5 Tips to Stay Healthy | Anandmurti Gurumaa (with english subtitles)

5 Tips to Stay Healthy | Anandmurti Gurumaa (with english subtitles)

Little bits of information in relation to your waking up, eating, drinking and sleeping. First. You know it very well. Rise and shine in early morning. Those who rise in early morning always shine. So if you want to be a shining personality, rise in the morning. Right? Getting up early in the morning. Then, after waking up, what to do? Have a stroll, walk a bit. And the most important job. No. No, no, no, no. No… No. Wait, Yes. To freshen up. To freshen up means to go to washroom. And make sure you clean up all waste material from your colon. You know why? If you have feces in your intestine, in your large intestine, then you will remain sleepy the whole day. Sluggish, idle, lazy. Its very important. Secondly, if you regularly do your bowel movement properly, pass the stool properly, then your appendix will never swell. You will never require an appendicitis operation. You have heard often about appendicitis operation. This is why it happens. Their appendix swells due to long term constipation, and constant irregular bowel movement. This causes a lot of trouble inside. If the feces remains deposited in the colon then it generates illness in the body. Now for our bowel movement to happen properly there is this third important tip. Drink about 10-12 glasses of water in a day. How much? I am not saying coca cola. Fanta, Thumbs-up, Mirinda, am not talking about them. What am I saying? Water. Water. Water is the life. And your body is 70% is water. So if you don’t drink enough water, your dehydration will happen. Constipation will happen. Skin will loose its shine and texture. Hair will begin to fall soon. You will become bald early. And I don’t think so you want to become a bald person, quickly. It should be delayed. Why get bald so early? Whats in it? Meaning what? Will you receive nobel prize on getting bald? Water 10-12 glasses. This was third important point. Now fourth important point. Before eating, one must wash their hands with soap.
You know it? Ok, you know it. But one thing you don’t know. Face should also be washed. Wash your face and rinse your mouth. Swish water in your mouth. Wash your face and hands with soap before you take your. Its very important. If possible, wash your feet before the meals. It will help in digestion. Then sit in front of your food and say ‘Pranaam’ to Lord. Thank you God for giving me this food. Enjoy the food, see the colors. See the. Enjoy the fragrance of the food. And then chew 32 times. How many times? Do this practice today. Right? Will remember today. I will have it announced during the lunch time also. 32 times. And you will see how amazing it is. Munching. Munching.Munching. Still doing the chomping. But the more hardwork you do here, your stomach will have to work less to digest. So even after eating food your energy will not go down.. Your won’t feel lazy. What happens is when you don’t chew properly and eat fast the whole burden falls on stomach. And to digest the food, stomach uses a lot of energy. The whole body’s energy is utilized. So after a few years, you will begin to find lethargy coming. And you must have seen. All adults after eating food, just fall on the bed. After eating, they cannot sit straight. First of all they eat so much. And after that since the body’s energy is used up in digestion they have to lie down. And if you lie down straightaway after eating then you are your biggest enemy. Because your digestion will be ruined. Flatulence, dyspasia, constipation, unease, heartburn all these symptoms appear. So after eating food, one should sit in Vajrasan ( the diamond pose). How many know about Vajrasan? So many, excellent. So fold your knees and just sit. If you sit for 7 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes, that’s it. After it you can do anything you like. Again one another important thing. Never hold your natural urges. Like, if you feel like going to toilet, then go. If you hold then the toxins increase inside your body. Diseases appear. Skin problems arise. Kidneys get damaged. Yawning, coughing, sneezing. These are all natural urges right. These shouldn’t be stopped at that time. I have seen many. I have seen girls especially. Once the sneeze comes, they just dissolve it internally. Don’t know what they do. Ok. I will give you one challenge. Sneeze, but the eyes must not close. Sneeze and your eyes do not close. That cannot happen. Then one must not stop the sneeze. This is a natural urge. If you feel like going to toilet never hold it. Sometimes if a class is going on, or you are sitting with friends. Many feel embarrassed in going. But there is nothing to get embarrassed for. If you keep holding your natural urges, then the body’s mechanism will get faulty. So if you have urge to go to bathroom, for toilet, sneeze, cough, yawn do it. And then say Excuse me. Thats it. What problem could one have? There is gas in the stomach and it wants to pass out. No problem. But if you stop it then the health suffers. So the health must not deteriorate. An important thing for your dental health. After eating your food, be it icecream, or any sweet. After eating, swish your mouth. Always clean up your dentures. If the sweet gets stuck or the food particles remain then the germs begin to propagate. Then pyorrhoea and many other ailments appear. Ideally speaking, one must brush with Neem twigs. It takes some time but the bitterness that goes inside with your tongue provides benefit to your stomach and skin.


  1. Gurumaa Pranam ..When u said about Icecream after food , I have a question here , since we all know that since body creates fire to digest food , will not icecream deffuse the same . Rather its advised not to have water atleast for 30 mins before and 1.5 hrs after food , only lukewarm is allowed .

  2. सनातन धर्म की रक्षा एवं उत्थान के लिये कार्य करने वाले सभी मानवरूपी देवों को मेरा प्रणाम।

  3. mam i have heard rising sun rays are bad to health..

    One who desires to live long should not climb the back of a cow or a
    bull, should not allow the smoke from a funeral pyre to touch his body,
    should not sit on the bank of a river,
    other than the Ganga, at dusk, should not allow the rays of the rising
    sun to touch his body and should not sleep during the day" ~ Skanda
    Since at sunrise the percentage of Raja-Tama-predominant
    particles in the atmosphere is more than in the sun rays, avoid contact
    with sun rays. The rays of the rising sun begin the process of
    disintegration of the Raja-tama-predominant particles, which have
    accumulated in the environment at night. This friction generates lot of
    heat in the environment. In addition, since the proportion of
    Raja-Tama-predominant particles in the environment during sunrise is
    more than in sun rays, these particles gain some amount of momentum
    along with the sunrays. Hence, we should avoid contact with these
    However during worship of the rising sun, it is said that
    rays of the rising sun should touch the body; some even recommend
    viewing them. To achieve control over the Tej-tattva, Shakti worshippers
    undertake spiritual practice by performing Traṭak (Staring at the sun)
    or penance by causing pain to the body by exposing it to the sun rays.
    However, for those following Sahajyoga (State of self-realisation
    produced by kundalini awakening (Dormant spiritual energy in the
    subtle-body), this is not necessary. #TheShivaTribe
    Worship at sunrise means undertaking maximum chanting during that
    period without coming into direct contact of the sun rays.' Intensity of
    the Raja-Tama-predominant waves being high during the transition period
    at sunrise and sunset, it is essential to undertake spiritual practice
    at that time. 'Raja-Tama-predominant waves start decreasing in the
    transition period during sunrise and start increasing in the transition
    period during sunset. These two being the main periods of concentration
    of Raja-Tama-predominant waves, to avoid adverse effects the individual
    is advised to undertake spiritual practice at sunrise and sunset to
    enhance its sattvikta. Once the sattvik waves in the individual
    increase, they create a protective sheath around the individual,
    reducing the ill-effects of sunrise and sunset.'

  4. Mata ji Kya din mey pani jaldi jaldi pee sukte hai kyuki sip sip pine ka time nahi milta or 12 glass bi pore nahi ho pate tuo kya 5 -5 MINUTES ka farak dal kar din mey pani jaldi jaldi pee sukte hai. Please batey aap ka bahut danaybaad hoga.

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