🔴 Testing Finn's New Health On Kill Card! PS4 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Live! 🔴

🔴 Testing Finn's New Health On Kill Card! PS4 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Live!  🔴

you you all right hello there chat how we doing welcome back to another livestream we just got the update for July so yesterday they announced a small patch basically introducing a new health on kill card for Finn where he will just have a standard kill to replant health they've also added milestones for the joy decay and the TX 130 and on top of that they have nerfed the 80s T the rocket that was one killing heroes and also added some other bug fixes so we're gonna jump in in just a second I'm gonna play some GA test everything out really want to give Finn a good go tonight and pretty much use him as much as possible so darkside feel free to select whichever hero you want me to play light side I'm pretty much just gonna be going for Finn so you guys can get a good idea of how he plays with the new card so I hope everyone is doing well I know I streamed this morning but we're back added again on that grind you know what I mean you know what I mean just trying to trying to get to that 20k trying to get you guys all part of a bigger community because we love that we love that so welcome everybody some is his first in the chat thick to puss Apple man yo ink da foz ec what's going on my dude bathroom tiles who else we got here looks like the rest of the people are just lurking chirping so we actually before we jump in there should be yeah so we can get the specialist crate well what a way to start off the stream Kurt with $10 super chat thank u so much legend he says I am doing a sniping montage of your signs well thank you legend I appreciate you now I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with did I just kick that twenty thousand credits or twenty thousand crafting pots I didn't see it looked like crops and clods I'm guessing it was credit probably gonna be the same on that one alright so we can also can we also get the know okay I guess the bundles are only available by a crystals so that's campaign we don't want that definitely go want that so I was yes I replaced the old rust bucket look at this look at this beautiful thing I love it it's so nice it's um it's nice it's very nice no I like I love this chair dude like no funny shit when I'm at work sitting in like a regular computer chair just doing like office work and stuff when I'm not on the sales floor I literally dream about coming home to this chair like that's how good this chair is you guys don't even understand how good it is it's ridiculous but yeah Thank You Kurt I appreciate it and I'm looking forward to this sniper montage Fichte puss hello Mastodon hello blood welcome to the stream stopping by before work or some awesome Kurt with another $5 hi how's it going thank you 45 of us right this is intense hectic right now good design that's right now where's there should be one new me okay okay thank you for the $5 man appreciate it appreciate it why did I get 20,000 credits I don't know maybe because I already have the skin Oh got him now we still got him mine I gotta catch these dudes that are up the top I gotta get up there and get some points hey Benjy what's up man thank you I appreciate it good to see you stopping in for a minute right cat with mad dinos snare what is happening dude thank you for the two we get some love for Curt in the chat please my man is crush Matt thank you dude addicting gamer hello I should probably focus a Gavin its being a viable option I haven't had a chance to using me I'm gonna try them in a minute what the hell just not really barring targets no if I could I am that'd be nice welcome today that look guy you ran off oh I'm feeling good please good better than this morning when I played both I don't like that a tank being there but at all I just took that to the guys no game oh my god that's turret central fan today mr. explosive shot my God seven assists Skywalker and realize I'm a frickin pirate see Chuy's Harry Garnett what is going on how are you old stole that that was a steal let me targets up there man holy coming for you League and they're completely missed okay thank you for the $2 date appreciate appreciate and another $2 holy shit thank you my guy I just missed every fucking rocket on out fuck made it as done well I was on a roll and I fucked up thank you could so much appreciation please my god this time now to here with your explosive shutting scumbag Wow camping in the corners so much skill that requires yeah – we were playing on Ozzy side of this man sure I if you wanted to score it off but you know looks on mice dead bro five lanes of all those shots he would have been good think about the bank account Thank You Becca I appreciate it nonetheless man did you bring some honey of bingo night damn I'm pissed oh it's fucking warrior on the Bible you said and I ran into a boy I shouldn't have gone inside get fuckin lit up kid wow did you see how many headshots I landed them bites are what is that if you had to remove me here on the villain hoodie here I would be Anakin for sure villain I don't know if I'd want any villains in the guy I mean I don't really like using Bosma she's probably my least Eames villains I'm if I do oh wait campy boy we gotta can people know what we do too campy boys lights see me in the chat without me I was thinking about the bank when I donated 300 December that was hey suck it camper good killstreak and what was it like 22 monthly pay sounds bad it can be a struggle at times like I get paid next week so anything right now helps the track online those guards i prevented republic interference the tank control center secure best camping spot ever either from a distance it's how you play heavy fan I'm not that's how you play the heavy boys and girls all right add some Snipes to the montage shall we but how much of a sliver of his head can I say here I see any boy get out the delay on that was fucking oh I thought I got him in do what I got him that's that guy they what's up cam how you going to worry abouts from Australia Maya I am on the Gold Coast Josie as well Gabriela hello got it mm straight runner we've got a stray friend of boys and girls okay with another $2 thank you so much man thank you thank you thank you Tom thank you I appreciate it our so close pipes no gods goalie sing and I don't remind me am I just mr. here today they're like an hour and 45 minutes away from ability whereabouts I uh what uh what area Wow if it dried wouldn't fucking say it I thought it was gonna be Luke I was expecting a bigger hit bugs shit that's two you owe me junior eg what's going on Oh Chewie with the ten Thank You legend he says cough a Somerset district nice can we get some love for chewy in the chat please and Curt in the Dinos would be awesome Thank You Chuy much appreciated man and I didn't let him know oh I almost forgot everyone single-handedly haha Josh and javi and Jake hello there guys how are we hi Anakin tell you take care of Anakin boys and girls is how we do it cheeri says yeah well I done it oh my money to send me I don't believe me yeah yeah yeah like 300 bucks in here that's insane Oh need need a little bit of a little bit of the arch support tonight that's I gotta go back in here I do I play spider-man ps4 I did when it came out but I don't play it now if I get a $15 google card my money's going to super chat window cracker Gigi yeah suck a fat one Anakin that's what you get for using any boy Australian Internet so annoying yeah yeah Jake in the chat what is going on legend how are ya for those of you guys that don't know Jake he actually does all the concept artwork for the hero concert videos so make sure you welcome him to the stream it's always good when I can pop his head in and PJ as well welcome PJ how you going actually let me make Jake and white here real quick all right all right how is Finn um I haven't had a chance to play Matt this is only my second round we're going into now so I've only played one round and we had dark side so I'm gonna go for Finn now see if I can get him and then we're gonna change his star cards so he's gonna be did I extend lock on radius and damage increase yeah I like that triple triple up on the triple up on the Deadeye abilities Kurt with another two dollars thank you me and says thank you for the $2 k pj in the chat that's right that's right garage hello legend it's funny Thank You Kerry George hello scientists refers to do any real gaming pieces we welcome had to update oh yeah turn online can we hit the objective or is the enemy team what are they doing of course of course oh yeah just come to a target care with another $2 oh my god who shot up there that's okay okay again thank you for the $2 mean holy shit cuts going in tonight general to estate gaming ninja hello there alright let's say you boys and girls to see how we go I'm still gonna play smart like killed by a stinger on an 89 kill streak this thing is to be real Xbox broke so you can't play better fun too what a rare can we get an F in the chat at the dark sure you please my I cannot see city I'll get fucked who is that if you guys don't know who that was with the Stinger pistol but you haven't been watching the gentleman laughter time don't like the look of this guy at all let's notice how quickly I've been targeted to spitting in here keep going no matter what okay thank you for the $2 man o clock on fuck I'm fucked here I'm fucked I'm fucking hungry this is behind me you go diggin team need to help me team needs to help me I got to run this way a big gravy boy is the gravy boy I'm gonna take him home by myself I need some teammates I need some teammates he's coming he's coming let's get a cab up everybody have about help me – shit again if you guys don't know who that stinger pistol player is mr. Purina in the chat hello there in a minute please don't I knew I was gonna die there I need to get out of this Lobby I just need to switch love these guys just say no it's not a ragequit I just need to get out of that lovely is there a petition to remove this thing of pistols because you need to sign it on there right fin feels good Fein feels really good with the help them kill it's definitely a big step up from where he was before so that's a good thing dieeee watch cricket not often but occasionally it's just probably gonna be easy we need Anakin gameplay kit whoo I mean I really want to try Finn out and get a good good run with him but if we get a good run like if I get a good kill streak with Finn then I'll play Anakin Foreman did I even I don't think I even had the health on kill calm for Finland did I know I was triple stack in the okay so we'll get rid of the damage we'll put that one on I think that should do it Rjay in the chat what's up man no I didn't have help on kill equip to fin then I thought I did because I kept managing to like have a decent amount of help I thought I had to help on kill card equip but I didn't the good thing about this is if it fills up if it fills up I say that it's Geonosis fin is really good on Geonosis man like if you can get him and keep him throughout like most of the game so good see you later Darth Windu catch you next time 50 in the chat right now hello there to everyone if I could ask you all a favor if you're enjoying the stream so far smash a big thumbs up on it it costs you nothing and it helps out the channel immensely I would appreciate that so much and if anyone wants to join on me and already has me on PlayStation definitely feel free cuz we need this game to fill up ASAP ayyy sir downloads nearly done gaming ninja nice one nice one yeah no worries man Gaea no please gnosis hey jaza what is going on man how are we legend hope you doing well I think that's the last one last what our last super checker yeah all good mate thank you I appreciate it I'll try and get some Anakin gameplay for you um if I don't get Finn hunter hello he says hey I went beyond right now because I have practice in a few minutes no worries me no worries five one six in the chat hello good to see you mate good to see ya come on two players needed two players need to fill it up fill it up loads what do I think about the new Lego Star Wars game I'm excited Austin Lego Star Wars is a lot of fun man so simple but it's still fun PSN is the twisted Jedi same as YouTube Twitter Instagram all that good stuff if you just want to follow me over on those as well alright thanks alright here we go if I can play decent here alright let's see how we go yeah finally got my ps4 back two weeks ago plays like brand-new or some RJ good shit could shit a nice one five one six yeah he's real good hey he's so much fun to play uh summers just joined on me and let me know when you're out of the factory oh shit my whole team is going right and I'm going left no I can't do it I gotta go right I gotta stay with my team man intensifies yachting right contact the Republic do whatever you have to do tell them we need help now ready adjusting the transmitter to find a signal do whatever you have to do to contact on people may have just blinded myself chat I need a second but I may have a signal look wow that was easy need the bubble suit – yes please what's up didn't see him there was like 20 of them there I'm gonna try and get Finn here in a second we're doing alright I hit that guy in the back of the head oh that's a star let's go let's go let's every sport let me spawn let me spoil em he's funny they're nothing come back he is he's not startup sequence aborted let's go yeah I know where is 500 the moment yeah nice one Java last one let's see if we can cook cook some droids with the Deadeye right here if we can get in there right so that's between the droids and the factory take care of it see how we go what better time and they got around behind this should do it that's the thing with killstreaks fame you gotta know when to back up speed up not that take me just save on Nicks so the good news we have an HDTV and help us on the way the bad news is the G notions told the drawers what we're up to they're unloading wall anchors hook up my heart cell transports if you don't destroy those the drawers will march right into the bedroom get fucking read destroy those transpose like fast now this stream will go for a little reading on it we've got a soft on the ships up trying to get creative with the East heavy cannon I don't know he's playing Anakin but he's right on me helping a brother out you all right you need any help right-fin is a god the only thing that's gonna like potentially be difficult with FEMA is like seven arrows like that thank you progress god dammit droid okay hurry that shields me back up any second we lost our window with the transports Oh just keep the pressure on the transport a little longer the defense's the backup he's got you to hit a bathtub go however those snipers chat the joys reengage their defenses Sammy's down what hot sales keep it going Oh this guy fucking annoying me fucking and really getting on my nerves over there got it now well really you couldn't just give me that kill so you guys know the damage it's got to make sure there's no one far damnit couldn't even get to kill this you really notice the difference when you don't have the damage got on fuck bro Finn is a God Finn on Geonosis look I shouldn't have pushed our car up they lost their shields time to blow those blinkers into sync the transports hurting don't stop now Finn is so good man we need to do a better job of disrupting those defenses that was a light 31 any reason that died there's a kite smacking noise EJ yeah dynamo hello there you guys don't know dynamite he did the knee it's wit about oh you haven't seen that go check it out freaking epic keep stinging away at Kylie oh really alternate fryer I didn't put upon Wow my own torpedo really from one know where he's nyle see you later ballistic Lola Levi Benjamin I wouldn't say I'm a god I'd say Venus the guard man's fucking so good they destroyed the tank they said they'll fix the att's I've got another agent yeah this dispatches fix they fix the itst I don't know another worker some as Kyllo got me I'll I got me my only reason I died like I said it when I first spawned in his good the only thing that will stop them now is the saber hero it's not really the only thing like infantry doesn't really stand a chance against me then we gonna lower the HP of the ATC e that whatever we're gonna do hrmph asthma Bosma hates me right now get red bow between about to hate me Oh imagine if I took out Basma and Palpatine with the specialist how salty would they be though mr. hero damn I was gonna go again pulling back to the other Corps ships this is going down soon you two back there enforces and heavy ships can stop him you're history and it's another welcome try to cut down do enough damage that's what happened droid command ship prepping for evac stop them did I see Sammy's crouching challenge I was in it sometimes I was doing it with him oh you would yeah to the ground holding that boy it's not everyday you stop an army and destroy the droid factory to fuck Chuy's back welcome back is my name John wake tonight the crouching Council it's gone on Cory Alec how are you guys got a J and Isis again it was big rip yeah Finn's good man I can't imagine like what he's gonna be like with a bit more cover plus I think I need to switch the star cards that I had on for him Larry hello there are you going mate I'm Mike Lowrey get those tanks out of here tell me about it the Senate hello there I am the Senate how do I like the TX 130 yeah it's good if it's it's pretty powerful to be honest like if you get it in the right hands it can be very effective almost to the point where like I think it's a decent amount more powerful than the AAT good Larry hours scratchy challenges sighs Fighting's uncivilized so uncivilized the Khloe's are attempting to request two of their forward command centers secure both locations Levi you can have me if you want oh sure I didn't think that was that close to me nice they say that yeah yeah I don't know why but these are some intense ass games right now today's game just in my taste is amazing damn those guys got heroes fast holy shit I thought I was climbing pretty well but I guess we gotta hold him up man we gotta hold them off damn it's like he knew I was there Nathan in the chat hello there arrange Samuel it's good guys what happened did someone say the S word don't say the S word jury oh that was an entertaining distraction John really strings nup on a you searching oh you can't an Air Assault okay Roy figure out well whip out a front seat and you can figure out who this streamer is playing and just hug them and hunt them and hunt them it happens male who do you guys think the worst and best here are both the light and the dark side worst would be phasma and honestly Finn is really good now so I don't really know if there's I think anyone on the light side is bad necessarily and then I guess dark side the best hero would be probably Vader to be earth which is how it should be yeah II see I got you brother let's get it don't be hogging Finn and Boba though II see I know what you like guerrilla hey wait what happened did I miss on damn Corey I'm sorry to hear that man I hope you're doing okay if you need anything let us know community's got your back man the community has your back West phasma and chewy yeah let's private I'd agree with that I'd say pudgy yeah anyway my god I got 18 people in them huh yeah nobody's you see okay attempting to damage they have two teams with high on disruptors hi my target is doing work what was that he's on the roof yeah I thought he might be look at all the offices bright look at old offices mad funny though sister now honestly busk is better than plasma man Bossk isn't way better than plasma dude oh you see got in good shit shit officers the quickest way to get a hero then but it's pretty much the main reason for playing on my favorite is actually uh especially oh please don't straight please don't straight motherfucker leave the top ones to leave try this sweaty ah straight from the hell back see that tank campsite on the left corner there fully functional signatures locked let me work no pretty bad again slowly get my health back boss he got fucking Lawrence man just business watch closely to watch the tank damn Java's two of them fuck but can anakin mean solos scanning pulse active cleanup operation these tanks are honking brother I gotta get a van outside man mm Oh I got in oh my god everybody everybody signatures running armature where my team's a bunch of sweats man oh my god I do fuck just okay well remember on one side seeker I know what you're planning Oh a disruptive e sending me out summons us back dodging to them that seemed you to get in there man as the function to disrupt no challenge boss fight Ray's lightsaber is 10,000 meters long rice hey I'll never realize that Ray's lightsaber is like fucking 10,000 meters long so just join her in there you should be able to get it if it's just Yoda we should there you gotta get it's one cap – it boys signatures lock down with this I'm dead now my life how in the hell am i alive I should not be alive right now man I probably needs to die in a minute I shouldn't have survived that long man I shouldn't have even been alive still Ray has a stretchy lightsaber empty candy campy language bomb at the front view lights snake it by snakey snakey you dog save me you died say man again we do it a snake good boy Oh double activate get it preparing additional explosives no worries PJ catch you later man why right pipes the clowns bus stop hi Anakin nice fun Gigi objectives complete RJ I know Aniki ninja I haven't heard of adi games some racetrack to be mine Sabre jiu-ge see yeah that's the sneaky specialist boy right there me Harley hello bear Annihilus thank you thank you chewy what's your are what your gamertag is it the same do I have you on my friends attorney update copy is taking ages yeah it does that I'm gonna go for Finn again this may be the last round of the night just because I've got a huge day away tomorrow so appreciate all you guys Chinni and this will be the last one have you sent me a name black chewy if you sent me a lot or a friend request rather I can do it there we go but a moleskin little facebook should be able to join on me now they're sending a strike team – what about cruisers nearby will intercept the multi truck now sure that's all it was any views on this to do any real damage get to it seventy-four tanks tell me my what are you doing holy shit this game just got intense everyone's gone sweat mode thank you where is that if she's crossing checkpoint one got him let's go oh what the fuck you can't be a motherfucker that shit man camping with sting a business let's just fucking Chiti goodbye I forgot to change these cards again I mean I've got the help on that one doing it don't ease up forever getting these dudes on the one health bar yeah I'm done Finn's good that'll do it Finn is good I like it he feels much better now that he's got health on kill cards I definitely recommend keeping his damage Deadeye card on instead of the ranged Deadeye card so that's probably the change that I should have made there would have been a damaged one for the range one but literally from the second I fucking spawned in from the second I spawned in I had a stinger pistol hit me so that was always gonna be a recipe for disaster that Lobby was just sweaty to spawn fuck yeah he feels good he feels much better than he was before you know being able to regen your health on a regular kill instead of having to use these shitty undercover team ability something like that yeah it's pretty good but yeah I'm gonna wrap it up there I'll probably I don't know if I'll be streaming tomorrow I may have a video or I may have a stream I haven't really decided yet kind of all depends how I feel after work just because tomorrow is an 11-hour day for me so I'll see how I feel and I will let you guys know thank you all for tuning in tonight and may the force be with you


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