✨💖✨ DIY Peptide serum! 💎 Massive 💎 skin regeneration ✨💖✨

✨💖✨ DIY Peptide serum! 💎 Massive 💎 skin regeneration ✨💖✨

Hey, Leda Lum’s Apotheca and today I’m very
excited to make or mix our own DIY peptide hyaluronic acid anti-aging serum. Yes. Darlings,
I found this woman on Etsy, because I’m really into Etsy lately and just on there all the
time checking out what’s good. And I found a woman, the Maple Lady. She sells maple trees
as well. She’s got a few peptides, Syn-Coll peptide and I’ve got Matrixyl 3000 and Argireline.
So I bought these straight full strength. I’m not sure where she got these from, so
I’m still checking into that. She’s the Maple Lady, so it must be natural, right? Anyways,
I’ll look into some other suppliers because I think it’s a great idea to make your own.
So you have these peptides, you wanna refrigerate them and then you can put it in your own hyaluronic
acid serum. And I’m checking that out for my eye area, and let’s talk about peptides.
Peptides are a compound of two or more amino acids. Some are natural occurring and some
are synthetic, meaning that the chemist has greater control over the environment, what
amino acids they’re mixing up. So it’s not necessarily bad, it’s just ’cause it doesn’t
have a natural form in nature. We are just biologically engineering now, honey. The science
of biology is the next frontier of science, so we’re gonna be growing human beings, or
limbs at least, organs maybe. Anyways, lets get back to peptides.So Argireline. Argireline
is supposed to act like a botox, which I don’t know about that, but nothing is gonna be as
effective as botox in wiping out your muscles on your face, [chuckle] so you have no expression
lines. But this is a neuropeptide, so the idea is that Argireline… It’s not gonna
kill your muscles, but what it does, apparently, it’s supposed to… Peptides, what they do,
why they are so awesome in skin care is they’re communicating with your cells to act a certain
way. Like theoretically, they are communicating with your cells to have your muscles relax
more. So that’s what Argireline does. Acetyl hexapeptide-8, then we have Matrixyl 3000.
So matrixyl was a peptide that was popular and it’s different from Matrixyl 3000.Matrixyl
3000 is a combination of two different peptides; Palmitoyl oligopeptide and tetrapeptide-7.
So what this combination does, it basically causes your skin to react like there’s broken
down collagen there, like a wound. And so it tricks your skin into creating more collagen
in the area that you are placing it, kinda like a Derma Roller I suppose. So maybe if
you Derma Roller Matrixyl 3000, you’ll get a nice collagen rebuilding. Syn-Coll now is
a synthetic peptide Syn-Coll Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5. So this is a shorter peptide Syn-Coll, there’s
a few different ones, but Syn-Coll tricks your skin into producing more collagen. And
this is I think a newer peptide, it outperformed matrixyl by 10% in clinical studies. So I’m
gonna mix all of them into my hyaluronic acid base.So the way you do that… So I just have
a four ounce, this is not vanilla, but it’s a base of hyaluronic acid that I made last
night. And basically, how you do that is I have my hyaluronic acid from bulk supplements,
this actually lasts a hell of a long time. It’s 25 grams sodium hyaluronic, okay its
hyaluronic acid, and I… See this was like full up to there of cold water and then I
put maybe, so this is four ounces, maybe half a teaspoon. So I put four of these little
scoops, my little science utensil. [chuckle] I’m not really measuring, so its two… Half
a teaspoon is good. 4.2 grams is one teaspoon, so half a teaspoon is 2.1, about two grams,
alright. Okay. So anyways, half a teaspoon about that. You know I actually…So I put
a few scoops in, you shake it up, you put it in the fridge, and it’s gonna be all clumpy,
you want it in the fridge. You need the water to be cold to absorb for the hyaluronic acid
to gel up with the water and you shake it up every once in a while. This morning, the
gel was kind of thick at the top and then I shook that up, I shook it up. And because
I want this to be a little thicker ’cause I’m gonna apply it around my eyes, I added
a little more. Shook it up, okay. So I’m gonna put it in this. I just sterilized this jar,
this is an ounce jar. And the recommendation is 1% to 2.5% in your base. So hyaluronic
acid is a great humectant base to absorb. You can’t recollagenize your face with hyaluronic
acid, you have to take it internally, right? That’s how you’re gonna… But you can also
apparently check your skin. So we’re gonna test these peptides. Alright. So 1% of two
ounces, 1% is going to be, of two ounces, is 0.5 milliliters. So I’m gonna put 0.5 milliliters
into my one ounce and have 2%. One milliliter is 2% of two ounces. I’m gonna put a chart
down below because this is a confusing point, I think for most. Okay, luckily, Maple Lady
gave me this interesting little syringe to find my percentage. Okay so here I am, opening
up my Syn-Coll. Right here, it says one milliliter, so I’m gonna do half of this. It’s got a little
marker. Do half of that, and I’m gonna put it in my bottle. It’s pretty liquid. This
was $20, these were all about 20 bucks for this one ounce container of peptides. These
are gonna last me a long time, apparently. Matrixyl 3000. Again, I’m gonna do, yeah 0.5,
so half of that. Maybe got a little bit extra, oops, and then I’m gonna do my Argireline.
So a lot of anti-aging serums and creams that are so expensive are combining peptides. That’s
like the latest deal, isn’t it? This science, how we can manipulate ourselves. That wasn’t
very much. I put a little bit extra Argireline because this is gonna be around my eyes and
crows feet. Here we are with my aqueous hyaluronic acid, my base that I made, which I’m also
gonna keep in the fridge, and I’m not gonna… I’m making small batches, so I don’t have
to put a preservative in, okay? So here I have all my peptides in the bottom, it doesn’t
look like much, and then I’m gonna pour, if I can. It’s pretty gel-like, it’s a very gelly…
I wanna fill this up and slather it over until the bottle is done, and then I will let you
know how that fared, guys. It’s kind of a lot, so I have a little dropper bottle, container.
I’m just gonna put that on my eyes maybe three times a day. See how that works. So I’m very
excited about that, making my own very expensive peptide anti-aging serums. Okay, and I’ll
let you know how that works. And maybe you have made your own peptide serums. Have they
worked? I love this. So if you liked that information, give it a thumbs up and subscribe,
and tell all your friends, and let me know if there’s any other requests, or comment
away. Ciao!


  1. A few weeks ago I purchased sea kelp coral by skin actives. I added niacinamide and dmae with a few other actives in that base. It is seriously great stuff. Highly recommend as a base or on its own…I was thinking of adding it to an aloe moisturizer too.

  2. Hi Leda, the link did not lead to the etsy shop: I found it:

  3. I've mixed hydrolyzed pearl powder in it. It lightened up my acne scars. I have used micro pearl,powder as a finishing powder with a mica but the hydrolyzed mixes in bases. It took about six months but the pearl powder really helped lighten things.

  4. I was also going to.ask show us.ur night time routine .I have a problem with under my eyes in the morning they look puffy i inherited it from my.mom looks like i did.not.get.enough sleep we get it.when we eat salty foods at.night what.do you.think I should do I tried drinking.the collagen that.you.drink and i take vitamins

  5. LEDA is there a peptide I should try that would help fade my scars?? Or would collagen production do that anyways? I have scars all over my upper arms I've been trying to get rid of for over a year

  6. Nice! That's a great combo you made! It'll work for sure. I made one for myself ab a week ago using Argireline, Matrixyl S6, HA, Vit. C and CoQ10 and it have worked wonders on my skin so far!!! I've been applying it 2x day!!! Hope it works for you =)

  7. I don't mean to bother you again. I'm sitting here doing my daily research (haha) and just found syn-coll at "Ingredients to Die For". In my experience this works better than matrixyl 3000 or for sure argireline but everyone is different. Anyway, they have sell 2oz for 26.97. I want to make sure it's the same quality as lotioncrafter though. I make an aloe eye cream with the sea kelp coral and syn-coll. I use the Jenu device to push it down deeper into skin.

  8. The Jenu is an ultrasonic laser. You need a conduction gel but other than that you use your own lotions and potions 😉 I have used it for six weeks. I'm not convinced it works yet. The whole concept makes sense to me. It may be something that helps over time just not immediate results, I guess. Not sure yet ..Last week I bought the https://www.silkn.com/facefx/ (silkin fx) ..it's red light therapy with fractional technology. It's a lot cheaper than Jenu. Gets great reviews. I have used it five times. I have an issue with my under eyes, when I smile, the skin wrinkles up like that dog( a sharpei) haha. Anyway. I'm hoping this helps with the collagen I'm clearly missing in that area. Time will tell. Hope that info helps you.

  9. yes. I have tried derma rolling. it made.me really red for a few days. Maybe I pushed too hard, probably did. I got side tracked with the red light and jenu. I will probably restart derma rolling again. The red light is the led nasa technology just like you have used. The silkin fx gets warm. It's kinda relaxing. I am very hopeful with using it. they say you can use squalene with it but it's not necessary unless you are having a hard time getting it too glide over skin. I have had good luck, as many people have, using a different led light in past.i think it's the one device that I truly see results using..it has tightened up my neck but when I stop being consistent it goes bye bye again…ha.. you just have to be consistent. ooga!

  10. How is this serum working for u so far? . Good results? . I'm 44 and trying to hold back signs of aging. Wanting to try this blend bit wanted some feedback first. 🙂

  11. Loved this video, I already make my own vitamin c serum and hyaluronic acid serum. Have to try this next! Do you have any suggestions on making a royal jelly serum? Thank you.

  12. You said 1/2 a teaspoon of hylauronic acid for 4oz. How much hylauronic acid should I put in my 1oz bottle of water. Also, do I put the serum on before or after my moisturizer?

  13. i hope you're right about growing limbs Leda i lost my leg a few years ago thanks to a big mac truck running over it

  14. how did it work? Such great videos, I am taking the collagen and am seeing a difference already in 1 week. Which peptides are recommended to smooth skin ?

  15. great idea to make your own. check out Lotioncrafter for your sources of actives. Maybe that is where the maple lady hers…;)

  16. embarrassing question but I'm willing to ask anyway. cellulite… O have had it as long as I can remember. Even as a young active teen that walked, ran rode bikes, cheerleading, track, danced. I "was" then and up to mid 30's pretty physically fit but, always had cellulite! Have you found anything for that? I'm desperately needing something. As I have aged it has gotten horribly worse and nothing I have done has helped. I'm limited with finances so if there's something to help I would be forever grateful!

  17. This is so awesome, learning a lot. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. This will save all of us women a lot of $$.

  18. Hello Leda,

    I sooooo would make up my own serum.
    What's the shelf life of these separate Peptides ?
    Just found you, "👍🏼"
    Sandie at Tahoe

  19. what kind of preservatives do you recommend and how much per 1 oz of your aquous base? With preservatives, how long will the serum last and should this be refrigerated?

  20. Its been 5 months now since you put up this video. Can you give an update on your results from using this serum. Please let us know how you are using it and what results you have seen on the fine lines and firmness of your skin, particularly under your eyes. Thanks.

  21. your the best! hahah. I love your videos so much. Im onto the Hydrolized Collegan now, keen to give these babies a go. Your skin is looking AMAZING by the way. I trust what you say – because you look amazing. anyways, how has this serum gone? have you posted an updated video? cheers . thank you so much for doing these vids. i look forward to your skin care range.

  22. Hey Leda Lum! Just stumbled into your channel, luv the out-takes aka bloopers, don't stop doing that cause it's just awesome. Helps make learning fun. I'm chasing my tail trying to find great info on home-made copper peptide solution/serum. Is it as effective as touted, best sources (natural, clean, pure, etc) and which base solution/oil/water/serum.. nah, I'm not asking much, right? Well.. maybe. Love working, using, making herbal meds, use to grow variety & forest forage for easily identifiable. All started with kitchen herbs, then I found my cooking herbs had medicinal properties. Competed rabbit poo is great fertalizer. I had a basil bush so big it had bark! Seriously, I was giving away fresh basil. But a move to deep south, heat, swamp, no forest & husband's health kinda sidetracked me these last few years. Stress has taken its toll, so I'm making anti-aging, reverse aging is actually what's needed! Your vids on E.O. are wonderful, just starting to work with those for soaps, lotions, butters, shampoo & conditioner, now making body oils so your skin benefit E.O. vid was great! Keep 'em coming & keep your humorous callousness!! Thank you!!

  23. @leda lum I just got 1 x chelated copper supplement tablet made by SOLGAR (2500ug = 250% rda) and crushed it in a pestle and mortar , then added just enough coconut oil to make it into a smooth cream,it looks blue and green colour now.
    Anyway i have tested that on some areas of my skin,results yet to follow, will this work the same as your peptide serum in restoring lost melanin due to vitiligo.
    I am thinking that copper is deficient in vitiligo sufferers, so if i added it directly to the skin in the affected area it woul directly absorb it, what do you think???

  24. Hi Leda!! It;s really joy to watch your channel!!!
    So have you seen results from this serum or r you trying something new??

  25. It's just soo annoying that the company, as all others nowadays, do NOT ship internationally.. it says it does..but things I need for this,are not allowed. Back to square one. Sigh! 😱😞

  26. Think maple ladies gettin this from lotion crafter? Ive got some matrixyl 3000 from them so I know they carry that…. think shes just mixing with carrier oils?? hmmmmm

  27. Organic silica is ten times better, it is the building block that our body needs to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid (GAG). Try monomethylsilanetriol !

  28. Hi Leda. I am making my second batch of Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This time I read carefully instructions from BulkSupplements and it says that the dmae and vitamin C powder act as a preservative for the HA serum. Also, to mix those is room temp water then refridgerate and add the HA powder. From your experience, is it true about the preservation? Also, the steps in making the serums? I was adding the other ingredients to the HA serum i had already made. I am confused.

  29. Your so funny..I love ur videos💖 Thank u solo much for the recipes for these diy products! They normally run aprox. $90.00 if bought in retail.

  30. I cant find the maple lady on etsy or any pure peptides. Is there any other place to purchase now?
    Also have you heard of the new skincare craz with this snail slime stuff? Its big in Korea. I heard about it from Amber's channel on youtube "The Quietest Revolution"- she swears by it. Check her out, she uses the Mizon Recovery Gel Cream. Please let me know what you think about the snail slime. id love your opinion.

  31. Hi Ms. Leda Lum!
    Can you please update us with the peptides and tell us how we can get the chart you mentioned? Thanks!

  32. hey Leda do you still recommend buying these products? were they more effective than hyaluronic acid

  33. I have been using the argeline in mixes, but after a short time it smells really bad, any thoughts on that? Are all your products just for a few weeks, or do you also put preservative and which one would you use? thanks, great stuff

  34. Yes, I use the same two peptides to make an eye serum, only I put it all over my face and neck. I’m sixty next year, and have almost no wrinkles. I love your channel, you make great videos

  35. Do you have a video that shows your am & pm skincare routines? ♥️♥️♥️

  36. I have had some serious bad side affects from using prescription retina and Argireline. Really scary…..so I had to stop.

  37. Hello love this I'm making some vitamin c serum, and wondering if msm can go in with it? or just use vitamin c on it's own, or a serum that is msm and niacin? I read msm won't sink in skin one place and another that it will? and also I have a shop on Etsy, TreasureandTeds I make Mohair Teddy Bear's One Off's or a Specially made Bear as you want, One of Pieces of Fashion Jewellery and Chokers, One Off pieces of Leather Jewellery and One off Leather Bags 🙂 if your interested x

  38. HI very much enjoyed this video.

    I want to try this formula but want to add Bovine collagen. I thought using it topically was more effective then internally where it goes through the digestive tract. IS it okay to add collagen?
    Are the pHs the same?

    Also, would you change anything to this serum being that this video is two years old now?

  39. Use DMSO to literally take the actives deep in the skin, &the dmso itself is like anti aging for your skin!

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