20-Minute Tabata Workout

20-Minute Tabata Workout

you ready to tap every muscle of your body with this 20 minute divided workout your time let's go alright we're going to start with a quick warm-up we've got Britney and Casey Casey is going to show you some modifications we'll start with a gait swing here and so if you're modifying you might just come up and down we're going to add a groin stretch so we're going to add a little bit of an extra twist here and then coming up I just do that like half right so you're going to come down and if you're not modifying you're going to jump two feet together and back out so we're adding that groin stretch you're so opening up the inner thighs a little bit if the legs warmed up remember tabata you guys is a way to work the muscles get some strength and what you're also going to be doing is working anaerobically so your heart rate is going to be up you're going to be breathless so make sure you're in some comfortable shoes comfortable lightweight clothes I want you guys to be ready to sweat all right do it ladies I'm getting excited let's couple more here and we're going to switch the move and go into an inchworm and reach so that we can warm up the core and the upper body okay so start at the back of your mat and we're going to walk out into an inchworm so really getting a stretch through the hamstrings going to walk out into that plank all right when you get here I want you to widen out your feet you're going to reach with one arm back to the mat the other arm back to the mat then walk in about half way to get that down dog stretch oh yeah and your feet can be wide here that's okay walk it back out you're holding that place tighten the ABS reach try not to shift your weight too much try to keep your core nice and stable walk it back in beautiful all right so this tabata workout you guys it's going to be our 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest all right so you're working twice as long as you are recovery which means you're going to be getting that heart rate up pretty consistently but you got this running on you're gonna love it last to breathe it out walk it all the way up all the way to the top roll that spine alright let's get ready for our first circuit so our first move is going to be a squat Jack you're going to come down and up and repeat this move okay so it's just 40 seconds and then I'll give you a quick break watch Casey for the modifications ready and go down and up so with this remember light landing and you're trying to get those elbows to the knees so that you get low if you can't that's okay right do what you can being safe with your knees your joints want to love you after the workout can now be screaming at you good nice job clap it over get those arms up boom like you mean it good job doing is looking good beautiful breathe you know keep that heart rate nice deep breaths in and out three good two and one our second move is a push-up and bird dog reach so this is what it looks like you're going to go down for a push-up you're going to reach opposite arm and leg both sides and then repeat the push-up whoo you ready three two one and begin push up and you'll see Casey's doing the shoulder tap right so modify this if you need to and go with your own pace here you know the longer you can hold that bird dog the more you're going to work your core so if you're like oh and I need to work my core more than I need to work my chest and shoulders then do less push up and focus more on that bird dog right ten more seconds breathe almost there last one boom oh I love it all right now we're going to come onto our feet and this one's going to be high knees sit tall so it's going to be boom boom boom boom alternating we're going to be running all right Kate you can show that modification we're going to go here we are up up low low so you really got to drive those knees up and speak up this is what it's going to get me confused I know if I talk too much means we're Omak good just try to keep breathing that's why I'm not talking I'm breathing good you go ten seconds left ah keep going you got it three two and one okay okay no is it no one's this window just maybe I hear they're looking guys 180 burfi starting in the middle of your mat whichever way you want you're going to go down out push up jump in and you're going to do that 180 jump go time down out and and jump again go with your own pace here totally up to you how quickly you move my push-ups feels pretty deep they take me longer work on yours you can always modify here jump out drop it to your knees just like Casey is down and up looking good I know the spin on that jump is hard so do your best and relax I got out of that last one all right I relieve you that circuit again oh my goodness gracious all right so starting with our squat Jack's can use Tekken right now grab a sip of water I'm going to grab one after this next round ready and go now it up back around through so much harder than the first yeah so the lion fear is expelled I have as much instruction for me so I'll get to breathe remember in through the nose slot the candles okay Tabata is really one of those kinds of workouts where it challenges you anaerobically so you get spikes in the heart rate and this is a good challenge for your body every once in a while not every day but it's great to throw it in and relax let me say cardio like going out for a walk a run a bike that's more steady-state aerobic okay this is anaerobic where you can breathe that's okay you're making the heart stronger all right you guys ready yeah push up burdock in three two one and go make sure here your feet are wide okay it's going to help you with the bird dog you're going to feel yourself stabilized a little better with a wider base of support if your feet are together that's the most challenging way to do this move and unless you're Tony Horton you might not be able to do that do your best and work hard work your way up breathe it out looking good four three – I rest house 20 seconds feeling for you guys right on time right yeah it's like right when that 20 seconds hit we're like okay I'm kind of ready finally kind of got my breath back on your feet high knees two toes in three and two let's get it come on you got it and if you're like I got this man this is about how high right now yes then give it to me baby you need whatever you got I'll take it great just think about pull your abs in tight right now hold your core and strong whether you're skipping or doing a high knee sprint hold it in three two and one three all right we're going right into our 180 Burpee all right so we're this one so when I said about the speed go with your own pace walk it out or jump it out like Casey can always drop to the floor modify the push up if you're starting to lose form ready let's hit it down and out right into it boom I like seeing that soft jump Brittany nice job girl how are you guys looking on your jump right I love Casey hitting if she gets a CD Ashley responds to me every time half a bell got it beautiful by the way last one push it out jump it out okay circuit one done good job Travis isn't water you guys have a minute to recover we're going to go into our second circuit get a ship we get our workout in when we're here for you guys so we're happy that you're here with us all right and we don't do this one just once we'll do this one at home too it's a great challenge get that heart rate up to work on your strength all in one so the next step we're doing four moves again 40 seconds on 20 off we're going with mountain climbers boom my least favorite exercise MLA but it's so good it works the whole front side of the body and who else wants a strong front side of the body Carl yeah yeah okay so everybody down to the floor get ready it looks like this running you're either using your foot for support or not ready go in and out your weight is over your hands almost as if I would fall over my hands you want so much weight forward so that you're not back here just using legs you're using core that's the point of a climber it's not just to fry your hip flexors it's the user core stabilizing that plank your claws you're looking great I can tell good job drive my legs are about done three two and relax now stay on the floor we're going to do a knee driver this is where we're on the elbows and what we're going to do is we're going to drive the knee in hips up in and up you're going into head like a little mini play a pike and you're driving that knee inwards ready and go in lift your hips press your shoulders we got abs engaged your core is strong you're going up and down really going up mad you're going into a headstand lift and squeeze up and down you're looking good now when I'm lifting my head I'm engaging my ABS long moving with my core in mind first and foremost my abs breathe in and out so that's five four three two and one stretch two more moves in this circuit you're going to flip over onto the stomach all right this one looks like this atomic crunch pause and bridge lift back down pause let's go extend watch Casey for this modification pause go bridge lift pause down hold that crunch pause extend come back up into crunch hold bridge hold good job you guys so we're giving it that pause so we really work not just strength and movement but strength with no movement that's isometric strength and the body needs both alright the body needs a chair I was both bring it up squeeze the glute down if you want maybe add a little challenge to this one you can go up with one foot down and alternate rest cuz you're off you guys I know that one gets me every time come up onto your feet last move it is circuit lunge jump I know we're going to fire my legs right now it looks like this alright you're either going like Casey you're going to go back or you're going to do a hop in the middle or let's go begin who are you going to go full-out like this so remember hop in the middle reverse lunge like Casey or this because your knees feel good you got great strength in your legs so you're not putting too much pressure on your joints or you're here giving your joints a little breather so the impact isn't as heavy on the landing back and forth breathe good five four three two one and breathe okay one more round all four moves if you can't breathe you're not left out either cannot okay mountain climbers back down you know the drill five seconds four three two and crushing it here we go yeah you know some people do this me so fast but I'm like how do your legs move that quickly so for me I focus on my abs and it's not only about how fast my legs go isn't how tight I keep my abs and keep my hips up if you're like this and your hips are lay low you've washed your core integrity there so pull them up feel the core flex yeah it takes a lot of core strength to do it slow – he's done come on and relax okay stay here five seconds of meditation no just kidding we're going to go into that new driver from the elbows with that pike lift and you talk I love this one it's not different it's so hard towards the end of that forty second you're like why what is this like you're doing this to me here we go and begin wrist and squeeze you look do my shoulders too and so everybody out there that does shoulder press you need this move to strengthen the joint integrity in your shoulder muscles these are the small lots of groups it don't get as much love when you're lifting but you want to have really strong small muscle groups supporting your shoulders to take that time for you to really work those doing good so more seconds oh my god is it over yet good two and one beautiful okay to move the atomic crunch for the bridge I like this combo because it's not like super cardio intensive but right this moment we focus on a lot of muscle groups at the same time ready yep let's roll it out and crunch it up squeeze bridge go with one leg if you want that challenge extend crunch it up bridge switch legs good and relax good not relaxed I guess that's the wrong word to use good I guess it's home good in nice you guys are looking awesome ladies behind me you guys are impressive right now huh keeping up the stamina it's not easy to keep this endurance going for the whole 20 minutes breathe burn it to ash let's just get one more in the other leg grey we want to be one of balance every last last mount jump lunges you got it in you remember you got three variations here no excuses not to do this one and they were stretch are you with me totally yeah there was me are you okay you didn't give up yet let's go 40 seconds I'm going to start with the most advanced because I know that by the end I'm going to be modifying probably to where Casey is right now that's what I suggest you guys do for your second round go from the most challenging for the least challenging when you're already warmed up okay this is me going in to the to the hop because my legs are about to give out you guys look great good five four three two and shake it out whoo all right couple seconds we have like a minute little over a minute I want you to first going up reach overhead you're breathing heavy then open up your side other side keep reading we're bringing the blood from everybody into the heart good nice standing nice and tall grab that toe bring that heel right towards the glue pointing the knee straight down just as high belly's tight deep breath in through the nose I'll see that mouth going to get the breath back a lot faster and notice how my legs stay tight I'm not like this that's a reminder for everybody because now we really got the pull happening for the right right muscle group right we're really working on that quad good abs are tight just as high I'm sucking wind still you guys are amazing for keeping up with that one last one hamstring stretch feet together we're going to do a peel all the way down from the neck all the way down vertebrae roll roll touch the toes good let the neck drop let the head just just roll a little bit shake out the neck a little bit good that's to him and peel up nice and slow bend the knees slightly peel that back now you need a much longer stretch than that so you have more time do more stretches enjoy that an awesome job today so proud of you that was not an easy one Danna that was an easy one I feel like we all need a little jelly jelly jelly


  1. omg killer! i used to be very fit a couple mos ago, but now this workout killed me after it being my first workout after 3 months!!

  2. You talk WAYYY too much in the video. People like to workout with Rythem not with someone literally saying a word every second. Would be nice to have some pump up music on playing AFTER you describe and show each move.

  3. Wow I'm a varsity athlete and I even found this a great workout! I love that there are variations so everyone can try it

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