6 Easy Anti-Aging Exercises That'll Make You Live Longer

6 Easy Anti-Aging Exercises That'll Make You Live Longer

keep your body young with these six anti-aging exercises if you are after perfect physical mental and spiritual harmony you might be able to find it in Qigong this is a Chinese technique that combines very particular physical and meditative exercises famous Taoists master montage Chia believes that practicing these exercises on a regular basis not only improves your physical and mental health but also prolongs your life in this video you'll find several exercises that will help you stay active and full of energy for many years to come let's try to practice them together but before you start to explore the techniques of Qigong click the red subscription button this is how bright ciders get access to hundreds of useful and informative videos on our channel and remember to ring the notification bell otherwise you might miss the updates that appear several times a day first of all let's figure out what Qigong is and why so many people are enthusiastic about the system Qigong appeared in ancient China this technique dates back to 1100 BCE and has accumulated about 3,000 years of history it's a special practice for both the mind and the body that takes care of a person's wellness helps to support emotional and mental strength and lower stress levels this is all achieved through a series of physical and breathing exercises there have been more than 500 scientific studies on Qigong according to the results this Chinese technique is effective for treating depression high blood pressure osteoarthritis and chronic pains Qigong benefits your body in numerous ways by using these exercises you can achieve stronger muscles better balance higher bone density and a stronger immune system on top of all that Qigong helps to reduce the inflammation and improves the quality of one's life in general now let's try out some of these exercises you won't need any special equipment even your full training gear isn't necessary number one breathing we'll start with some breathing exercises the Masters believe that breathing with a particular technique can improve your general well-being and prolong your life here's what you need to do inhale slowly through your nose and hold for one to two seconds add another small inhale to fill your lungs to the fullest capacity hold for one to two seconds and exhale through your mouth exhale long and slow repeat this 5 to 10 times this breathing technique balances the entire body and slows down the aging process significantly another breathing exercise goes like this extend your abdomen when you inhale fill it with as much air as you can hold your breath for one to two seconds exhale contracting your abdomen as you do so you need to try to expel air from the bottom of your lungs push it up until you feel that your chest and abdomen are almost completely deflated this exercise keeps your focus on the present moment and lets you concentrate on your training number 2 warming up in Qigong just as with any physical activity warming up and stretching exercises are very important this is a preparatory step and you should never skip it here are examples of effective Qigong warm-ups relax your body completely slightly bend your knees and try to distribute your weight evenly onto both of your legs start swinging your arms forward and backward and then from side to side keep doing this for a couple of minutes first of all such a warm-up relaxes your muscles and makes your body softer this and turn prevents you from getting an accidental injury during your practice secondly warming up makes your blood move faster as a result oxygen is distributed all over your body much more effectively stretching and warming up also makes your muscles more supple which enhances their power and efficiency and one more extremely important thing is that when you warm up you mentally prepare yourself for further physical activity your mind calms down and relaxes another warm up exercise you might want to try is the bounce place your feet parallel to each other on the floor they should be approximately shoulder width the party start to bounce a little your knees should be loose and your arms should be hanging at your sides like Kooks but don't let your shoulders slump forward but don't pull them back too much either keep doing this for about two minutes if you do everything correctly this exercise will make you feel completely relaxed you will also be able to feel if you have any internal tension if you do you can easily dispel it these two warm-up exercises lightly massage your internal organs thus promoting their longevity number three strengthening your kidneys and back the following exercises makes your back stronger and stimulates kidney function stand straight with your feet together or shoulder-width apart and point your toes forward slightly bent forward and down without bending your knees look up and try to reach the floor if you do this right you should feel your waist muscle stretching stay in this position for 10 seconds then slowly go back to the initial position repeat five times be careful not to over stretch your muscles do everything slowly and carefully especially at the beginning you shouldn't feel any pain your stretch should be comfortable and stimulating if you do this exercise properly your blood circulation will improve this is one of the main components of keeping your body healthy and young number four strengthening your back a lot of people include this exercise in their everyday practice because of its numerous advantages and corrects your posture improves your vision strengthens and straightens your back and improves the circulation of oxygen in your blood here's how you should do this exercise and stand straight and slowly move your head back stay in this position for 15 seconds and take deep breaths slowly return your head to the initial position repeat five times try to do this exercise a few times a day remember that the main thing is not to rush this exercise seems extremely simple but if you do everything correctly you'll say that it really works number five stress relief exercise nowadays many people can confirm that their life is full of stress that's why almost every person can benefit from this exercise stand with your feet double shoulder width apart raise your hands to your chest your palms should be facing each other fully extend your right arm it should look as if you're holding a bow at the same time your left hand should move to your left shoulder as if it's drawing the string of the bow you're holding breathe in and turn your head to the right breathe out bring your hands back to your chest with your palms facing each other now repeat the same movement from the other side repeat five times on each side this exercise relaxes the whole body in addition it exercises your waist area which is great for your kidneys and spleen number six stretch your back this exercise is called two hands pushing the sky and here's how you should do it stand straight with your feet together inhale and slowly bring your hands up the sides of your body when they are over your head clasp them and turn your palms in such a way that your palms face up at the same time rise onto your toes exhale and slowly lower your hands to the initial position repeat five times this exercise increases the capacity of your lungs provide your body with energy and improves the function of your liver kidneys stomach and intestines so how much and how often should you practice it depends on how dedicated you are and how much free time you have you can practice for two hours every day or just 10 to 15 minutes you'll still see the results as our video got you interested in the Qigong system do you do any other exercises to improve your health and well-being share your experiences in the comments below remember to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel life is more fun in the bright side


  1. Tried to watch it but the "music" was unbearable. Tried with only the captions-subtitles but too distracting.

  2. Exercise 3. Pls let the head also hang down. This overstreched position is not good for the neck. Greetings from physical therapie

  3. Not very proper & distinctive, animation is showing some other forms & postures than the models. Model video snaps and then elaborated animated characters ! Different and not streamlined postures which creates confusion and are enough to make us puzzled up. Being on a level of highly successful youtube channel, you all ppl should use expert living models only. Not unclear poor animation cartoon figures. Rest of the all are good in the video. Content is very helpful, but unluckily it didn't for the above said reasons. Its a bit frustrating. Hope you guys take care from next videos. I'm a regular visitor viewer of Bright Side. I luv u all all guys.

  4. All these things were originated in ancient India. Indian civilization was much more advanced at ancient time than other parts of the world. Yoga(meditation) and Ayurveda are some of the most prestigious gifts from Bharat to the world. Now India is going to get its true identity once again. Jai Hind.

  5. The exercises are good, but unfortunately the commentator irritatingly mispronuniciates and says Qi Gunn , when he should be sounding like Qi ( Chi ) GONG.

  6. Steps are very fastly described….respectfully requesting to make slow videos sections wise… thankful if do

  7. Yoga is the best way to stay healthy and young.
    I wouldn't say anything here as I want anyone reading this to practice at least once to know what if feels like and how great it is!

  8. These exercises have helped my back pain,its not easy working in Arabic countries and thanks for everything

  9. It's yoga an ancient Indian yogic culture dating 1000 of years back ….. Bright side can fool the world not Indians the land of yoga

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