4 TIPS: When to reach out for Professional mental health help? | Kati Morton

4 TIPS: When to reach out for Professional mental health help? | Kati Morton

Today I want to talk with you about when it's important to reach out for professional help. I got a question in a Monday video a few weeks ago that I thought was really important and something that I hadn't addressed in a video directly. And that is, when do when do we know that our mental health has reached a crisis level? And when do we need to reach out for professional help? And the truth of it is that it can be really difficult for you to discern. Oftentimes, we'll go through periods where we don't quite feel like ourselves or we can feel down or we can have moments of anxiety but when is it important that we get professional help? The first question that I want you to answer for yourself is does this bother you most days? That's something that I take into consideration for myself whether I should be going back to therapy. Like, am I ruminating about this most days? Does this bother me most days? Am I feeling depressed most days? Am I struggling with eating most days? Am I feeling really anxious most days? You can put in whatever symptoms you're feeling and think if it's bothering you most of the days. The second question that I want you to answer for yourself, is it impairing your ability to function? This could be at work, this could be at school, this could be your ability to concentrate and remember things, to engage with friends and family. Is it imparing you in any way? Do you find yourself struggling to get up or get showered or get ready for work or school? Are any of those things being impaired? 'Cause that's sign number two that you should probably reach out for help. The third question, and this one rings true for me, oh my God, so much, and that is, do you find yourself being overly emotional in situations that don't call for it? This could be anything. I'll speak from personal experience that I will cry at sad commercials. We're not even talking full movies. I'm talking commercials. It happens like "poof!" Or, if someone asks me how I'm doing, and they're actually a close friend of mine, for me just beginning to talk about what's going on, I'm like "woah!" and I can't even handle myself. And that is a sign for me. I'm like, "I gotta call Janna and get back to therapy 'cause shit's not good." So the fourth tip is that if you have answered "yes" to any of those questions that I posed, please get help as soon as possible. This can be making an appointment with your GP, your primary care doctor, whatever, in order to get a proper referral. You also may want to see your doctor and get checked out and make sure it's not coming from a medical condition. But please contact someone, get a referral, rip off that band-aid and make that call. I know it's really scary and it can feel really overwhelming and we don't know, what if we don't like the person, or what if we haven't been in therapy before or seen a professional in any capacity? Is it–how's it going to be? And I have tons of videos on that, and I will link it here and I'll put some playlists in the description for these because I think it's really important that we recognize that it's always scary to do things for the first time, but I promise you, therapy and seeing a professional is never as scary as we imagine. We're people who spend our whole lives training and educating ourselves to help you and to be empathetic and [music starts] understanding and listen. And so the whole process, I promise to you, is never as scary as we think it's gonna be. So please reach out for help. And if you're new to my channel, click here to subscribe and make sure you like this video. It's so important that we share mental health information and tell YouTube how important mental health is. And if you're not a member of the community, hop into the comments and get the conversation started. The wonderful thing about the Kinyon community is that we're helping each other by sharing our experience and together we learn more and we feel better. So I will see you next time! Subtitles by the Amara.org community


  1. Started crying whilst watching this video and then number 3 pops up and I'm like yes! I need help but don't want to talk to anyone about it because I feel like they would think I'm attention seeking or something. Mental health problems run in my family so it wouldn't surprise me if I had actual problems but the thing is i don't know because I don't open up to anyone about anything which sucks but I can't help it I want to tell people but I can't

  2. I have been worrying about silly little things everyday and it sucks. I get so anxious that I can't sleep sometimes. Right now I can't sleep because I keep thinking I am going to die if I fall asleep. I also have horrible social anxiety and I start to panic before I talk to someone or order a cheeseburger at McDonald's. I feel so stupid because I know I shouldn't worry but I do. My friends always tease me about being a paranoid freak too.

  3. Yes, yes, yes and yes but no, not going again I've seen 4 in the past 5 years. Just over talking to people that just tell me shit that I already know and clock watch.

  4. I am so glad I found this channel! I have dealt with depression for many years, and recently went back into therapy after several years doing ok. My therapist is great! She does DBT – that's how I first met her. Very tough, but very good. I just found your channel yesterday, and have been watching your videos ever since. I would say they're a great distraction, but they make me think too much. 😵😨 Thank you for doing this!

  5. i was diagnosed with chrons as soon as I turn 21 and have bipolar I have no idea how to handle it my parents and partner do what they can butt they don't understand how I feel 24 hours a day ,sadly don't have health care so pay out of pocket for check up I have to get colonoscopy and have no idea how to pay for it ,Not a happy time in my life

  6. well. I answered yes to all of these. Except the tip to actually go out and get help was an absolute HELL NO

  7. Hey Kati Morton, I just want to say, thanks so much for this inspiring video! You really gave me the best advice ever! I'ma go to a mental facility now, police are waiting! <3

  8. I need mental help but I can't afford it. My suffering is reaching a serious level now. I tried to hurt myself. Something that I wasn't able to do before. I feel useless and worthless. I can't afford a psychiatrist/psychologist.

  9. Nice video Kati, I feel I'm just very depressed about being single and this bothers me almost everyday. It really limits my life because many places I go that's all I can think about, and I'm so bummed about seeing others going steady in relationships. It's hard to know if professional help could help with this.

  10. If you're younger, you'd need to tell your parents. But what would you do if you're parents believe you're " too young " to be dealing with such issues or " never looks like it "?

    i don't quite know what i'm saying.. sorry.

  11. I live in Ireland and the mental care here is so bad, its really expensive and any counselor or psychologist ive seen have not been helpful, ive often left sessions feeling worse about myself and hopeless about my situation, they hardly even listen to anything you say and often just ask the same generic questions so sessions go round in circles, they dont care, they seem like theyre in the job just because it pays well. I know so many people who've had the same experiences here. The charity run help lines dont work, no body answers the phones or replies to emails. On the rare occasion somebody does reply its often a student volunteer that dont know what to say, its so patronizing its like theyre reading from a script, they repeat your sentences back to you like a parrot. Some of them have been called out as scams but they all seem to be. There's a suicide epidemic in Ireland and it feels so hopeless. I wish I could get help.

  12. I answered yes to them all, but this has been happening for so long I don't remember how I normally function

  13. I have had two bad experiences with therapists now… Both were social workers. One had such an overloaded number of cases that she was only able to see me for 30 minutes at a time, and I felt very rushed by her. The other (my latest therapist) seemed extremely indifferent to what I had to say, and I felt extremely judged when I told him I occasionally used cannabis/psychedelics, his reaction was to label me as a drug abuser. I am really getting tired of having bad experiences and not getting the right fit with people. 🙁 I wish I had the motivation to continue trying, it's quite exhausting trying to find a therapist that fits both you and your insurance. I know I need therapy, I definitely meet all your criteria in this video.

  14. I'm so scared of going BACK to therapy. because I feel like I failed….
    I was in therapy a couple months ago and thwn left because I was better. but now I feel so depressed and anzious again and I want to go back but I'm scared of what my therapist will think of me. and I feel embarrassed that I couldn't even hold it together for a year…

  15. and sometime I feel really depressed than goes away than I get sad sometimes angry and only thing that soothes me are my guitar if it weren't for my guitars I think I would have ended it but I love my guitars so much I didn't do myself in but I do get very depressed from time to time

  16. I answered yes to all of these, and have been googling for a good therapist. Do you have any recommendations for one in The Valley? Thank you!

  17. Kati – I have a question that (I hope) relates to seeing a professional. I have struggled with Clinical Depression and Anxiety Disorder my entire life. I was DXed with both 15 years ago and put on Cymbalta. Earlier this year it stopped working, so my NP – also the one who prescribes it – switched me to Zoloft. I'm noticing a difference, but she also wants me to see a Psychiatrist. I haven't seen any type of Psych person in a number of years. Would the reason be that she wants a 2nd opinion on the Zoloft? What do you think?

  18. Hi Kati! I've been struggling a lot recently with emotions and stress and what it think is anxiety and depression and a bit of disordered eating. I've struggled with all this stuff for quite a while but more recently it's become more and more prominent and invasive. I really want to go to therapy because I feel like it might help, but I'm scared of asking my parents to go to therapy. We don't talk about stuff a lot and so I feel like if I ask they will want to know why and if I tell them-especially my mom- they will think it's stupid or that I don't need it because they think I'm fine and I just want attention because my mom has done similar things to me before and to my sister when she told my mom about her issues. So I really don't know how to ask them for help. Any ideas or helpful tips or advice?? Anything would help!

  19. Hi, I really want to get help from Professionals. But I'm afraid to talk to my parents about it. I'm only 14, but I am really struggeling. what can I do? I really don't want to talk with them about it, but paying for a therapist will not do without them. please help me if you're riding this. you are very inspiring and help me a lot with you videos! xoxo

  20. Hi Katy, my name is Jessica and i'm 21 years old. i have problems communicating with my parents, i dont know whats wrong, but the words just wont come out. i think they have accepted that i "dont really like talking". but it bothers me. i do love my parents, but when they try to ask me about my day, or what im doing, i feel irritated and annoyed. even if i know they mean well. can you please tell me whats wrong with me?

  21. No doctor, no person I can talk to, no money, no energy. I enjoy your videos but I still can't find the answer.

  22. hey kati, as much as i want to be able to seek out professional help, i don't have any insurance. is there any websites or anything that you know of that can help people find free mental health in their area?

  23. Any advice for how to get over the fear of asking for help and actually getting to the doctor to ask? I think that maybe I might have a bit of an eating disorder but most days I don't want to be stopped from the things I do. Other days I get all messed up in my head and think maybe I need help but managing to get the energy and drive to get myself to a doctor and then actually say out loud I think there's a problem is so daunting of a task I just hide away. I'm not normally a wimp but I can't manage to do this…

  24. ha i have BPD I am a wreck often lol and i can function even when extremely suicidal or thoughts(probably due to dissociation/realization ugh)i just finished therapy in feb i think im okay so far im gonna go with the how many days have i felt like this …of course this then means paying attention sigh…drs do not recognize how bad i am as i dissociate i cant help it but it sure is frustrating i now write pre planned cards anticipation the questions i,ll be asked and im very honest on paper its like ive tricked myself..saved my life last time….best trick is if you think you are unwell get in sooner than later it gets harder the more unwell you become .

  25. I'd like to know, how can I stop the feeling of lonliness? I get anxiety when I'm alone in my room with just the door closed. I've never been close with any family, even with them I feel alone. Is there a solution to stop this chronic feeling of lonliness or a previous video on this subject?

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