1. I love body combat, my muscles were toned up specially my back fat, arms and legs. Very effective workout. I used to have back fat now they’re all gone.

  2. I just couldn't get up for cooling down :)))))))) Thank you for making this exercise💞💞💞💞

  3. This is by far my favorite workout. I used to do taekwondo when I was little and it inspired me to get back into martial arts. Thank you!!

  4. Please, please, polease… more of combat inspired workouts!!! This one is amazing!!! Thank you !!!

  5. So I’m on day #3 of this workout. STILL love it… wow. I have done other workout videos in my living room and I tire of them so quickly. I can see myself doing this one for a long time. The workout also motivated me to start eating better. 🍓🥑🥗🥕🥦When you work this hard, you don’t want to put crap in your body afterwards.

    Amazing job ladies!! 🥊🥊

  6. I could no longer afford the membership at my gym (where I participated in all the Les Mills classes). This was an amazing Les Mills-inspired video class! I felt like I didn’t miss out on anything! Thank you so much for this complete workout!! I’ll be coming back to this daily!


  7. I was doing this when I wasn’t aloud to go to the gym because I told my aunt to cancel my fake tan thing and she booked it and the woman wasn’t working and she was gonna come in because I’m going on holiday tomorrow , so I used this video, I absolutely love it so much. Les mills body combat is the best ever!!! Thank you so much Anna or ana thank you 😊 🙏🏻

  8. The core series part always finished me off right before the end, more then irritating that I cant finished after 3 damn attempts

  9. i love this music! especially the last 2 songs. is it possible to get the names and atrists of these songs? id love to make a special workout for myself, i love the beats.

  10. When I searched up “combat workout video” this was the first result to show up, so I clicked on it. Even tho I’m a guy, it’s still a great workout for everyone. Not only that, it’ll also help you train in self-defense.

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