[Applause] hey what's up guys I think we're in Key West Ward ah it's so pretty out here you guys so we were in Miami we drove all the way down here on that really famous Highway that has oceans on both sides of it that's a cool Drive you guys so pretty so many islands and oh it was awesome anyway the drive took about three and a half hours from Miami so you guys it is the next day though we are here in downtown Key West it is beautiful like I cannot get over the cute houses they kind of look like North Carolina South Carolina looks like the white state looking houses but then with palm trees all over and you're right on the beach it's such a cool vibe out here we stopped you guys a few of the other keys like Key Largo and I feel they're the smaller Keys nothing compares to here so definitely recommend if you are planning on heating up the keys make sure you come to Key West it's worth the extra Drive or if you're in Miami come on down because it is gorgeous down here such a different vibe from Miami just really small town beach town so gorgeous we are here right now in the courtyard of Ernest Hemingway's home which is so cool we're gonna go on a tour right now we hear some pretty cool things about this Nate actually knows some cool fun facts we'll share those with you in a little bit but we're gonna head in take a look and we're gonna bring you guys along with us Wow this is cool this is birdies him ooh hey the man himself place that we went to last time you guys it was one of the properties I he actually own that the restaurants now hold on you used to hold boxing matches there and where the Fox earring used to be is exactly where our table yeah it was so cool there's a lot of history here in Key West which is really cool you guys look at these windows just the architecture it's so cute looks like he was a big fisherman your dad would love this Jarrod I wonder if any books were written on this one look at this cute room oh my gosh you guys check out the kitchen that it's so cool okay so know that we learned last night from this restaurant never ask is that this is actually all of this stuff anything we see no this is like decoration this isn't actual stuff this is dining room table look at the old fireplace name is dollars Bosley the cats here in our actual descendant of his cats oh you guys this is so cool it says here on this balcony there was a catwalk that connected his house over to those writing studio over there but it fell this is what it looked like but the railing they replaced it but the catwalk used to be right here / – he's writing the studio where he wrote 70 percent of his writings so to head over to history and you can see where the catwalk would have been right there is where it connected this place is awesome and definite must visit if you're ever in the u.s. now I don't know if this is original or not but it looks like Ernest Hemingway had a pool and a pretty legit one I'm gonna have to ask the tour guide the best legit or not if they just added that after because that is one awesome pool and his entire estate here you guys it's like a tropical oasis this is legitimately ernest hemingway's pool how cool is that he had his own pool and it's like insanely pretty look at this so cool they're having a piden contest right now we are headed right now to do a catamaran snorkel tour oh so excited about so much fun look at all much fun get out on the beautiful ocean the weather is perfect right now we're gonna be gone I think it's like three and a half hours we're so excited guys get out do one of our favorite things snorkeling and what better place in Key West we made it guys we literally sprinted here I party that illegally in order to make it this trip this insane oh how pretty it is all right you guys you can see the reef out there it's where the water starts to get a little bit more turquoise that is where we're diving and apparently he said this is one of the three and largest living coral reefs in the world obviously the biggest is Australia the second biggest is in Belize and the third is here in Key West that is pretty freakin cool anyway it looks like we're actually getting here because the turquoise is getting a lot closer [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that looks so good you just finish with Garbo's grill it was on diners drive-ins and dives if you had not been there definitely go there it was oh my gosh it was seriously delicious I got a big ol burger and then Britney got three different tacos it was free and BBQ shrimp and I think salmon some type of fish but you know check out these houses I want to move I love Key West we come here hey you guys heard it first from Brittany she asked if we could move here I think we should we're gonna head around check out the rest of the town new my room [Applause] oh thank you sure would you guys we are on our drive back to Miami but look at this we're on one of these incredible bridges we got the ocean on the right side and we got it on the left side yeah he's Jared locked me out I'm sorry we don't need huh huh hey should we show him around the room though yeah look at this shower we are not used to this such a cool shower look at the huge vanity look at all this counter space I can lay out like everything right there and then I can have this this will be my corner yep perfect look at this it's so modern so clean you smell so good they must use some type of air freshener in here smells amazing smells so good they've really cute pictures coolest part though is this you guys terrabona just honors oh my thank you what oh so we have this little balcony out here but look at these views oh my gosh downtown Miami so cool this will be really cool to see what it looks like in the morning – isn't that pull those changing colors well maybe the colors of the billions – there that's it's purple over here yeah okay so Britney has not seen it yet seriously I've never been at a hotel with a rooftop pool before this is so cool look at this guy's literally surrounded by buildings this is pretty Kapaun I don't know if you guys can see there is a waterfall right here that's going into the pool and then literally check out these massive buildings right here hurry up on the 19th floor kind of give you an idea of how big and tall these buildings are all right it has been quite the day we have had so much fun you guys saw so much did so much you just really hit it hard today so I think it's time for bed so we're gonna call it a naive Bayes we have another day tomorrow cannot wait for that tomorrow will also show you what the pool looks like during the day since we couldn't spent in time up there thank you so much for watching for all of yours we comment for subscribing we love you all and we hope you have a great day wherever you are and we will see you next time see you guys bye Key West where the key lime pie is better than at home let's see what they kept in the cellar underneath the stairs looks like Ernest Hemingway's vacuum


  1. Hey fam! Today's vlog is a fun one because we go sailing to the only live coral reef in the US, which is in Key West, Florida! Key West is also the southernmost point in the continental US! We also visited Ernest Hemingway's home and some restaurants from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Plus, we went snorkeling and WE SAW A SHARK!! 🦈 Hope you all enjoy! If you have any questions about Key West let us know. We love you all!

  2. I read about the "Hemingway cats" with many extra toes. He was a real cat fan like me! His home is beautiful! Haven't been to Florida in years, use to go all the time. Next time I go I will make sure we visit the Hemingway house. It looks so beautiful!

  3. That water was gorgeous! I live on the east coast and would love to get down to Key West some day! I love that you want to move there and that would be awesome but would that be something you would actually consider? I know all of your family is in Utah and Brit works for her families company there also! You guys will do great and be amazing parents anywhere you live but just curious as to if you would legitimately consider that with all your family in Utah and possibly starting a family one day you'd be so far away from them! I know some people it wouldn't bother but I see how close you are to your family and that's amazing to me! I wish I had that!

  4. Britt I don't know if you've been keeping up with Dan and Chelle but her hair is starting to look fuller yours is starting to look the same way, getting fuller and lighter looking so beautiful!

  5. It is so beautiful! I love where you are staying and the catamaran, the snorkeling and the pool. What I don't like is 19 floors up. I am so afraid of heights I always get a lower room. When you walked out on the balcony, I actually held my breath. Thanks for taking us along.

  6. Britt, you are right that drive is cool until you want to leave because a hurricane s coming. That stretch of road practically becomes a parking lot! I will say though, as a Florida native, I would much rather deal with hurricanes than earthquakes!

  7. I was so excited that you took me back to Key West. My fav place ever. #hemminwayhouse is the best place…oh My gosh.

  8. i had fun on my birthday to watching fireworks and satarday i had fun my biggest birthday party now im 50 year old love David

  9. Happy Tuesday Jared, Britt & Finley!!
    I definitely want to get to Miami & Key West. Some day. (sigh)
    Only thing is that I would never want to leave Hemingway's home. I'm a cat lover. (wink, wink)
    Jared looks like he got some sun on this day.
    Are you two already back home in Utah? Can't remember how long you were going to Florida for?

  10. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful experiences I have a chronic pain disorder and will never get to do this stuff unfortunately but following your journeys makes me so happy ❤️ you definitely have to come to the Whitsundays it’s beautiful here in Queensland 😊

  11. Footage was amazing. I'm really enjoying your videos of your holiday. Love seeing Britt dancing. The "we don't need any more towels" XD

  12. What a great vacation! Beautiful! The hotel and drone footage was amazing! Cats with 6 toes are called polydactyl. Love them! We have a few that come to our clinic. That was your veterinary trivia for today. Lol I always enjoy your vlogs!! 😁👍

  13. nawww kitty kitty…I've had cats with 6 toes and our white cat has 1blue eye and 1yellow eye and i think he has 6 toes….wow so much fun and gorgeous…your looking good Jared, more healthy looking…good for you dude…thank you for sharing

  14. I love Key West! So beautiful down there. The water is amazing. My husband and I took a cruise last year and one stop was Key West. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

  15. Wow guys i really loved the views they were magnificent.. but looking down at it on full screen made me feel all queasy lol
    Vlog was out of this world, thank you for another excellent vlog, love from Linda in the UK

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