what you say what what's going on what's going on everybody what you got to finish it though my cab brush your that's your trick what's going on everybody everybody you know that reminds me of that uh hello everybody who what is that from but Bradley Marny I love you guys today I'm gonna show you three exercises three so what three exercises that you need to do you need to do studying like tomorrow well today why should you watch it early enough before you workout and if not just go back and work out again to get bigger arms sorry just distract I got to start today so to get bigger arms now you guys might put so fun you guys might think like big arms right what it was the thing I need what do you thing you think first thing that people think they need right what do you think we getting big arms 4 big arms yeah bye say bye sense you know better so he knows better that's what's going on most people go they're like yo you 4 big arms any big biceps yep wrong wrong then drop what do you need big triceps oh wow but obviously want have big bites as well you want it to like look good but you understand the bulk of your arm like it gives it like that thickness 2/3 yeah is your tricep this is three muscles versus two muscles and they're bigger yeah so first exercise one of the best exercises in my opinion for building arm mass and you wouldn't even think as you look down at your chest exercise flat barbell close grip bench press do it lift more weight more often I promise you I put this in every one of your arm exercises no matter our routines and you'll be like armsie I'm bigger guarantee every time you can feel how to do it you should talk about it I'll show my do it alright wait what'd you say you need a spot bro I'm good bro no can Oh Swami Swami did you get stuff I need look I need moral support I'll give a lift off it's important please yeah well coach depending on how long your arms are some people if they go too close it hurts like their elbow or sore wrists so you guys go a little closer it's just you don't want to go like you shouldn't feel like this and you're hurting your wrist like most times ideally is just no further than like here so wherever your arms lie like your your side your elbows tucked in no further out than here so if you grab your elbows and you put your hands like this yeah then you pull your elbows to your side that's probably like as close as you want to go right so out here's a little maybe a little too wide sure to what and here it could be too close depending on your wrist yeah too often through this yeah this in combination with like lighter reps of like this push downs when I'm trying to get bigger arms yeah yeah because like you could load the most amount of weight periods like in that top portion when you're hearing your press and I said you got it like squeeze my thumb your tricep you're loading it's like all load on the triceps and the shoulders in the chest but that's it's just okay 315 first like how much weight do you think you're putting here no one's really no one's pressing even if there's 200 on the rack it's not you're not actually pressing 200 pounds of your triceps but this obviously is not all triceps as well but you should load the most amount of weight like try doing a full clock to give you 15 you're not gonna happen yeah if you're trying to school car should be like nah unless you're so in theory it's like unless you got those let's fake weight these are all fake weights buy into that then everyone lists with them it's crazy I know how she's weird and how they all make games it's just weird it's weird I don't know come to this gym check out for yourself alright next exercise so two more exercises yeah that are essential I'll go right into the first one it's my bicep ready for this was that and then one more I know but I'm gonna go right into it the hammer right yeah hammer time how much were you I'll use 85mm for sure because okay look have you hammer curls oh yeah okay heavy hammer curls I'm not talking about super strict like this yeah I'm talking about here heavy hammer crows hey as you like all form is not great it's not about the form because how about hips the second is not but the second exercise couple with this you're gonna do your best to try and keep it on your biceps even though it's not gonna happen right you're still trying with the most amount of weight directly after this which would be the third exercise would be concentration curls whether it be standing or sitting so then you go from a weight that you can't obviously lift all with your bicep at UK rocky Alice using your hips using your shoulders then you go into a weight that you can really control like like 35 or even like 25 for rest volume so you're kind of bang the heavy weight I'm telling you try this you guys will love this so I know brawn getting ready I should put my phone in my pocket you can't just talk about racket you got to be about it can't be the guy that was like you know dude this dude is back my day back in my day when I was strong 85 85 did who's that guy one police this is where the internet porn police comes in good job hey you are pretty solid actually yeah most the swing was in my yeah not so much I go right into it right yeah one big arms or what yeah I do back up a little bit I got I'm trying to get the good lighting feel yeah pretty good [Applause] how many more 100 please call it [Applause] yeah perfect take your bigger arms like that it's really that simple how many said since that's tried ten boom boom boom like like that but what's gonna happen is I'm like you're off this set you're not gonna go do the same amount of weight but keep trying and then you fail drop it in half if I go from half to three fifteen that's if you're through 15 25 5 to 25 go to half of 8545 and even go half of 30 35 17 and and just keep going like this keep swimming keeps from this kid I'm dead serious I'm not even playing like I'm not joking 10 sighs try it on your arm day do it before you do anything else or after what about the song it'd be weird why I'd be weird cuz I'd be asked to fill me like this yeah and also beware this you're like 9 feet tall alright so realistically I'd be like here oh yes like check yeah but yeah that's it that's all there is to it that would also be weird cuz your cross-level I keep it here subscribe turn notifications what else bro what else is important what else is important we've got the big alarm so I think that covers my all life right oh yeah because what else is important I mean if you think about it like what else is important in life I mean there's a lot of but what is really honestly I think the arms are the least severe what is really important besides all this inside these heads arms besides bureaus well being healthy been happy but really besides bigger cuz if you're wearing a t-shirt no one sees your bicep this year form you know that's the paradox of life think about it if you wear a t-shirt people don't really see your arm but they see your form so you got a really big forearm but if your form is too big your arms look smaller now your bicep it looks smaller oh he oh he is one bad example well really nice most people because you're small form then this will look bigger because it's smaller at this joint and this is like cool but what's really important sighs big arms having fun but isn't that having fun having fun and be happy true happy healthy fun HHF big arms big arms big arms yeah but seriously be one big on I promise you the sword like I can guarantee this one I think you can for sure I can money-back 100% moneyback moneyback they never paid me but I'm dead serious about this you guys try this but not like don't do it one time do it like two months if your arms don't get bigger blanket blame me yes mine if you buy me that I'll just buy new now can't blame me why cuz that's what everyone else does


  1. Good triceps development i train my arms every day i have 24inch arms I'm training every day for ahiut 20 years heavy good video dude

  2. I really don't pay attention to bradley cause i think every one was staring at that chick to learn the form of the shoulders fly excercise

  3. best answer would be your whole arm like delts, forearms, fist, biceps, delts, delts and tridelts.😁

  4. That’s smart asf if that chick was told to stand there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ can’t be all coincidence πŸ”₯

  5. I didn't give a shitΒ  about him, or anything he was saying or doing….my attention was on the girl!!

  6. @ :55,,FOCUS. Gotta cut this off cause you getting distracted in the gym isnt a good selling point. Plus I saw you squat two girls in the intro. shoulda stopped then but it shows you are about chasing clout and not the seriousness of fitness and bodybuilding.

  7. What is important in life?
    1. Crush your enemies
    2. See them driven before you
    3. Hear the lamentation of their women

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