Oh or not got by pretty water and hello everyone welcome back to my channel I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day so a while back is my hair all crazy okay so a little while back I asked you guys things you want to see on my channel and a lot of you requested more habits that made me healthy and different habits that I do every single day or that I do every week and just things that have made me the healthier me you've seen some of my old old old fitness videos from five years ago that's when I started YouTube so much has changed since then and every year I pick up new tips and tricks and hacks and all that so I think it's fun to kind of make these videos to see the progress and see different things that I've learned and different things that are helpful or even things that have stayed the same like my pretty waters today's video is 20 healthy habits that have changed my life and have made me a healthier person so it wasn't even hard coming up with 20 habits what was hard was keeping it to 20 and not more so I guess if you enjoyed today's video then I'll continue developing these and I can solve a part two I hope you guys enjoyed today's video I asked everything written in notes in my phone and started a so the first one is a short and sweet tip and that is I don't hit the snooze button when I wake up in the morning I find that whenever I do I'm actually more tired because your body goes into a different sleep so say you snooze for an extra six minutes by the time you actually do wake up you're going to feel even more tired than if you were to just get up the first time so that's my first tip for anybody that is struggling with becoming a morning person or waking up early in the morning don't hit the snooze button just force yourself do what you got to do to just wake up this second healthy habit is I make my bed every single day there is nothing like coming home to have made bed I shared a video before I don't know if it was a TED talk or where I found it but I will leave it down below it's on YouTube and this guy was basically saying that if you can't do the small things like making your bed every single day it's just simple small thing then you can't expect yourself to do big things and to force yourself to have the discipline to do bigger things that are gonna change your life and I've noticed that especially working from home that sometimes I want to go my room and texture take a phone call or take a meeting if something's going out in my house like right now it's work being done outside so sometimes I want to just go in a quiet room like my bedroom and if it's a mess I just feel all this clutter I don't feel good it's so nice to come home to a made bed even if you don't work from home it's just that one simple thing that you come home and it's made and it's cozy and you feel really good my third habit is pretty water as you guys know it's become a little trend on my channel so if you are new this is something that me and the family I always talk about and that is that we make pretty water fruit infused water so today I have grapefruit water and I look forward to making this every single day so a lot of you guys will ask me how long is the fruit good for or why I do it or how long I keep the fruit in there so I do make it fresh every single day the only time I put it in a big pitcher as you guys have seen in videos is if I have friends coming over or Jared is having some too but if it's just me I put it in a mason jar like this and I drink this all day and I'll add more water I'll keep the same fruit in all days but I'll add more water because it tastes so fresh and citrusy you can make all different blends you can add in herbs you can add in like watermelon basil is really good you can keep it class I can just do lemon water but what this does this inspires me to keep drinking more water all throughout the day and it tastes really good if anybody out there is a soda drinker or a juice drinker and you kind of want to limit that and just drink more water and fruit because it tastes amazing okay so my fourth healthy habit is a spirulina powder so I believe I've been taking spirulina for two years now maybe a year and a half and it is a Bluegreen Algie it's the green powder you see me add to my smoothies or juices I'm gonna keep in mind if you're new to spirulina powder if you want to use the tiniest little bit you want to follow the serving size the first time I've ever had it I took a big tablespoon threw it in my smoothie and I was like literally tastes like fish food but if but I don't want to scare anybody if you do just a tiny bit and you mix it in with your banana or your juices your smoothies your protein powders you will not taste it but your body will be getting all the benefits from spirulina powder I first started getting into spirulina powder because I went vegan as you guys know I am no longer vegan but when I did it was really important to ask early in a powder because since you're not eating fish on a vegan diet it is still giving you benefits of eating fish without eating fish but that makes sense because spirulina is what the fish eats so you're kind of getting going right to the source if that makes sense so I started incorporating spirulina when I went vegan and even though I'm not no longer vegan I still incorporate a lot of the things that I learned on my vegan journey and one of them is spirulina powder some of the benefits besides the fish benefit the other benefits are it helps detox heavy metals from your body it can help with boosting your immune system it can also help with inflammation and because it helps with inflammation I notice spirulina helping with my skin and just overall how my body functions I feel like I have more energy when I have it and it's one superfood that I recommend to everybody there's a few that I'm like I don't know but you have to be careful with what you take but spirulina is one of those that I feel very confident recommending to my friends and family and sharing on my channel ok so my fifth healthy habit is getting groceries delivered so a while ago I became a member at thrive market but my subscribers use thrive I actually got to go to their headquarters a while back and look at their office and all that so I really love the company I love things that are on their website and my healthy habit here is I buy specialty items and health food items different dinner kits which we'll talk about in a second I buy those things online at places like thrive market because actually in collaboration with thrive market and I'm gonna show you some of my recent things that I bought from there one of the reasons why I enjoy doing it online is because I'll need something like avocado oil or really clean wine wine that is organic since I do buy organic fruits and veggies I want my wine to be as well it's a great thing for that and it just saves time at the grocery store I'll get my essentials at the grocery store and some of my big things like my different oils are superfoods spirulina stuff like that maca powder all of that I leave to online okay so this is my most recent haul from a thriving market so I have my six bottles of organic wine no pesticides no added sugars oh that's my god as far as wine goes and then I have my hull here and then I have my dinner kit here so I want to talk about the dinner kit first because if you go on their website you're like you know what I don't really need anything what should I try or I want to try something new or different their dinner kits are my favorite because this week planning dinner so easy since I do cook home every night it's nice to have all the ingredients and everything ready for dinner I got the Italian a pasta dinner kit so it comes with a tomato basil sauce it comes with spaghetti and it comes with gluten free bread out cute is that so there's all different kids other works but I was excited for this one and then like I mentioned you can get fun things so I've never tried this before but I'm excited too and it's organic buck wheat pancake and waffle mix I also got some coconut nectar I went to an event not too long ago and they were serving matcha lattes and they were so sweet and delicious the host actually told me that it's because they were using coconut nectar in the matcha latte so I decided to get this sweetener I've never had it before I got green lentil kale and broccoli spinach pasta I got a Green Goddess avocado oil dressing I just I love green goddess dressing they're so easy to put with everything if you need to address something up a salad or wrap the sandwich goddess dressing I got coconut sugar I always need coconut sugar we go through it pretty fast because I do believe it's a healthier sugar option if you're gonna use sugar I would rather use coconut sugar and this is ripe market brand I saw my subscribers recommendations you guys know I love nut butter I get so excited I love all different nut butters when is crunchy dark roasted peanut butter and it is organic and I also got an organic apricot fruit spread and yes so that's everything that I like to get from thrive everything that you need to know will be in my description box I highly recommend checking them out they will make your life so much easier and especially if you're getting into some healthier products my sixth healthy habit is something that has become such an essential part of my routine it makes me feel good and it makes others feel good as well so it's a win-win and that is expressing gratitude to your family to your significant other to your friends just to your loved ones it feels so good to get that random text message or email or phone call up somebody saying you're really special to me or I love this about you or I was thinking about you today and I'm grateful for you you don't know what somebody else is going through even your closest friends or family members it knows the social media and stuff it's easy to disconnect and kind of go about our busy lives but if you send somebody a text message or a phone call it will not only make them feel like a rock star like we'll just be about going about their day and then they get this awesome texture call from you but it'll make you feel good knowing that you made them feel good by sevens healthy have it is actually a workout have it and that is resistance bands and boonie bands they are so easy to pack on the go you can bring them to the gym you can bring them on vacation they don't take up a lot of space it's funny I saw this meme and it was like I'm just gonna do an easy resistance band workout and then resistance bands like lol okay because you're still sore after that my eighth healthy habit I'm gonna keep short and sweet because I have talked about this a lot on my channel but that is I started cooking at home every single night it helps so much with eating healthy maintaining healthy weight because you know everything that you're putting into your food it's also fun for me to get creative in the kitchen and gives me lot of kitchen confidence and I feel like a rock star when I make something and my friends and Jared are eating it like damn girl this is good my knife helped me have it I wash my face every single night before bed keeping those pores clean and fresh my 10th healthy habit is kind of a mental game habit I would say and that is I have good work ethic and I've really developed let me get the job done let me work and then it'll be playtime and has really helped me with distractions and college I was someone that got distracted very easily and now when I have to work on something so when I'm editing this video for example just gonna put my headphones in and I'm just gonna get to edit a instead of working on it and then getting distracted and then working on it and the same thing if I'm cleaning the house I just want to focus on the task get it done and then you know whatever it is that I want to do I find that having that work ethic has been so helpful but you also get done with the things you might not want to do like dishes or laundry you get done faster because you're saying okay I'm going to devote you know this amount of time to this get it done or a pounds tunnel-vision to getting it done my eleventh healthy habit is meditating meditating has become such an important part of my life especially because I'm now in my late 20s and 28 years old and I realize that I crave meditation that the more I'm doing it the more I realize I need to be doing it and it doesn't have to be the traditional like meditating Oh times I'll drive to the grocery store in complete silence I won't even have music on and I'm just thinking I'm just like letting my mind think or I lay on my bed and I put on soft music and I just lay there and just sometimes shut my eyes sometimes I think sometimes I don't think I just sort of embrace that quiet time and it does wonders for my mind it's sort of exercising your brain in fact myself both help they have it I don't have any footage fortune they're really strict about it bringing your camera in and it's a really hot class of the lens would get foggy anyways but I started doing pop Pilates and I really like it because lottie's has gotten me to really strengthen my body like I used to just do cardio and be like wow I did that class and it was all cardio and it was really hard but what I realized as bodies it's a lot of holding the move so sometimes we'll be laying down like this and we have to just like hold our legs like this and even though that might hurt or like do scissor kicks or something like that even though that might hurt or that might not be the most comfortable it teaches you self-discipline and the room being so hot the class I go go to is 98 degrees or around there so it teaches you to breathe and really focus on your breath and realize that you are capable of more than you think my next healthy habit is the importance of iron and making sure of getting my iron in so a while back when I was began like I had mentioned before I wasn't really feeling so good I started having low energy and I am a high-energy person so I knew something was up and then my hair nails weren't really growing I went to the doctor and iron checked and things looked pretty good but then I got my ferritin checked and that was low so Burton is actually how you store iron anybody that's having symptoms like I just talked about go to the doctor get the simple blood work done but ask for a ferritin blood work check as well not just iron now I was very mindful of it and I know that when I start to feel fatigued or when I start to feel Low Energy it's from that and I know to eat something high-end I am okay so I love number 14 and I have to actually spell it out for you because my dogs were sitting right there let me go crazy anyway yeah though go crazy if they hear it but I go on aw ALK with my dogs and I leave my phone at home Wyatt I'm with nature were lucky that we really love the road that we live on and there's a lot of look at it right now there's a lot of flowers and there's a cute trail and I call it our little hiking trail even though it's not cars can go on it but it's kind of like a little hiking trail I'm away from my phone it's my job is social media and checking emails checking comments checking YouTube it's easy to get caught up with your boat that when I first wake up in the morning this is not my priority my priority is my mental how something that I look forward to and it's that nice disconnect from my phone and being present in the moment number 15 is another mental health tip you can say and that is saying what you mean and saying how you feel when I was in high school and even college if I had an issue with a friend I never would say anything I would just kind of pretend like nothing happened and I realized that that was an issue for me I really think it's important to say what you mean if there's an issue just talk about it and it's all about how you see something and you can actually strengthen your friendships and your relationships this could be with everybody not just friends or significant others but maybe even your boss too it could strengthen relationships if you are open and just say we can meet and like I said it's all about how you say it my next tip another short and sweet one is silk pillowcases it's so much better for your hair the one I get is on Amazon and we'll leave it down below and it just helps with hair breakage and it helps keep your style nice especially if I curl my hair or I add my waver in it I noticed that my hair stays nice and soft it stays that style if I'm using a self pillowcase my 17th healthy habit is room-temperature water I never drink cold water I actually never liked cold water it always be look hard for me to digest and I'm realize now that cold water makes me more bloated and if you're into gut health and looking up stuff like that one of the number one things that almost all gut health articles I've read about it's drink room-temperature water it's easier for your body to digest and it actually hydrates you faster than cold water my 18th healthy habit is an energy habit and just life-saving habit and that is coffee Coffee is always a good idea my 19th healthy habit is intermittent fasting I owe all of my recent weight loss to intermittent fasting I do these 16 eights foot and I use the app zero which helps me know when it's time to intermittent back and when my intermittent fasting is done so when it's time to eat the app lets you know and then you can just turn it off I mean the time window just makes it simple just because I know when it's time to eat and I know when I gotta stop eating and it helps me not eat before bed because that's one of my biggest tips too even if you're not going to intermittent fast try to eat dinner as early as you can try not to eat right before bed if you are trying to lose weight or lose fat my neighbors call us like the 90 year old couple but we eat dinner guys at 5:30 I wish I was kidding but we don't we eat earlier than my grandparents my grandparents like we wait till 6:00 now like nada leave at 5:30 and my last tip tip number 20 healthy habit is do 15 minutes of cleaning every single day a lot of times when I'm vlogging some of the comments will be oh my gosh girl how was your house always so clean how is everything so perfect like how do you like house every room clean and the reason is I mean it's not perfect right now because we do a house guest staying with us but for the most part our house stays relatively clean all the time because we do 15 minutes of cleaning every single day you can do that whenever you want it could be 15 minutes before bed you do a straightening up that's when Jared likes to do it for memes I do work from home it's very important to have a clean house because when there's clutter you just feel cluttered like I can't think and edit a video or film a video if the house is a mess because I litter like I don't want you guys to look at my dirty underwear in the background so those are my 20 healthy habits comment down below what are your top 5 10 15 20 healthy habits that you want to share with me and if you do want to see them part 2 comment that down below so thank you guys so much for watching make sure to check out thrive market get some yummy goodies or try something new I love you all have a fabulous day and I'll see you guys soon bye


  1. I’m loving the hoops girl!! So pretty! Love your content, I literally watch you every morning, you give me so many positive vibes! Thank you!!! Xxx

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  4. Yes to part 2! Love these tips. When you spelled out WALK my spaniel went nuts lol so guess what I’m doing next!!

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    🙈🙌🏼 What a habbit…. Xoxo from Germany

  6. Can you talk about how you sleep through the night? Do you use an app to help? Music, maybe oils? My husband has a hard time sleeping through the night and I’m looking for ways to change that

  7. I love this video😄
    I have a couple of healthy habits. Some of them, are probably weird?! Lol
    1. I dont watch any crime shows. (Used to have nightmares& that's why)
    2. Pray
    3. Make my bed, EVERY morning.(ive been doing that for 6 months now)
    4. Clean my house a little each day. (Dont go to sleep, with a dirty house. Eww)
    5. Organize my kids clothes& myn, for the next day
    6. I watch what i eat. Trying to loose weight
    7. Reading a uplifting book
    8. Surround youfself around positive people
    10. Go outside everyday

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