1326 Seafarers' Mental Health and Wellbeing – Trailer

1326 Seafarers' Mental Health and Wellbeing - Trailer

working on board ships you must
really like that otherwise you will not fit in the environment and this
could be a problem we are treating each other here as a
family, forget what is your nationality either you are Swedish you are a Norwegian, you are Croatian, you are Filipino, we are a team as a whole. How do we make life at
sea enjoyable, not just bearable, we want to make it enjoyable. We want people to thrive at sea well-being at its very simplest is a sense of feeling healthy and well
and happy and contented trying to be positive about things rather negative,
having meaningful relationships with people having meaning in your life,
meaning and purpose and having a sense of achievement and it doesn't take a lot to change it it's a bit like going to the gym you've got to be committed to do it every day when there is overhaul
something machineries or whatever I could discover more and more and I can
expand my knowledge more and share it with my colleagues I go out on the deck on a daily basis just to change the environment because nowadays the captain is
sitting in the office quite a lot I have a fresh air
see something more around than the emails and the paperwork and things like
that you will be here for nine months so it's very good to maintain a very good
relationship with each other because in everyday life they are the ones who will
will be there for you if you have any problems, if you need help and
they will be the one normally every Saturday afternoon we are playing
basketball just to hang out and we are so happy we just play like like a family,
like brothers by helping somebody, you are helping yourself, that's what I've tried to put in my life even if you have a problem try to think that all of the
problem has a solution every day think it as a blessing and
always positive vibe

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