30-Minute Fat-Burning Pilates Workout | Class FitSugar

30-Minute Fat-Burning Pilates Workout | Class FitSugar

get ready to burn fat and taps every muscle in your body the celebrity Pilates instructor kit rich in this 30 minute workout we're going to blend cardio and Pilates fusion you ready alright let's begin in your warmup take your legs wider than your hips and we're going to start opening up the shoulders swinging your arms back and forward you want to make sure that you do this that you're moving through dynamic stretch working by through a full range of motion to wake up the body feel good you feel that stretching the shoulders right there I love it alright so now we're gonna do it up and over so you're gonna reach your left arm up and over and then alternate you just want to come up onto those toes and this is waking up the side body waking up the arms great time to connect to your breath here to going inhale exhale good all right now let's wake up the back and the hamstrings arms out to the side legs wide you're gonna reach up on an inhale then exhale reach for the toes come back I know and it's like oh I think I may need this more than you do it flexible and a hug awesome so you'll feel that stretch in the hamstrings you'll feel that stretch in the back and you open up the shoulders a little bit here one more all right now let's just do some booty kicks to wake up the quads and you just simply just kick your butt so you reflects your foot here that will help get more of a stretch the quad attaches to the knee so this is a really important stretch to do when you're first starting you might also feel that your heart rate is going up just a little bit well cuz you started moving all right four and three you ready to rock yes all right so if you have some light weights I want you to grab those if you don't have weights you don't have to use them but if you have water bottles grab those instead starting with your feet about hip width apart you can extend your arms forward just underneath your shoulders sitting back into a squat on the way up lift one knee and fly your arms up let's go one minute on the clock all right so you can go at the speed that you want to go on if you wanted to go faster by all means don't let me stop you and oh my goodness these little weights feel heavier you know going ahead Wow I was thinking the same thing actually glad you said that out loud nothing the NIA gets those lower abs the squat gets the butt and the quads and hamstrings and here we're working shoulders and upper back how we doing so notice to my right Rey is doing the modified version you don't have to do the squat if that doesn't feel good for you whoa whoa baby believe me how about 30 seconds left good for you congratulations you've gotten through the first 30 seconds of my workout you're gonna have a good time can almost they are got three pounds here and it feels like 10 me too 10 seconds left how you feel over there Dylan gray go ahead building good feeling great five seconds get it up you get lower in that squat all right yeah now take your legs wider than your hips toes are turned out from here extend your arms up like a big V position you're gonna come down into a plie squat on the way up bring one knee up bring the elbow in and back down to your squat alternate go one minute you got it baby plie squats get a nice stretch of the inner thighs also activate the legs getting me up to the side oblique work oh yeah so you'll feel that helps you know with love handles are noticing this but I'm breathing heavily because my heart rate is up your should be too good notice gerrate am i right and not doing the squat she's just focusing on lifting the knee working the obliques hello we have 30 seconds to go baby can you pick up the pace feeling it that's bare hand come up push get lower I feel like this should be like the new dance move outside right yeah don't over love you're like hey I got the move right here all along 15 seconds left come on whoo why does one minute workout go so slow yeah but life goes by so fast that's when you start is when it takes the longest all right rest all right no I got that two feet together coming down into a squat arms up from here side step pushing the arms up overhead go one minute on the clock now you don't have to get low in a squat you can be up tall just like dray right there once again you don't have to use weights whatever works for you if pushing the arms up hurts your back a little bit keep your weights to your chest and just focus on the legs but let's focus on the legs for a second you're halfway there you will stay in your heel toes are loose and sit back like you're sitting into a chair yeah cuz those legs feeling my shoulders are killing me I'm gonna rest my shoulder for a minute oh good I'm just going like doing I noticed I'm talking and doing the extra point supersnap is why she's the editor okay five seconds on the clock you got this hey Andres Oh buddy yeah oh yeah go for side with this so watching me real quick you're gonna jump to one side going back into a curtsy lunge bringing the left arm down to the floor and then you leap up and go to the other side let's go now in this position want to be mindful of your back tendency is to really just focus on the legs and then you end up rounding your back oh yeah but you want to keep your chest up so imagine though you're exposing your collarbone forward and then you can really emphasize if you're getting low in the legs the point is not to touch the floor the point is to get low so low in the leg whoo did you feel that booty yeah you did yeah yeah that Dre's not jumping all good I'm sure she's still feeling it oh yeah yeah just ask ya seconds what I'm feelin it I got it this is five baby he's so much coming my booty thank like one every crowd and rest Megan allocate okay good news hiney is for 30 seconds arms up from here your Lily just gonna run up go keep holding onto his weights you'll feel to work more yeah so the higher your knees go the more you work your lower abs you don't have to run though you can do one knee at a time whatever works for you almost there five seconds on the clock push push push and relax alright come for the back of your mom place your weights down the back of the mat I want you to turn to the side crossing your right foot in front of your left whoa a little bit of a balance issue huh Karnes reach out to the sky squeeze your inner thighs to hell bone under your heart rate should be up like crazy we're about to slow down just a little bit bring your hands down to the floor go ahead and right here a much needed stretch really nutty ground string stretch dignity leg and then I want you to watch very jiggling legs right now walk your hands to the outside of that right leg and you're gonna feel it transferred into what's called an IT band stretch very important for you runners out there this is so important to stretch it out now let's do some more fun stuff walk forward into a plank position keeping your legs in that position but now you're going to come up onto your toes so you're squeezing your inner thighs your right ape is turned down to the floor but your shoulders are parallel to the floor now you're gonna walk your hands back to the toes you can go all the way to the toes if you can keep your legs straight or you come up halfway and walk forward alright have fun go for speed let's do it back and forward and as you're doing this I really hope you're breathing yeah because workouts get super awkward did you stop breathing yeah yeah my pass out and get going all right just give me about two more walk it back and walk forward one more for good luck welcome back and walk it forward and I want you to hold that position so let's find that position again right hip point it down legs squeezing shoulders right over the wrists now you're gonna pulse that right hip to the floor go down down pull your lower abs in oh please after 10 should I told you this is working your Oh bleep I got eyes I feel like you probably feel it no yes yeah you to me Jess all right hold this here now your right leg the bottom one is gonna go to your left elbow tap it exhale exhale that's it you guys look awesome stay with it this is four three two hold the leg back stay there come down onto your elbows oh you're still in the twist you're right it will still turn down to labelers straighten out your legs more squeeze your inner thighs hold this isometric hold for five four now you're not allowed to drop your knees stay with me and then rotate your feet to a plank hold your plank do not drop your head your knees and then gently come up onto your hands and walk all the way back to your toes grab your weights bend your knees chair pose arms up high how we feeling it survived oh you totally survived feelin strong let's go for some tricep kickbacks in this chair pose extend the arms back and men so you're low in that squat your chest is open and your elbows are lifted high good try not to tweak your neck by jetting your chin out look down at the floor in front of you just give me a few more here and then come to stand Oh guess what Wow round to half the amount of time you never asked what did we do again alright here we go feet are hip width apart arms extended forward just to remind you squat and fly let's begin 30 seconds go ah there's nothing I love more than repetition ha ha ha so good here's a pair about repetition with recognition is mastery of the body you got to do things over and over again so that you understand how to feel it where to feel it you only get stronger in repetition good alone that's back open those shoulders you have 10 seconds left you should be like a breeze compared to the first one I'll breathe oh yeah exciting alright are you alright wide leg arms up remember plie and then pull let's go 30 seconds now how low you go has a lot to do with your flexibility you know my inner thighs tend to be my tightest spot my – yeah so you'll know it's like I can't get that low but I'm not said about it it doesn't really matter you do the best you can ten seconds left good feel those shoulders you feel that back pull down get that knee up last one rest hello beat her together cardio haha gotta love it getting low in your legs sidestep go punch it up now you don't have to push the arms up you can also push them forward if that feels better for you whichever works well never like that you like that hella touching it up yeah by shoulders you're on fire by pushing it forward you actually activate your abs more oh five seconds hahaha she's like oh yeah and rest all right side leap ready go down yeah hop up and over your mat if you can now be mindful of your leg that knee does not go over the toes you got to sit way back into that heel rock on my friends you're doing great yes almost there I could just do this all day hey oh really not at all and rest all right 15 seconds of high knees yes you can okay you ready yes we can go how high can your knees go get them up that's it yeah remember you don't have to run you can do one knee at a time almost there you got five seconds yeah and relax all right how's awesome handle good yes place your weights down at the edge of the mat left foot it's now if you're right you remember that oblique work we did Oh God don't think I forgot it now we're committed arms up round forward to the toes get the stretch your body deserves now that it's warm and then walk your hands to the outside of your left leg IT band stretch drop your head and then walk forward into your plank I just heard some inner voices say already oh here we go and walk back and walk forward drop that left hip and down good try to keep that rotation the whole time you feel the difference by keeping that rotation you'll feel that pinched in the oblique yeah give me two more and up just so you know walking forward and back activate all the muscles in the arm last one and walk forward hold this here redress yourself lost it left hip pointer to the floor squeeze your thighs and pulse I'm going to make sure that your belly button is pulled in tight inner thighs squeezing very important four three two hold it here now left knee to right elbow ten times go whoa – pull the ABS in I got to hear you breathe in come on huh five more mm almost there and then hold come down into your elbow isometric hold left hip still pointed to the floor so your hands are open shoulders right over your wrists parallel right now your legs squeeze your inner thighs oh yeah four three two come back to plank do not drop your knees if you did don't worry I won't judge move on holy sorry and walk it back and just stay right there hanging over the legs oh my god that is something it is exercise for the ABS yeah rolling up your cardio is done whoo oh my god good work Wow how you feel amazing all right come on down to the floor if you want to grab some water now's a great time I mean actually grab some myself yes that's all – yeah hydration but small sips not huge sips you don't want to hear that slushee noise in your stomach yes every muscle in my body feels worked right now go ahead that's the way I want you to feel it was the cardio okay so now we're gonna be on your knees now if this bothers your knees at all you want to roll up the mat just a little bit more or you can put a pillow underneath your knee okay take your left leg out to the side straight leg so your right knee is directly underneath your hip hands are behind your head now your focus here is on the side with the leg extended on an inhale you're going to go down towards the floor as far as you can go and then exhale with control pull yourself back up again isn't we going now what this works this works the obliques but it also stretches the side body so you're working it in a length position in a stretched position if you are on the reformer on the Pilates Reformer you would be doing this on the box it might look familiar with your foot in the strap yeah I love it and I love how he gets to stabilize with your butt a little bit great note I love that oh I feel any trainers in the room it's because you've been working my butt already it says you have to bathe it it feels everything okay so on this last one let's go down and hold it so you're gonna hold it down and then from there I want you to turn your upper body to the sky twist the torso and then release it back and then come back up let's try that again down abs rotate come back and back up just three more like that this helps with rotation of the spine while it's working the obliques so for those of you who sit all day this is a move for you going down rotate back I think we have one more oh boy there go down rotate back and release oh you really got to breathe through that one you have to breathe and it's amazing to how you feel after that you have more space for your ribcage yeah right leg is extended straight hands back behind the head run to my friends home ready to go through this inhale down exhale up now I'm not concerned with how low you go right everybody's body is different you do different things honor your strength honor your flexibility okay if you can go to the floor let me tell you that's a little too low yeah I'm gonna pull that back just a little bit you should be going about halfway down or maybe a third away from the floor you're keeping your elbows so much open yeah so it's important at the hunch that's a great note actually I'm gonna go on that push your head back into your hands to keep your chest open shoulder blades squeezing what you just give me one more except let's just hold down knocks we know what we're doing hold it down rotate up come back and lift so here's the breath for it inhale down hold the breath twist and exhale back up so it's one long breath there and breath in inhale hold the breath as you twist and exhale two more down abs in tight stretch get the work up one more down rotate and come on up good work all right coming down to your back good we're gonna move into the Pilates hundreds pretty standard so your heat knees are pulled into your body heels together toes apart now if you have a sensitive back you want to keep your knees bent otherwise extend your legs straight come off your shoulder blades arms down by your side and you're going to pump your arms inhale two three four five exhale two three four five nose and mouth two three four five keep going for me so you really want to squeeze your heels here pull your lower abs and really tight and you want to pump with your triceps get off those shoulders if this bothers your neck at all drop your head down totally fine now we're not going to be too traditional here just give me two more full breaths good out and last one in two three four butt out two three four rest pull your knees into your body okay so now extend your legs straight and bring each foot together right leg up into the sky little circles with just your right legs oh yeah pull your lower abs oh my god keep your hips as stable as possible really important reverse the circle I'm not concerned whether you're pointing or flexing and you could rest your foot if your back is bothering you rest your left foot down to the floor or bend it okay and switch legs and circle if you're not feeling your lower abs I don't know it's telling you you don't have that you don't have eyes if you're not honest and reverse oh I feel you and relax oh whoa okay no hard to keep the low back down so it's important to modify that one if you can that's a great note so once again you can always bend your knee if that bothers your back at all because that was so hard super super hard okay if you have weights grab your weights we're gonna go for Pilates roll-ups boy heels are together toes are apart you don't need to use weights but weights actually help you getting up sometimes so your arms start in line with your shoulders you're going to engage your abs and squeeze your heels slowly roll all the way up one vertebra at a time and then go for the stretch forward rounding the spine and then roll down shoulders down the back abs engaged nice try to let that V position what's the word don't let go of the V position look you owe you know is not a yes your toes are separated your heels are squeezing the purpose of that is the squeeze of the heels helps to activate the lower abs when you squeeze him you'll feel your inner thighs engage and then you'll feel your lower abs engage yeah you have a little more control a little more that's what Pilates is all about and then come on up and you're gonna hold this here okay we're now gonna go down in segments so you're gonna round your spine just hold it's really tucking under like a seeker and then round down hold just stay here roll down hold no kit are we feeling those oh yeah oh yeah yeah I'm feeling it oh good let's roll down just a little more but I want you to stop at the tips of the shoulder blades Oh pull your abs in come on right back up can't do it again and down also I want you to hold this I just want you to pulse the arm up three times but one two three back to your shoulders here we go and roll down a little bit and pump up one two three and roll down a little bit more oh come one two three roll down just a little bit on five one two three come on back up oh one more for good luck I'm just gonna hahaha sure what I rolled a few inches hold this this time open your arms out and then close yeah just once it's fine roll down a little bit open I love you and kiss I love you too a little bit more I felt that when I first met ya go down to a little bit more hold the arms open and downs oh ho no no some good job all right from here let's move into crisscross we're kind of all over the place with our moves hands behind the head but we're having fun legs are lifted up in tabletop you're going to bring the left shoulder to the right knees you extend your left leg and then alternate and switch now the difference between Pilates crisscross and bicycle crunches is the opening of the upper body so as you lift your shoulders off mat see if you can open your elbows up so much and look behind you as you twist so right over opens left elbow opens and you'll feel the stretch through the obliques oh yeah there you go three more each side really open up that left elbow then right elbow one more and rest oh good job awesome my abs feel awesome iron ok let's come on up we're gonna go into our by work now your butt got plenty of work during the cardio so we're just gonna activate the outer thighs just a little bit more so let's come down onto your left side you want your elbow directly in line with your shoulder and your head is resting you're you know what do we have weights sorry let's grab a weight for those of you who are looking for a little extra otherwise you don't need to use it so your legs are slightly forward in front of your body and then place the weight on the thigh with your arms straight take your top leg up in line with your hip with a flexed foot and slowly on an inhale bring the leg forward and then bring it back behind you so thinking you're just sliding along ice that's the image so you don't want the leg to drop lower than the hip stays in the same spot and then really important here you want to try to keep your torso as still as possible yeah so good yeah you don't want to twist it also keep your shoulder still you'll feel your core more now let's stop your leg right over the bottom leg and we're now going to go for big circles bring the leg forward up and behind good so you want to bring the leg back enough where you feel a little stretch in the front of the right leg but watch your shoulders again you don't want them to roll forward and you don't want them to roll back good if the weight becomes too much let it go no problem that has a lot of resistance no let's reverse I like working my butt so I'm all about the resistance high but happy life my friend I'm just kidding keep going really and then from here take your top leg over your bottom one and I want you just to pulse up so in the pulses try to stay above your hip Dre always above your hip can straighten out the leg a little bit more push through the heel that's it you got it squeeze your butt squeeze your inner thighs give me five four three two and relax good let's go for the other side good yeah all right rotate I call this the couch potato transition just simply roll over legs are forward if you're using the weight you gotta use it again keep that that by the same yeah so left leg is up in line with the hip and just start sliding forward and back so the thing about this move is if you actually focus on the area right above your hip your left hip you'll feel your oblique working I'd whatever yeah you want to pull that muscle in and this is the kind of move that helps to strengthen the areas that support the back and the hips so this is really important not just for aesthetic reasons but for everyday movement for functional movement good I just give me one more and then we're gonna go for big circles of the leg so forward up and back now this might be your weaker leg so this might be a little too far reach through the heel it's also to your bottom leg your supporting leg is a little tired and you need that supporting leg to help keep you balanced so that has a lot to do with it as well and let's just do one more and reverse good back now you want to give that butt a little extra pinch right so squeeze it good especially on the way back there pinch right there at the base of the booty I saw that I thought and that was good all right let's just pulse it up go pulse up yeah squeeze also our inner thigh in abs and tighter please five four three two and relax ah good drop your weight and come on to sit up let's stretch out oh okay feel good oh yeah full body head to toe head to toe with star hands okay so your left leg is forward right leg is back and I want you to grab your right foot with your right hand and from here just take your left arm up and over for the mermaid stroll baby that feels good so good so after all that core work all that movement just breathe into the body you want to breathe into your side ribs here and then come on up take that arm slightly behind you you're gonna anchor it down and then reach your right arm up and stretch out the front of the right body so here you're getting a so as hip flexor quad core stretch all of it oh baby that feels good yeah and oh should we do that one more time on that side let's do it this is a totally new stretch for me you never done that never done this one of my face amazed one of my go-to and then release let's do it one more time reach the arm back and up so there's some energy in the left hand but it's kind of equal in the center there just to feel that stretch to the right and then release and let's do the other side to finish off so now your right leg is forward left leg is behind grab your left foot and then reach your right arm up and over and you might take note that well one side feels tighter than the other and that's totally normal typically our stronger side is our tighter side so just breathe into it and then release bring your right arm back at a diagonal and lift up stretch up and over breathing to the left side and then back down and let's do that one more time reach I know feels so good ah for those of you with a tight back this is such a good move and then release because sometimes when your back is tight it's because you're tight in the front of your body so you want to take that into account and then release and come to sit cross-legged and if you worked out with a friend give them a high five you're all done you did it yeah


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