30-Minute Full-Body Strength-Training Workout With Weights

30-Minute Full-Body Strength-Training Workout With Weights

hey my friends you're in luck we have a full body strength training workout with Nike global master trainer Bettina bells optics and I am so excited because today's workout is gonna be a lot of fun and all you'll need is a set of dumbbells and your beautiful self so you ready to get started do it alright let's do it all right so let's warm up so we're gonna take it to the back of the mat here we're gonna reach up nice and high and then we're gonna walk it out we're gonna do five of these and so Anna over here is gonna take it to some modification so you can follow along with her if you'd like and then Christelle back here is going to be following along with me whoo yeah right here's our second one just warming up our bodies and if you need to you can take the legs a little bit more bent on these yeah my hamstrings and my legs are always tight especially in the morning especially yeah right before the workout right oh all right we got two more here reach up nice and high body temperatures just start to increase a little bit here shoulders are warming up oh yeah we're feeling it oh yeah all right on this last one we're gonna meet in that high plank and we're gonna stay there so reach it up walk it out and we're gonna hold it here nice and strong at our high plank then we're gonna take our right foot outside our right here take it out side the hand you're gonna drop the elbow down to the instep and then you're gonna open it up on that side when we do that five times that's five take it down oh yeah yeah good two more here good one more and then we're gonna take it into a Down Dog all right go ahead and press both hands down and we're gonna press into our hands pushing our head through then we're gonna start to pedal through our feet we're gonna do this 20 times so really try to actively push the ground away from you really focus on your breathing whoa that's awesome yeah yes so good just a few more here we got three more it feels good that's all we know all right bring it back to that high plank let's take the left foot outside the hands same thing we'll take it down we're gonna open it up you might notice that one side is a little bit tighter than the other for me it's my right right same yeah good two more down all right last one Oh all right let's go ahead and walk it back up in the standing go nice and easy all right so now we're gonna take it to a reverse lunge and we're going to reach out to the side here we go step it back reach and reach and then we'll switch it out step it back reach reach so you'll notice you might kind of flop around a little bit that's good our stabilizers are firing up and that's what we want all right reach all right good two more each side step it back oh yeah really try to push those hips in the opposing direction we want those stabilizers to fire up so it could be really ready for this strength workout oh yeah all right last one here all right let's go ahead and tweak the feet nice and wide we're gonna take it to a lateral squat so our feet will stay stationary we're gonna shift it to the side bring the arms forward and then stand it up nice and tall shift it at the side so really think about sitting back into the hip excellent great there we go yeah I know all about those hips opening up oh yeah whoo good yeah I'm feeling warm already yeah warmup is great all right last one on this side okay so now we're gonna take it into a high plank and we're gonna tap our shoulder so let's set up for our plank first on this one if you want to modify you can take your knees down but I want you to take your knees a little bit wider so not quite together because then I'll give you a little more stability here we go tap tap good three four five good I want you to pretend like you're trying to balance your favorite drink on your hips [Laughter] [Applause] are they are the interchangeable I don't know I love it all right you weren't here good last four awesome three more two boom all right oh yeah feeling abs are fired up yeah all right chorus fired up we're feeling more I know there's a roll it back a few times we're gonna start into our first circuit here so you'll need those dumbbells so grab them first thing we're gonna do is a tempo squat so we're gonna do this all together and we're gonna take it nice and slow we've got eight reps I don't want you to rush this this is all about building tension through our body all right we got eight reps we're gonna go down four five four three two one set it up nice and tall there we go down five four three two one stand it up good that was seven oh you have six more go ahead it's hard to go six five more cool whoa everybody always does want to rush through this get so much strength going slow they're way harder yep you got it oh yeah two more come on stay with me look at me all right here we go five four three two okay so now we're gonna take it to a bent row and do the same thing at that tempo so watch me first we want to hinge at the hips back stays flat it's really tempting to want to look up so after you figure out your form keep your head nice and neutral we're gonna pull it up then we'll slow it down for five seconds you ready we've got eight reps here we go up that's this one whoa three two one good up yes beautiful oh yeah good six more come on oh yeah I'm sweaty already and heavier the weight the more you're gonna feel it right good you need that challenge grab the 12 so let's say with anything oh yeah I love it you got to challenge yourself you don't want to just move for the motion we're gonna really challenge yourself here oh yeah all right bring it up three two one all right oh I love how that works – back to the low back there supporting yourself and you feel your core working when you're doing this yes right all right so this next one is going to be a single leg deadlift and I'll show you the options here you're gonna have a slight bet in your supporting leg we'll start on our left leg first I want you to think proud chest and we're gonna hinge nice and slow and then we're gonna stand up nice and slow so it's not about going as low as you can I only want you to go as low as you can while keeping your back flat and feeling it in your hamstrings and glutes and as you notice over here at Anna's bring you both feet down for that modification but she's still keeping that proud chest proud you just bored all right here we go we're going to first rap down in three two one let's do it whoo yep keep that back nice and flat from that head all the way to the heel it's a nice straight line if you're in that single leg yeah these are fun a lot of balance you got a lot of stability and control there we go nice whoo five more good so on this we're focusing on the back of our legs here feel that it's great stretch it's a silent burner I drag through whoa I don't spell good two more so think about hinging at the hips not bending at the knee but you still want that knee unlocked last one whoa I'm shaking all right we're gonna go to the other side if you have both feet just keep going you got eight more reps there here we go other side down whoa nice and easy so we're going through this circuit two times this is a round one by the second round you're gonna be pro at all these move oh yeah balance is gonna be in check oh yeah five more there we go yep this is some kind of movement that you really need a lot of concentration Oh Meredith my brain hurts forget to breathe the night such a key component and yep don't forget to breathe stay focus three good Oh easy excellent last one my throat my hamstring hamster oh yeah yeah ok ha how'd that feel love it yeah ok good alright so this next one we're gonna make our way to the ground you're gonna start with your dumbbells at your side while you're seeing it up then I want you to bring one demo on your thigh other dumbbell on your thigh and we're gonna kick them back as we lay back then we'll bring our feet down I want your elbow is at about 45 degrees we're gonna dig our heels into the ground bring our hips up and we're gonna hold it there and then we're gonna press the weight up and then we're gonna slow it down notice that's the theme that you Centrex good so the option here is they're gonna press and then you can lower your hips as you go down so you don't have to bring your hips up the whole time but if you want to hold them up there the whole time and build tension go for it alright here we go press it up down five good three two one that was eight good whoa yep building lots of tension you guys are doing so great this is not an easy workout this is supposed to be challenging but the challenging stuff is what's gonna make you better and make you stronger stronger you're going for oh yeah whoo alright halfway four more up good three two one break it up anymore whoo yup abs are tight keep everything nice and strong two more come on you got it let's go all right last one here press whoo three two one oh those hips down body strength right here okay so as I mentioned that was round one we got to go to round two you're feeling good feeling great alright let's do this grab your water if you need it happy thoughts reevaluate say okay I got this I'm gonna be even better now because they've already done the movements once so get ready here we go we're gonna go back to those squats grab those bells here we go we're going down four five four three two one that was one nice job here we go down five four three two one press it up oh yeah yup oh yeah ha now you're pushing yourself a little bit more aren't you yep I love it come on yep halfway after this one then we don't have to do this again alright come on three more down oh my little walk without weights I'm gonna feel like and this anywhere alright alright last one here we go down that's fun yeah okay so next up we have our bet row alright here we go let's hinge at the hips of our nice flat back think proud chest here neutral neck here we go we're gonna pull it up here we go up down five four three two one up go ahead make sure to keep that back nice and flat keep that core nice and tight the whole time up that's so easy to forget is to keep the belly in tight and right especially when you start to get tired so try to focus keep that mind-body connection going good four more here whew good bring it up three more stay with me I know you're tired I'm tired too we're crushing it feeling it Oh yup Christelle you're rocketed back oh yeah last one up down five four three two one okay we're doing thank goodness yeah alright so now we're going to that single leg deadlift so grab those dumbbells you put them down like I did we're going on that left leg first here we go proud chest slight Bend on that leg here we go nice and slow controlled remember we're not bending at the knee we are hinging at the hip I always like to compare it to bend and snap this probably one of my favorite movies oh my gosh legally blind yeah nice five more let's go you single like that laughs regular deadlifts there were one of the best exercises for you we're so used to doing those squats and lunges but we got to focus on those hamstrings too that's what's gonna support the the quads whoo and I just love how this is just for the whole back side it means a little back those hamstrings even down to my calves I feel the Strand yeah all right all right other side huh okay you ready here we go slight Bend if you're still on both legs you're gonna keep them oh yeah abs are tight concentrate you're doing so good this is not easy this is probably one of the most challenging movements ever and you're rocking it right now with us hmm there we go five more let's go and I feel like each time I can get longer in the back of my legs you know I'm not great I feel like it's a long game you know anymore exactly the more your body gets used to these movements the better your to get them and even a more flexible you'll get yeah good two more let's go whoa oh yeah oh okay we're done with those all right sure I know those are the sneaky ones you don't feel it right away but next day you're like wait a second yes what happened all right so seated put one dime on your thigh other burden bell on your thigh kick it back all right we're gonna press it up so bring those hips up hold there here we go up down five four three two one up nice so when you're in this bridge I want you to think about not pushing through your back I want you to really think about pushing through your glutes and keeping your ribcage down good oh five more there we go nice and strong keep it strong I know it's not easy but you got to stay with it okay there it is boom three more up three two oh two more come on stay with me all right last one all right let's rest so good is it feeling okay so we're done with the reps now we're gonna work for a time and this is where it's gonna be a really fun is we're gonna be testing our muscular strength endurance now so we're first up we're gonna grab our dumbbells we're gonna take it to a front squat again and then we're gonna press the weight up and overhead but we're rotating notice how my leg rotates here for the modification you don't need to take it to the full squat if you just give me a little press and then drive sound good all right here we go we've got 30 seconds what I'm ready for this do all right here we go three two one we are on down press good so you take it to your tempo that's going to challenge you we've got three rounds of this that's right three rounds so I need you to stay focus I need you to have happy thoughts we've got 15 seconds here bringing the lot away let's go ha good almost 10 seconds ha beautiful come on come on let's 5 then we rest for 15 seconds and 3 2 1 Oh so good so good I get anything yeah shoulders legs I feel good all right next move we're gonna make it to the ground just like the shoulder taps we're going to keep our hips level and balance those margaritas and watch us here we go 3 2 1 we're gonna pull and pull so remember that modification you could be on your knees but take the knees a little wider that'll give you more stability yeah that feels good yeah no spilled matches no spill over here good stay with it whoo nice oh man it is burning three two one all right so we're gonna take it to alternating jump lunges but the option here is to just keep the dumbbells and take it to where a burst lunch yep all right you ready here we go three two one we are on whoo yes so use those arms we drive it up and you take it to your tempo 30 seconds to really give it what you got oh I know yeah I know if so whoa happy thoughts you're keeping me motivated right now oh yeah slow but the speed five seconds good but three two oh yeah yeah oh yeah awesome job you guys yeah I'm feeling that just going to a higher tempo whoo all right now we're gonna go side to side we're going from one foot to the next okay option here is to hover the back leg and push up alright here we go three two one we're on I know but guess what your legs are going to fall off it's not from this good you got it 15 seconds think about exploding from the one foot to the next whatever level you're taking it out I just want you to be challenged and really push yeah building strength behind those legs sit into the booty feel three two we got one more move before we go on to second round all right get your dumbbells out of the way of your mat we're gonna go into a hollow body hold so we're laying on her back oh yeah she knows what's up yeah we're going to lower the legs to lowest point we can keep her back flat arms at our side or up by your head your option here we go we're on for 30 seconds oh good so if you're getting tired or it's a little much you can draw you can bend the knees and you can bring the legs up a little higher as long as you feel that cord gauging oh yeah that's what I want I feel your shake oh my gosh three two one Oh relax hard to keep the bathroom floor I know that's the challenge but it's good job done okay we're gonna rest enjoy it grab some water for Eunice we're gonna do that two more times got it same thing so good and cool down I love it how the temples kind of changed they can't get you to that cuz I'm warm I'm feeling the burn and now I'm able kind of like tone it up hold it up challenge your endurance yeah apply that a slow moments that we did and did some more dynamic of us got it all right so grab those dumbbells we're going back to that squat to that overhead press here we go three two one you're on squat address oh I am sweaty 12-pounders in your hands but you know what I would say I regret it but I know that I'm gonna get stronger going in and out we got ten seconds left good good you're doing so great we have five almost there three two one all right oh yeah this pro amazing my team is amazing well keeping me motivated are you leader is leading all right so my favorite drink is boba tea oh yeah I gotta get every single boba let's got 15 seconds almost there almost there freeze happy happy thoughts we got those lunges coming up in five good three two one whoo hi okay so if you want to grab those dumbbells for those lunges go for it but we've got those jump lunges if you want that option here we go three two one you're on 30 seconds here I gotta remind myself to breathe so important that is so important when the pain gets tough you just gotta breathe and you know what that happens in life too when life starts to get really stressful I just tell myself three three three two oh I almost fell over on that one it's so good I like how you know if you don't jump you can still get that cardio in cuz this is like core stability cardio up there's a lot without the impact okay so put those dumbbells down if you have them we're going to those skater jumps or lateral bounce here we go three two one let's go uh-huh let's go good if you're doing the bounds maybe try to go a little higher or further if you're on the skaters maybe go a little faster you got it Hagen oh boy okay get those weights out of the way hollow body hold oh yeah ready all right here we go three two one we're on oh my goodness my abs are already burning oh I brought this workout I love it sometimes I wonder how I inflict this pain on myself but I know it's good we obtained it's good pain ha ha ha ten seconds remember you could bring those legs up if you want you got it let's go oh yeah my little mama tummy is getting stronger each minute eight-second right they're gold you're amazing okay so now we got more I was gonna say are we keeping up yeah one more I'm trying to kill myself up it's that easy okay well I got I just I just alright here we go alright yeah yeah I love it I love it yeah I'm sweating dripping out oh here we go last round best round here we go three we don't have to do it again after this so we're gonna conquer this exercises conquer us do it we're gonna crush it let's go 15 come on hi Faraday good give me 10 10 more seconds that is it let's go yes that's 5 good huh let's meet back okay no spilled margaritas no spill Bobo's misspelled monsters we got this yeah we need those we need those it might be a high slot all right yeah it is so hard not to rock side to side I know you know we're firing up the stabilizers almost you got it give me five awesome three two one we've got the jump lunges you tell myself up here okay you ready so good here we go working it last round I know yep if you're on those dumbbell lunges stay focused maybe pick up the pace a little bit you're doing so amazing that's ten I know I know give me five right now three two I always feel like my legs are gonna fall off but I have to remind myself no no no no they're not going to yeah okay put those dumbbells down tell them we're going side to side we're almost done two more movements and we stretch all right we're on left a little bit I know it's fun 20 seconds happy thoughts I like to make a puppyland penguin they make me happy motivated ten seconds there we go almost give me five good three well stressed okay this is like where the mental focus needs to come in five seconds ready 30 seconds I know the moment you press your back and yeah just all turn on you got bets we're almost finished I know fifties is where I like the whole Lucca yes and give a little extra weight I love it this is a good baby exercise to get the baby out let's go safety safety first sorry ladies good job if you've got I got for you and I've got an air high-five for you air high-five to all of you oh my goodness that's not ourselves cooled down a little bit heart rate Oh all right swing yourself up let's cool down I love it so I'm gonna have you just sit like you're chilling out like this we're gonna bring our hands behind us and we're just going to drop our knees side to side oh nice yep hi bud okay so now when we're here I'm gonna have you just drop them to the left and we're gonna pick ourselves up and square ourselves to our shin and we're just gonna fold ourselves over if you can get enough of a stretch this here great if you want a little more you can get a little bit lower so nice feels really good but if it doesn't because if you don't do enough hip stretches I want you to focus on breathing as we mentioned earlier this is so important so focus big inhales and exhales try to give yourself three full long inhales and exhales that'll give you something to think about it versus how much it hurts it's so good cuz I feel it all the way through my side now yeah we do the head inside yeah feels really all right when you feel good going to take your hand press yourself up we're gonna dip our legs side to side again add a little bit of movement okay let's go ahead and land it on the other side same thing pick yourself up square yourself that chin fold yourself over the best to your ability so you could feel that stretch through your head on yourself Oh what I love about this workout so much is that you can start so light and then move up and so you can do this workout it's such a good workout that you can do on and over and over and then still get stronger and stronger so awesome and it's really cool to see how much stronger and how much more control you can get with the tempos – it's amazing okay so now we're gonna bring it back to neutral so where we were when we started but we're chilling out so before when we were dipping our hips side to side where our pelvis was kind of moving side to side now I want you to keep it super still and we're just gonna drop a one knee in so don't let your self completely drop I just want you to let that new come come in but keep that butt cheek on the ground it should feel good nice internal rotation oh yeah mm-hmm keeping the butt cheek down is hard for my body right so I'm really tight here yes me too me too and that's normal yep I'm one of those people when I sleep I have my knees out and I like I'm sorry external rotation is like so easy but this now to keep those hips healthy mmm all right other side same thing whoa I feel it on that mine's worse on this side too ah it's really nice to try new stretches you know and just see where your body is tight or there's tension yeah because you don't want to work on this stuff that you're already flexible out you want to work at the stuff that yeah the tighter little tight yeah all right now I want you to bring both legs in front of you and we're just gonna bring both arms behind our back you can either clasp your hands or just put them back behind you and you're gonna take your head to the right I'm just feeling a nice stretch like actively trying to push the shoulder down while you stretch the neck yeah it's a hurt so good kind of thing you know oh that feels so awesome yeah especially if you're at your desk are you driving a lot get that tension up in the neck and shoulders mm-hmm all right so resets a neutral same thing try to get your neck nice and long and really press down on that opposing shoulder so you're thinking about actually stretching them away from each other all right now we're gonna go ahead and bring the arms up nice and high like we did in the beginning class we're gonna take a big inhale in and then we're gonna exhale fold ourselves over kind of reach your knees your shins your toes whatever you can reach take a big breath in and then we're gonna do it again one more time and then we're gonna try to reach a little bit further for the last time here we go reach up and then try to touch your toes fold yourself over see if you can reach a little bit further oh yeah yep we're gonna hold it here for 10 more seconds good breathe les five excellent three two and you are done getting yourself and a nice job today get on Pitino we got the lovely and a crystal thank you so much yeah we did awesome


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  7. Just completed this workout and it was the best I’ve done so far with this channel! Love the positivity that was shared throughout the workout.

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