ദിവസവും പിസ്ത കഴിച്ചാലുള്ള ഗുണങ്ങൾ |Are Pistachios Healthy? |Health Tips

ദിവസവും പിസ്ത കഴിച്ചാലുള്ള ഗുണങ്ങൾ |Are Pistachios Healthy? |Health Tips

now Scotty Baudelaire allowed us to kinda you know delicious you know and the new one is in the normal Java siamo another piece favorite song I like it pistachio vanilla now it'll take around one day than we they said al-qaeda would know they did another soda for my I take it down under some a wooden leg in the car you cannot have big whoa no no show you the number of days I like that they killed or shown to make you out of the row Hofstra right another under each other you'll notice I have a normal linear or steam in the bhuna gosht up into oh no no in the lowest shake like a Masonic another about llamar another word is some a Oh too much to presume that I wonder it should be keep later though my talent he Cara another either to live in Lincoln Park whether wooden I wanna bother to be enough Butte site within a I wanna to be with the new colony up on okay a we do Blake you gotta go even when you are antioxidants for pH of antioxidants another mark Whitney Mariah cancelable like a probe India right at the ocean take a cut an antioxidant Oksana are there for the name Allah Donna Karan hemoglobin deformation with the society Amanda Woodward a Malik fat content Ananda through nathan is impression my agonizer no phytosterol either natural cholesterol lowering rates and Dan are they for the network – iam vitamin b6 haram impaction I don't know why I don't know vana I know you are the new Monica gonna bite into the were an owner been an antioxidant rich site nutrient quality or sugar semester Mahalo not till you at the Tokyo MOOC Astana mana it is – another Lu Tien of a Bolognese reacts Anthony Anderson idiom either condenado you put a cylinder Mutulu Hudson is no quality Carranza calorie value beret a diem property NOLA would require a palace abuse tomatillo by the moderate portion estimate Lockwood either another abdomen diem having a high subsonic amino acids in Hama Amadou I'm gonna try to get no action open and eat la prohibida John de una pequeña la magia amino acids amino acids another WA Ta'ala might role of the wounded number to say deliver myself formation of it over sympathizers who shocked tomorrow Anna number of in dot and a dog a pizza high can he dispatcher inland original or economics ahuyama any weight loss angry in alcohol valium and I would advise on a pistachio pistachio three mandolin on the Pollyanna through the Guardian now they change Nala if it doesn't have a mighty protein condensed and how they would have been a shimmering it with our alum I don't I don't do the Chi Chi Nemo so of having a might and the mo could feel the fullness while there they while neither you can relief even I'm a victim idk da da la function of nama card you gave me I feel like butt than anything look are you kiddo malecon Olympia the course is a we may differ I end up mattering I didn't either caddy give Rochelle relevancy organic doesn't make you cry read each other him I won't have the credit in the amount of would function I'm going to control die to the Makati charm at the end or a curriculum Allah why are you famous again I don't really get familiar to re-enter marketing idea if is fashionable correct a book even doubt Allah fat content in a wood apothem the never shall be filled hahaha Mozilla absorb be able to give the heat you're putting energy in the lavender till she item either weight loss inner but to this high a vital factor rhodium in the system will never under the world totally never idea thought it will generate Osama Vilna even that's harder right that fiber or again you can own a functional are again you know that number the kuda little bacterial the Maldives hi I'm Angela or environment or the world or than a number of denim crew they might on our economy mcanalovin am I say someone that I don't give me another planet either getting curious a hike you we made the Mari another Danny about other faiths to store owned by the natural I called osterlich unruly nobody can attack Amana antioxidants of the actors I decided through la blood pressure and the Indri Canyon I'm at a crossroad on the in the reckoning on to ID number decided inner wall are they I don't you get a manicure they some directional in their words I don't mean the guy in the middle is a high camp would apartment Illume either bad lipid profile i two little cells on black on white the para in the lap appear each item so they I know your personal are kind of stolen personal car okay either absent any curricular the wall really matter I am removing feel they've been in a la the canal operatic I didn't indominus Austria and the wooden below – luckily you know even if I'm gonna cut it you move now to say until I get rz9 and over a massage the local actual molecule and the billikin now how'd you get out motorcycle affiliate though II are denying nitric oxide I had to convert irritable not electoral dilation a vigorous seek you know the team I cannot recommend own or operate them they might direct a little bit dilation original director thinness and Jayram I by the blood circulation cryptic of either number day so they I do it the new motto and I'm gonna sorry damn I don't say eh eh eh eh eh – provided they were in the wooded area in da miedo guilty the guna gotta Margaret La Coruna either would lo hice image index Allah khuda Baksh Ava doctora in the middle I see make index glycemic index normal a normal could've option under do you know who do they do the malaria you know let's do that a change that it's like if degrade another are being in our number director Tallulah punches are at la vieja link blood glucose and s want Enoch another in the Marana do I see week index where – laguna other is lower glycemic index tell of action under the mccurdy Kimbo I'm gonna say let's look at another blood sugar Cora pillar I'm gonna dispatch you low glycemic index of Aqaba on a new a child number of the credit she decided Rolla punjah sorry and a Lavinia the Kootenay low regard of namacarya fib child either the henna they hit him or who do one that i stabilized loaded level one develop a large sugar indelibly the cool to gave me lamp Oh woody Mahalo while at a healthy ayatollah eve action on future angle of view Rehema rainbow even and then we live the ocean window and Arianna Minooka at home now you'll say item either wait Leonardo you get a mite from the Clippers no no no that the processing they last time a third but a chicken on the pinion the depression of hypertension I mean the vital the vector sum ergo a locker at the carimbó salted Ayatollah who who can roast either too low the curriculum Allah the Quran are neither so democratic or denies or under the applied pressure you tonight let's have a polar than naked tou come I'm either might not be the keg and again I love allah they nostril I lack the normally get enough is that you that you cannot approach nail them up with another then we charge a child another where your item kilo P spread that we do morally throw pill duckies are about that again though the word among hydrometer shaky would you pass the ninja minute Laura kisana I think I didn't tell you whatever the degree Celsius illa if the processes that we go about easier that you can order prof see the epistle you know decided interpretive oh we live to each other who demonic evasion another theory Kentucky to Louisville Ralston I had let me stash you have indiscernible analyte la cancer on under ANILCA wanna raise the or rajeshwar soul epistemology Lydia can you keep Oh Rick ideas for the end of the shell of the Nebojsa Galatea Sheldon allow me the my I take a developer can do now random woody PD and the Atlanta PD it wants of credits Amadeo cried in would you monitor if you want to know protein formula to predict a change camera hydro get the novel and Emily in Enoch a little careless Nala also under the neck or a stroller coroner right internationally ball area which was the illegal in Nevada brothel owner and echo are do we get a monthly buckshot I don't you Mary why to be yeah okay or congratulate a mathematically you know minge them Indian English I'm shown taken in the words of number eleven account bacterium he description box Allah and a contact deal they go to the tundra milk a lower come on of you i some some bozo I wonder what I'm gonna the numeric is my to DVD I have a carbonyl away a mummy


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