Top 6 food hacks – life hacks
Strawberry Trick: Alright, when cleaning strawberries you just
want to cut the top off like this, but then you end up with a little bit of red flesh
still left on the top and it’s kind of a waste. There must be a better way, and there is. You take a straw and you push it into your
strawberry, it’s almost like it was meant to be and then you push it all the way through
until the top pops off like this. Then you remove that and you have very, very
little waste. You still have most of the strawberry left
over, how great is that! Grating Onion:
Mincing onion can be a very tough task. You have to start off by cutting your onion
in half and then you have to make some cuts across it. I like to use the heel of the knife to do
this part of the cutting, and then you have to chop it up which requires a lot of knife
skills and precision work to get the job done. Now there must be an easier way to do this,
and you’re right there is. You take an onion and a knife and then you
put your knife away and instead take a grater. Now you just put your onion against the grater
and start grating like this, anybody can do this and you end up with a very fine mince
of onion which you can use for your dish in whatever way you have to. You can also use the finer side of the grater
to grate garlic, and you have the same results as with a knife just way better. Lemon Trick:
Let’s say you need a little bit of lemon juice. You usually take a lemon and you cut it in
half, then you use a little bit of lemon juice and then you’ve got all this lemon left
over so you put it in the fridge or something. Then when you come back it looks like this,
it’s all rotten and dry and dehydrated and just rancid. You don’t really want to use it anymore
and it’s hard and crunchy like this one. There must be a better way to preserve your
lemon and still get your juice – well there is. This is how. You take your lemon and you roll it and then
you want to take a sort of pin and just poke it in the bottom of the lemon, the exact bottom
where the point is here. Then you squeeze and all the lemon juice you
want just pours out. Now the great thing is it’s got a very small
little hole in it now so oxygen can’t really get into it and make it rot, so it will stay
fresher for longer. Bread Trick:
I hate it when you have old bread and it’s super hard and you can’t use it anymore. That’s why I always keep my bread inside
a plastic bag so it stays soft just like this one here, and you can still resuscitate it. Here I’ve got soft bread but it’s very,
very old and to resuscitate it all you’re going to need is just some water. I’m going to put this here so I can pour
some water over it, basically just pour the water over it and pour it on the bottom also
and then you want to place it into an oven at 180-degrees Celsius, that’s 356-degrees
Fahrenheit. You’re going to want to leave it in there
for about three minutes, and after three minutes have passed then you just want to turn it
around and then hit it up for another about three minutes. If it’s still soft or not done enough leave
it a bit longer. But once it’s done then you just pull it
out and it’s crispy again and crunchy just like it was from the bakers and the inside
is nice and soft and tender and steamy, just delicious fresh bread and this is like an
old bread. This is like a week old, really, but it’s
super usable again and just great to use. Give this a try at home and let me know what
you think. Egg Peeling:
Hand peeling eggs can be an annoying and frustrating task but this trick makes it really easy. Just take your egg and smash it on the bottom,
smash it on the top and then roll it really hard. By rolling it the shell will basically fall
off the egg, so it’s super easy to remove the shell, just like that. Another great way is take your egg and then
you just slice it in half just like this and then you want to take a spoon and just scoop
it out in one simple and easy movement just like that. This trick makes it super easy to shell eggs
and there we go. Done! END


  1. Trick for the bread: live it in the paper bag or plastic bag and freeze it. Than, put in the woven for about 5-10 mins, depending on how crispy you want it!

  2. I squeezed this lemon like a teenage Ted Cruz choking the life out of an alley cat for practice, and it still didn’t work! That sucks cause I like to save the foils and smack them on my wall so they block out the AIDS satellite that Elon Musk has pointed at my house. I cover my dog with them too but that’s because he keeps mentally trying to convince me to blow the mailman. But the only thing I’m blowing around here is blowing up the truth about 9/11 IT’S THE GODDAMN CLOUD PEOPLE, WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS? ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS LOOK UP! THEY CAN MAKE PLANE SHAPED CLOUDS! OUR HEADS ARE ANTENNAS! SPREAD THE WOoh oh sorry I was wrong. Wrong about the cloud people, very wrong I sorry must go

  3. I just pull the green top off the strawberry with my fingertips, that way i don't lose any strawberry including the center.

  4. Use a small paring knife to remove the tops of strawberries. This will allow you to remove the white shoulder as well.

  5. You can just take the green thing out of a strawberry with your fingers. Who didnt know that?

  6. Who cuts a strawberry like that?? Also, don't grate your onions, look at that cutting board: it's soaked. So much flavour lost.

  7. I think we have a different definition of 'awesome'….also the ones that are in any way useful are already very well known…

  8. Aside from some hacks to actually be considered a "hack"
    I think it is very nice of someone to try and make everyone else's lives easier 🙂
    Creative minds are special.

  9. Grated onion? Really !! It's no way close to chopped and the strawberry! How much is in the straw? Probably same as cutting.. where did you learn this on YouTube or something

  10. Really like the lemon and the egg peeling trick. The strawberry hack is fun but it would be easier to just pluck the green parts with your fingers. Don't like grating an onion because it makes all the juice run out (and cutting is half the fun in cooking). Also this guy has a very good taste in knives. So please, don't use them for cracking eggs, because the egg's whetstone-like shell will ruin the knife's edge.

  11. Thnx cuz we are gonna do it in our first subject and i have no time so i search it in google then i found this vid then i tap it when i watch it it is just so easy but before i warch this, i look at the pic and the idea i was thinking was the same thing u did! Thank you!

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