5 Fitness Questions Answered For The LADIES

5 Fitness Questions  Answered For The LADIES

so we're gonna be talking about some awkward fitness questions very weird ones I get asked often it's going to be in this video and no other video again and by the way this is a video for women so guys please be respectful no nasty comments if you leave a nasty comment it will be deleted you will be blocked and banned from YouTube forever and you'll never watch another video of mine but you will be blocked which means no comments of yours will ever be read by anyone but yourself this is really just for ladies I'm trying to help you guys out alright so let's get started some of these are gonna be kind of funny bear with me some are very serious we'll start with will running make my boobs sag technically yes gravity that's an evil thing now just imagine up down up down you know what's gonna happen if you don't wear the right sports bra now that's why they make high impact sports bras and low impact sports bras if you're squatting you're doing bicep curls you can wear any sports bra you want but if you're doing aggressive cardio hit running doing crazy things you want something that like mmm you know keep them there don't make a move type of thing so if you take preventative measures it it will help a lot but if you're just letting them bounce up and down yeah they're probably gonna sag through time it's just gravity guys that was easy let's move forward why do I pee a little when I exercise has this ever happened to you yes okay there's only really effects women that have are pregnant or have had a baby or through age it starts getting loose down there and I know when this happened I was one of those tulips I heard about it it would not happen to me I remember I was doing squats I rocked it and went straight to the bathroom then I started doing kegels and I did him a lot so much I probably shouldn't have done him that much let's just say they work and they work very well so you want to do that if you don't know that means it's really hard to describe it I would just google it if I were you but yeah you're kind of using your muscles down there over and over and over and I used to do it till I couldn't anymore then I would stop and I would probably do that like four or five times a day which might be a little aggressive maybe you should do three times trust me on that do it three times but yeah it's it's awesome so if you're peeping a little do that next how do you prevent panty lines you never seem to have any panty lines this is a tough one guys took me forever um I've always worn thongs but they don't all do the trick now I'm going to show you well first of all you need to have stream period it needs to be strain no bows or fancy stuff on it and it has to be your size now sizing is so important I'm going to show you exactly why I'm going to show you a clip I don't know if I could do both clips so if I can't I'll do one and then the other but I'm going to show you what it looks like when I wear size to small about mediums and a bunch of thongs online I thought it would work Severn said it's super stretchy well guess what they were not they were too tight for me but same ones enlarge and then you're gonna see how the large looks compared to the medium so you see when it's cutting into you even though you're very lean and fit no matter what it looks kind of odd right cuz it's just like a cut off like and I know it looks strange not very appealing so you want to make sure to get the right thongs for that I will link them they're actually really cute so I'm going to show them to you guys I'm gonna buy more – I bought mediums I had to size up if you're an in-between size just size up it's better to have them loose than tight and they come in so many different varieties and super cheap I love how skinny there that is the trick guys if you buy the seamless thongs they just roll up and then they become like very not seamless they look terrible I bought a couple of those and I'm like these never work why do I keep buying them they really just roll up and then they look like a regular thong just bulging out of your side and so string thongs definite and size up always size up next one oh this one preventing camel toe I didn't know this was a secret thought everybody knew about it I think I know about it because despite the fact I five scissors they were not very helpful in the department of becoming a woman and I did at a very young age all the body issues started happening not issues because they're not issues but you know you're going through weird stuff and you got no one to ask and they're looking at you like crazy and then you later find out that all those things I have were happening to we're perfectly fine normal and healthy and actually kind of positive but we're not gonna get into that penny liners guys just throw one of these on and it completely takes care of it he knows me like that I've always worn diamonds if I don't wear one he's like babe you aren't wearing a panty liner why because it gives you chemicals we don't wear one they're thin they're very like just get the really thin ones you don't need anything too big they come in thongs and different shapes and absorbance ease which also benefits you when you sweat you know hits your crotch sweats – hey so for that reason always when you go to the gym wear one it's kind of awkward telling you guys that but yeah that's that's a good tip camel toe guys no one likes it except for guys in the bedroom huh yeah I'm always asked how come you don't like have it cuz even if I did I wouldn't put it on camera any for any reason I would not record that like but yeah panty liners do that guys um next one do you work out on your period I've covered this topic in other videos but yes I do and this person specifically was dealing with well it's gross I don't really see how it's gross I mean too much information where a tampon nothing is gross you know it's normal it's like any other day except a little bit of cramping but I absolutely love working out on my period takes care of cramps it just makes you feel better I've noticed when I was younger before I was active the more cuddled up and like in a ball I was honestly I would actually feel more pain it's like the the thing of just thinking about it you know it gets worse when you think about it your mind escalates the problem so the more you focus on it the more it's gonna hurt you but if you go through the day doing your normal tasks and you have your mind off of it sometimes you forget you're on it at least I do and I'm I'm a huge like I can say my suffering was terrible and he will vouch for me like hot water bottle to my tummy laying down practically in tears because it hurts so much so I suffered from it a lot and cuddles cuddles all the time which really helped but it from a person who suffered from it a lot I can tell you being active keeping busy during your period it was like the best life-changer thing ever sure I still do get cramps but they're manageable and I can walk like a normal human being and go through my day with them but I personally feel like they totally benefit you yes it's hard to get started because you're cramping a lot more at the time because you're not active and you're probably thinking about it so like the first like the initial step of getting into the gym is difficult but the minute you start moving you're gonna notice you feel so good give it a shot at least once I mean I know you can do it everyone has the willpower to do it at least once see how you feel and you're gonna like it because I spoke about it I do want to clear it up the whole tampon thing I know that everyone has their own idea what they what they like what they're anti so I'm not pushing that on anyone however I do want to take the minute to say because we you know when I was growing up again I had lots of sisters but I no help zero help they do tampons um you gotta use them responsibly you know they're they there is a possibility to get toxic shop toxic toxic shock syndrome I believe that's how you call it how you say it oh yeah Wow Google it but yeah it's it's a if you keep them in for too long or use them when you're not heavy bleeding heavy and you have this in you and it's dry and it's it's really not good for you so you got to use them responsibly there are natural ones too not just the drugstore brands that you see so you can find some that are much more natural and if you don't really like the idea of tampon you can just use it when you work out and usually a workout doesn't last more than an hour so you'll only have it in for about an hour and you're good and once you're it gets to the point where it's not even a heavy flow anymore you don't need to use it so you're looking at maybe using two in your period in your period yeah two in your period when you work out for an hour and that's it because working out with pads I I'm pretty sure it can be very uncomfortable and that's what's probably making you feel gross making you not want to hit the gym like I said there's a natural solution I'm pushing it on anyone to each their own whatever you choose to use I personally have been using tampons for a very long time and that's my personal choice but I'm not pushing it on you I just want to make that clear you know what I'm doing this video more like I'm talking to myself because I would have liked to have known a lot of this stuff instead of having to discover everything on my own so it's like I'm speaking to my past self or people that are you know like me back then who needed help and didn't have the help so yeah that's why we're making this awkward video guys all right so we will never speak about this again and if you see anyone ask this just direct them to this video I will do the same thing just go watch that video we do not talk about this I know because it's kind of awkward it's weird stuff but it is kind of necessary for some people because there's a lot of people who don't know about a lot of these things and it's not their fault like I said sometimes you don't grow up with the right people around your people that are open to share things or just help you out teach you as a girl sometimes you're kind of left to fend on your own and figure things out for yourself anyways that's all guys however I do want to take a minute say thank you so much for motivating me you guys have been leaving nice comments and really engaging in the videos which has been pushing me to make more videos because today was one of those days that in the past I would have been like and I'm not gonna do one today there's so much to do we're prepping for our party I have to you know check in with clients and all that stuff so I wouldn't have done one but you guys have really helped motivate me and I love that that you know like I am looking forward to sharing information or doing a video for you guys so for that reason thank you so much continue giving those videos alikes the likes likes it'll continue to motivate me if you haven't subscribed already be sure to do so hit that Bell for notifications every time I post a video and until next time bye guys


  1. Florina. Heard you talk about a big toe problem you were having on another video. I don’t now how I got it (stubbed toe, over use genetic?? Etc). But the base joint to my big toe was constantly sore. X-rays showed a 50% cartilage lose. Foot doc said approx 5 yrs to surgery needed. Until than modify workout ( no running, jump ropes, mountain climbs etc). And stretch toe out to stimulate stem cells. It’s call Hallux Ridgidus- stuff big toe- 2d most common foot problem. YouTube shows surgery options.

    This back in 2012 it’s now Jan 2019 and I’m still going but it is sore. Wear larger shoe, run stairs, bike sprints, 15 minute walk on treadmill.

    Hope you don’t have it but good luck

  2. Also you don't have to work out on your period. If you're in pain you can take the day off, and take a pain killer if you absolutely have to work out. If the flow is heavier take the day off, society always has us going all the time. We can take time to just relax even while living an active lifestyle.

  3. Man all of this just work out. I mean all you have to do is bring proper gym clothes and a water bottle. Like its not like people go to the gym to get asked out but most of time it's true.

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