1000 Backflips Challenge – Fitness Experiment

1000 Backflips Challenge – Fitness Experiment

hey guys today is my first real training in 2018 I was injured pretty long So I really have to get fit again so my first intention for 2018 is to get fit for that reason I decided to start this challenge the hardest muscle soreness of last year was after the backflip circle challenge we did in summer that day we did like 58 backflips in a row after that my whole body did hurt for a whole week so i think that backflips are one of the most effective exercise for the whole body the challenge I set is to do 1.000 backflips in 4 weeks I’m curious to see the effect today I will do a pic without shirt so that you can see the transformation after the 4 weeks I’m really curious if my sixpack gets better from the backflips because the abdominals did hurt the most after the last backflip challenge you can try it yourself try to do as much backflips as possible in a row and you will definitely feel it the next day my challenge is supported by area protein they gave me some nice protein products I will eat them after my training sessions over the ext 4 weeks I have a list for the next 28 days where I will count the number of backflips to warm up for this challenge I will start slow and will do 5 x 5 Backflips today between the sets I will do a break of 1 minute I think I can do one more set so I have 30 today today is the second day of the challenge as expected my muscles are really sore today I will try to do 30 backflips today again 6 sets of 5 backflips with 1 minute breaks and maybe I can ad one more set in the end with the sore muscles its much harder today the last one was very low but I think I will do one more set 4th day of the challenge I just arrived at the gym I really don’t want to go into the gym because my muscles are so sore I slept 10 hours but still feel very tired so first I will do a good warm up than I will try to do some flips the last 5 for today 5th day of the challenge my muscles feels a little bit better I think I could to some more but I don’t want do do too much because than I will not be able to continue the challenge tomorrow now I will stretch out and rest 6th day and I really don’t want to do backflips anymore but I have to go on with the challenge my goal for today are 50 backflips I will have a short rest than I will do one more set so that I can have a free day tomorrow f#ck that is so hard The first week of the Challenge is done yesterday I had a full restudy with 250 backflips in the first week I am exactly in the plan this week I will try to do around 50 backflip per day I will have some Parkour shootings this week so maybe there will some days I can not do a backflip workout but when I do 5 days with 50 backflips thats ok Soon I will also start a diet to see a better effect to my sixpack in the end of the challenge I already fell that I have more power in the abs let’s go 50 backflips today maybe the restudy was not the best idea the 50 backflips today felt much harder today then the last time 9th day of the challenge it gets harder from day to day to find the motivation to go to the gym I will start with only 30 Backflips now because I have a video shooting this evening and have to be fit there maybe I will do some more Backflips after the shooting I think you can already see an effect to support that I will start my diet today and reduce carbs like pasta and bread yesterday was the most exhausting day so far with the two training sessions first here in the gym and later in the trampoline park there I was only able to do 12 more backflips so it was 42 in total yesterday today I will do an easy session with only 30-35 Backflips because my abs are really tired And I will have 2 complete days of Parkour filming this week and I have to be fit than so I will not go to the limit today 12th day yesterday I did not do any Backflips because I had the Parkour filming for the whole day. so today I feel very tired but I will try to do as much as possible at least 20 Backflips today enough for today 14th day of the challenge halftim to stick to the plan I would have to do 50 Backflips today but I think 30 will be my maximum for today I did 30 Backflips so I am 20 behind the plan But I am confident to catch up these 20 Backflips next week without my video shootings this week I could have make it easily noe I have to push it next week a little bit more But this challenge is really hard. even harder than I thought before It will be definitely a tight result with the 1.000 Backflips in 4 weeks Day 16. I actually thought it will get easier after 1-2 weeks. But it feels like it is getting even harder every day that’s why I had to make a rest yesterday to regenerate my body I hope it will be better now I really have to push myself the next days my goal for today is 50 backflips the first 20 felt like hell today but than I found the right technique and in the end I did 65 thats my new record so far that brings me almost back to the plan now I have to continue like that for the next days tomorrow I have to film again but after that I will try to go the the gym for some flips hey guys today is day 18 of the challenge like you can see I have short hairs now because of my stunt job yesterday and I did not make it to the gym yesterday so I have to do some more today the minimum goal is 65 for today 70 today I will stopp now, so that I will able to train again tomorrow 65 more than I thought now I am done lets see how much I can do tomorrow day 20 of the challenge I think you can already see a transformation to continue with it I will do my next flips now 80 Backflips my new record at this challenge the training was awesome today with 80 backflips I did a new personal record now I am on my way to Hamburg because I have a stunt job there for two days I hope I will find some free time to do some backflips the first day of my job was pretty relaxed so now I will go to the hotel gym to do some backflips It is very little space here in the gym that makes it pretty scary to do flips here so 15 are enough for today Hey guy, I am back in Berlin now Unfortunately I got sick in Hamburg I was not able to do any backflips for the last 3 days I still feel a little bit sick but I have only 4 days left so I will test today if I am able to continue the challenge or if I have to quit it 225 Backflips are left for the last 4 days I will try how it feels to train today if it feels ok I will try to make it in the 4 weeks like I planed it If not I will take some more days off and than I decide if I will continue or just add the days I need lets go. Today I will just do sets of 3 Backflips at least I did 30 flips today now I will relax and hope that I am good tomorrow only 3 days left I am still not really fit but I decided to go on with the challenge so today I have to do 60 Backflips, tomorrow 65 and 70 at the last day I will continue with sets of only 3 backflips and will do longer breaks between the set to avoid that I will get sick again last round I made the 60 backflips now I will go home and drink some tea Today I feel much better than yesterday I forgot to load the batteries and have to film with my phone today I hope it will not look too bad I will keep it with the sets of 3 backflips in a row and will try to do 65 today 66 today I am really happy that I made even one more than I planed to do I feel that my muscles are really tired now in the neck and abs I hope I will be fit enough tomorrow to finish the challenge finally its the last day I feel a little bit sore but I will definitely finish the challenge today I am 100% motivated to do the last 69 of the 1000 backflips today only 10 flips are left I will have a short break and than I will do them in a row last 10 of the 1.000 the 1000 backflips are done on the last day of the 28 days I made it I am super happy that I finished it and did not give up over the 4 weeks there were some days I was close to give up and stopp the challenge In the beginning there were some days when I had the feeling that it is just to much for my body and that I can’t make it and when I got sick I also thought that there is no way to get fit again in time to finish it before the 4 weeks deadline but in the end I made it and I am really exited for the result I will now show you again the shot from the first day of the challenge so you can compare it with the shape of my upper boy from today I definitely feel an increase of power in my complete upper body and my condition got much better too also I can jump much higher at my backflips and I developed the technique of my backflips a lot because I had some points in the challenge where I just did not have enough power for bad technique and I had to find the perfect technique for myself to safe as much power as possible and be effective with my movements So if you want improve your backflip technique this challenge is a good way to do so If you have your own Idea for a challenge check out the campaign from area protein down in the video description they sponsored me for this challenge I am very thankful for their help because it enabled me to take one month time an focus on this challenge even if it was very hard I really enjoyed the challenge if you want me to do some other challenges please write down your suggestions to the comments have a good training see you next time


  1. Cooles video👌💪 aber Muskeln wachsen in der Regenerationsphase also wenn man nicht trainiert. Wollte ich nur mal anmerken

  2. Respekt an dich alter du bist der beste ich kann nicht mal 1 ich kann keine rolle auser denn front flip wehren denn das zu Pinnen

  3. Hallo Leute wenn ihr wollt könnt ihr mich abonnieren mache fail COMPILATION oder like a BOSS Videos es wird jede Menge zum Lachen und zum Staunen 🙂

  4. Denkst du das ich das in einer Woche auf dem Trampolin schaffe? wir haben eins im garten deswegen kann ich immer dann machen wann ich will und muss nicht noch zum training fahren

  5. Hey ich bin auf dem Trampolin beim Backflip mal auf dem Kopf gelandet und kann, beziehungsweise traue mich keinen Backflip mehr. Hast du eine Idee wie ich den wieder lernen kann ?

  6. mit sicherheit hast muskeln damit aufgebaut aber das anfangsfoto ist vor dem training und das endfoto nach dem training , also nicht unter gleichen bedingungen 😉

  7. Diese Challenge hat echt Spaß beim Zuschauen gemacht. Ich habe jetzt auch mit dieser Challenge begonnen, jedoch mache ich nur 500.

  8. I'll definitely try this when the weather improves. Can't really do them in a gym so I'll have to do them outside but whatever 😀

  9. Hi cooles Video! Hast du vielleicht Tipps gegen Seitenstechen? Ich bin ziemlich dünn und mache als sport nur schwimmen und etwas klettern. Ich bekomme fast immer beim joggen und manchmal auch schon beim normalen Laufen Seitenstechen. Kannst du mir helfen?

  10. Hey amadei!! Erstens feier ich deine videos meega und bist auch ein richtig nices vorbild un ispirateur was parkour angeht!!! Ich hätge da eine frage was die turnhalle angeht, gibt es da spezielle hallen nur um so parkour und so sachen zu machen oder ist das wie ne art trampolinhalle oder so? Oder haben die eine name? Würde mich interessieren!! Vielen dank noch für die coolen videos, philippe

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  12. Bei mir ist es so ich kann ein backflip auf rasen aber ich komm meistenst noch nicht so clean auf, was soll ich tuhen

  13. da wo du bist da trainiere ich Geräteturnen und der Junge der die zugeguckt hat als die bergfex gemacht hast da ist Mohammed Ali das ist mein Freund der mit dem schwarzen Haaren

  14. Hey Amadei
    Du hast mich inspiriert die Challenge auch zu probieren. Es war hart aber die Ergebnisse sind der Hammer und Spass macht es alle mal.
    Danke für die Idee mach weiter so ich Liebe deine Videos!!
    Gruss aus der Schweiz ;D

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