2019 OUTDOOR Grow Vlog! Natures Pride and New Toys!

2019 OUTDOOR Grow Vlog! Natures Pride and New Toys!

what is going on everybody yellow penguins back with an outdoor update it's been two weeks since I made my last video I did not realize it had been that long I'd been working a lot and just didn't get around to it but it is July 12th 2019 and the girls are looking beautiful they're really starting to take off in my last video was having some issues and due to the sprinklers the wind but there was one thing that I was doing that I didn't catch and and pretty sure that was the main reason why they started to look pretty bad but when those two weeks that we had really bad weather the lows were getting down to about 40 degrees low 40s and then the highs was not passing 65 degrees and so when I was going out and watering now I wasn't checking the temperature of my water and the temperature of my water was 50 degrees and so I was feeding for a couple weeks of water that was really low and that's definitely 100 percent not good for the plants and 100% my fault so I went down bought a aquarium heater and stuck that in the reservoir and things have really taken off I think we hit summer finally 80 degrees during the day 50 degrees during nighttime so I'm expecting to see a really good bounce-back and really solid healthy growth from here on out there's only about a month left until they start to go into flower so I'm glad I got this figured out in time so that they still had about a month to go before they they went into flower I have not added the second cage yet I wanted to see some healthier growth before I did add it on which I'm seeing so I'll probably be doing that within the next week or so so that I can make sure that they get like settled in into their new cage and start growing from there I hope you guys had a good week love all the comments love all those subscribers thank you guys so much make sure to smash that like button but yeah I did get a new pump for my reservoir the pump that I have is the Little Giant it's a great pump but I found out that it only pumps water or things that are water soluble so when I'm feeding from here on out when I add that second cage it's gonna be really hard for me the hand water or the top dress or all of that kind of stuff and sometimes I do want to do a water in so there's a pump out there called arrow mixer it is expensive I was debating if I really wanted to get it it was it is two hundred and forty five dollars or something like that and if I wanted to get it for about a week and it decided to hold off but it was my girlfriend and I as three year anniversary yesterday and she surprised me with it so super excited about that arrow mixer right here and what it does is it aerates and mixes your compost tea anything you can throw in it up to a quarter inch of non soluble material and it will mix and aerate your reservoir it is a large pump 50 gallons is the minimum that you want to use it with it also pH is your water so so it says so it'll if the pH is too low it will bring it up and if the pH is too high it'll bring it down that was another feature that I really liked about it but let's see here so right here is the pump this tube right here is what areas so this sticks out of your reservoir and it sucks air in to this part right here as it mixes down here is where everything goes in and so it says it can take up to a quarter inch of material and I wanted to make sure that I could aerate mix and then feed also with this pump and so I contacted aro mixer and they said that that is what this is for so it's a different attachment to feed then to aerate and mix and I was hoping I could aerate mix and feed at the same time because my watering system allows me to do all of that but they said that if I wanted to do that I would have to buy two or they would recommend to buy two and for my size of operation that's unnecessary I'm not gonna go out and spend 100 or 200 bucks on another one so I can have two just so I can feed and aerate so I think I what I'm gonna have to do is build my watering system and then just aerate and mix and then change it out every time which is a little bit easier than hand watering once that second cage is on but yeah super stoked about this pump so yeah that's about it for this week guys I hope you enjoyed the video like I say click that like button hit subscribe to follow the channel and things are really bouncing back so I can't wait to see what these girls look like next week


  1. Hey for your pum dilemma, why not keep aeration part and get a simple sump pump to feed/water with?

  2. You should show us how you water your plants outdoor and what water hoses and water pump you use to pump out enough water ! I haven't been able to find a video on youtibe that demonstrates their outdoor watering system

  3. Hey man i gotta question im in portland OR and i have a bigger gorilla glue 4 plant that went into flowering already do you have any idea why?

  4. Yeah handwatering is a bitch lol, your gf is awesome for buying you that pump! Love your vids man, keep it up βœŒπŸ€™

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