1. When I started drinking a green juice each morning I would add celery but I really dislike the taste so I just left that out but I might add it back in little by little now I know it’s so beneficial 💚

  2. Ha! I am one of his books and drinking celery juice now. Since we started my mom has been off her inhaler and not taking Zyrtec anymore! Also it does help me with cravings and regulates my gut. Really strange too, when I started drinking it I noticed a difference in my cycle. Powerful stuff

  3. You have really great curves in my opinion I think you would look really good if you gained weight and muscle in your thighs and butt because your hips stick out which just means you have a beautiful hourglass figure and thicker hips/butt would make your body flow nicely if that makes sense lol

  4. I just read in “how not to die” how ginger can help you with periods. It’s too late to help me, lol. but give it a try.

  5. I drank celery juice every morning for about 4 months straight and it absolutely helped with my gut, digestion, weight loss, etc! I have acid reflex and I noticed a massive change and great effect when I drank celery juice each morning. When I would go to the grocery store and buy 5-7 bundles of celery for the week, the cashier always laughed and looked at me strange but most of the time they would ask questions which was great because I got to share how awesome it was. I would suggest to drink it cold! And also I would chug a glass of water with squeezed lemon right after. I stopped doing it for a little while but plan on getting back into the habit of doing it.

    I also follow the medical medium and he is wonderful!

    Love what you do and all that you share.

  6. Hannah i should have known you'd be 10 steps ahead of me and would've tried this! I'm trying now. Still love your videos. You look great!

  7. A healthy low-calorie fruit or vegetable smoothie can be a good meal substitute or mid-day snack. Many dieters use them to lose weight. But they'll help you lose weight faster if you don't use juice when you make them.
    Fruit juices add calories and sugar to your blended drinks. Unfortunately, juice doesn't provide a lot of benefits. Whole fruit, however, is better for your diet. You'll get flavor, texture and the benefit of important nutrients when you add whole fruit. And the fiber in whole fruit helps you to eat less and slim down.

  8. I used to have TERRIBLE periods… And although it is not natural, I am not sure your opinion on it, but my doctor recommended Ibuprofin on my period and it dramatically slows it down! It works so much!

  9. I have been drinking it for over a year. I follow medical medium protocol. My life has completely changed. No more heart problems. No more lung problems. No more gut problems. No more weight problems.

  10. So there is another meduims that talks to aliens and not spirits.
    The alien says to eat meat and no fruit.
    Basically the alien says the keto diet.
    So, the aliens don't agree with the time travelers,the angels don't agree with the aliens and the aliens don't agree with the dead Wizard spirits.
    Should I just go back to science?

  11. What she said is so true I tried following those high calorie vegan diet and im gaining weight I think I'm going to try this out ♥️

  12. I just started juicing celery and I’m getting terrible headaches. I’m hoping it’s just a detox effect but I hope it doesn’t last long because I really want to keep juicing it

  13. I have been trying celery juice lately and I think it is awful. It is so extremely salty tasting. I have to chock it down. It also upsets my stomach, gives me horrible gas, and sends me running to the bathroom. I have IBS, so maybe that is affecting it. I am going to try juicing less each day and adding a bit of apple for taste.

  14. Ive been drinking celery juice for over a year now. I Love it! Im also on day 13 of a 31 day juice cleanse. I feel amazing!!

  15. I tried the fresh celery juice for 2 weeks and noticed better mental clarity and less brain fog. BTW, I think your dog was wondering who you were talking to lol

  16. Today is my day 6 of celery juice. and I feel so much better. My period flow is less, no cramps, I have a ton of energy and no more brain fog. I have no gallbladder and before juice I had so many restroom issues. Now after juice nothing is wrong with me. I’m so happy I could cry. I wish I knew about this 12 years ago. Totally game changer

  17. I take celery juice every morning and it really helps with my acne and also makes me have more energy in the mornings. I even lost weight from it! Celery is really good for literally everything and I really recommend it! 🙂

  18. Just felt like letting you know you look amazing! You sound so healthy and your energy is exuding through the screen! I’m going to start celery juicing soon with my husband. He has been oddly terribly sick lately and I feel like the medical medium info is going to save us. I’m not “sick” but we’ve already been eating healthier and our vibrations and energy as a family has already changed so much so far for the better. It feels good to go back to the roots of the earth for true mind/body healing. ❤️ Thanks for your raw and honest posts as always.

  19. At 4:30 that's awesome.it also shows me you're a bit shy.Since you look the best right there and you don't wear the bikini like you're showing off..IDK if its all PC or this shaming crap..You should show it, you worked for it…You look awesome and should be proud.This is hard work….

  20. Great video, I know exactly what you mean when you say your body's telling you it needs nutrients my body is the same way I could feel when I need my juice I'm going 6 months October to March 72 lb down so far but I'm still in the fight keep pushing much love from the Bay Area.

  21. 2.5 yrs went from 134 to 112 lbs 5'6". Age 55. I eat ALL day long, low fat, high carb mostly vegan (2-4x per mo eat meat). LOVE IT! Did Medical Medium detox smoothies and suppliments too and got rid of: fibro, CFS, insomnia, and bleeding sinuses. Still working on bladder pain.

  22. Look great I fell of the lifestyle badly and started eating mean agian:( that was always my worst nightmare I just need more motivation to get my head back in that state it one was at… I lost 60 lbs on hclf lifestyle and biking. Gained that 60 back now I weigh 165lbs I’m 6’2 btw.. take care🙏🏻

  23. Your comment about not getting enough nutrition is so right for me. When I start my day with a wonderful juice packed with everything my body craves I can go 12 hours until my next meal. If I start the day with a donut, I need to eat in another hour.

  24. I have used my blender to juice my celery. (Just hate to get out the juicer) using the blender it gives a thick celery drink. I have done it for three days, and I noticed my belly,stomach and love handles appearing smaller already. I am so excited about the out come after my first seven days

  25. i like your theory about why green juice makes you less hungry. I saw a video by Dr.Greger and he said that greens contain enzymes that help suppress appetite, maybe thats why you're less hungry.

  26. Look into Aryurveda. Kapha types (water) are much more prone to putting on weight than Vata (air types) so there is another answer to why some people gain more easily. Different constitutions

  27. Okay so my cake loving fat ass started the celery juice today and I swear to you after one day I’ve passed the candy jar all day and been like nah I’m good

  28. In the last picture she cheated, she wearing different clothes in it, pretty sure she didn't notice any difference that's why😂

  29. So instead of eating a steak, you keep eating a ton of veggies which aren't obviously feeding you. Yea…YOUR GUT NEEDS ANIMAL FATS AND SO DOE YOUR HORMONES. LOW FAT HIGH CARB IS WHAT'S CAUSING YOUR PAIN

  30. Everything you state is exactly why anti vegans are anti vegan. You are destroying your health. My entire family was obese. YOU GAVE UP THE WRONG FOODS. YOU'VE DEPLETED YOURSELF. LISTEN TO YOURSELF. LISTEN TO PAST VEGANS COMING OUT

  31. To heal my gut I used celery purple cabbage and cucumber juice every morning for about 4 and a half months and it stopped all my problems but I was in pretty bad shape I had an ulcer I would wake up in the middle of the night with acid coming up my throat choking me if I ate one slice of a jalapeno I would be in a lot of pain. I had constant heartburn and acid reflux throughout the day but after them four and a half months all them problems have went away. I can eat all kinds of hot Pepper's, Sriracha Etc. But I should also mention when I did that juicing I went to a plant-based diet and still on it a year later. Good luck and I hope you healed your gut.

  32. Celery is amazing but tbh it made me shit through te ee of a needle, so I can understand wy it's a weight loss solution, my insides have been hollowed out lmao 😅

  33. Ny SIBO is almost gone after 15 Months of strait celeryjuice 16 oz on empty stomach every morning + hmds-smoothie.

  34. This is what I've been doing for a week so far now. Recommended by a nutritionist. Very good! I feel good.
    Green smoothies ⬇⬇
    2 asparagus
    1/2 green apple
    1 handful of spinach
    8 ounces of water
    2 celery strips

    1 nopal
    2 celery strips
    1 handful of spinach
    8 ounces of water
    1/2 green apple

    Give it a try!

  35. I agree with you about being hungry all the time and nutrient deficient. I feel the same and I’m over weight. I always feel like I need a huge salad. My friends kids are always hungry and they are little girls..I know they are growing but I see how they eat and thought the same if they’d eat more fresh veggies they’d eat less. They eat spaghettios and hot pockets on the regular.

  36. Can fit bit calculate how many calories I burn in the day? I really want to know because I want to go into a caloric deficit. Anyone know?? <3

  37. Truth is celery takes more calories to break it down then how much you get from it so you end up with negative calories instead of gaining as they are all lose when it breaks it down

  38. Thank you Hannah for saying that about people who judge. I’m usually pretty active and eat clean all the time but still over 100 lbs overweight. I’m slowly reducing but it’s true that people initially think you’re going home to binge when they see you eating so well during the day. Each of is different and have a very different metabolism. In the last 3 yrs I’ve been able to loose 36 lbs but I have to bike 13 miles a day, go for a really long walk and eat extremely clean to loose any significant amount of weight. There are people who just cut out soda and loose 20 lbs. I haven’t had soda in years. So… anyways thank you.

  39. Plants are vitamin, minerals, protein, energy and beauty.
    VEGAN top athlete here. Could not get to the next level and had acne and low energy on a dead animal diet.
    I feel amazing.


  41. Do I have to force myself to drink the celery juice in the morning? Because I don’t feel hungry until like afternoon or evening

  42. Also, Hanna, if you’re not using it, try using the diva cup during period. I was also a heavy flo-er and last a week and a half and now it naturally cut down to only a few days

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