सीख मिली,कि मैनें कितने घंटे मॅच देख कर बरबाद किये,पहले करियर बनालू फिर पुरी जिंदगी मॅच देखुंगा। -~motivation

  4. Ek bohot bohot bohot hi important question which is inside this 20 year old is how do we differentiate between a good and a bad gym? Or gym trainers? How to recognize a good gym trainer? Aur ye question isliye kyuki not everyone in the country lives in a metro city and therefore has a little lesser exposure to the fitness world. Being a girl i really look up to you especially when its fitness so please please help me with this.
    And you are absolutely correct about the discipline factor which exercising gives us. The only thing i am missing out in my life is discipline just like you said.

  5. Mai weight isliye bhi lose krunga.. kyunki r15 vale khuch 50-60 kilo vale log mujhe overtake maardete hai ..mai Ns 200 p with 81.44 weight… Btw meri ns ki condition thodi kharab h but fir bhi

  6. Bhai khana h to khao but use pehle and uske baad exercise plz… Morning and shaam !! Running hi krlo yaar ek tagdi vali

  7. Thanks man.thanks for the morning motivational video.. keep it up bro.keep post about nutrition most of the people don't no. They simply hit gym and eat the junk food.please help them also. Thanks anyhow brother ♥️♥️♥️

  8. ""ज़िंदगी जीना आसान नहीं होता; बिना संघर्ष के कोई महान नहीं होता; जब तक न पड़े हथौड़े की चोट; पत्थर भी भगवान नहीं होता।”😢😢😢😢""

  9. Thank you bro! Yeah fitness is cool and plays vital role in developing our lives but most of us skip this

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