1. Great workout, like the fun steps!! The only hard part for me to follow was the song at about 15 minutes with all the turn-arounds. But, it was only hard to follow on the computer screen, it would be easier in a studio setting.

  2. God bless you. You're an inspiration! What's the title of thd song "my God is good oh, good oh, he's so good to me"? I've been trying to find it and am having a hard time. So many songs titled "My God is Good," but none of them seem to be it. Thank you!

  3. I sweat so thanks glad not to be on edge with lyric! and really like it was not a lot of talking!!!! and directive was good really a 1000 cals burn no!!!

  4. You are such a blessing! We thank God. Just a request, could you please make more 1 hr high calorie burn videos? I love the music selection. I no longer have to cringe while doing Zumba for fear of the lyrics. Thank you again

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