5 Health Foods That AREN’T Healthy at All

5 Health Foods That AREN’T Healthy at All

hey and welcome back I just wanted to take a few minutes to help you understand the difference between foods that are actually healthy and health foods that are promoted and advertised to us every day it's very confusing sometimes I know it is and unless you do this for a living it's almost impossible sometimes to see through the advertising smoke screen and see the truth so before I continue please click this little button right here and subscribe to the channel and that way I can spread this word to more people to help more people and cure more type 2 diabetics prevent more insulin resistance and get rid of more obesity won't you okay let's talk about health foods that aren't let's talk about five health foods that aren't at the end I'm going to tell you one that's really really egregious that a lot of people would swear they would they would get mad and fight that it's really healthy when it's really not okay number one that that were advertised every day this is healthy for you this is good for you our sports drinks okay and I don't like to name brand names either for better or for worse but we all know what they are they're those neon green yellow and blue unnatural colored sports drinks and we're told that you need those if you exercise if you run if you play if you jump on the trampoline you need to drink a sports drink otherwise you could have an electrolyte imbalance you can get dehydrated who knows you might die right well that's all ridiculous no one needs to drink a sugared sports drink okay you can put a pinch of pink Himalayan unprocessed sea salt into your regular water and you've got the best sports drink in the world for two cents okay never ever ever again buy a bright pink or blue red sports drink unless you just like the taste and you know that it's a treat and it's not good for you at all then that's fine at least you're making an informed choice but to let your kid you're your child buy one of these and drink you're raising their blood sugar you're raising their insulin level don't do that it's not health-food at all number two is oats oats are a grain we were taught for the last 20 years on television commercials that oats are one of the best health foods in the world that they lower your cholesterol all of that is foolishness none of that is true okay that was all advertising hype I love that old guy with the big walrus mustache but he was an actor reading the script and getting a check for it okay he was not really your grandfather he did not know what he was talking about when you eat oats in the instant oats the the flavored sweetness and oats are the worst of all but even still cut rolled oats that you have to cook for a long time when you eat a bowl of those your blood sugar spikes immediately it oats have a higher glycemic index than eating pure table sugar with a spoon if you just ate your table sugar with a spoon your blood sugar would not go as high as if you ate cooked oats oats are not a health food don't fall for that now on any of these health foods if you don't believe me you know my motto prove it to yourself okay so in my other video about how to use a glucometer as a health tool get your glucometer out eat a big bowl of oats because I mean I love them just like you do but eat that bowl of oats enjoy it and then one hour later check your blood sugar and then you'll say gosh dr. berry was right okay next is flavored or sweetened yogurt everyone knows that yogurt is a health food we all know this there's no doubt about that except it's not true okay almost all of the yogurts you buy in the supermarket are flavored sweetened and if they're not flavored and if they're not sweetened they're still pasteurized and they still contain GMO products okay you all know it's almost impossible unless you go to one of the specialty groceries to buy a yogurt that actually has any meaningful levels of probiotics or the helpful bacteria in them a huge corporation who makes yogurt had to pay out millions and millions of dollars for false advertising because there which they had assured us and hundreds of television commercials contained all these good probiotics didn't contain any probiotics at all none okay so the yogurt you buy in the grocery is not a health food okay if you make your own yogurt if you make your own kefir and you use the right ingredients then maybe it's a it's a moderately good healthy food but the stuff you buy in the grocery store is desert okay the next one is whole grains we've been taught from the time we were in diapers that if something is whole grain whole wheat then it's healthy and good for us and we should eat a lot of it well any grain and that includes oats that includes wheat barley rye rice corn is a grain all of those spike your blood sugar immediately and most of them spike your blood sugar more than if you're eating pure table sugar with a spoon that's gonna in turn spike your insulin level and that's going to cause you to deposit fat on your belly and on your booty and in your liver and worst of all in your pancreas you do not want to eat whole grains whole grain bread is no more healthy for you than then the cheapest white bread you can buy stop don't believe the hype okay it's all advertising it's all to sell a product that was made in a factory from GMO products they're whole grains are not healthy okay next is and these last two are gonna get you and then the last one you're really gonna freak out okay granola that's the next one granola is not a health food what's granola made of it's made of some sort of sweetener and they'll try their best to pretend that this sweetener is all-natural and straight from heaven above but it's still a sweetener nonetheless which will spike your blood sugar right and what do granola bars always have in them oats or wheat or both right so those are both grains and those are both gonna spike your insulin so when you eat a sweetened oat granola bar you might as well eat a jelly doughnut literally the jelly doughnut would not spike your blood sugar or your answer any worse than the sweetened granola bar don't do it it's not a health food and last but not least the one you're gonna really freak out about everyone knows that organic honey is a health food it's it's natural it comes from bees how could it not be natural well here's the thing just because you say something is natural does it mean that it's good for you okay chicken poop is natural and organic but you shouldn't eat it got it the same way with wild organic unprocessed honey yes that's less bad than the processed crap that comes from China no doubt but it's still going to spike your blood sugar off the chart which is going to spike your insulin and then we lead down the fat cascade that we keep talking about there's no such thing as healthy honey okay I love the taste of honey I used to eat it all the time but back in my days when I was a fat doctor I finally discovered if I eat honey I'm going to gain weight and I don't want that and nor do you okay now if you enjoyed this video please take one second subscribe click the little bell so you get a notification every time I get a bright idea share it on social media so that your friends and family with insulin resistance diabetes or just a little overweight can learn from this video and I will see you next time


  1. ROFLOL! "Chicken poop is natural and organic, but you shouldn't eat it "… that's going to be my new motto. You start my mornings off right LOL. Thank you for that.

  2. Uh oh..I almost died in 2017 because of lack of potassium. I started drinking Gatorade for potassium. But, now they have come out with one called Zero, no sugar. That's what I'm drinking now. Uh oh, oatmeal? Hmmm. Yep, love oatmeal. Uh oh..The ER Dr told me to eat whole wheat bread. I really want to start keto but not set up to cook except nuke everything. I have had a GF grill for years, never opened. Bet I could cook my neat on that. Tyvm for your helpful videos.

  3. So what should I eat for breakfast? And I tried printing out your keto diet booklet, but it wouldn't print property.

  4. There are a couple of topics that I'd like to hear your expert opinion about. Topics that are not well known to the general public or spoken about in society. It's kinda like taboo with society to be spoken of and well known about in the Veterinary circles. Parasites, infestations and treatment options for humans. And Human toxocariasis, a silent condition and killer. The leading cause of blindness in America, and 10's of millions of Americans are infected and do not know it, and 14% of Americans die every year due to toxocariasis . The silent treatment needs to stop and the dissemination of information needs to be our best defense in the spread, infection and treatment of toxocariasis. It's my hope that you will be on the forefront of getting the news out to the public about these topics that effect millions of Americans everyday. No one should have to suffer in silence, anymore. I'd also like to know some proven, safe and effective, all natural ways to treat/cure such conditions as well, for such infestations.Thank you. Take care and God bless you.

  5. All of you. Do yourself a favor. FACT CHECK everything that comes from doctors. I can pinpoint a dozen outright lies in less than 7 minutes of his content.

  6. I worry about the competence of a pediatrician that advocates for high fat, high calorie, high sodium, high saturated fat, and high cholesterol meat diet. You are dangerous to your patients. Btw, table sugar has a GI of 74. Oats are 55. Also, do you forget what vitamins and minerals are? How much training do you actually have in nutrition?

  7. lol. Not too long ago I was dumb, and brainwashed still. I ate "Steel cut Oates" because they are "healthy for you" and it's "slow absorbing carbs" to energize you and minimal blood sugar spike. Well, the "slow absorbing complex carbs" ONLY spiked my blood sugars to 11 not even an hour later.

  8. I took a sip of it once and it went right to the trash. My heart was palpitating so hard, it is quite frightening.

  9. Thanks for laying the cards on the table doc.  Yes, it's sometimes hard to see through the smoke screen of advertisers.

  10. Im in scotland and just stumbled on your videos. I was just about to give up on the keto way of life brcause im so mixed up with all the info some missinfo thete is anout
    Im totally mixed up but iv found the videos you do very helpfull thanx

  11. I count on Doctor Ken D Berry’s advice all the time. And I do share his Videos with my Facebook Keto Group ❤️

  12. I am a subsciber Dr. Luv your channel and you are hilarIous to boot. Hahahaha. So remember all , DON’T EAT THE POOP. Lol. Thanx Dr. ❤️

  13. @ 6:42 – gotta show that one to my husband tonight. He said he'll quit sugar for his health, but wants me to buy a giant, ungodly expensive bucket of honey.

  14. What about high fat low sugar yogurt, and also for oats, does the fiber help slow down the blood sugar spike or prevent it at least a little bit? Just curious.

  15. Does quinoa have the same effect on your blood sugar? Also, would using a couple of dates to sweeten food be a better alternative?

  16. I was over at the store and now they are selling cashew cheese and cashew yogurt. There is something in the nut that is toxic. I really don't think concentrating these nut milks is a good idea.

  17. I'm subscribed ☺ thank you. One question, I live in Bosnia we don't have GMO grains, are they unhealthy too?

  18. Ya, I’m pretty sure eating oatmeal isn’t like eating table sugar with a spoon. Keto people are just like the vegans. It’s like a weird religion. I’m gonna now skip oatmeal and start doing the KFC drive through. Gotta get my fat in! Carbs bad, grease good. It’s not the oatmeal guys, it’s the processed added sugar garbage. No one has ever become a diabetic eating oatmeal. Sheesh.

  19. Are you saying the oats I buy at my local market are bad for me? I cook them without sugar and I use almond milk. Is that bad for me?

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