4:30 am Morning Routine

4:30 am Morning Routine

good morning everyone if you're new to my channel my name is Isabella I am a freshman no I'm gonna be a sophomore here at Carnegie Mellon I make videos here I need to learn to collage health and lifestyle so be sure to subscribe if you want to scare on maybe watch my videos yes I am by that college I am back into or this is my first video now at home I am back at school for the summer I'm going to be an RA for the Tressler program here as well as doing a few other things so I'm back in my dorm and it's my first video right now it is for 3d and I figure I do a 4:30 a.m. wedding routine actually 4:45 that's essentially anywho also one of the first things I do in the morning besides being coffee it's 4:45 let's take my all the woman's perfect multivitamin is not wanted but you know me so no for 30s obviously very early however we have been an RN training this whole past week so it sounds last Wednesday Tuesday and we have re training until tomorrow so it's mental mean and being an RA and you have to stay up until probably midnight 1:00 a.m. and make me share all of my cousins are asleep okay and so because I'd see that I'm not gonna be able to make up a say again and naturally I am the biggest morning person the entire route it's so weird I honestly don't like it because I can't sleep in like what I want to but it happens rather than con so I am very productive in the morning I wake up early naturally obviously it's an alarm to get up this early but I do feel my best must be I've been most happy in the morning so I figured why can I wake up this early also I do to get in a run before our training starts catches you in the morning because I don't like running that at night it's not very safe and I get tired so probably get it in the morning so I plan on to me I really can't do things about coffee I know it's bad and my cup right here and they're going to be adding in some coconut milk really I don't do too much in the morning sets run but I'll be show you guys what I do the mornings like breakfast and whatnot I would love to have hot lemon water and other foods for breakfast but I am Anna dorm so my options are a bit limited which is okay but another thing I do to sleep in the morning which I'm about to do is my laundry I liked this trick last year but the laundry room is always full and I do my laundry very very often because I wouldn't say anything a lot and I'm trying to have a capsule type a wardrobe deal so I do any laundry I put it in in the morning then right before I go round I put it in the dryer then I come back my clothes are done so it's a perfect system so I'm about to go take my clothes down to the launcher and then come back up here for breakfast and a little bit of breaking and then going on a run I'll juice you breakfast and obviously my coffee would love the hot tub little man water also but that's not option right now also a ton of water out of my hydro glass very basic I know and I'm also having a comb a crowbar I eat this before longer run and today I'm also one thing I do in the morning is I always try to do work so because I am most productive so the most important thing I need to do right now is edit my video for tomorrow especially when I'm working these like this where the hours really 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and you don't really know how the day's gonna go this really is the only time I have to myself to get work done for my personal stuff so I'm gonna be working on a youtube video for tomorrow also I do mess around a little bit like surf the internet watching YouTube videos but mainly I do work sneak peek at my latest video you should already be watching this so here's my try on hollow for some grins so I'm dressed I'm ready to go around it is 554 which is a little bit late because I try to start at 6 and I have to use the bathroom and put my laundry away but you know no biggie so I'm wearing my Hudson choice from outdoor voice is the ones that have a pocket right here for your phone you can't really see it but that's it and then I'm wearing my double time bra from outdoor voices in the ballerina pink color and then I am wearing a shirt sometimes I'll run just my bra but it's a bit cooler here that in Texas also have my breakfast lunch on and my Garmin running watch so we're gonna get started I have 7 miles I think I'll also try to switch it but I really need to like front load this week get some more miles in so I'm gonna go put my laundry the dryer go run I'll check back with you guys after the not really feeling that great lately occasionally hilly really slow but he was having it down because of Iranian not eating enough for sure and not drinking enough so he's I'm getting in my miles pushing myself as much as I can so that's I gotta go get my laundry kinda running late so later alright so I'm done my run and like I said not the best fraud of my entire life I've just not been feeling great lately that make sense with working this much but I'm running a little bit late I did take a little bit longer on that runs unusual it was seven miles so it took me an hour of running time which is not that good but then like I took breaks and saw fights and whatnot but now I have to go showers so I'm not gonna wash my hair I've been trying when I'm out school I usually don't wash my hair for home two or three days she goes things all the time it's not very good for it but in the shower I'll be using I know everyone likes seeing products and whatnot this Brazilian foreplay showers y'all I got this in my pocket fun box a face wash we're finding micro polish also from fabfitfun and I might use this mutagen and you wash like the normal fee also try it you can drink a lot of water go shower and then they do a little bit makeup so that is what I'm up to you right now it's on 7:30 I have to be up here right 45 so [Applause] so for my snack after because today is gonna be super busy and I'm gonna be hungry I put my haven't gonna have a banana and a tangerine I like my banana is that right yes I know some people think it's weird but that's oh here's done I put it in the freezers that could show a little bit because I really don't like room-temperature fruit so I put in the freezer for about I'm gonna do it for about five minutes but I get ready lately I've been obsessed with like Kenzie Elizabeth magie McDonald like the whole groups on my kind of binging all their videos so that's what I'm gonna watch I get ready and then I need to do less makeup because I've been wearing so much makeup lately and like there's literally zero reason for me to like so today I'm just gonna do Proust do a little bit of powder eyeliner mascara usually I will do like contour eye shadow highlight blush like the whole bit when there is literally no reason for me to do that so I'm gonna do my makeup in like five minutes so I'm going to be using this elf cheer ten finish glossy a boy brow and brow flick my ICO eyeliner and then heart mascara and I'm gonna try that making this my makeup routine [Applause] okay so I just finished and I moved over here still is butter but I kinda like how it turned out not wearing as much so that's exciting I have about 40 minutes that's why I have to leave I'm going to start to eat my oranges and my bananas right so finish outfit I am about to head out to get started with a very very long time or day of Aria trading and work and whatnot so I hope you guys enjoy today's morning routine yes I do you wake up at 4:30 I know I'm not gonna be doing this every day I only get this like until I have to start staying up for being an RA so I if I had like my ideal morning routine like I'd pretty much wake up early it's pretty much what I do at home as well but you know you can't always do that so I'm just happy to have been able to waking up early here well I cut so I hope you guys enjoy today's video be sure to leave a comment down below give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you're not already and I will see you guys in the next video bye


  1. FYI: you can make hot lemon water with your keurig, just don’t put a kcup in. You may need to run it twice because right after making coffee there may be a few grounds in your water, but the second time should be fine!

  2. I go to work at 4:10 am and i wake up at 3:00 am and i come back from work at 7:00 pm! 😩i wish if i had time to sleep! Thats my summer job!

  3. I’m an incoming college freshman and I love your laundry basket! Where did you get it/what brand is it? Thanks and awesome video as usual :))

  4. You know you don’t have to press the Keurig pod into the machine you just set it there and the top pushes it down for you? Anyway love ur channel 🙂

  5. I love waking up earlier in the morning too!! I feel like it’s so weird in college because no one else agrees haha

  6. Omg McNeil is the high school right next to where I live! I didn’t go there but have been there and know people that went there! Do you watch Gretchen Geraghty? She’s one of my favs and is BFFs with Maggie Macdonald.

  7. I love how you do your makeup and also your butterfly shirt looks so cute and I hope you have a great day and God bless you beautiful and see you in more vlogs soon byeeeee love Jasmine P.❤️🦋🤗💗🖤♥️😇🙏💭☀️💫

  8. Do you have a room all by yourself? Or do you have a roommate? I ask because I saw 2 beds but you have taken the desl under the bed. 🤷‍♀️

  9. Hey Isabella! I’m an incoming freshman at Pitt. I currently live in El Paso tx. I really enjoy watching your videos. I really appreciate all the time you put into them. Have a great summer!

  10. Do you bring water with you when you run onnlomger runs? I hate carrying a water bottle with me but also start to want water after 5k

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