4 Fitness Lovers Try Korean Cooling Products | Reduce Body Heat | 4 Reviewers

4 Fitness Lovers Try Korean Cooling Products | Reduce Body Heat | 4 Reviewers

like oh but snake I don't know my name is you some people call me HK because it's so hard to pronounce hi my name is Sam I'm a graduate student and I like to work out a lot Jonel ease of will just call me Li had a concert on Tavo Hellmund Raju sorry page 2 op join from Harley religion and Peter who isn't hi my name is Haley and I'm a grad student at Southern University I just I usually go to Fitness Center four to five times a week and work out very little air aerobic I do weight training mostly I do some cardio I just went on a trip to Jeju to write around three or four three days on a bike but usually I do four days of weight training per week oh man let's Ling MooMoo Roja Greg who knew personally didn't touch walk and it th one mo need a weight training which for me I like taking spin classes otherwise I just worked out just just a regular workout join the proposal you don't talk with them when I hear it boom kurodo mid-year cheerleader check I ordered homogeneous of porridge a una Kea contra mundum cohesive uh I get cold easy and I don't I don't sweat that much Fujiki herself as of normal insulin day we passed he was a big trend the Hammonds of even motive it wasn't the repetitive oh come on honey kill some kill should have the badges of memory Oh mommy her daughter people to Allah and Allah to Allah the most elemental woman in genome of the shower it's very cool kind of feels like a sausage I can't eat it town gently doesn't it I don't know how all the approval to make it what are you doing sure ones with old fun like a wet snake I don't know like I'm known my head like this oh I think you tie it on eat your head like your get pat your head gets find when you go no no do you put it around your necks so they cool cools you down like this Finnick oh ok it's like a cooling thing so do you put this around a neck Abu ganas Kapoor I see a lot of other sees doing this at like the mountains and stuff we come or eh you're punishing at all you're gonna get to me soon word at we're Lehman den where I thought the what didn't a squatter okay I can do plank push-up 34 just okay I don't think I can do for any push-ups I support only you're doing away with the tape from going on and I do five sets of it every day and really helped a lot oh my god it's definitely cool I think if you can get over the embarrassment of wearing this in public well I don't think I like the design I think it's too cute otherwise I'm dirty MA we'll get to Louisa Nica from shore Anika the trombone doing I'll give them what you know I definitely cool me down pig maybe when I go outside on a hot day boy for what I might actually use it because I was aware that this thing was on my deck and I was aware I had like 27 were setups to do and that was not a pleasant thing oh how much it cost I'd say maximum 4,000 won 10,000 won right among which one pebble this tunnel I think I won't purchase it personally but if someone would give it to me as a present then I might use it in like two or three times in a hot summer you took Anya or decoy I think if it's 2001 I would buy it oh joy Hyundai against ha ha bouquet they do to la Monica's she would had some time to economy maybe if I had a dog I would like get it for her to put it around her neck but I don't think this is really good for exercising because this thing gets loose and it's just keeps moving around it's like a handheld fan right some sort of liquid inside of a in the light one using gate that would be this thing has like the water stuff in it ah thick water comes out oh okay oh now I see okay cool so this basically off has this uh moisturizing function Jim you give them up putting it in the deep okay I like this one better I think this is great but can you change out the water though but like you know how people like when like women put on like facial mist to stay hydrated if the is this just regular water maybe if you put like like toner or like some makeup stuff products in here yeah it'd be better but this I don't think this would um ruin my makeup or anything I'd say about 25,000 won just have a water thing Vaman Banu nasal bunny challenge number oh my god really oh okay so is this like a hot item because I water in it okay cool yeah as I say I ordered that money but how much income – mom love it you got are you gonna show me tiger cubs you guys Hubble or Tony Little bison of all you know because I don't want to carry around offend but if I were to choose one then I would pick this one Serg cool sports cooling spray what is the surge you stand for it all I think it's supposed to make the sweat smell go away no on whatever you whirring cools you down Lucy Lou Caputo's on Sean armor from GOG kitchen gentlemen ready once the costumers I don't see what the difference is between just spraying water and I don't know I just see like scented water at the wind okay that's [Laughter] Berg I mean you guys have talked about bodyweight squats so I thought oh the work that's gonna be pretty easy didn't really see this coming oh yeah it's on the bottom I would get more than one agenda I think so I can't talk how do people do the whole was it's like 17 minutes oh my god she came over to my cell Tommy on Burpee okay but let you imagine that you're getting paid like millions of dollars if you talk while you exercise maybe dr. Omalu is right Toronto movement changed our when your watch kappa so you really feel the difference between the two sides at this point because Marty sweaty and I feel like the cool miss only had a cooling effect when it just was applied but then right now it doesn't really feel much different you do what I do I not really I'd say yeah it was uh this size this side was much cooler in the beginning before the workout but afterwards I barely recognize any difference I think it feels cool when you're applying it so it looks like effective for that one second but that doesn't have a last exact effect after that Shani determine each one cartoons the sutures Degas hands I didn't touch it oh not you Mindy yeah in the beginning it felt really nice but oh right now feels just the same watching what she said actually Jim are unhappy Jim I did I'm telling you seen it God it really really hot as you can tell I sweat a lot so really odd could I have some cooling Felix please twelve thousand do you know her she left see I could run it in person there 12,000 won I drag out a footlong size sub subway with that money I bought you two on you I think I'd buy one of those fans for 12,000 you know what I would rather just get like a spray bottle and put it with water I think it's like the same thing I think I know this I think I've seen this before is it isn't it basic Lego you apply it on your head rub yourself with it and it cools you down I guess so do I put this like this I know Shawn I think put it on your leg skin you are you use this when you get shots like shots like to UM like to paralyze you a little bit so it's cold like this for 2 to 3 Hertz does it been a great massage imagine what to national team I see oh I don't know cause like I don't want to I I don't like touching my face or my skin with my fingers so it actually feels really um like it's really cool so I've been so wrong with the price guessing time I'm afraid to make a guess I think I'm gonna be wrong anyway uh you hope that it's cotton man or to my son like nineteen thousand one it's a little bit too person others again yeah ninety thousand one can't get off Tommy I think I'd uh on the fan yeah the one with the moisturizing effect I think yeah I think that's the most attractive item for me I see white yeah I think there will be the first one because I just felt like an immediate deep huffing and cooling effect on my skin and then I think my second choice would be the fan with the water coming out yeah support a primo yogi Netanyahu condo who know how Martin look even day you're gonna never wash that anything happens the fan the mist fan I said I don't buy fans like those fans that cuz I lose it all the time even if I don't sweat much I do get hot so if I carry it around I think about the thirties I hope you guys had a great time watching the video and subscribe and like and leave a comment down below Jamie kpop Emma Cooper to IO Takeo thank you very much bye-bye


  1. Hi Wishtrenders!!! What did you think of the products our 4 Reviewers reviewed? Let us know which you would buy, and why, in the comments below~

  2. HK seems so serious. I bet he has a serious face on when he's eating chicken.

    I wish I had the same legs as Sam's! Like her, I also sweat a lot, which I think is an effect of being a cardio addict.

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