2020 candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar unveils health care proposal for seniors

2020 candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar unveils health care proposal for seniors


  1. Amy Klobuchar health care plan will sink health care for all. Amy Klobuchar like 99% of the Democrats Are A Complete NO VOTE!

  2. Any kind of health plan involving socialism and old people will also involve getting rid of them when they become too old.

  3. All seniors will lose their trust fund option to all seniors who don't even have trust funds get to use their money?? Everyone dies poor..

  4. I already have Medicare. It works great ( except for now they are hiring " management companies " to manage medicare funds ! More middleman ! Medicare works great by it self ! Medicare for All will be cheaper. YOU pay for anyone who needs help in this country ~ sick care, but not health care ! When you get hurt in UK or Cuba or France, Canada ~ you get treated, and leave without a bill ! These are RED HERRINGS they are talking about in this Video and in this chat area ! Medicare for All means Better Health Care for All , and less money for CFO's, politicians and administrators !

  5. She talks about illegals..deport them all, they drain our resources, use the USA for their benefit and give nothing in return except crime!!

  6. With Alzheimer's, one family member might be remembered better then another. Nice way to " talk about health care " without actually TALKING ABOUT health care ! We must ….as a country …..cover each and every person ! Medicare for All is CHEAPER and it COVERS ALL ! All a National health care program does is get rid of the $$$$ Middle man $$$$

  7. She’s awful when she’s “ very rich people”. You mean the celebrity Hollywood types and DC politicians that are all millionaires. They are the elite they rant against

  8. what people don't get, is that these individuals WANT to do these things, but there are so many outside influences who won't allow ONE person to come along and change things just bc of their title (president).

  9. Klobuchar to the goal pass to Klobuchar …Klobuchar ducks and weaves shot and the goal! GOOOOOAAAAL!!!! Klobuchar

  10. Obamacare ruined healthcare for the middle class now the Dems want to ruin healthcare for our seniors and eliminate private insurance so if you are not independently wealthy you have no choice whatsoever.

  11. We have all been told Medicare is breaking the bank. We have seen huge cuts to Medicare reimbursements, if not for the Docfix there would not be a single doctor accepting Medicare. How are the socialist going to be able to offer it to everyone?

  12. This is not in any way good enough. If regular people aren't willing to just chip in together then we just get these little bits and pieces that mean nothing in the greater scheme. We also get a society with no solidarity and a standard of living that makes us look more and more like a third world country. It has to be public and it has to benefit all. Bernie has the best plan.

  13. Bernie Sanders has ALWAYS led this effort ! We pay for it the same way we pay for medical insurance to insurance companies now….except we pay LESS AND GET MORE ! No more insurance companies OVERRULING DOCTORS when you go to pick up your meds !

  14. Amy Klobuchar is the personification of neoliberal incrementalism. 40k people die every year because they can't afford basic healthcare. The US is in a healthcare crisis. Tweaks around the edges aren't gonna cut it. We need medicare for all, nothing less.

    I've been covering the democratic primary on my channel and have posted several videos on the actual solution to our healthcare crisis, medicare for all.

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