5 tips to ensure healthy sperm – Jesse Mills, MD | UCLA Health Newsroom

5 tips to ensure healthy sperm - Jesse Mills, MD | UCLA Health Newsroom

hi I'm dr. Jesse Mills with director of the men's clinic at UCLA here with another edition of hot topics in men's health today we're going to be talking a little bit more about how to improve a man's sperm count a lot of people don't understand the nuances of male fertility versus female infertility up to 25 percent of couples will find difficulties achieving pregnancy after six to eight months of trying we tend to be a little bit more proactive these days in counseling these couples to seek fertility counseling here's the deal though traditionally women were blamed mostly for fertility issues and what we found over the years is that in fact up to forty even fifty percent of the time in couples men are the problem therefore they need to get evaluated just as often as females to make sure we're giving these couples the best possible care to establish their pregnancy goals so here are five ways that men can improve their sperm the first what we know is that sperm like to be a little bit colder than the rest of the body speed thrills heat kills that laptop get it off your lap what we found is that when a man has a laptop directly on his lap it actually cooks his thighs and therefore his testicles to about five degrees hotter than they should be and we've seen sperm counts go down and then that have laptops on their labs for more than two to three hours a day we also find that there may be some transmission of Wi-Fi signals or even radiation that can be even more profoundly affected by Wi-Fi signals and by by having that laptop directly on there so heat kills speed thrills we want those guys to swim as fast as possible to that end number two is going to be stay out of the hot tubs stay out of the saunas stay out of hot yoga anything that really keeps that core body temperature up is going to cook those sperm and not make them viable so again heat kills speed thrills number three vegetables vegetables vegetables and fruit so when we find men that have diets that are high anti-oxidants and deep colored vegetables things like beets things like blueberries things like kale believe it or not all of those things can be really good for improving sperm motility and the quality of sperm number four exercise exercise exercise more hustle more muscle that's very important because we know that the men that are out there exercising whether it's running whether it's swimming whether it's weightlifting any of those things can really help improve the quality of sperm number five coffee but not too much so a little bit of coffee two to three cups a day has been shown to help improve the utility so that their sperm can get to where they need to go faster and better so a little bit of coffee is good now men that drink too much coffee greater than six cups have been shown to have impaired fertility my personal opinion is it's not the coffee but if you're drinking six cups of coffee a day you probably have other lifestyle factors you need to address reduce the stress get more sleep so a little bit of coffee is great too much coffee no good those are the top five ways that men can improve their sperm without even having to come see the doctor in the first place thanks very much you


  1. When you looked up: running quality or quantity (for weekly mileage) but get: 5 tips to ensure healthy sperm.


  2. my job is web developer , i used much time laptop on my legs . but not directly on legs, a bit heigher with a tablet table . is that also a problem ? i would like to make a sperm test , where should i do it !!?

  3. Been TTC for 14 months. After having a sperm analysis done last month my husband and I found out that 92% of his sperm are literally crap. My husband is no longer aloud to indulge in his beloved bubble baths. smh 🙄🤦‍♀️

  4. my husband who's 39 took a at home sperm test called spermcheck it came back as low result! can smoking, 2 pots of coffee a day and lack of sleep and no exercise change it to normal or even high if he quits all of that stuff!?

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  6. It's chlorella, citrline, Arganine, yoga, qigong, staying single, walking at least one hundred miles a week, not answering phone calls, being my own boss, not taking perscription medications, not watching TV. Not having a car, not talking most of every day. And Imagination of not needing to live forever, not needing gods😁

  7. Thank you when I eat and drink unhealthy sperm is low and eating fruit vegetables water and all healthy drinks sperm is better and there is so much

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  12. Stay away from vaccines.
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  13. Just stay away from ingredients that have Titanium dioxide, silica, any Nanoparticles…I kills mens sperms and et ..

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