12 Incredible Health Benefits of Coconut Oil!

12 Incredible Health Benefits of Coconut Oil!

hey guys welcome to total health live with dr. Sudan oh I am so thrilled that you're here today because we've got an amazing topic you know today I want to talk to you about one of my favorite foods that I incorporate into my diet into my skin I'd like to say my hair but I don't have that issue but it is one of the most powerful superfoods you can ever use and that is coconut oil so coconut oil is a true superfood and guys if you're just getting on today for the first time let me know where you're from go ahead I'm going to check my phone here go ahead and chime in let me know when you're from say hi so I can give a shout out to you and say hello to you if you have any questions please let us know I'll be more than happy to answer your questions for you and that way we can make this a conversation anyway like I was saying a benefits of coconut oil I've been using this oil for years now probably about a decade or so and it's funny because when people used to say to me coconut oil what are you using coconut oil for isn't that suntan lotion how do you use it and my kids were always so grossed out because I could eat it with a spoon and I loved doing coke I put coconut oil and everything I mean I make my food I had an eggs this morning I had a tablespoon of it just before I came out just now for energy which we're going to be talking about today but I'll tell you what it is the most versatile or one of the most versatile foods you can ever incorporate into your diet and I totally totally recommend that you do that so guys once again if you're just tuning in just let me know where you're from say hi I'll give you a little quick shout out if I can and look let me make my phone here so I can turn the volume off on it so I could see you alright so once again welcome let me know where you're from and guys tape you like we're talking about today give us a thumbs up or give us a heart give us a share whatever you can do because this is going to be very very powerful volume and valuable information that's going to really benefit you your family and virtually anybody you know and that is as I said the twelve amazing benefits of coconut oil so let's get right into it as I said when I started coconut oil is a superfood it is just loaded just packed with nutrients and we're going to find when we get into this you're going to find it's going to help you with cases if you've ever cancer or heart disease Alzheimer's seizures skin problems I mean this is probably like I said one of the most versatile foods you can ever add to your diet if you haven't already done so and if guys once again if you have questions go ahead and chime in at the same time if you're using coconut oil now let me know just pop it right into that comment bar that you are using coconut oil so coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids or what some people call medium chain triglycerides MCTS and how many guys have heard of that so MCTS a very powerful oil that we hear a lot about now especially with this craze that's going on called bulletproof coffee if you guys have heard of bulletproof coffee it's a great thing I drink it a lot I can't say every single day but I have it a couple of times a week or a few times and it's one of the best things you can do if you're into coffee you can actually add some coconut oil to your coffee and some butter so the recipe is like this you have about 10 ounces of coffee you add about about a tablespoon of coconut oil and best if it's raw virgin extra you know organic and butter now not just any kind of butter it really needs to be what I like to use is Kerrygold unsalted grass-fed butter that's the best kind so you put 2 tablespoons of butter 1 tablespoon of the coconut oil you mix it up in a blender so guys it's not like this oily thing sitting on top of your coffee you actually mix it up in a blender and it's amazing because it comes out like is if you put heavy cream in your coffee and it is one of the best things to get you going in the morning you've got the great antioxidants and the properties that create that alertness and the coffee but also too you've got the great fats that are in the coconut oil that actually go right to your brain so one of the many benefits we're going to get into is just how good coconut oil is for cognitive function of your brain so it's made up of basically 3 acids or fatty acids it's got other things in it too but the main ones are lauric acid about 50 percent of it is lauric acid it's also got caprylic acid and caprica and we're going to get into these later on because so many of them have antimicrobial antifungal and antiviral properties that are going to be fantastic for things like Candida if ladies if you're suffering from that there's going to be one of the good things you could do for that also a lot a lot of anti-inflammatory properties which makes it great for skin so anyway hey guys I see Chuck is on the line I'm going to give you guys a couple of shout outs Charles my paisan welcome brother show on the fav good to see you and pee pee love it you're on the line brother glad you guys are all on so anyway 91 percent of the fat in coconut oil is a saturated fat and I know you're probably saying there's no way I want that because it's it's horrible it's going to clog my arteries it's going to make me get high cholesterol it's going to give me heart disease but the reality is this guy's the type of fat the type of saturated fat which means it's got a carbon chain roughly between six carbons to about 12 lauric acid is the 12 carbon chain it makes it a very healthy saturated fat so many cultures where coconut oil is about 60% of their overall calories have very low rates of heart disease and cancer so this is a fantastic food even though it's got saturated fat and one thing I tell my patients too is this breast milk has saturated fat so how healthy is that we all need that as babies so of course saturated fat could be good for you but it's the right kind of saturated fat also too because of the way it's incorporated into your body it's easier to digest so it goes right into the liver and the liver then breaks it up until we call ketone bodies and these ketones make it a very very usable source of energy and fuel so smaller size allowing easier permeability for immediate energy so it doesn't have to go through the whole digestive tract to actually become fuel for your brain this process as I said by the liver so it's immediately converted into energy hey Ken want to give another couple of shots I'm glad you guys are on right now hey Kim but meaning to try coconut oil excellent I'm glad to try it out this is going to give you a lot of information it's going to solidify your belief in that because it is phenomenal it's fantastic and I highly recommend so once I said it goes through your liver and once it's in the liver it actually converts into ketones and ketones are an excellent fuel source for the brain we're going to talk about this in a little while but many people out there just thinking well no my brain runs off a glucose I've been told that and it's only runs off of glucose so I have to have the carbohydrates for that but the reality is the brain can also run off of ketones so it becomes a tremendously great fuel source for the brain so you can start to wean yourself off of these grains which we're going to get into in a little bit can cause things like inflammation and cancer so because of the fact that has high levels of antioxidants it's in a coconut oil has been shown to suppress inflammatory cells so your cytokine cells that are in your you know in your body that help with the inflammatory process this can actually suppress that and many people because they start incorporating healthy coconut oil into their diets they can get away with less grains because they feel more satiated more satisfied and once you get away from the grains you really reduce the inflammation because one of the top sources of inflammation in your body which is now being linked guys to just about every kind of disease you can think of from cancer to heart disease to to brain issues is the inflammation and mainly we get the inflammation our bodies from a couple of things but mainly it's grains we also get it from toxicity and foods like commercially raised meats sugars and environmental toxins but as far as our diet the biggest part is the grains that we eat so it reduces the inflammation now because it reduces inflammation it's also great for heart disease so reduces inflammation great for heart disease because of the high levels of saturated fats and coconut oil it actually can increase your HDL levels and lower your LDL levels and that's what we want we want to Rach raise the HDL levels so high density lipoproteins you want to go higher and low density lipoproteins you want to go lower but I will tell you this guys so many of us are just looking at HDL and LDL and saying well that's the the markers for heart disease it's really not you really want to get into more particles and that's a whole other seminar but when it comes down to cholesterol cholesterol is not really the biggest issue it's particle size and once again too many coal particles caused particle size to get too small and once particle size gets too small that is what can embed cholesterol into the walls of the arteries it's also been shown that the grains can actually cause erosion into the walls of your arteries which will allow the cholesterol to imbed so we want to stay away from that also two research shows that the lauric acid and capric acid by the way like I said lauric acid is about 50% of the all of the oil it actually helps lower the resting heart rate so another great thing as I said before hey Linda SATA Linda Linda just got online – it also helps with cancer prevention big big thing with that we talked about this in our cancer seminar so if you guys haven't seen that go back and look at some past episodes because we get into this very in-depth but one of the biggest things is when we start to convert our body from a sugar burner which is the starches that cut other carbohydrates the grains and we convert it more into a fat burner we remove what sugar likes to feed off of guys so sugar I mean cancer cancer loves to feed off of sugar it thrives on the fermentation process so cancer loves sugar sugar in fact it's got anywhere from 10 to 70 times more receptor sites on it then then a regular cell does so it loves love's love's sugar so if we can start converting our bodies to a more fat fuel source specifically ketones which our brain can work perfectly fine off of we can reduce the amount of cancer because we reduce our grains so coconut oil is converted deliver to ketones which are very usable for our body very usable for our brain but not usable by cancer cells so one of the things we always tell our cash cancer patients is you want to starve cancer you want to just kill it by not giving it a fuel source into fuel sources grains so they cannot use the ketones that are produced by coconut oil another thing is a wreck glad you're on the line glad to see buddy I hope you get two great valuable information today anyway helps with type-2 diabetes once again dive through diabetes hardly existed in the turn of the century but we started to increase more of our healthy quote unquote whole grains and I'm saying that in a sarcastic way as we start to increase our healthy whole grains like our you know centers a disease control recommended out American diabetic Association our American Dietetic Association the federal government started to recommend in the 80s they wanted us to get away from the fats and increase healthy whole grains we started to see our diabetes epidemic go through the roof and right now we're about thirty percent of our population is either diabetic or pre-diabetic so when cells become insulin resistant and why they become interment resistant because of the inflammation that's created by all these grains and toxins in our bodies when it becomes insulin resistant glucose can no longer be transferred transported into the cells for energy the pancreas then has to work much much harder to produce insulin and what do we do we go to the doctor the doctor gives us a drug and the drug all it does is whips the pancreas keeps whipping the pancreas and whipping the pancreas to produce more and more insulin but the problem is this guy's eventually if you keep whipping that pancreas with more and more drugs we start to become insulin resistant and the beta cells of the pancreas burn out and then what we see is type 2 diabetics can become type 1 diabetics yeah and then once you're type 1 diabetic now you're looking at insulin dependency so one of the best ways to avoid this is to actually work with a fuel source that the body can use better that does not require insulin once again the ketones that are produced by coconut oil so like I said earlier you take in the coconut oil it goes through your digestive tract goes to the liver and it's converted into ketones which is a very very good fuel source so we can reduce reduce diabetes just by changing our diets away from grains and into more fats as simple as that we could pretty much eradicate diabetes also amazing for the skin coconut oil is an excellent face cleanser moisturizer and even sunscreen now I'm not going to tell you it's a great sunscreen because it it does it doesn't have the same kind of properties as some of the chem chuckles sunscreens we see but I'll tell you this four four is natural it as is and as good as it is for your skin it's about a level seven to ten is what I heard so it's a decent sunscreen but not great but tell you what at least it doesn't take your chemicals in from the other sunscreens right into your skin which is your largest organ and what a lot of times we don't think about that we think well you know I don't want to take chemicals into my mouth or my nose but your skin is your biggest organ and we put on our skin it goes right into our bloodstream so also the fatty acids caprylic and Laura gas that have been shown to reduce inflammation we talked about that earlier internally and externally as well as moisturize so once again when we look at the research one of the populations we look at to see just how much aging goes on in our body so I know we're all thinking about anti-aging but one of the biggest things we can do is to do stop the aging process and the population of people that they watch so closely to see how our bodies age our diabetics so once again if we can reduce inflammation by taking the grains out of our diets and adding in more healthy fats we can actually improve our skin texture and tone and look look much younger over a longer period of time so who here wants that right all of us do right the other thing is its antiviral and antifungal so somebody people have viruses and fungus candida and so on so lauric acid has antifungal antiviral and antibacterial properties and has been shown to be very effective in fighting bacteria Candida and viruses and how many times are we looking for a natural solution and we instead we we turn to what the old standby is which is an antibiotic all right guys I mean we all go down to the doctor and the first thing you're getting is a prescription for an antibiotic and we come to find out that antibiotics are destroying our body's immune system destroying our microbiome and if you get kids and young adults on antibiotics too early in life you set them up for a higher risk of cancer further down the road so we don't want to do that so if you can use a natural alternative that's antiviral antifungal antimicrobial antibacterial you want to use coconut oil so another great benefit of coconut oil guys and as I mentioned before treatment for candida and yeast infections Capri capric acid and lauric acid have antimicrobial antifungal properties and shown as effective natural treatment for candida and yeast infection so guys once again get started using that coconut oil for this alone and it's going to be a great great addition to your food prevents osteoporosis well turns how coconut oil another great benefit increases calcium absorption and you got so if you increase calcium absorption in your gut now you start to increase more calcium that gets laid onto the bone so your bones have a couple of different things going on it has a matrix and it's got a covering on it the matrix is almost like the scaffolding and the cover covering is the calcium and the calcium is what gives it its rigidity so when you start to increase calcium absorption in the body and once again this is going to stop all the ladies out there from taking those you know boniva and Fosamax because those two drugs alone can cause spontaneous fractures to where you're just walking along and your leg just cracks I mean who wants that I mean that's the serious serious problem not to mention when you're on those kinds of medications you can't even get dental work done for upwards of a year so once again start using coconut oil to help increase calcium absorption in your body and that way you could start to fend off osteoporosis and one of the other things you could do too and I this is going to be a thumbs up to Rick out there you want to do things like lift weights and exercise and I know Rick out there can attest to this when you start lifting weight to increase bone density there's a law called Wolf's law that states that when you increase the load on the body the body has to adapt to it and one of the things that you can do to increase bone density is also lift weights and I'm not talking about water weights I'm not talking about just bands I'm not talking about cables those are all good things to but I'm talking about lifting dumbbells and barbells we're actually putting weight on the body so it's another great way to prevent osteoporosis also to guys brain function Wow your brain is made of 60% fat so the majority of your brain is fat and I know a lot of us or I've been called a fat head sometimes but that's a whole nother story but you want to avoid you know foods that are inflammatory and add these good fats back in and a great brain builder is healthy fats so adding healthy fats to your diet once again in Bruce improves the cognitive function of the brain so because of their small size and absorbability medium chain fatty acids or MCTS are an excellent source of fuel for the brain we talked about that earlier your brain can run off the ketones and it doesn't require insulin so the great thing is this it can also help alzheimer's patients and patients with epileptic seizures because one of the problems with Alzheimer's patients is they can't metabolize and use insulin properly so they can't use you know as sugars then is a fuel source for the brain so what they can use instead which helps build healthy brain cells and healthy brain tissue is these medium chain fatty acids or these MCTS these are found in the coconut oil and it's a great once again fuel source for your brains so patients with epileptic seizures patients with Alzheimer's and so on can greatly improve their brain function I challenge you guys try doing this instead of drinking a coffee or a Red Bull or or any of those other monster drinks or whatever if you want to get good brain function without that crash try coconut oil literally take a teaspoon or tablespoon of it you know guys get you once you get past a little bit of oil taste in your mouth it's delicious it's coconut so if you like coconut you're going to love trying this another thing to improve energy and endurance so once again it turns out that coconut oil is fantastic because it is a long-term burning source in fact what we're seeing a lot of times now guys is this we're seeing where instead of triathletes using the old standby of carbo-loading where they're eating a lot of pasta the night before pancakes or wherever they're having they're now going to an alternative fuel source which burns much slower and more evenly then that is the fat so that's the coconut so they'll take coconut oil before they go out on their runs or before they're about to swim or bike or cycle or swim bike recycle so they have the alternative fuel source so it has a much longer longer burn and that's what they're doing now so much much better so medium chain fatty acids are sent directly to the liver as we talked about earlier and converted into energy because they're easily digestible medium chain fatty acids produce longer sustained energy and can actually increase your metabolism so it's got a lot of great fat burning properties – also – a lot of great muscle building properties right so once again for all the same reasons we talked about earlier you want to incorporate coconut oil into your diet because it also helps to burn fat and build muscle at the same time and last but not least one thing that everybody wants to talk about is weight loss yes eating fats will help you lose weight I know it makes no sense to think about this guys if you want to fatten up a cow alright so we want to fatten up a cow because you know we want to have have me what do farmers do they give it grain they don't give it fat they give it grain so what it's done is fattened us up so countries that have much higher fat diets that I mean quality fats have lower rates of heart disease lower rates of cancer lower rates of obesity so we want to incorporate this so studies show the capric acid is effective in burning fat for energy improves thyroid function which is your your glandular system which helps metabolize things and suppresses appetite so the capric acid which is one of the components of oil the coconut oil is in fact an appetite suppressant so not only does it help you burn more calories it helps suppress your appetite and the caprylic acid has been shown that have the same effect as fasting and when I do this a lot of times guys when I do a fast I will have coconut oil as part of the fast there's things called a mono fest where you do basically you're eating only one type of food have it as coconut oil and just eat that one food for a day or two and have that and to see how well you feel I guarantee you one of the best benefits of coconut oil is it does slim down the tummy so it's great for tummy fat all right so in closing hey Nick Nick's on the line too glad to see you're on here in closing guys hey if this is good it makes good sense to you then subscribe to our Channel get on with us other times but more importantly like and share this you know what I want to tell you that my purpose of doing this is to be the voice of truth because I feel there's so much misinformation out there about total health and and you know whether you're looking at the magazines or the media the TV the medical profession all over the place you're getting a lot of misinformation so my purpose and desire is to be the voice of truth for you and to make the complicated health issues a lot simpler just to boil it down and make it simpler so it's much much easier to understand so like I said guys I love and appreciate you for being here if you like what we said today then just give us a little thumbs up give us a heart shape share it out there's people all over the world or all over the country or all over your neighborhood maybe that can really benefit from this information if we can save one life by getting people off of these grains and getting them on to healthier fats if we could save one person from heart disease or cancer or diabetes or Alzheimer's or epileptic seizures guys we got to do that so please share it out to people let's get people healthier in this country I love and appreciate you guys thanks for joining me today dr. nick Sedano speaking a voice of truth god bless have a great day bye-bye


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