πŸ”₯ TRAINING MOTIVATION #2 Feat. Dr. Billy Alsbrooks (Workout Fitness Motivational Video)

πŸ”₯ TRAINING MOTIVATION #2 Feat. Dr. Billy Alsbrooks (Workout Fitness Motivational Video)

support billions Brooks speak it to our next event call for zero seven three one zero three two seventy-five warning videos by billy allah's books to call side-effects champions being born dreams being realized a week becoming strong victory over unbelievable ah incredible comeback stories the sick be healed marriages being restored victory over all forms of addiction child promotions average people becoming millionaires warriors becoming less than unstoppable these videos will motivate and inspire you to take action morning your papers now being increased to the level it takes to move mountains rise rise champion a billy all's books and i approve this message when you truly buy into your dream the future will not make you out a liar opportunity stops people that know what they want in life now the people closest around you will be the last to see the change in you class is in session fire truth music now the foundation of greatness is built on the crown with each letter on world crown representing alone or element of success that we must stop in to if we want to go to that next level now C is the first letter in the word crown and this stands for consistency what you do day to day consistently will reveal to the world your true level of commitment the first page in my book says success it's a marathon a consistency walked out one day at a time it's not a sprint I hear me out when effective action marries consistency greatness is born that next level next level greatness its birth doubt or consistently aligning your mind mouth is with the fundamental laws of success our everyday world is just the sum total of our most dominant all patterns lack sickness and failure cannot sustain themselves in an environment of high vibrational thoughts if you think greatness if you constantly meditate on the things that it takes to go to that next level the next level must bow to you you truly buy into the dream you actions will reflect that what you have bought assault sustained long enough will officially produce an equivalent outcome small aligned actions wrap with consistency officially produce massive result process of success requires you dominating every second of the day to go to that next level will come back to your real fate will bend and shape reality that brings us to all the second letter in the word crown and that our stands for real the key deliberation is embracing your own truth it's keeping it real with yourself and those around you a disciplined mind rooted in truth can do the impossible when you align yourself with the real all the barriers obstacles and limitations that you felt in your life will begin to dissolve and dissipate right before your eyes to wrap themselves in truth become unstoppable those who don't respect you will choke on the lies and illusions of life surround yourself orthoses cannot breathe without keeping it real success stalks those who wear authenticity in today's world real is rare and anyone who can boldly commit to it will have a lane all to themselves rule is the Couture for greatness and every time you face something you fear in truth you go to a deeper level of growth awareness and personal power those who chase trends instead of pursuing their own food disqualify themselves to greatness if you want to have a niche an advantage in business make real your foundation every decision you make for your business filter it through the value of being real be real with your customers be real with your employees be real with yourself those who can keep it real are in the least contestant least competitive but most in demand in your business place today it's the language of those who are lives walking truth it's to vibrate it's a highest level of human existence the world does not need another carbon copy of somebody that you admire you can learn from them yes but officially you have to be you the one God designed you to beat the DNA that you have on the inside of you has greatness in it some of you won't be approval of others more than you won't success and that's not going to happen I'm gonna tell you why I see the need for approval pollutes the road truth required achieve greatness now the third letter in crown is old and the old stands for own it's never rinse lease or borrowed success own it decide what it is that you really want in life and plant your flag deep down in that dirt go put the money down at the title of us get the deed go get the you all pack yourself up and move there never leave your word guessing will reveal to the world whether you are permanent resident of success or whether you are just a tourist passing through only when good stops being enough to a greatness reveal ourselves some say they are loyal to greatness but in reality they have a mistress called average stop having affairs with mediocrity and oh that what you say you can if you really want you to taste greatness then you have to be willing to give up and let go of every belief system every word so an action that is keeping you at the level you are at now champions make adjustments not excuses winners take full responsibility of their outcomes they own their situation in order for self-help books positive quotes or motivational videos to change your life they have to be absorbed more than just in your mind they have to take you down in your spirit someone with real faith needs no external validation they just under dream with absolute belief on it that brings us to the fourth letter in crown W which stands for winners wins the champions that win on a consistent basis they do so because they think different you see winners refuse to go to bed till they are better than they were yesterday if average is not good enough and greatness is what you want then you have to create an environment conducive for that and I grew up in North Alabama and college football is all we know from the time I was one week old I was sitting on my daddy's knee watching Bear Bryant lead his team out on the field we created a culture there at the University of Alabama that is still alive today back in coach Brian's time they used to play 12 games a year to go 11 and one wasn't obviously at most schools 11 and 1 would've got you a raise the University of Alabama we didn't come for lemon 1 we came for the rain we can't for the trophy we come for the legacy it's better than an environment that culture that coach Brian created years ago is still going on with Nick Saban today five national championships later now this past year they got beat in the national championship game with 14 in 1b every opponent by 10 plus points during the regular season one of the greatest seasons of all time but they did not win the championship it was the failure this year and if you don't believe me just look how many coach his own staff this year that was on staff last year win us win not growing up I was a national champion in martial arts for time state champion train with the Olympic team and you're asking me up so your parents put you under all the stress to win all the time I said no this is my identity this is who I am the desire to win comes from the inside out not the outside in winners have it only in size at times I experienced the most discontentment or the most stress is when I'm not living up to my own inner standard not the standard of somebody put on me but the standard that I live by the one that's only inside of me fifteen eight or that red clay mud that I come from if it says eleven to one is not good enough winners we I got a question for you are you living life or his life living you how bad do you want to be successful are you ready to level up in life are you ready to go to that next level are you sick of being average I ask you again are you living life or his life living you this August 4th Orlando Florida than unstoppable the kicker tour I'll be teaching a four hour life changing seminar on the auto greatness all rise champion this event will sell out get your tickets now Billy owns Brooks live August 4th Orlando Florida be there get your tickets now at Billy oles Brooks comm backslash events the lifecycle places me arise nothing can stop me when life hits me with a brick alright nothing get stopped and when all hope seems lost and the world is written me oh nothing can stop again so lots still arise just a kiss I don't care what they say I'm gonna make it one day you can see it in my eyes I think it's not like it's at a time of the mound a cloud cuz I've always be tonight cuz I only get one shot so I'm coming for the spot I can see it in my mind nothing I don't care what to sing it I'm gonna make it one David you can see it in my eyes with God all things are possible my mind set that's right my illest and grain is flop but work ethic what will it be slow tell nothing is stopping my faith is unwavering and consistent and that's why the mountains slipper wouldn't leave me comment trials and tribulations will come and go but the champion will remain to go scream for mercy when they see me coming the enemy runs when he sees me he knows flows because all I speak his life I live declare the victory have persisted in my mind and I claim the promised land I don't care what they say I'm gonna make it one day you can see it in my eyes nothing can stop one inch at a time of the mountain I call out cuz I won't be denied its I only get one shot so I'm coming for the spot I can see it in my mind nothing I don't care what they say I will make you one day you can see it in my sickness there's not come to me for no clay come near that 12 when sickness sees me he sees a sound most high god that moves from glory to glory many are the afflictions of the righteous but the spirit of faith warrior I believe the promises of God dream oh my god oh never design faith to be passive that's why I'm so aggressive stay on the offense I don't care what they say I'm gonna make it one day you can see it in my eyes I think it's like one inch at a time of the mountain I guess I won't be denied sound only get one shot so I'm coming for the spot I can see it in my mind I don't care what they say I'm gonna make it one day you can see it in my eyes I'm on fire for the Lord ain't no such thing as a lukewarm Christian around him we've been playing with the enemy too long and I'm about to set it all I got inside information mr. buddy changed the weather and that's that all the promises of God oh yes Amen so I believe we've been sitting in his church pews too long we don't is a way of life at the first sight of the opposition struggle of when enemy shows his face and launch my praise a joyful noise that was summoned his praise will confuse the enemy I will come down just like they did it Jericho I'm confident because I know I've already won this battle and my prayer time in the world says our hope is those and oh I'd get on stays in in a deuce I don't care what they say I'm gonna make it one day you could see it in my eyes I think it's not white it's at a time of the mountain I call out cuz I won't be the knight nothing only get one shot so I'm coming for the spot I can see it in my mind nothing can stop I don't care what they say I'm gonna make it one day you can see it in my eyes but life's sucker punches me I rise when life hits me with a brick I rise and when all hope seems lost and the bonus free well lil join the movement get your books the t-shirt now less than unstoppable success starts with putting the right things into your mind my new book less than unstoppable was strategically designed to align your mind with the Laws of Success this curriculum will teach you to enter mechanics required to go from average to phenomenal from living a life with limits to being less than unstoppable as you follow this guide step by step amazing breakthroughs what happened new doors of opportunity will open in favor what we're gonna chase you down less than unstoppable isn't 31-day devotional on the laws of success this book will instigate the thought process and actions required to transform your life each day has a bible verse and teaching on that day's principle a positive affirmation a prayer for the day self-assessment questions success quotes action steps and a powerful inspirational message regardless what field you're in less than unstoppable is your boot print for success get your copy


  1. #MondayMotivation

    We recently celebrated the country’s independence, now it’s time to achieve our own personal freedom. To be Blessed And Unstoppable means walking in victory in every area of of your life (Health/Finances/Family/Relationships/Business/Spiritual/Impact).

    Many Blessings to you,
    Dr. Billy Alsbrooks
    Blessed and Unstoppable
    Impact 1 Billion People!
    Jeremiah 29:11

  2. Thank you champ, looks like you have some lighter fluid also up there billy, store that away for next time champion!!!!!

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