2019 Brisbane Open – Fitness Show Session 1

2019 Brisbane Open - Fitness Show Session 1

squat right it's a great looking opening attempt from Kili 78 kilos and the referees degree is three white lights next lift all be nara val Herrmann escorting eighty killers for her opening attempts we have two lifters in this session hailing from Naru Nara is the first of them Nara is 14 years of age and she'll be later going for the Oceania squat sub junior record which stands at 98 her first attempt will be 80 kilos conservative the first attempt we're just loading that bar up to 80 kilograms 176 pounds we're good boys is that Kili no it's X lifter I was loaded and bar is loaded for Nara valve Herman Eddie killers give her an applause and she comes out here she hails from the room I just got to see Roberts arm just you're in the livestream just jumped over there squat very nice opening attempt by NAR van Herrmann three white lights says the referees good lift on the board next lifter Taylor Jane seasons also in the 58 killer category opening up proceedings with a 90 kilogram squats all right a big welcome to all of our Brisbane show attendees you're watching the Brisbane open here at the fitness show this is our first session listen to this session Bar is currently loaded for Taylor James seasons opening squat of 90 kilograms Taylor will be followed by my girl Hamish Anthony and Katy it's what open it looks good referees agree it's two white lights we have a red light from the side referee on the right for failing to stand upright at the start or end of the squat yeah three referees majority rules so we have two white lights which means it's a good lift and that lift counts towards the lifters total towards their scoring we're now learning about a 100 kilos is it for my girl Jeremiah she's our second International lifter for the session also howling from narew just hold like a country woman Dave can I just get you I can't see Roberts arm I can't see loaded now for my girl Jeremiah a hundred kilograms on the bar now I tuned I ruin lifters my girl and Nara are both 14 years old so this like young lady here is 14 years of age squatting 100 kilos on our opening attempt give a round of applause make him feel welcome here place bar please place a bar so yes the chief referee Dave Kim you need to stand up right okay instructor lifter to replace the bar and then tells her that she needs to stand up straight so in order for the lifter to be able to start the squat they need to be standing up straight squat back little bit shaky the referees are gonna say that it is a good lift and it's three white lights very nerve-wracking when you're fourteen years of age squatting 100 kilos in front of our packed crowd here at the fitness show so you notice that Dave Keeling our chief referee told the young lady to replace the bar because she wasn't standing up straight gives her a chance to explain what the technicality is and for her to correct it the clock continues to run you're gonna see there's a clock to the left of the stage that indicates how much time the lifter has to make the lift so the clock continues to run during that time and they've got to make the lift in that time that's loaded bar is loaded for Hamish McLean this is a hundred and five kilos this is Hamish his first competition 17 years of age it's competing in the 69 killer category bars lighter bars loaded oh yes squat RAK somewhat challenging of an opening attempts and unfortunately that's a no lift from our side referees both Jason and Robert I'm depth and it's put downward movement so in order for a lift to be counted towards your score and pelleting there are needs to come up in one smooth action there should be no downward movement on the way through so if you remember Hamish is attempt on the way up he kind of stopped fell down and then came back up again that constitutes our no lift so that school won't add to his total for now Barrios loiter for Anthony training partner – Hamish this is 110 killer opening a squat for Anthony just a just take your loops off you wrist wraps place of our wasted bar okay so similar issue as the previous live talk you need okay explain him lifting it to stand straight with her knees locked let's go mate quick Sam Strait lock your knees lucky knees start right and he squeezes in with not much time left on that clock he had one second on the clock and he gets the three white lights nerve-wracking opening attempt so a perfect example of how the clock can play a pivotal role in a lifters attempt you have one minute to make your attempt you have one minute for the referee to give you the squat signal I made it just in time for now Baris loaded the same weight 110 kilos for Katy Springer bar loaded Katy and her fourth competition here today from tweed heads coach Mike al Ralston 10 killers below her personal best this is a hundred and ten kilos on the opening attempt for Katy Springer squat rack very smooth opening attempt you can see the experience behind Katie really taking that first time very smoothly one red light just for depth they're very close so you can see the difference in that attempt by Katie a bit more of a seasoned veteran at the start of the lift standing very tall knees straight upright ready to receive the squat signal immediately right last lifter of this first round of squats is Kaitlyn Barraclough berrecloth via the correction Kaitlyn's opening attempt is 125 Killers is a big squat bar is loaded for her a little bit of confusion in the dugout for Kaitlyn and apparel technicality so again look past side referee Jason ordinance head here she's got 40 seconds 30 just under 40 seconds to get out there and get her a squat attempt on that's been fixed up give around applause she's got to get this quite done pretty quickly still enough time more than enough time to get her set up correct but the time stress does play a factor RAK a very careful opener the referee say two white lights good left side referee Robert Wilkes calling for tip knees locked a little bit a couple of small things but a good lift it's on the board all right that concludes the first round of attempts we're going to loop back around and get to our second round so the same ten lifters are going to come out again and roughly the same order and they're going to attempt their second weight each lifter gets three attempts in the squat discipline for today's session each attempt is progressively heavier than the one before it they get to choose the weights that they want to take on they can't choose a weight that's lighter than the weight they've previously attempted so lifters often choose conservative weights and try to move up from there first lift will be Keeley Iraqi this way that's it Keeley ranky we'll be doing our first quarter the second round bars my father is a load of Achille this is Kelly's second powerlifting competition she's only 15 years of age successful with her first squat at 78 kilograms is now 86 so an 8 kilo increase from her first attempt squat squat rack little slower but held a shape really well and I think the referee is gonna reward her with three white lights so achieved everything required and is rewarded with a good lift that 86 Achilles squat now adds to a total next lift and nara eval herman now if you remember from the previous previous round we have two lifters hailing from naru and narrow is one of our lifters hailing from the route she is only 14 years old barbar is a loader for Nara competing internationally as a 14 year old this is a 90 kilo second attempt squat the Oceania sub junior record stands at 97 kilos and shall be looking to take that on the next attempt if she's successful this squat unfortunately just a little bit too heavy get stuck in the in the middle there clearly frustrated without attempt but give her around the pool she's gonna come out here and have another go 14 year old nara val Herrmann our next lifter same way to the bodice is 90 kills for Taylor Jane Susan's now as I said to you earlier in subsequent rounds of lifting we cannot choose weights that are lighter than the previous round Taylor was unsuccessful with 90 kilos in the first round and she has no choice but to take the same weight or heavier in the next round so she's chosen to take the same weight bar is loaded for Taylor she missed this on the opening round so give her around and Porsche needs your support to make sure that she executes this lift correctly and has this lift at a taurus core added to her total squat rack that is a much nicer attempt compared to her first attempt and she's rewarded two white lights could live it so again we've got two lights up here on the screen or to the left over here and our lights determine whether or not the lift is added to the score to the total and three referees choose whether or not they believe that lift was a legal attempt legal lift and majority rules for two white lights on that one means a good lift bar is now loaded for Hamish McLean so Hamish and other lifts are just like Taylor in the previous round who struggled on his opening attempt and unfortunately was raw awarded and no lift so now we got 105 give him a round of applause he needs this lift stand up squat rack that is a much nicer looking a temp than the previous round and that's the three white light so it's a good lift so he too is on the scoreboard with 105 kilos next lift is my girl followed by Anthony Katie Kaitlyn so four lifts left in this round 110 kilos first is loaded yeah 110 kilos for my girl Jeremiah like naira comes from the roux ten kilo increased from the opening around so ladies and gents you're here at the Brisbane open watching the Brisbane open at the Brisbane Fitness show our three lift powerlifting competition on today as hosted by Paulo thing Australia right now it's my girl Jeremiah 110 kilos now she stands up with the weight but I think that's gonna be a no lift she unfortunately didn't wait for chief referee JV on signal so the lifter has to stand straight and wait for a signal from our chief referee before they commence the lift this to make sure that the lifter is starting from from a fair position that every lifter start on the same position and that position is knees locked and hips are extended and if you fail to obey the signals from the referees you'll be given a no lift so unfortunately for our young and my girl that is a no lift for her very common error especially when you're new and when you're young it's very stressful to be up here for now Bar is loaded Anthony for long hurling goes 115 kgs this is 5 kilos up from his pre use attempt now if you remember in the last round Anthony got the squat signal the one second on the clock managed to come back and get his lift anyway we're now going up 5 kilos this is 115 squat rock March March better attempt he's got a smile on his face that's three white lights good lifting for Anthony now we're gonna load the bar for Katy Springer that's 118 kilos Katy executed her opening squat very well at 110 she's gone up 8 kilos this is 118 pounds loaded bar is now loaded for Katy 118 killers on the bar successful their opening attempt she hails from tweed heads coached by Cowell Ralston this is a Firth fourth sorry fourth palates and competition so getting some experience in bars loaded guys yes squat RAK excellent demonstration of squatting there by Katie and the referees agree to white lights good lift so a really great example of a lifter there who stands tall and straights waits for the referee signal before she convinces the squat that is really good lifting very experienced lifting our next lifter is Caitlyn this is 130 kilos can be successful with the opening attempt to 125 although it was a little bit slow for an opener so we've gone up 5 kilos a pretty reasonable increase in weight now bounce weighted bar is loaded 130 kilos for Caitlyn squat RAK very strong second attempt I like that one and it's two white lights good lift so a couple of lifters here scoring two white lights little bit lifts where that happens just a little short on depth on one side but good lift nonetheless for Kaitlyn okay not a bad session of lifting so far a couple of Reds a little yellow that's mixed that's to be expected we're now learning the bar for Keeley Ricky this is 88 kilos for Kelly yellow Kelly so far has gone two out of two in the squat successful with 76 successful with a 78 sorry success with 86 and now we have 88 kilos on the bar only Keeley second comp she's only 15 years of age although she's under some great tutelage of the older sister Tyra ranky so she's got the right pedigree that's for sure bar loaded for Kelly ranked e atat low third attempt let's give a round of applause as she comes out here for a third this will be the heaviest squat that she attempts for the day she's not going into having this so come on give her your support squat come on kill rack really good grind there and I think the referees are gonna say that is uh good left to white lights all right really slow down in the middle there but she fought it through and she finishes the squat section of today three two three on 88 kilograms and a nice little three killer personal best for her there right now ah a vowel hermit of Naru missed the second attempts quite at 90 kilos got stuck in the mid middle of the lift fast loaded bar is now loaded the middle of the lift on the squat is the classic sticking point mars loaded bars loaded now let me remind you folks that this young lady here is 14 years of age give a round of applause for her third attempt squat come on squat take the buff and unfortunate that's a no lift once again give her an applause and she comes off she's clearly disappointed in herself but a very big future starting at such a young age in this sport of powerlifting okay we move on to Taylor Jane Susan now if you remember Taylor she missed her opening squat at 90 back against the wall came back and nailed it on the second attempt and now she's going up 15 kilograms on the squat it's 105 kilos for her she's been powerless Inc for less than 12 months previously a gymnast 5 kilogram personal best for a bar loaded bar loaded for Taylor Jane Susan's give her a round of applause 5 killer personal best attempt and a 15 kilo increase from the last attempt following Taylor we're gonna have Hamish Antony and Margot squat take the back place and unfortunately slow down in the middle tiptoe forward and it's a no lift so she finishes the day on the one out of three that's a 90 kilos on the squat okay we're moving on now to Hamish McLean Hamish's third attempt will be 110 he missed the opener at 105 got it on the second and he's gone up five kilos this is Hamish his first contest bar loaded we've got a few sub juniors or youth Soria apologized a few youth lifters in Kili who's 15 Nara and my girl who are 14 and here Hamish 17-year old hay was taking 110 kilos on his third attempt squat rack really good oke third attempt there and three white lights I'm very impressed with Hamish lifting his opening squat was a little bit tough and it pushed him forward but unlike the first attempt that last two have been really good managed to hold his shape much better bar path as well we now go to his training partner Anthony for Lynn Goss this is 120 kilos so Anthony's had a pretty good day so far two out of two after a shaky opener that's alright Benny and he's now looking to capitalize bar is loaded for Anthony for Lingus 120 kilos in the third attempt Anthony we've followed by my girl Katie and Caitlin squat right he's happy with that it looks like and so he should be it's three white lights it's a good lift few kilos left on the platform I think I was very good alright next lift on my girl Jeremiah 120 kilos so on the second round she missed her second attempt squat for beating of the signals from the chief referee the wait wasn't a problem but she failed to obey the signal from our referee yep she's chosen to go up 10 kilo bar loaded by loaded she's chosen to go up 10 kilos this is 120 kilos so if she gets this lift she adds 20 kilos to a total so very importantly for her also from Naru and only 14 years of age give her an applause come on 120 kilos 14 years of age she's got the strength just needs to wait for the referees signals stand up squat and unfortunately it's gonna be a no lift got stuck in the middle there both her and her and narrow very explosive type of lifters but of a classic sticking point through the middle of the squat so very common to see that in the squat movement where the lifter gets stuck halfway through okay to lift is left around out this morning session either side this morning's group of squatters both 64 kilogram lifters Katy Springer and Katelyn Barraclough or berrecloth bars loaded bar is now lighter this is 123 killers 5 kilos up bars loaded bars loaded katie has been in excellence stalwarts of powerlifting a great demonstration of palin thing i should say with a first two squats being really well executed attempts and now a five killers increase from her previous attempt this is 123 kilo squat very good fight and three white lights that's good lifting a very good job – Katie 123 kilos was successful and a nice three kilogram personal best for her I saw yes yes that's right alrighty our last lifts are of Group B this is Caitlin 134 kilos four kilos up from a previous attempt so this group B features our 58 killer women 64 kilo women 69 kilo women okay and the bar is loaded this is one hundred and thirty four hundred and thirty-four for Caitlin Kayla will be followed by what looks like Sonya Joaquin Hani and Jess in Group A the boys and girls make yourselves ready this is 134 kilos for Kaitlyn squat come on come on potato bar it's very good fight there but a little bit too heavy today she walks away with 130 killers on the squat and a reasonable good day's lifting all right 115 we need now that's a reading of blue boys 115 this is for red blue Tanya path everyone now our group a lifters include our 72 kilo women 69 kilo men 100 kilo women 77 kilo men and a 94 killer male also a bit of a mix of Pavia bar is now loaded bar is now loaded you're watching the Brisbane open here at the Brisbane fitness show three lifts powerlifting event consisting of the squat bench press dead lift you're watching the squat discipline we have two groups of squatters this is our group a so our second group of squatters Rockman a very clean opening attempt referees are gonna deem that a good lift to white lights one read from the far right for depth although it was very close says mr. Robert Wilks Joaquin 120 kilos first attempt in his first competition in the 69 kilo class bar is loaded now and this will be followed by Hani Jess taka and Lori it's what right and a very nice opening attempts to hi three white lights good lifting next up we have honey cozy this is a hundred of 35 kilo opening attempts honey actually scored herself a bronze medal at the Australian Championships 2018 she's coming out here at the Brisbane open with 135 kilos in the opening attempt she's competing in the hundred kilo class so we have eight weight class categories in the women's and eight weight class categories in the men's Hani's lifting in the 100 kilo category so she waited just under 100 bar is loaded now for honey 135 killer opening attempt trains out of iron underground our major sponsor for this afternoon's event or today's event sorry this morning's event really honey we followed by Jess Tucker lorry and beau so eight lifters in this group squat RAK a little heavy for doping at cents but if she gets him she gets the other two out light so it's a good lift okay looks like she drifted back onto your heels and she hit the hole there but she managed to come out of that on the better side of it with two white lights okay same weight on the bar we're gonna go to jest McManus only difference to weight classes down she's in the seventy two kilo category Jess with 135 chief referee and side referees collaborating and discussing that attempt weighted bar is lighter for Jess this is 135 kilos so about ten kilos less than her best squat just to be followed by taka and lorry squat that's a tidy looking opening a tent and unfortunate it's gonna be a no lift and I did see that just on depth a little bit high on both sides so both side referee Jason warden and side referee Robert wills deeming that and no lift so you'll notice we put the three referees here and that's their job to adjudicate the lifting and sure each lift is refereed and to the standard that we require suggest is gonna be a water no lift on that attempt I was loaded bar is loaded now for Tucker Miyamoto this is his first contest 160 kilo opening attempt he's in the 77 kilo category I can see taka is gonna be opening his bench press with 135 kilo so very big bench press to come but for now this is a hundred and sixty kgs on the squat fall about Laurie bow and Joel squat very upright style squat and he powers through that one very nicely that's a very nice-looking squat absolutely no doubt about that one three white lights our next lifter will be Laurie Abbott's in the 94 kilo class ladies and gents you are watching the Brisbane open here at the Brisbane Fitness show hosted by powerlifting Australia bar is loaded now with 175 kilos for Laurie of it or just wedding Florida come in here give him round of applause ladies and gents just been informed that this is an Australian record attempt in the Masters category for Lawrence to give around a voiceover he's opening with a squat record attempt come on squat Rock that's a good-looking lift coaches clapping we're waiting on the side referee there it is two white lights good lift so Laurie is competing in the 55 to 59 age category and that is an Australian record on the opening attempt there'll be more to come for sure for now beau Rutherford's 180 kilograms he's being loaded to the bar this is Bo's second contest his first one being only eight weeks ago very enthusiastic keen lift up out of iron underground we're going to Center the bar and bar is being centered and now it's loaded for Bo Rutherford 180 kilos on the opening attempt bo we followed by Joe Weiland before round 2 starts with Tonya Joaquin and Hani dressed in the limited edition SPD apparel city strength one of our major sponsors of this event squat Rock and it's a very nice squat three white lights 180 kilos is a squat that both finished on eight weeks ago this first contest so he's made some improvements undoubtedly for now Joel will and 195 kilos there's the last lifter of this round of squatting this is the first round and this is Joel's first court following this we're going to have Tanya's second squat Joaquin second squat and Hardy's second squad we've got one rack in is that one in or both in both are in so you notice that's both it's both so ladies yes you notice the racks are adjustable and they can be adjusted so that the racks point inwards bar is loaded might look a little funny but the rack is extremely stable and secure and this gives the lifters more options about where they want to put their hands sometimes when the racks are in their regular state the racks are in the way of where they would have put their hands but it also means that there's more clearance between the plates and the racks and a lifter is less likely to clip the racks when they walk out making the walk out more stable so see Joel grabs on the inside of those racks but it means there's more space on the outside of the racks for him to walk out smoothly squat rock very powerful looking squat and I don't see anything wrong with that neither do the referees at three white lights okay back to the top we're into the second round now this is Tonya paths every path successful 115 she's now going to 123 kilos so ladies and F's we've got two groups of litters two groups of about nine losers the first group of nine have gotten through all their squats we're now into the second group of nine and these guys are going to loop back past each other three rounds of squats try to add to their total the first lifter in the second round of squats is Tonya path Evra sure successful 115 and she's gone up eight kilos there you go last weighted bar is loaded for Tonya hey this would be a three kilogram personal best so three kilos of other best this is only a second contest she'll be followed by joaquin honey and Jess squat rakh that was a very good squat better than the open I dare I say that's three white lights for a moment there looked like she was going to cut the depth of the squat but then she sunk that extra inch and I think was the right thing to do because she comes out with three white lights okay attend killer encourage 14 he was successful his opening attempt of 120 kilos and he's gone up to 130 kilos pretty reasonable increase in weight at these are these loads 10 kilos fast loaded bar is loaded 14 this is 130 kgs he's lifting in the 69 kilo category although he only came in at 63 point 8 kilos one of three lifters in this weight class squat and that's a good lift three white lights okay next lifter will be Hani cozy honey cozy with 140 kilos had a rough start in the opening attempt was a little bit harder than you'd like to see for a first round at 135 has gone up a fairly conservative 5 kilos that's alright bars lighter bars loaded says chief referee Dave Kyung keep around applause as it comes out here she's a Brisbane local trains out of iron underground squat rakh okay not too bad I'm a second attempt and even been in the first three white lights cheer squad goes wild we're now gonna load the bar for Jess McManus 145 kilos now Jess was unsuccessful on her first attempt in this mortar powerlifting you cannot choose weights that are lighter than the attempts you've previously made after failing 135 kilos she's actually chosen to go up ten kilos bold attempt dare I say but she needs this lift to stay in the competition register a total so let's give a round of applause bar is now loaded for Jess McManus this is an equal personal best 145 kilos squat I was definitely deeper than the opening attempts the referee's I'm gonna give her three white lights that's a good lift equal personal best and she's in the competition a lot was riding on that one left but back against the wall she managed to pull it off and score herself a one forty five kilo squat in the semi two kilo class okay we got full lift is left in this round all of our gentlemen first up is Tucker Miyamoto bar is loaded for taka in the 77 kilo class squatting nearly a hundred killers above his body weight this is 170 kilos 10 killers up from his opening attempt tuck I'll be followed by the Australian record-breaking Lori Abbott BOE Rutherford and Joel Weiland a very upright style squatter you're gonna notice from Tucket keeps his chest very high sit straight down and the very good-looking squat there great squat three white lights this attack his first competition so looks like he's on the side of conservative something that most peloton coaches would recommend for a first contest and he's doing it really well okay for now if you remember ladies and gents about ten minutes ago Lori Abbott broke the Australian Masters record in the squat in the 55 to 59 age category squad 175 we're now learned about 185 which is more than 175 so this is 10 kills above the record which he set 10 minutes ago baris loaded its given round applause if you want to see this try and record from Lori Emmett over 400 pounds 185 kilos let's go Lori what a beautiful contrast this is in lifters from 55 year old lorry to 14 year old narrow in the previous group no that is a lovely grind of a lift and he gets to what lights new Australian a record for mr. lorry Abbott very good lifting a bar now goes to 190 kilos this is for beau Rutherford ten kilos on his opening attempt by Baris loaded for beau so ladies and gents you're watching the Brisbane open here at the Brisbane fitness show three lift powerlifting competition consisting of the squat bench press dead lifts this contest is sanctioned by the power thing Australia Australia's premier drug-free powerlifting Federation you're seeing lifters of all age groups weight classes backgrounds squat Rock and it's a nice-looking lift 10 kilos up from his previous attempt proves no problems 3 white light for Bo Rutherford last lift drove this session of this group Soria this round I should say Joel Whelan 200 now Joel's a very intense lifter likes to get amped up likes a bit of energy successful he's opening attempt at 185 is going to come out here for 200 kilos this will be the last lift of the second round I know a little complicated 200 kilos for Joel Weiland he's loaded for Joel Weiland 200 kilos big milestone lift and a knee lifts his career to hit the 200 kgs and he's doing it over the second round so let's go come on Joel squat RAK very strong looking attempt I don't see any problems with that just waiting for the referees side referees please there we go three white lights good leer for Joel yes nothing wrong with that in didi all right great round of sporting that was ten lifters I think two four six eight lifters no miss lift so very good round of squats in the second round we now move to the third round of squatting first off is Tonya path ever our path was successful with 123 in the second round that was a three killer personal best and she's chosen to go up another seven kilos so this will be ten kilos on a previous best in the same day bars loiter for path give a round of applause that she comes out here come on she says let's go third attempt squat 130 kilos squat Rock it was very easy attempt the referees gonna give that to white lights good lift I was a little suspicious it was a little close but two white lights is all you need the referees are in a much better position to determine whether or not that's a good lift that I am so she takes a 130 kilos squat 10 killers above a personal best world on a path bar is now loaded for Joaquin Evans this is another 10 kilo increase from his squats he went 120 good lifts 130 good lifts and now 140 kilograms this to is a big milestone 3 blue plates in a in a commercial gym 140 kilos following Joaquin we have Hani Jess and taka squat rack very good fight slow down to the sticking point but powered through four three white lights he's really happy with that that's three and a three on the squats okay so both of our loops are so five manage all those squats let's keep the momentum rolling we've got Hanny cozy 143 kilos bars loaded now for Hani I was saying honey wasn't I let's give a round of applause come on she trains out of iron underground one of our main sponsors of today's powerlifting Brisbane Open 2018 bronze medallist actually in the hundred kilo category at the Australian Championships squat rack well she has really impressed me today that was a very good-looking lift three white lights some very good lifting from her she finishes the day with 143 so another three out of three squad are in this morning's session for Hani we now go to Jess McManus Jess awarded a no lift in the first round of squats chose to go up 10 kgs and smoked it we've now gone up another five kilos this will be for a five kilo personal best 150 kilos load bar is loaded now for Jess McManus let's give some Jess some support now this is the third attempt squat a 5 kilo personal best of 5 kilos more than she's ever handled stand up straight squat really good fire by Jess even with the with a stand up straight signal from Dave kyeong held there a little longer than she would have liked the suspense kills us but it's two white lights good live fire kilo personal best for Jeff's very well done we now go to 183 kilos this is for Tucker Miyamoto taka was successful to 160 kilos successful with 170 kilos we're now going to 103 hello so this is we have three killers above the best he's ever squatted is best whatever is 180 so he's going for a small little PV I like to see that daring on the third attempt power lifters pushing their limits try to improve all the time so a three kilo improvement on his best-ever effort you know only his first powerlifting contest this is Tucker Miyamoto 183 killers bar loaded giving round applause as it comes out here come on let's go taka we've got to lift us to follow taka in BO Rutherford and roll Weiland squat Rach and he powers through that he's still had more of the tank I think formal confirmation from the referees please three white lights could live for taka okay two lifts left in this round of squats oh I'm mistaken sorry three rounds what lorry Abbott then bow rather fed then John Wieland my mistake so three let's all three lifts left lorry Abbott 190 kilos if you remember he broke the Australian record we 185 bar is loaded for lorry he broke the Australian record to the 185 in the last round and he's gone up another five kilos now his second attempt squad 185 was pretty tough so this 190 is going to be a bit of a stretch but let's give him to your support and let's see if we can add another five kilos to his Australian record squad this is for the Australian record in the 94 kilo weight class 52 5 to 59 age division squat and he quickly shakes his head and the bits that it's a little too heavy today but he came out now to go so let's give a round of applause and that's we're gonna see you live just coming out here having a crack roll the dice sometimes on these attempts alrighty two lifts left this one is a beauty well Rutherford competed for the first time only eight weeks ago in squatted 180 now less than two months later he's attending the big 200 kilo green and little red in the gym you'd use yellow plate but in the contest we use a green black and a collar this is a two hundred kilo third attempt squat for Bo Rutherford two lifts left bar is loaded for Bo Rutherford third attempt squat here at the Brisbane open come on boy they say come on Bo I see Joel wheel and pacing angrily in the warm-up room squat and he grinds through well not even much of a grind more fights through for three white lights 200 kilos that is an awesome squat therefore bow 200 kilos huge milestone list racks in it'll be racks in again just do the height first then the racks in okay folks we're on to our last squat of this morning's three lift powerlifting contest this will be for Joe Weiland 208 kilos on the squat right last squat of this morning's session the heaviest squat of this morning's session 208 kilos by the 77 killer Joe Whelan the heaviest squat you're gonna see for this morning session we've got some bigger boys taking a platform this afternoon but in the 77 kilo class with 208 kilos to the Beatles Joe Whelan 30 tips got 200 acres bars loaded they're strong stable walkout 208 kilos and it's a little too heavy for Joel give a round of applause and you came out of here and had a crack I would have been a personal best attempt okay ten minutes on the clock we're going to take a short break ladies and gents you're out there Brisbane fitness show watching the Brisbane open this is powerlifting Australia's three lift powerlifting contest the three disciplines lean the squat bench press and deadlift so concludes our squat section in ten minutes we'll be back for the bench press the bench press will commence in 10 minutes you Oh women 64 kilo women 72 72 and 69 kilo men alright bar is now loaded this is a 40 kilos for my girl Jeremiah want fries with that now if you've just joined us you would have missed in the morning about an hour ago my girl came out here she's from the room and she's only 14 years of age this is a 40 kilogram attempt can't see his arm I've got to see heels down replace it bar please okay so you'll see in the clock she's got 20 seconds left now before the lifter is ready to start the bench press they've got to achieve a number of criteria one of those things as being the heels well the feet must be flat flat as a shoe will allow is what the rulebook says show us seven seconds to get this lift out and get the lift started let's get rid of paws come on let's go I go time unfortunate it's gonna be a no lift as lifters timed out and unfortunately no lifts so my girls all be confused it's only her first contest so she's not really sure okay give her a round of applause a little bit disappointing she's uh obviously a little there's only her first contest and she's 14 years of age so that's got me a no lift for my girl so as I was explaining in order for a lift to get started the lifter has to be positioned on the bench with a few criteria one of which is the elbows are straight head is on the bench feet hath feet flat on the floor and it has to be contact from the hips onto the bench once all of those criterias are met the two side referees will drop their hands and the chief referee will know that they're ready bar is loaded now for nara and the chief referee will give them the signal to start hold on Rob we need a decision on the last lift and Jace we need a decision on the last lift so no lift obviously okay when I start again bar is now loaded this is 40 kilos for Nara okay Baris later let's go okay give a round of applause also from Naru the following narrow we have Keeley Antony Hamish and Katie all right for the for the uninitiated you're gonna what witness some of these rules that I mentioned previously being applied so feet flat head on the bench arms are straight stop press Rach she gets a start call from Dave press and Rach and it's gonna be a good lift I think and three white lights yep three white lights and that's a good lift okay our next lift will be Keeley ring key so in the three in the bench press there are three signals that you will hear from the referee those are start pressing Rach the start call is before the buzzer the lift was actually able to begin the descent once the bar is emotionless on the chest referee will say press and once the elbows are straightened again the referee will say wrap I want to obey all those signals bar loaded now for Keeley Yankee this is 46 kilos in the opening attempt Keeley also 15 years of age for powerlifting a three lift support comprised of the squat bench deadlift we have lifters as young as 14 and well into their 70s competing today so a wide variety of lifters all shapes and sizes a very inclusive and accessible sport powerlifting this is Keeley rinky with 46 kilos in the opening round start press rack and easy opening attempt three white lights good lift so the benchpress that you're watching here is a little bit different to the way you might have performed it yourself in the gym we have very strict rules as I've mentioned a couple of times now yellow a little red there may be a few times where a lifter will be awarded a no lift so red lights and it might seem a little confusing and as we go through those and we'll explain what you're watching as it comes up comes around for now we've got Anthony for lingos 60 kilos he'll be followed by Hamish and Katie all on 60 kilos same black lights also but I loaded for Anthony this is sixty kilos and his first attempt was keeping round of applause okay so Anthony communicating with our spotter about how he would like the bar to come out for him in the benchpress were allowed to have a spotter assist the lifter to get the bar in the correct starting position he'll notice that Anthony's feet a flap his elbows are straight stop press rack and he powers through 60 that was a very easy attempt plenty more there three white lights so in the sport of power lifting our lifters are given three attempts I think the same rack height same weight so bars loaded yeah bar is loaded now 60 kilos for Hamish McLean okay so Hamish training partner – Anthony communicates – with a spotter about how he wants to buy to come out very composed lifter that is to have the composure to speak to the centre spot straighten your arms place the bar okay and now Hamish is also told to replace the bar so a couple of technicalities made one being the feat of freedom it makes a little bit more challenging for newer lifters this is how much is first contest but it is good to see him get a good lift on the board I can't go below three anyway they've got to go to three they can't be on okay bar is now loaded for Katy Springer taking the same weight again 60 kilos we have lifters of all ages weight classes and experience levels as I've mentioned for example the last two lifters Hamish and Anthony this is only the first contest whereas Katy spring out a little bit more seasoned a couple of years into the sport you'll notice the difference in execution here this is a sixty kilo opening attempt for Katy start press very good control the bar rack and it's real white lights good lifting good lift okay next weight on the bar is for Taylor J incisions Taylor benching 65 kilos very hefty bench open are there 65 kilos well over body weight for Taylor had a hard time in the squats only managing one out of three but she's gonna come out here and bench well over body weight bar is loaded for Taylor Jane seasons for looters in the group for losers in this session should of today wanes our oppa sorry gear check is open lanes are gonna start in less than 10 minutes so if you're lifting in a second session make your way around to the weigh-in room which is behind the platform as gear check is ready and Wayne's going to start shortly for now this is Taylor start press rack well you are here from the crowd rightly so that's a good lift Rob we're just waiting for Jason there we go and it's three white lights yeah it's definitely good left Arnie so a clean bill so far with almost all of our lifts is making their opening attempts we've got a 68 so it's a yellow yellow plate little yellow plate please for Vanessa troll or Vanessa is a lifter we haven't seen yet today she didn't do the squat section she's doing a just the bench and the deadlift section of today's competition commonly referred to as a push-pull bar is loaded Fernet Vanessa this is often an option for lifters who might have a squat related injury and they opt out of the squat and instead of competing the bench press and deadlift so they can still participate but the result won't count towards a total start press rack and that's a good lift for 68 kilos next up we're gonna have Kaylin with 75 kilos so you're watching the Brisbane open here at the Brisbane fitness show this is a three lifts powerlifting competition powerlifting a strength sport consisting of the three disciplines a squat bench press and deadlift the best lift that you manage in each of the disciplines you squat your ventra a deadlift gets added together for your title so for example if you squat 100 kilos benchpress 50 and deadlift 100 kilos that gives you a total of 250 kilos and the winner is the person with the biggest total each lifter is awarded in three attempts at each of the disciplines you're watching the first attempt in the bench press this is Caitlyn's first attempt at 75 kilos Bar is loaded there's a really big bench press this is 12 kilos over body weight so giving around a foot she also crushed her squats managing 130 kilos squat so this will give her a 201 295 kilos subtotal that's probably wrong 205 kilo subtotal Katelyn is in the top ten junior lifters in Australia in the 64 kilo class so quite a good lifter actually this is 75 in the first round start press rack it's a nice attempt and much like the squat it's a very careful descent on the way down but it works for her and she's going to get three what life I suspect yes three white lights good loosening for Caitlyn okay we're now moving to the second round and in the second round Luther's are able to choose the loads that they want to take on but they cannot choose weights at less than what they've previously attempted and because of this you usually are a little bit more conservative in the first round make your loop and from there you decide what weights you want to take on in the second round based on how well you've been going unfortunately for my girl this who's lit first now should be my girl we're gonna speak to the tech table tech table it should be my girl lifting now on 40 kilos I think a bit of confusion here yes my girl 40 kilos open for her repeating her opener wait bar is loaded so if you remember in the first round my girl had a bit of a hard time getting her feet flat on the floor oh sorry change the rock height we're gonna stop the clock please tech table stop the clock so if you remember the first round my girl had a bit of a hard time getting her feet flat on the floor and failed to get a start signal now the bar is loaded for my girl so as mainly a technical issue not an issue in strength in fact she didn't even get the opportunity to attempt their way so all eyes on this attempt to ensure that her position is appropriate for the start signal which means feet flat elbows straight stop that looks a lot better right Rach and she powers through that one gets the start call everything looks good to me the referees got to agree I think that's sweating on the wrong wilks's there we go three white lights good lift so the strength and not an issue simply a case of technical technical execution okay we're now loading the barter 45 kilos you can see our side referees collaborating they often do this to ensure that they're following all the rules for now we've got 45 kilos for narrow bars loaded sweating on the tree for a free signal bars loaded good okay now all was successful in the first round pressed 40 kilos and she's gone up five kilos it's a pretty healthy increase in load now for following now Nara we have Keely Katie Anthony and Hamish start press rock and she powers through the 45 and the referees agree that it is a good lift and that is three white lights for Inara okay Kili ranky now takes a three killer increase from her opening attempt so if you remember her first attempt it was a forty six kilos it was a good lift so far she went three out of three on the squats and she smoked her opening your bench I suspect this will be much the same but I was loaded but now bar is loaded – 49 kilos this is Kieran key you're here at the 2019 Brisbane open sorry you're watching the 2019 Brisbane open here at the Brisbane fitness show as hosted by powerlifting Australia and I an underground start press rack very clean attempt there by Kili and that's three what left for Kelly she's two out of two on the bench press so this power lifting contest is sanctioned and hosted two by powerlifting Australia sponsored by iron underground SPD santak and city strength iron underground premier powerlifting facility here in Brisbane located in Albion if you'd like to find out more about power thing and want to get involved speak to a liner on the desk over here to the right of the platform I was lying I don't you right to have a little stall so go see them bar is loaded now for Katy Springer 64 kilos this is on the bench press a 4 kilo increase from the first attempt now Katie's best bench press is 65 so kilo shy of that start press very nice descent and very good pause powered through that one and I think the referee is gonna say good lift yeah good lifting nice attempt there by Miss Springer okay Anthony for lingos now 65 kilos a 5 kilogram increase from the first round so far a clean bill on the score sheet besides my girls first benchpress attempt I was loaded bar loaded now 65 kilo Anthony for lingos Anthony had a great squat section managing all three squats so we have 65 kilos on the bar just under body weight on the bench press start press rack and he powers through that one really well done it's gonna wait for the referees yep good lifting all righty same weight same right height bar loaded now for Hamish McLean Hamish will be followed by Taylor and Vanessa stop press rack and much like the previous 65 that we saw power through that one by Hamish and three white lights okay the next lifter we have here is Taylor James seasons now in the bench press lifters have the option of grabbing the bar or wherever they wish so long as their group is no wider than 81 centimeters apart how do we know how far apart 81 centimeters out with a bar is a marks with rings bar loaded bar is marked with rings that you might be able to see that are anyone's centimeters apart so the lives are not that width you notice actually Taylor takes quite a modest group with the general rule of thumb is that the wider you go the more you're using your picks and the narrow you go the more using your arms and shoulders your triceps and shoulders so Luther's will choose a grip width that suits their strengths start press right excellent technique about there my talent she nails a 70k and it's good let three white lights so yeah Taylor takes quite a modest grip to suit her strengths she's got strong arms she's an ex gymnast so it's no surprise there the next bar load is 72 kilos and extra lifters Vanessa Treloar my eyes loaded now for Vanessa Vanessa didn't compete in the squad section today she's competing in the push/pull which is the bench and the deadlift section so she didn't do the squats just will adopt this approach if they have a you know squat related injury or something else that hinders their ability to squat and they want to participate so Vanessa are out here for the second lift of her day this is 72 kilos for on the for up on her first attempt to bench very strong bench mind you nearly 10 kilos above her body weight Vanessa will be followed by Caitlin before the third around commences start press rack nice looking attempt again and I think that's gonna be three white lights Jason warden please press on you're there we go three white lights good lift okay folks last benchpress of the second round so the heaviest benchpress of the second round goes to Kahlan this is 80 kilos at only 64 killer body weight and she also squatted 130 so she's having a ripper day so far very talented sub total loser this is five killers up on her first attempt which was 75 about 15 kilos above body weight for Caitlin bars are loaded okay following Caitlin we're going to start the third around with my girl Dinaric Healey and Katie it's benchpress section moving quite swiftly actually you see the list is like to take their time to ensure that there is stable and rigid as they can be so all their pushing power goes straight through the bar start press right now I'm impressed he muscled that one through but dare I say that's gonna be an OL if we're gonna wait for the referee's decision on that and that's a no lift from our referees put downward movement so from the chest to lock out the bar needs to come up in a smooth action there can't be any downward motion the bar can stop it can stop for as long as it needs but it can never come down and if it comes down that's reason for disqualification it's a reason for no live so on that lift two red lights indicates that there was a downward motion on the bar no lift awesome fight though it's a very very tough battle to get that 80 kilos to go but halfway down you can you might have noticed that about halfway down she kind of lost it and kind of dropped it on a chest it indicates that she lost control of it a little bit for now the bar is loaded this is 50 kilos so a 10 kilo increase for my girl Jeremiah it's a 25% increase on the previous attempt now my girl is only 14 years of age and she hails from the room we have 50 kilos on the bar for the 14 year old my gir will be followed by Nara Kili and Katy eels their stock Chris Rack chefs Louie blasts that one off her chest and the river three white lights so good way to finish off the bench section for my girl after a really rocky start and the on the first attempt there where she was timed out but it happens the time pressure with less than a minute to make your attempt can get to it even the best of us for now we've got 50 kilos for now so this is the third attempt of interest bar is loaded this is the heaviest bench we're gonna see from Nara now she only weighs a 54 kilo so this is a prote bar is loaded bars loaded can we start the clock okay let's give her a round of applause she comes out here this is earth Express she's only 14 years of age from Nauru she takes a lift off from the chief sent a spotter start really tight set up press don't you powers that one out really well done I'm very impressed with that attempt I was very good three Whitelaw it's good lifting wedding okay so that's a good lift for Nara three killers above I start five killers about four second attempt so fifty kilos adds to a total so she's on a 130 kilo subtotal now okay we've got 52 killers on the bar the bar is loaded for Kili ranky this is another three kilo increase from her previous attempt so our first attempts bench room then went to 49 and now this is 52 kilos she's been having a cracker of a day going three out of three on the squats with a squat P B and now her third attempt to benchpress is 52 kilos after going to a tattoo well above her best bench which previously stood at 45 start Chris Rock excellent execution there by Kili rent key in the middle but it's three white lights and a good lift she finishes her subtotal so the subtotal being the sum of the squat bench six out of six with a hundred and forty kilos to a name okay Katy Springer now now Katy second attempt bench was 64 kilos it was quite a tough attempt so we've gone up to kilos and this will be for a personal best attempt two previous best effort has been sixty five so one kilo above her best you'll notice that all the attempts that I lifters make are in increments of one so we've got every one kilo increment available bar is loaded now for Katy are allowed to be attempted stop Chris take the bar and unfortunately just the kilo too heavy to be honest she had a really good effort on that and tight pause just a little too heavy today so she walks away with a 64 kilo bench and a no-lose there on the 66 ok 5 lifts to go in the third round of bench this is Antony filling gose at 70 kilos so Anthony and Hamish both attempting 70 followed by Taylor and Vanessa bar is bar is loaded now for Antony at 70 kilos he runs up here on to the heart to take on his third attempt bench Antony followed by Hamish followed by Taylor Vanessa and Kaitlyn this is the third round of benchpress for group beat in the morning session here at the fitness show alright stop press that is a solid grind he's gonna lock his elbows Rock there's an excellent effort by Anthony the referee is going to say it's good lifting and he's pumped with that and so he should be bar is loaded because we got the same weight and the same right height same safeties for Hamish McLean but an awesome fight there by Anthony really ground out that's 70 kilos I don't think he had another half kilo in him last loaded yep that doesn't awesome effort by Anthony 70 kgs stop press PLAY sabar just a little bit too heavy for Hamish oh it's gonna be a no lift and he finishes day with 60 disappointed but very good lifting for his first effort first contest in the bench press here in powerlifting okay three lifts left first up is Taylor Jane Taylor action actually an ex gymnast representing Australia at 2012 Indo Pacific Championships bar is loaded it's caught herself a bronze medal actually at that tournament nine years or seven years ago now just move to powerlifting and she's gonna take a 72 kilo benchpress about 15 kilos above body weight so a very big benchpress a very good standard is the bench pressure and body weight as a female so this is a huge bench by Taylor 72 kilos start press tight pause and come straight up rack really good fight actually I think the referees gonna like that one three white lights good lifting okay we're from Vanessa trial or 75 which is a red plate boys this is 75 kilos for Vanessa trill or successful in 68 72 and she's now going up to 75 kilos Vanessa's previous best bench press before today was 70 kilos so she's already broken up in the second attempt bench with 72 now she's looking to extend that another three kilos with 75 Baris are loaded now for Marissa let's give her a round applause third attempt bench from quad kilos again a well over body weight here as a 64 killer lifter this is 75 kilos on the bar start Chris place about and unfortunate I think that's gonna be a no lift for ya miss Lee for a Vanessa it looked a little bit too heavy immediately off the chest it was just a little bit slow the bench press is a very cruel lift one extra kilo two extra kilos can be just too much and it falls apart very quickly what was an easy lift and you add two kilos and it's a comb it's completely completely different okay last lift of this section his bar is loaded now for Kaitlyn this is 80 kilo so Kalin missed this on the second attempt if she wants to go two out of three she's gonna need a nail this if you remember about 10 minutes ago she had an almighty grind at 80 kilos and managed one white light but our two Reds meant it was a no lift so last the benchpress of Group B Caitlyn with 80 kilos start press that is a much better that's comically easy compared to the lot three white lights okay we're gonna load the bat out of 55 that's a yellow plate 55 is a yellow plate for Tonya path Evra you'll notice on that last attempt by Caitlyn as compared to her second attempt a third attempt was a lot faster on the way down a lot more confident smoother and she didn't lose tighten as halfway down like she did in the second round which made a world of difference because that was easy it made it look like a true second attempt okay right now we've got Tanya Tanya path ever our 55 kilos certainly had a great squat section bar is loaded she had a great squat section going 303 with a hundred of thirty kilos which was a 10 kilo PP if I remember right okay we got some Tanya fans yeah yeah we're followed by Jess Joaquin Lorie and Hani opening attempt to bench for path is 55 kilos stop press back and very smooth opening attempt as you'd expect that's gonna be three white lights for Tonya trout our first attempt okay Jess McManus now is 63 so our Group B lifters which was that first group of about ten letters that you saw have finished bench pressing they're gonna take a short break and they're gonna start warming up for deadlifts now while that's going on our group a lifters are taking to the platform so these are our seventy-two killer women sixty nine kilo males bar is loaded 100 killer women and 77 kilo males so we were chest McManus now this is 63 kilos just had a section in the end squatting a five killer personal bests with 150 this is Jess McManus is first benchpress 63 kilos fresh rack excellent technique by Jess I don't see that being a problem it's coming through she's on the board for squat for bench with 63 kilos to a name okay we're now going to 70 kilos for Joaquin Joaquin Evans 70 killer opening benchpress will be pulled by Lori and then honey now honey is a huge bench presser so stay tuned for that in about two minutes time for now bar is loaded with for Joaquin at 70 kilos this is Joaquin first contest hello squat section great squat section going three out of three on the squats you see takes a minute to speak to our spot up there tell them how I heard like the bar to come out and the bench press lifters have the opportunity to have the spotter give them some assistance to get the bar into the starting position and it's good practice to speak to the spotter and tell them exactly how you want the bar to come out start press back through that bath of the roof easy first attempt throughout lights for I came close okay we now move on a Lori Abbott at 94 kilo body weight Lori squatted an Australian a record 185 kilos in this morning's earlier about an hour ago which was an Australian record in the 55 to 59 year old weight age category sorry now in order for your single lift records to count you need to put up a total so in order for to actually claim that record he needs to get the bench and he needs to get a deadlift on the on the board and for now he's bench press is 105 so in an odd way this lift is to secure himself that's my squat record bar is loaded for Lori Abbott 105 kilos ladies and gents here at the Brisbane finished been open hosted by powerlifting Australia we've got two sessions of lifting today the first session started at 10:00 a.m. this morning that's us going now these guys squatted earlier in the more in our bench-pressing they're gonna follow up the bench dress with some deadlifts and our second session starts at 1:30 featuring another group of about 25 competitive lifters for now this is lori Abbott's first bench 105 kilo grace rock nice pause great bar path has it left his chest a really good attempt get a three-wide lights yeah good lifting by Lori okay next lift up is gonna be Hani cozy now Hani lifts in the 100 kilo class and her first attempt her first attempt is 108 kilos so well over body weight in the bench press and if she nails this lift she's going to be going for the Australian Open Records so not an age specific record the open record in the next round in the second round of benchpress the Australian record is 112 and she's gonna go and she's gonna go to 113 on the second attempt that's what I've been told by her coach if she now is this lift so we want to see you now this so we can go to that Australian record of the next attempt let's give you a supporter she comes out here Bar is loaded for Hani cozy 108 kilo first attempt huge benchpress and unfortunately bar is not loaded we're gonna get off the platform there was an error in the RAC card it should be a track seven can we restart the clock yes Baris load it now 108 kilos bar is loaded the one-minute timer restarts let's give a round of applause this is 108 killers the first attempt you can almost think of this as a last warm-up before she comes out here for the Australian record attempt at 113 now who notice Hani uses foot blocks this is to help her get her feet flat on the floor we need the feet flat okay really good liftoff there start quick start call press and she blasts that off her chest awesome attempt three white light says the referee's that's a good lift okay so one of the many requirements in the bench press section is that the lifter needs to have their feet flat on the floor if for whatever reason the lifter struggles to do so they are able to request bench blocks or foot blocks as you saw Hardy taking full advantage of so if they're able to get their feet flat on the floor okay our next lifter is Bo Rutherford he's going to attempt 120 kilos in the opening attempt so load up bench open are only 77 killer bodyweight bar is loaded I'm told bar is loaded for Bo our next four lifters are all in the 77 kilo or weight class stop Chris right and a smooth opener as you'd suspect three white lights for beau Rutherford we're gonna add another five kilos to the bar this is going to go to 125 for Joel Weiland you're watching the Brisbane open a three lifts spalatin contest here at the Brisbane fitting the show if you are interested in powerlifting or interested in strength training in general building a strength through the barbell lifts through good technique I highly suggest you go see our major sponsors underground they've got a table over here to the right you can see Alana and she'll help you out for now Baris are loaded for Joel Wieland's 125 kilo bench opening attempt Joel had a great squat section going to out of three managing a tool he now comes out here for 125 bench I open it he'll be followed by Tucker and issue Singh stop press rack it's good-looking lifts and the refrig gonna say it's good live for at 125 you'll notice that Joe's a little bit shaky this that there's no reason for uh for disqualification or red lights some lifters just find it hard to stabilize at the top but he managed to blast through his 125 bench open us a very good lifting by Joel okay this is taka Miyamoto's bench opener living up to his Japanese heritage with a really good bench press here the Japanese are renowned for their bench pressing prowess bars like berries are loaded with a 135 killer bench open a very strong opener here for a lifter early in their first contest at an excellent squat section squatting 183 kilos for a three killer personal best and now he's out here with 135 kills as a bench open it takes quite a modest grip also start press very powerful pressing by Tucker Miyamoto and as a man of lots have been three white lights it's a good lift okay adding two and a half at two and a half this is 140 now for each to sing now if you've been here since this morning if you've been here since 10 o'clock you might have noticed that issuers and lifter we haven't seen yet he didn't compete in the squat section today he's competing in the bench only lifters also have the option of competing bench only thanks to my bar is loaded for issue he sure is actually the 2018 Oceania bench champion so you notice he's got a very strong bench on him 140 kilo bench opener 102 opener at 77 killer body weight so bench specialist so to say stop pressed rack another very powerful press they're very clean technique I like that but I fortune asked me had no lift to to referees deeming it out of no lift it's a call for me in the reason for disqualification might be a little confusing but what he did was he beat the referee signals so Dave kyeong chief referee is a little headset so you can hear his signals and he tells it lifts at a start he tells the lift at a press and he tells lift at a rack he only says press when the bar is motionless on the chest and if the lifter starts pushing the bar before he said the word press then it's a no lift the lifter has to wait on the chest and show control and show that the bar is motionless to get the press signal upon which allow to push so you gonna notice in these lifters now that you know that you're gonna notice that a little more carefully and unfortunately for YCJA it was a no lift bars loaded berries are loaded for Tanya's cut out ever on this lift if you're uninitiated and keep an ear out for our chief referee signals which are going to be start pressing rack especially that press core which only comes once the bar is motionless on the chest stop Chris back ok very good pressing by-path and she waited for her signals and she gets three white lights that's a good lift our next lifter just McManus takes a five kilo increase from her previous attempt in previous round she attempted 63 kilos was successful we now go up five kilos to 68 and Jesse's looking at out of five kilos to a total she's in the 72 kilo class but came in at 68 kilos body weight so this is pretty much a bench press that is equivalent to her body weight very good standard is the bench press your body weight is female Bar is loaded now for Jess McManus kilos so we're here at the Brisbane fitness show watching the Brisbane open start dress Rock excellent pressing there by Jess and his three walk that's five kilos to our benchpress good lifting okay the next weight is gonna be 80 kilos this is for Joaquin Evans now our Brisbane overran this contest that you're watching here there's an open invite contest we've got lifters from all walks of life from all age categories weight categories big and small different backgrounds all united by a pursuit to build their strength and improve their lifting through the three disciplines of the squat bench press dead load the bar is loaded for Joaquin 80 kilos second attempt bench 10 kill very easily opener of 70 kilos stop Chris right and I think that's gonna be a good lift the referees agree three white lights absolutely no problems with that attempt so it's a good lift okay now huge attempts coming up Hannie cause a hundred and thirteen kilos if you remember about ten minutes ago I explained that the Australian record in the open age category so not an age Pacific category but in the open age category the Australian record is one hundred and twelve kilos we now have Hardy coming out here to break the open 100 kilo weight class benchpress record with a hundred and thirteen kilos she hails from iron Underground our main sponsors of today's event the bar is low let's give her a round of applause if you want to see an Australian record in the bench press huge benchpress here by hani 113 kilos by the young lady she absolutely smoked our opener at 108 this is only five kilos above get your feet on the blocks blocks are gonna come back for you hanging off the back okay she's got ten seconds ladies against the clock should still continue to run here we go place a bar the clocks go continue to run you can't stop the clock so it's time unfortunately Dave that's time yeah unfortunate it's gonna be a no way for Hannah rose Hanna Koski sorry so you'll notice that to the left we've got a we've got a clock and lifter has a minute to make their attempt on the platform and to lift it doesn't get the lift out in time it's me Nolan so give her a round of applause she's gonna be a water don't live for that but she's not out she's got another ten minutes she's going to reattempt that in the third round of the bench press section so a little bit of confusion there unfortunately but I'm out here and have another go oh okay our next letter is gonna be lorry Abbott with 113 kilos so the same way that honey was attempting except he's in the 94 kilo class lorry we followed by beau joel taka and isha this is a pallet in contest sanctioned by power thing australia so we're following all the rules dictated by powering Australia and our affiliates world powerlifting Eldin Australia is a premier drug-free powerful Federation in Australia if you're interested in strength training powerlifting barbell sports or anything of the like if you wanna improve yourself and build strength building muscles we highly suggest you go see our major sponsor iron underground there are power thing gym specializing you know specializing in strength training located in Albion Queensland you can see the table to the right here to find out more about our underground and how you can get involved in the sport of Palestine for now bar is loaded this is a lorry Abbott with a hundred and thirteen kilos okay 113 Keeler's for Lori Abbott press very nice pause he pushes back right that's excellent bench press technique as coached by Paul Thompson Paul is a great benchrest coach a number of is coming out of iron underground Robert Wilkes there we go three white lights good lift okay I've just been informed that Hani Kazi who had some technical difficulties on a bench press has been given the opportunity to retake the second attempt at the end of the round so she's getting another chance because of an error from the spotting crew which happens her coach has appealed the referees have approved the appeal so she's gonna come out here and have that one thirteen again in about five minutes for now we've got Bo Rutherford this is 125 kilos bar is loaded for Bo five kilo increase from the opening attempt which was 120 Bo's had a great day of lifting so far three out of three on the squat with 200 huge bench milestone now a fairly big bench sorry a huge squat milestone and for now a huge bench at 125 at 77 is a very solid bench press for a 77 killer lifter he'll be followed by Joel taka and Isha start Chris Powers do that really well crowd is happy and three white lights that's a good lift okay three bench presses to go this is going to be Joel Wieland's with 130 so a 5 kilo increase from his previous attempt which was 125 you're watching the Brisbane open here at the Brisbane fitness show bar he's loaded for Joel Weiland at a 130 kilos so you see the lifters take their time in setting their position up so that there are stabilized can be very important principle of barbell lifting as you want stability start press rack now it just looked like you fell out of the groove of that bar part there let's see what the referees think of that and it's gonna be a no lift through if you've been sitting in I've explained this a couple of times but for those that have just walked by in the any of the lift so the squat bench press or deadlift the bars that come up in one smooth line it can't move downwards once it started coming up so you'll notice on that jaw on Joel's attempt if you were paying close enough attention is that on the way up kind of stopped fell back down and then came back up again so that's reason for disqualification reason for no lift so that's a no lift for Joel for now we've got 143 bars over for Tucker miyamoto with the weights that are this heavy that groove or the line or the the bar path is very critical and if the lifter falls out of their bar path it makes the lives more difficult sometimes the bar falls back into line but that fall is reason for disqualification so technique is a very critical component of success in powerlifting speaking about technique Tucker Miyamoto now 143 kilos huge benchpress at only 77 body weight stop press rack a huge benchpress all triceps and all white lights I think three white lights great okay we're gonna load about a 150 this is for YCJA Singh now if you remember in the first round assha failed his opening attempts not muscular failed he didn't actually fail the lift but he was awarded no lift because he beat the signals from our chief referee those signals being start pressing rack you have to wait for our referee to give you those signals before you can pretty much do anything on the bench so he's chosen to go up and I was letting kilos nonetheless bar is loaded for Isha he's chosen to go up ten kilos this is for 150 kilos insurers competing in the benchpress only sections so not a lot riding on today's he's told me that this is more of a training contest build-up his competition experience as he aims to compete internationally later in the earth so he's gone up ten kilos it needs this lift to register a successful bench in today's contest it's equal to his personal best actually start press rock the clean press I think it was a good lift to me what does the referee say three white lights good lifting so no troubles at all in that attempt very obedient lifter waited for his signals and he gets three white lights a good lift okay now we're gonna load the bottom 113 so we got one more literature for this round that's gonna be Hani Kazi if you remember about five minutes ago a bit of a technical issue we've had the blocks in the wrong spot the foot blocks which meant that she wasn't able to get a star call which meant she ran out of time and the referees have granted her the opportunity to retake her second attempt on the premise that it was not a fault of the lifter but an arrow on the spotters hands which happens sometimes so Dave Jeffrey just instructing our spotters exactly what he wants to see in order to give our lift our first opportunity to take on this lift we remind you this is an Australian record attempt Baris learning for Hani cozy let's give me your supporter she comes out here for a strut and one kilogram above the current Australian record which sits at 112 kilos this is a hundred and thirteen as a 100 kilo liftoff stop press rock absolutely crushes that one she's pumped we're gonna wait for the referees for confirmation but I think that was good it is and three white lights and you Australian a record on the bench and the best part of all it should go one more attempt to add even more weight to the bar she's gonna be out here be out here in about five or six minutes looking to add more kilos to the bar okay pretty clean bill so far only one lifts are missing in that round of lifts which was Joel Wieland's technicality on the down low motion if you remember on 1:30 okay third a round of bench press the last few benches before we take a break and move on to deadlifts 62 kilos for path every bar is allotted for paps you were successful in a squat section managing three out of three and a 130 kilo lifts she's now taking her weight that is 7 kilos above her best benchpress effort which was previously 55 now 62 were loading bar is loaded yeah ok let's give her a round of applause this is the go six out of six so far stop Chris a little bit too heavy and good nice attempt anyway good lifting so the previous attempt for path was sixty kilos so she's credited with that and it's a no lift at 62 so that extra two kilos really tough to handle when you're in the bench press speaking about another two kilos this is Jess McManus taking on seventy which was two above her previous attempt at sixty eight bar loaded she's looking to add two kilos to her total this will take her up to a subtotal of two hundred and eighteen she'll go well above 350 once you takes on a deadlift stop Chris take the bar and it's just a little too heavy there for Jess I get another great demonstration of how that extra two kilos on the bar can be really heavy in the bench press especially we're gonna load the bar now for Joaquin this is 85 he was successful at 70 80 and now he's loading 85 kilos he'll be followed by Lori Hani and Bo I was like bar is loaded for Joaquin 85 kilos he's had a great day so far hasn't missed let's see if we keep that trend rolling for work stop press right okay he presses it out the referees gonna say it and well good lift two white lights so true for every dimming that it no leaf but it's hit the pins yeah there's pins are quite high even two is quite high enough okay but it's a good lift so he's gone six out of six with 85 kilos on the bench for us and 140 kills in the squats a great lifting so far my work okay we're now on the bottle 115 kilos this is for lorry Abbott lorry looking to add another two kilos to his total okay Laurie Abbott now taking on 115 kilos and a bar is loaded for lorry bar loaded bar loaded bar is loaded stop the clock there we go thank you give round a voice as he comes out third bench of 115 he'll be followed by a honey cozy who only moments ago broke the Australian record in the bench press this is the last round of bench press here at the Brisbane Fitness show the first session of today cross session – starting from 1:30 press face of our and unfortunately that's just a little bit too heavy for lorry Abbott finished the day on 113 for the bench so is only he's only dropped two kilos there on the bench press again another two kilo increased proving just too much okay Hani Causey 116 kilos huge benchpress by the young lady she broke the open australian the open aged australian bench record only five minutes ago with 113 kilos we're now adding another three kilos this is for 116 Baris are loaded now for Hani let's give a round of applause Brisbane Akeley 8-iron underground bronze medalist from the 2018 Australian Championships seasoned lifter clearly going for a new Australian record in the bench looking to extend her own record by three more kilos it's not press and a little too heavy there she'll come out and get that next time but for now she finishes the day with a hundred and thirteen kilo bench awesome bench rest new Australian a record in fact okay for Ben first we have Bo Rutherford with 129 Bo successful 120 successful of 125 now taking 129 adding a 2 kilo to each side this is 129 for Bo bar is loaded for Bo Rutherford third attempt to bench press he's having a great day he too hasn't missed the lift so far so let's keep that momentum rolling as he comes out here for 129 keep the bench the heaviest bench bo is going to take on today stop Chris great pressing there that looks good to me the referees are gonna say three white lights good lifting so boy Rutherford a great display by someone who's only in his second contest he's out six out of six okay Joel Weiland has an almost pressing power he pressed 130 kilos in the second round about ten minutes ago but was awarded no lift due to a technicality we saw some downward motion of the bar if he keeps his technique and keeps the bar in line he has no reason to fail this lift bar is a loader for Joe let's give him your support he wants to get out here and add five kilos to his total he's on so far a 125 kilo bench and this will give him 130 so this is another five kilos around applause third attempt bench this is Joel wheeling here to be followed by Tucker and YCJA start Chris Rock much better line it looks like looks a lot like a second attempt should three white lights could lift right great way to come back you can be disheartening when you miss a lift but to come back and down the lift like that's very very good speaking about very good we've got to lift is left in the first one he's Tucker Miyamoto he's gone for a big milestone 150 kilos on the bench nice round number one 50 kgs successful to our two so far he takes quite a modest grip not too wide all arms all triceps loaded bar loaded now for taka Miyamoto coach 'less in his first contest but he's lifting like a seasoned veteran now 150 kilos the battle in the 77th heats up when four lifters three lifts are sorry battling it out for the total salute me a close battle actually Chris oh yeah that's a nice bench press slow down through the middle but he powered it out and three white lights so excellent lifting by Tucker Miyamoto you really like to see that okay we've got one bench press left this is issue Singh so ladies and gents you're watching two three lift Brisbane open here at the fitness show we finish the squat section this is the last lift of the benchpress section before deadlifts get underway this is interesting a bar is a loaded with 155 kilos so over double body weight here for issue let's give him your support 150 it's not press and just a little too heavy today for Italy so that's gonna be a no lift okay you're watching the Brisbane Fitness show the Brisbane open that's the bench press section completed this is a three lift powerlifting contest so the deadlifts are to come that's gonna be in ten minutes from now you 20 lifters taking to the platform today though he started at 10 o'clock for the squat section these lifters have already completed the squat and bench press and they're warming up for the deadlift now or they should be warmed up first lift will be narrow valley herman we're just gonna get our referees into position take the jack off boys you put their weight on the ground okay we've got 70 kilos on the bar our first lifter is nara van hermann we're gonna Center the bar also straighten it up and center it over a bit mate pull it pull the bar yep perfect bars load okay bar is now loaded I know we've still got 50 down we still got it okay now we're at home in first attempt at 70 kgs down very easy okay unlike in the US benchpress component the devil is only has one signal that's a down signal so the lifter can commence the lift when they're ready the loser can commence the loops whenever they're all ready but at the top they've got to hold the bar for a moment before they put the bar on the ground next weight is 90 so it's a red white and two and a half this is for my girl Jeremiah she'll be followed by Kelly Taylor Anthony and Kaitlyn okay so a couple of lifters here pretty close from the subtitles it'll be interesting to see who takes out the medals in each of the weight classes oK we've got 90 killers on the bothers exploded Margaux bar loaded so our first two lifters nara and margo both 14 years of age and from naru competing here today in Brisbane down that's a very strong lift three white lights so the today's powerlifting competition is a three lift event which means we do squat bench press and deadlift our lifters have already squatted and benched we're now doing the deadlift component and this is to add more weight to your total and this will determine what the placings are because the winner is the person with the biggest total so we're trying to lift the most weight we can each lifters the lifters are spoon to weight classes so you only compete against people of the same body weight as you bar loaded now for Kili rinky although we're all split in two weight classes the lifters all compete compete amongst each other so we have lifters from different weight classes from as light as 58 kilos in the women's as well as 94 kilo men's all the lifters compete amongst each other but not necessarily against each other this is Kili that's a very clean attempt at 95 kgs and the bar oh sorry and the referees say just waiting on one referee three white lights as expected now the looters get three attempts in the deadlift component just like in the squat bench to get three attempts and after each attempt you can't choose a weight in the next round that's lighter than the weight you've just gone for so if you fail that Tim your next attempt has to be the same weight or heavier which means that you end up choosing lighter weight to the start and building from there Baris loaded bar loaded 110 kilos in the deadlift especially the deadlift there's quite a fatiguing lift so the lifters are even more conservative in the first round it's also a much less complicated lift so the first round is often quite conservative and really easy actually as demonstrated now by Taylor a very good opening 1/10 and 110 kilos ok we're now gonna load the butter 123 123 for Anthony pulling dos so got Anthony Caitlyn Vanessa Katie and Hamish to the deadlift is the most simple of the lifts to comprehend the bar starts from the floor and the lift is just have to pick it up and stand straight with the knees locked keeps a fully extended shoulders back so fairly straightforward baris are loaded lifters can take one of two techniques really the conventional technique with the legs on the inside of the arms or the sumo technique with their legs on the outside of your arms so the previous list that Taylor took the conventional stance whereas here Anthony takes a sumo stance both styles are legal and timp there and the loops I can decide for themselves which technique they prefer okay you could lift three white lights Caitlyn out next with 127 to Red's Kaela will be followed by Vanessa and Katie bar loaded now for Kaitlyn this is 127 so Kaitlyn's had a great day of lifting managed to squats to bench presses now she comes out here for a opening deadlift of 1 to 7 down nice-lookin opening attempt three white lights no issues with that we're gonna load the bar with one extra kilo this is 128 and this is gonna be for Vanessa troll or she'll be followed by Kayla Hamish okay Vanessa is competing in the push-pull section today so she didn't squat just doing the bench and deadlift I was like bars now loaded with 128 kilos so opening round of deadlifts often quite straightforward no complications down that was a nice attempt through our lights good lifting okay we're now gonna lose about a 145 this is for Katy Springer so the deadlifts because the bars on the ground and not in the racks the changing of the weights actually happens quite quickly so it's a very fast-paced lift bar loaded very fast-paced so the lifters don't get a lot of rest between attempts either and as a result they end up taking much more conservative openers saving energy and trying to build up to a really good last attempt very powerful drop in there yeah great lifting and three white lights another good lift okay last lift of the first round this is Hamish McLean's opener for 160 kilos isolated bar loaded for hamish bar loaded ok following Hamish we're gonna have Nara Margolin Keely down okay not about attempts a little shaky the top three red lights unfortunates give me no lift so the lifting the knees yeah so the top of the lift the knees have to be straight and the hips have to be extended shoulders have to be back it's pretty common to see actually in in earlier lifters lifters early in their career is that they lean back at the top because they're trying to lift up as high as they can they lean back and they end up not locking their knees their knees that are being soft he needs straight knees so that's going to no live for hamish clearly not a strength issue definitely has the strength just a little bit of inexperience coming out in hamish it's only his first contest so he's going to come out and reattempt that I presume and and absolutely smoked that one we're now bringing the bar back down to 80 kilos this is panara Val Herrmann the 14 year old this is an 80 kilo 80 kilo second attempt all righty bar loaded 80 kilos pinara thanks now okay very strong second attempt deadlift and a three white lights again good lifting okay my girl Jeremiah now another 10 kills for her she success what 90 and we're now going to 114 years of age from the roof for those that have just joined us to at the Brisbane fitting the show you're watching the Brisbane open three lift peloton contest hosted by balloting Australia for now bar is loaded this is 100 kilos for my girl Jeremiah see the lift is apply a lot of chalk to their hands the chalk dries out their hands prevents any moisture from ruining their grip very powerful 100 kilo deadlift and it's gonna be a good lift three white lights okay next lifter is Killian key 105 kilos Keely was successful with 95 she hasn't missed a lift all day she's in her second contest but it looks like she's been lifting in her whole life under the tutelage of older sister Tara Enki who is a seasoned veteran actually Keely takes on a 10 kilo increase in her deadlift from 95 to 105 bar loaded bar is loaded will Keely ranky Keely will be followed by Taylor Antony Vanessa down nice lifting there lot of strength three white lights good lifting okay 125 kilos is next that's two red plates this is for Taylor James seasons so Taylor very new to Palin thing only her second contest she takes on 125 kilos loaded bar loaded now for Taylor very quick loading by our spotting team doing a great job keeping a lift is safe and moving this competition through smoothly Taylor 125 yeah lots of strength a little shaky through the midpoint she felt that but it's three white lights and it's a good lift okay our next lifter is gonna be Anthony for Lin goes with 135 kilos he's weights again in fairly every for these guys this is Ants first contest and he's only 17 years of age the young man has taken a 12 kilo jump from his previous deadlift attempt that's 135 bar loaded down nice strong attempt no issues so that's a good leaf for Anthony adding another 12 kilos to his total forget next up we have Vanessa troll or Vanessa also increasing her deadlift by 10 kilos this is a 138 kilos tempts us loaded bar is a loitered for Vanessa okay Vanessa 138 she'll be followed by the really tight battle of Caitlyn and Katie the two Cates very good technique down very firm finish as well I like that that looks good to me and it is a good lift she is credited with 138 okay our next lifter will be Kalyan Kalin's total currently is 337 and she's in first place but nipping at her heels is the Katy Springer to follow with 332 so only 5 kilos separate these two lifters although Kaitlyn very much has the upper hand with us with a lighter body weight and a much bigger jump on the deadlift bar loaded she takes a 12 kilo jump so she takes this lift it might be just enough to put Katie out of reach but that's the c4 now she's got to make this lift on 139 down very strong attempt at 1:39 she's pumped with that so she should be not a single thing wrong and that's a good lift for Katie so Caitlyn okay so Kalin's totals currently on 349 we now have Katie Springer and with this lift it'll give her a 343 total so she will be six kilos behind Caitlyn Katie will be six killers behind Caitlyn if she makes this lift so fairly tight battle that one is and it'll be interesting to see how these lifters cope ok bar loaded now for Katie Springer 156 kilo deadlift nearly 100 kills about body weight so a big deadlift let's give her your support huge lifter now down good fight there okay it's gonna be a good lift not a problem therefore Katie couldn't knock the bar as it left the ground like your shins kind of pushed the bar forward and made that a bit harder for her than it needed to be so the strength isn't an issue I think if she executes so well on the third she's got a good chance of a little bit more there okay so far our score sheet is a perfect clean bill of health with all white lights bar one Hamish McLean missed his opening deadlift on the technicality not on strength he's chosen to go up five kilos he needs to do exactly the same thing he did on the last attempt but simply pull his shoulders back and lock his knees stand straight at the top it sounds easy in theory quite difficult in practice for now bar loaded Hamish McLean 165 give him your support at Sony's first contest and he was going to get here get out here and execute this well yeah one of the referees think of that one it's gonna be a no lift so similar result as a previous attempt I did see him make the effort but just not enough the other thing is a support very dependent on technique and when it's a technique that you've practiced hundreds of reps in the gym it can be very hard to override your habits and and the technique that you've been building in the gym which is why it's very important to have a coach if you're looking at learning more about strength training finding more finding out more about how you can get involved how you can find a coach to teach you correct technique I highly suggest you go see iron underground I made you sponsor for today I'll undergo here give us a wave if you want to find out more the basin LVN so not far you can hire yourself a coach learn more about strength training build your strength with good technique so big thanks to iron underground for supporting this event and actually making this a real pulling all this together okay last round of dead list now we've got narrow vowel home and taking 85 kilos bar loaded third attempt deadlift this is the final lift that she's going to take for today so let's give me your support I'd only 14 years of age coming out here lifting on the main stage here at the Brisbane fitness show 85 kilos she's a very powerful lifter she's got a big smile and with good reason the referee is gonna say that that is a good lift great way to finish a day for her she finishes with a 215 kilo total okay next way that's going on the bar is 110 red yellow two-and-a-half red yellow two-and-a-half this is for my girl Jeremiah bah-bah-bah is loaded Bart is loaded for Jeremiah oh my god Jeremiah she'll be followed by Keely Taylor Jane and Vanessa now very powerful attempt for my girl the tuna ruin teenagers finish today on a good note that's a 110 kilo deadlift okay speaking about teenagers fifteen-year-old Kili ranky has so far had a great day of lifting she's managed every attempt hasn't missed a single one managing PBZ net well for now bar is loaded this is eleven killers above what she's ever previously dead lifted so a huge deadlift 111 kilos with Keely Ricky give me your supporter she comes out here for a hundred and eleven down nice attempt and unfortunately no lift so as similar issues what we've seen previously from Hamish it's the shoulders not coming all the way back and the knees being soft when the weights get heavy and the lifters get fatigued it can be very tempting to slack it off at the top and relax your legs you need to instead squeeze your quads is what I like to say lock your quads pull your shoulders back stand straight and tall one way I like to describe it is that this is your profile photo on Facebook you know what it looks last you want to stand tall and straight it looks good so stand tall and straight and you'll get white lights but Kili Riki great day so far great day nonetheless eight out of nine pb's and every lift so she can't be unhappy unhappy with herself for now bar is lighter this is Taylor Jayne citizens lost lift of the day this is a 10 kilo increase on a last attempt the extremeness taking on at nearly 300 pounds she's firing it up she's got it let's go come on Tyler finish it off finish it off and just a little bit to have you there she had a red-hot crack though it looked like she was gonna fail that long before she actually put the bar down she really fought that one through but it just proved a little bit too heavy okay folks we've got five lifts to go before session one of the Brisbane open comes to a close that's five lifts that's five rounds of applause lots of energy to come this is Vanessa true law last lift of her day 141 kilos bar loaded for Vanessa 141 kilos lastly give me your supporter she comes out here awesome fight come on this really strong lock out after a sticky midpoint the referee say three white lights that's a good lift really good battle there with a bar for Vanessa it can be very tempting for these lifters they've been lifting for two and a half three hours they're very fatigued and it can be very tempting to just give up on the bar but they continue to fight through as the bar slow slows down so very good lifting there by and this okay bullets left first off is Anthony for Lingus bar loaded for ants as he comes out here 143 kilos down nice fight he's happy with it and I think so too at the referees that's a good lift finishes the day on an excellent note that's three out of three on the deadlifts 333 on the total it's a very good first contest for Antony for lingos okay the Battle of the 64's continues this is Kaitlyn berrecloth if she makes this live she pretty much secures herself 1st place in this weight class in the 64 class this is 147 bars load bar is allotted for Kaitlyn let's go around for that she comes out here last lift of the day and it just proves a little too heavy so let's go Miano live for Kaitlyn next up is Kate Springer she's currently got 160 in but I see coach Cal Ralston's coming in to make a change it's gonna be 163 is the weight that she needs so 163 is the change so as I've explained a couple of times in the sport of powerlifting the winner is a person with the biggest total by missing that lift Kaitlin leaves herself on a 349 killer total and if Kaitlyn sorry and if Katy makes this lift she'll be taken up to a 350 kilo total so she's gonna take out the lead by one kilo on Kaitlyn that is Katy needs this lift which is a 7 kilo increase on a previous attempt to take the win part in the 64 killer class if you want to say take the win get around a pause Baris later for Katy Springer 163 kilos goes on the bar to pip by one kilo down all righty that's a good lift and that's the win for Katy Springer 350 kids that's a 350 kilo total and she takes the win alright ladies and gents I want you to take a look at this scholarship you see this sea of green but unfortunately for Hamish McLean he's got two Reds to his name on the deadlift if he misses this lift he's rewarded with no title he gets no title for the day and his results in the squat and bench press are invalidated he needs this lift if you want a total it's his only first contest so give around applause this is a Mishra clean bar is loaded with 165 kilos come on home let's give mr. ball come on last link to the day I lost it for this morning session your name down that looks good that's gonna lift and he's on the board he gets three hundred and forty kilos on the total it is a very daunting task to come back after missing two lifts and take out your third to put together a total so really well done to Hamish that was a great deadlift to finish off Group B of this morning's session okay we now move on to group a so we've got ten lifters in Group A two four six eight eight lifters in group a great way to finish off our Group B lifters with a good lift there by Hamish McLean to put two myself together with a total you're watching the deadlifts here at the Brisbane open the Brisbane open at the Brisbane fitness show I've been mucking that up all day okay first lift up bar is loaded four pack every bar loaded now that is a good lift by path easy opening attempt ok next way to the bar is 137 this is Jess McManus okay power lifting three lift support we're in the deadlift section of today's competition in the deadlift to get three attempts after each attempt you choose the weight you want in the next round but you can't choose a weight less than you've already done so the lifters will take conservative weights to gauge what their strength is feeling like on the day and then based on their performance choose that the subsequent weight so bar is loaded so you notice these lifters take pretty conservative opening attempts first round is often quite safe in terms of the load and from there they decide what weights they want to take on in the next round so easy opening attempt by Jessica madness that's 137 suggest we'll go and deliberate with a coach and decide what weight she wants to take in the next round something between five and fifteen kilo increase it's pretty common at these types of loads okay now we've got Joaquin Evans Joaquin is opening with 160 kilos he's in the 69 kilo class bar is loaded for Joaquin he used to be followed by Hani Lori Joel and the battle for the 77 class is looking very tight also interested to see how that pans out today yeah nice strong deadlift without a belt also through our oh it's good lifting ok bar weight stays at 160 bar loaded 5 high knee cozy so you see the Lucas come out of here bars loaded you see the lifters come out here a lot of him wearing a belt some choosing not to the belt helps provide support through the midsection which is why a lot of lifters will choose to use a belt although not necessary as evidenced in the previous attempt ok Hardy previously broke the Australian bench record only 45 minutes ago she's out here with 160 pulls it in and good dynamic lift down very strong attempt let's see what the referee sing good lift three white lights alright the next weight on the bar is 190 kilos this is for Lorrie avert another record breaker lorry broke the Australian squat record earlier in the 55 to 59 years of age category squatted 185 kilos for a 55 year old that's a monster squat he's coming out here he needs actually a deadlift if he wants to lock in that that record because in order to get a record you need a total bar is loaded and in order to get a total you need a good lift in every discipline so in a way this losses to secure the squat record that he took out earlier today yeah and it's a strong lift no issues there 190 kilo deadlift and he takes that squat record from earlier today – so that's great okay next lifter is Joel Weiland bar loaded same weight bar loaded for Joel Weiland with 190 kilos Joel is currently on a 330 kilo subtotal so let's lift up give him 520 this lift will give him a total of 520 brothers it'll go to 529 and tuck on mir murder we've got a 533 a 543 and you'll notice that Joel's grip is with both hands over the bar quite a wide grip also actually yeah okay looks good and the referee is gonna say that it's good live free wild lights he limps off the platform there might have kind of tugged on something a little funny but it's a good lift with 190 kilos so it's interesting to always note the variation in technique you see something lifters take some Lister's will take a conventional stance summit a call or wider sumo style stance there's no restrictions on the technique you use lifters will choose the technique that they feel strongest with bars low bar is loaded now for bow I always had a great day of lifting hasn't missed the lift yet this is now 200 kilos for his opening deadlift actually what he squatted earlier in the day a very good technique three white lights good lifting by Bo okay so Bo's totals on 529 drawl Wieland's is in 520 now we got Tucker Miyamoto the bench monster he's taken on 210 is he's opening tenth lift this has only Tucker's first contest he's doing really well bar loaded now for taka Miyamoto 210 is on the bar and this is the last deadlift for the first attempt down okay interesting a little lockout let's see what the referees think of that one it's gonna be a no lift so it's two red lights and a similar issue that we saw from Hamish earlier in that the shoulders didn't come right through and he kind of didn't lock his knees out enough it's kind of a little bit of everything really so two of the referees are center and right referee choosing to give that a no lift for failing to walk out completely that's why for now bar loaded with 125 this is path ever down strong deadlift and it's white lights all around that's a good lift 10 killers above her previous attempts for path everyone okay now we've got Jess McManus this is 146 so a 9 kilo increase from her previous attempt just as previous best is 143 so a nice little PB here on the second attempt by 3 kilos bar loaded now for Jess McManus 146 she had a strong day of lifting today two squats two benches an hour she's onto a lot second deadlift of 146 you're lifting white lights so that's good live for Jess he's on a 364 total now okay we got now walking little red he's going for a 170 kilo deadlift this is for a 395 turtle so he's pushing up towards a 400 kilo total very good lifting book for the first timer 170 he'll be followed by Hani Joel and Lori bar loaded for Joaquin yeah good fight there for the bar as it came through to lock you out and it's a good lift so walking is having a great day 170 kilos on the deadlift same weight bar look so not not it's the same weight guys bar is loaded now for Hani this is a 170 kilo deadlift for Hani so another interesting technique here she kind of stands off the bar and pulls it in really quickly now as a strong lift and it's three white lights good lifting for honey okay next bar load is 200 kilos this is Joel Weiland he's not a 5:20 killer totally is we're gonna add 10 kilos to his total okay this is shaping up to be a quite a good battle taco Miyamoto who was I looking in a commanding position to win the 77 killer class after missing his opener he's kind of left the door open now for these two boys Joel Whelan and Beau Rutherford to come a Joel's gonna take a five thirty kilo total bar is loaded and this will put him into the lead temporarily albeit but this will put him into the lead so he's gonna take the lead by one kilo over beau a rather furred this is for a 530 kilo total Beau's total is uh sorry and uh yeah Beau's total is 529 down good fight there pull the shoulders well back and it's white lights so good lift 200 kilo deadlift so good lifting weight jolly takes the lead temporarily squatted 200 and miss to her aid and now he's deadlift at 200 so fairly uncommon to see a lot of weightlifter sporting and dead lifting in a similar similar loads but it obviously depends on a list of strengths weaknesses Laurie Abbott bar loaded to 205 the bar is loaded for you mate this is Australian record of being told so he's going to add to his squat record by taking out a deadlift record this is 205 kilos down great fight and looks good he's happy with out I think he should because it's a good lift ok back into the 77 classes this is taka Miyamoto so tuck out and a little bit of trouble on his opening deadlift and they couldn't quite lock it out he had his knees soft his shoulders weren't back after some thought I'm sure he's gonna come out of here make a couple of changes bar is loaded so remember we want knees straight shoulders back standing straight and tall not leaning back or forward for that matter the screen is out so we'll have to figure it out what's the next lift yeah okay that looks a lot better than the first attempt let's see what the referees think of it and it's a good lift so white lights might a problem there okay so that takes them to a 543 total the next litter is going to be tough ever uh no it's not it's going to be go rather food that's right so the next lifter is boy Rutherford this is for 215 kilos so currently so currently Tucker miyamoto is in first with 543 followed by Joel at 5:30 this 15 killer jump though is going to take the lead over Tucker miyamoto by one kilo so a very close battle this is for a 544 total and tigers on 543 Baris loaded so the lifter that we just saw miyamoto is on 543 this is for a 544 kilogram total the total being the sum of your squat bench deadlift so very strategic attempt selection by coach Kelly and he makes light work of that he looks like in a commanding position now with that great deadlift 250 not only 77 is a great deadlift 3 white lights ok so we've got an interesting battle in this 77 kilo class and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds but for now we have in the 72 kilo class in second place and too far behind to make a dent at first he's Tania puff Evera she's been having a great day she's made 8 lifts sorry she's made a 7 off her 8 lifts missing only her last bench this is the finish off the down a great note this is a 135 kilo deadlift for those that have just joined us you're watching the Brisbane open here at the Brisbane fitness show three live contest hosted by powerlifting Australia bar is loaded now for Tanya path ever give her your support this is the third attempt deadlift last lift of the day really good fight down fought through that one and the referees liked it it's a good live so white lights okay the next lift is going to be 152 kilos this is for Jess McManus this is that six kilos to a previous attempt she's already got a three kilo deadlift PVE so this is for what will be nine kilos about four previous best before today Jess very strong lifter also going for a 370 kilo total she's already won this way class for today and now the bar is a loader give her your support as she comes out for a 152 kilo deadlift down and she looks to be happy with that with good reason three white light says the referees it's a good lift she finishes down on three hundred and seventy kilo total okay we now learn about a three red plates Isfahan eros previously broke the Australian bench record only an hour ago she now comes out here to go three and a three in the dead lifts with a 175 kilo lift huge deadlift actually Baris loaded now for Hani bars loaded yes all right that's good come on down excellent fight on that lift but unfortunately – no lift – the referees agreeing that there wasn't completely locked out so as I've explained shoulders have to be back knees have to be locked on that one that needs maybe just a little too soft shoulders not all the way through so she finishes down a good note with 170 and it walks away with an Australian record benchpress so good day for Harney okay 180 kilos now for what keen but I loaded now for work in 180 kilos 10 kilos more than his last attempt at 170 little too heavy he says and he finishes the day with 170 gear and of course it comes off here Charlie's first contest so he'll be back for more I'm sure now John Wieland he's on 5:30 if he wants to make a jump for bronze he's going to need 13 kg's more he's only to 13 but he's choosing to 10 so he's saying that going for bronzes – are going for silver is too much he's gonna settle for the bronze medal but I was loaded and instead he's gonna live for himself so he's going for what will be a PB 210 kilos give him your support as he comes out here come on Joel and adjusting a little too heavy he says and he shakes the referees pants there's thanks and he finishes the day with a 530 total very respectable total in 77 class no doubt okay next lifter is Laurie Abbott again for the Australian record this is 211 kilos here at the Brisbane fitness show and you're watching the Brisbane open hosted by powerlifting Australia and iron underground bar is loaded for a new Australian record in the deadly for the 55 to 59 age category Laurie Abbott too heavy he says but not a worry because he finishes the day with an Australian record in the deadlift and in the squat and a 503 kilo total to boot okay the Battle of the 77th continues bow Rutherford is currently in first with 544 in the total taka Miyamoto is on 543 so tuck is a killer behind bars birds going to deadlift first and it's just going to simply look to stretch his lead bar is loaded for Bo this is 228 kilos let's give him a round of a random applause as he comes out here he's looking to extend his lead by another 13 kilos to take him up to five five seven and finish what will be a nine out of nine perfect day of lifting yes and it's gonna be a no lifts so Bo finishes on 544 and only one killer behind is tuck up Miyamoto on 543 so in theory tucker could go up as little as 229 to take the lead but it doesn't look like any change is gonna happen so he's gonna go for 238 so it's all or nothing for tacos going for not only the win but for what will be a personal best Baris lauded for tucking Miyamoto currently and silver to take the gold of Bo Rutherford came around applause he comes out of here Tucker Miyamoto lettuce just lost deadlift ill this morning session let's go come on down and he stands up he's looked at out the referees are going to say that it's a good lift so he takes the gold in the seventy-seven kilo division ladies and gents want to thank you for your attention this was palace in Australia's Brisbane open at 1:30 the second session starts we've got another session of great lifting featuring our heavyweight men and women that starts at 1:30

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