👣Pedicure Tutorial Miracle Cure for Pretty Healthy Toenails 👣

👣Pedicure Tutorial Miracle Cure for Pretty Healthy Toenails 👣

today's video is long and worth every second you're going to learn how to heal the cracks in your feet how to get rid of nail fungus why I started a YouTube channel and all the nitty-gritty details of making neglected toenails pretty again so stay tuned so I have psoriatic arthritis and degenerative disc disease and five years ago I had to have my neck fused and they told me I would never be able to work again so I swore that if I got better and was able to continue to work but I was going to do my best you can go ahead and bend your knee and put your foot right there on efficient to try to train and share my experience and all of the information I have in my head just from doing my job for all of the years with other people so they're able to have a successful career like I have had because I've been doing this for 24 years it's a great career so I hope that other nail technicians out there benefit from it you got that right which is still working well I it doesn't go away so they the fusion helped most of the pain in my neck I was supposed to have four of my just fuse together but then I wouldn't have been able to bend my neck at all and I needed to still have mobility because looking down is my job all day long so they changed the prism in my collapses so when I look down it helps it it moves the image upwards so that doesn't hurt as bad but when I have to have the two above the other two fuse which they told me five years ago about four years is the limit so I'm well past that thing I do everything I'm supposed to do ergonomically to try to prevent any more damage but I have Fassett arthritis and bone spurs and all kinds of stuff and now I have in my lower back I have one extruding disc for bulging discs bone spurs cassette arthritis and stenosis so I I deal with that on a daily basis but what are you gonna do you're not gonna give up just twist your foot a tiny bit there yeah well all I can say is they're gonna look like new feet when we're done Oh my so we have right yeah yeah and that's what a lot of these turkey birds who leave me comments need to know is that you know people are not lazy people aren't selfish they're putting other people before their own needs and that's what a lot of times happens in life and as they get older they will learn that sometimes you have to put yourself last we have several things happening in the background in order to be able to get off the dead skin around her nails and on the bottom of her feet I have the callus remover on the bottom of her feet loosening the dead skin and the cuticle remover around her nails dissolving all of that dead skin I've trimmed the length of the nails with the toe nail nippers and now I'm filing the free edge with the stainless steel file to remove any rough edges well I get a massage once a week so today is Wednesday so it's my massage day so I'm getting it right after I do your feet actually and then I just do stretching and yoga and I'm out of medication for my arthritis which is an injectable twice a month and I get myself a shot in the stomach I'm just limited I know what my limits are I can't do as the dead skin absorbs the cuticle remover I need to apply more cuticle remover so I can scrape off the dead skin really easy if I don't apply more cuticle remover the skin attached to the nail plate is really hard to move it just sticks to the nail plate if you are new to my channel all the tools are available on my online store and the pedicure kit includes a free ingrown sidewalk cleaner as well as the cuticle remover toenail nippers cuticle pusher and the stainless file I don't like to be the girl people feel sorry for though some of you may have seen this clients big toe in one of the latest compilations and I'm going to try to edit really close so you can get a really good view of how to use the cuticle pusher to scrape off the dead skin a little earlier you heard her say that this is her good foot and when we get to the other foot you'll understand why I have seen her three times now and you are not going to believe how amazing her toenails look now after using two of the Imperial feet foot care products I'm gonna work really hard to try to get all of that stain and dirt out of this area right here but sometimes when it is so deep down inside that crevice it has to work its way out so I get most of it out but a lot of it is still going to just look like a stain when I'm finished the surface of these toenails on her right foot really are not in that bad of condition so I'm using the extra fine crosscut cone bit that you can find on my online store and it's just going to peel off off any of that discoloration that's on those surface I use these little white buffers a lot okay and this is about the same grit as this this is an extra fine and so I'm finding it just a little bit easier to manipulate when I do this it won't hurt ya and then if it touches like right now I'm just getting in these little cracks like a little particularly I get a lot of comments about does it hurt do you all know about the random comment game I play on my channel to win one of the tools I use in my videos all you have to do is leave me a comment you can just say hello tell me what you learned or even what your favorite part of the video was everyone that leaves me a comment is entered into a drawing so be sure you're subscribed so you get the winner notification I would also really appreciate if you would click the thumbs up to like the video and share the video to help others find my channel I have so much to be thankful for with people like you who are willing to help me grow my channel thank you so much right well it's a different type of fungus so there's not just one thing that causes fungus so all the different types of fungus they still eat keratin and the nail plate is pure keratin but it's caused by different strains or microorganisms yeah and there's these really long names but athlete's foot is one of them and it can get into the toenail here I'm just applying some more cuticle remover so I can wipe it away just so I can clean off the area so I can see a little bit better sometimes when all of that dead skin is lying around everywhere you can't really tell what is still attached and what is not and then this is called a cuticle lifter and I'm just going around the edges again to see if I can get off any little bits of skin and to clean out from underneath the free edge yeah it's essential maintenance kind of put a couple from out-of-state I never thought that people would find me on YouTube though and come to me I mean this whole thing just started as a here I want to share what I know so I can help people I've gotten which I'd love to see what they do do because to me I can't I don't know how you can skip this part you know what I mean yeah now it needs to recut the nail grew because every single time this nail gets to about right here it's gonna start to get a sore your nail groove you know it goes deep like that and when after they cut it then the skin rolls up so that's why I never cut the corners of people's toenails like that you just manage the discomfort on the edge because it just makes it worse I mean first it helps a lot you have to keep that skin soft so it doesn't hurt it's more pliable we're gonna let that soak again so I can see if I can try and get oh yeah they getting better so the Fisher cream because these won't heal if there is dirt embedded in them and I'm allergic to those black flip-flops really so whenever this black gets on my foot my feet instantly crack apart you get sore so you might be allergic to those you might have to get some flip-flops in our black okay I don't normally include this part into the pedicure videos because it just makes them so long but the before and after pictures after one month of this client using the Fisher cream at home we're just too amazing to leave this out so what I've already done is I've rubbed off a lot of the dead skin that the callus remover had dissolved with the towel before I start to file with the angel foot file the angel foot file is patented technology it has a coarse side and a fine side and they have these little teeny tiny triangles that file off the dead skin I've never used a foot file better than this foot file and it comes in three sizes and each size is on my website now if you're a licensed nail technician you can buy this file at a discounted price on Imperial beat usa.com you just have to fill out the verification form to get a password and you will be able to place an order the inside of odds are all right this is the amazing tangerine scented seesaw scrub and it is fabulous and I just added it in an 8 ounce size to my website so you guys can buy it and use it at home and with this camera angle you can all now see what is making that noise in the background of all of my videos it is the motor of the pedicure table that circulates the Jets so all of the nice bubbles can massage my clients feet legs and this is the not so good foot and you're gonna see some things that you've probably never seen before including a suspected nail fungus quite a few toenails and some really impacted material stuck underneath a few of her toenails which miraculously come out after using the nail mycosis solution at home for just one month try a buff off the surface I'll be able to see better it's a pretty important time-saver to remember to apply the cuticle remover on the cuticles before you trim the toenails this allows the cuticle remover to work while you're working on the nail plate so you can remove all of that dead skin really easily I know some of you are thinking how do you know how much to trim off sometimes you have to just go really slow and take off a tiny bit at a time until you remove enough of that stuff that's stuck underneath of the toenail out of there so you can see how far but it's always safe to go nice and slow and even you might have to go back and trim it a little bit more after you've cleaned out some of the dead skin and I know just by looking at this big toenail it appears that it's just got this great big orangish yellow stain on it right but really that stuff I'm pulling out right there is so compacted it's completely all underneath that patch that's all lifted off of her nail bed and when I show you the before and after pictures at the end you'll be able to see that cavity that is left behind when all of that stuff came out and when you're working with toenails like this it can be pretty overwhelming so just stick to the steps don't you think about anything else step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 because by the time you get to the end you're going to be shocked at what you've accomplished so just don't think about anything else just do the steps in order sixteen years I don't know if you could hear her question but she asked me how long I had owned my salon for and I said sixteen years and I'm really proud to say that in just two more payments we're going to have the mortgage on the salon paid off I used to have psoriasis on my skin but it was when it turned into our thright us it all went away on my skin you know like there's an inflammation something in my body it's an autoimmune that causes inflammation and at one point it was just causing it on the surface of the skin at some point it went internally and then attacks the joints right yes they'll tell you but they've got great creams that do help I know it never looks like there's that much when I know you've seen me use different bits on the electric file and other videos but this is an extra fine and even though it does remove a tiny bit of thickness it really is just meant for buffing as I'm really not concerned too much about removing thickness from her toenails I'm just concerned about smoothing this surface and getting off any of that heerd skin that's still left on it and you know thinking about on her next visit if there is any thickness because all of that pact material that's under her toenails I really need to determine if that's actual toenail thickness or if it's something under her toenail because if you think that it's toenail and you start filing away at it you could file their whole toenail off so you do not want to do that so it's always safe to just buff the surface and then on their next visit you can determine if it's true toenail thickness or if it was stuff that was underneath the toenail and especially on this toenail you're not gonna believe how much stuff came out from underneath this toenail and that if this is not toenail thickness at all I just have to add that it took a lot of courage for my client to finally say hey I want someone to help me with my toenail situation and if it weren't for people like her I wouldn't be able to share these real-life situations with you I applaud her so much for coming in and allowing me to share her experience with the world it's a furnace I went to college first when I started I just went to nail school okay it's a shorter course but then I went back and got my full cosmetology license when I wanted to open my salon I did an apprenticeship program and got my full cosmetology license so I could make sure that I was I knew everything to me all the girls need nails is where I can make the biggest difference Oh in our room ow yes hi mom how's that feel make a little space for when you put that stuff on it because I want it to go underneath the Tony okay you would tough it out yeah I don't think sometimes people pay attention to the angle of the tool and they slide it in the wrong way you know you have to pay attention when it's flat it goes in a certain way grab ahold pull it out the same way you put it in so you're not twisting it underneath the nail does it smell no no it can be yes in all the years that I've been doing this I maybe have gotten like one stinky foot yeah rubbing off the callus remover and all of the dead skin that it dissolved with the towel is very important before you start to file with your foot file if you don't all the slippery skin will just clog up your nail file and it won't be able to use the friction to rub off any of the skin it's under it's in the toenail and underneath the toenail the toenails detached from the hell bed yeah but it will reattach as it throws out like if it gets all the way back to your cuticle your nail pie fall off yeah I can only take five pedicures a day just because it's too hard on my body and then there manicures on crellick nails so I do between and 13 people a day yeah I did today I'm actually idea to everybody every nails yeah most of my clients are standing appointment so they are here every two weeks or every four weeks I've been doing the same people for 20 years so same kind of thing it's a diamond so it'll kinda tickle they won't hurt you are you ticklish I don't try not to jump okay yours are gonna be really good toes to follow right so for the first month I don't want you to put any polish on okay so we can put the medicine on the toenail I'm sorry I can't soak in better then you'll see bigger faster yeah podiatrist sometimes but I just don't even try to treat it because they know people won't put it on every day right wait the data but and you have to use it until the nails are completely grow the circle and backwards like really yeah like people go oh look they look so much better I'm all done using the topical stuff nope nope it's still in your nail it's gonna still keep but my online store because everybody I like that two ladies this year lots of gardening gardening already I know I look after it got another little bath got everything rinsed out of the crack so you're gonna take home the Fisher cream and you're gonna put it on your heels and the ball of your foot it's gonna work out all of this dirt that's embedded in your cracks so the cracks can heal they will not heal with that discoloration embedded inside the crash well I would use it when you brush your teeth morning at night put it right next to the toothpaste Jeremiah DL do no I don't go anywhere I go to work and home work and home and work and home I'm here long hours relax your toes yeah it's the biggest in second stick gratification I think for me and for you right feels strange I've got some really extreme before-and-afters coming up I've seen her three times now so I'm going to show you the before the after the first pedicure then the after the second pedicure and then the after the third pedicure and the before and after of the cracks in her foot with the black in it before and after and the before and after of the right foot right I think they've probably just gotten so and I'm sure that they're all different this is before we got started after I took the polish off after I'm finished with the first pedicure before I started the second month pedicure you can see all of that stuff came out from underneath her toenails this is after the second pedicure see how thin that third toenail is it's a good thing I didn't try to thin the thickness on the first pedicure when she came in this is after the third pedicure this is before she started the Fisher cream treatment and this is B for her second pedicure so all of that dirt and stuff and the cracks were able to start healing up at home and those were the before and after of her right foot here you can see the progress a little bit better before after the first pedicure after the second pedicure and after the third pedicure using Imperial feet nail mycosis thank you so much for taking time out of your day to watch my channel you can visit my social media sites to follow and interact and I would really appreciate it so much if you would click that share button and share your favorite videos to help me grow my channel here are some other great video suggestions for you thanks for watching and I will see you soon


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  2. I had a cage put in at c5 – c6. The discs were crushing the nerves. Was supposed to fix the problem Not. Then they shaved the bone in the back of my neck did not work. I am on a disability pension now.

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    Thanks for the nice video with explanation and I subscribed.

    Jana from Belgium 🙂

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