6 Foods You Should Never Eat | Healthy Food

6 Foods You Should Never Eat | Healthy Food

There are six foods that you should never
eat. The top foods you should never are high fructose
corn syrup which causes your liver to be put under a lot of stress and produce more fat
cells. High fructose corn syrup is metabolized in
a very different way, so you want to completely avoid high fructose corn syrup. Another food to avoid is cottonseed oil. Now, cottonseed oil is found in a lot of processed
snack foods, packaged foods, chemicalized junk foods. Cottonseed oil is not a food. It’s not a food plant that we’re traditionally
exposed to as human beings. Because it’s not a food crop it can be sprayed
with all kinds of pesticides and fertilizers that aren’t allowed on food crops. So avoid the cottonseed oil. The next food that you should avoid is farm
raised salmon. Farm raised salmon is given a lot of chemicals,
a lot of antibiotics, growth hormones that end up coming into your body when you consume
it. Another food that you should always avoid
are canned tomatoes. Canned tomatoes come in cans that are lined
with a chemical known as BPA which is a hormone disruptor. You don’t need anything else disrupting your
hormones. Another food you should always avoid is microwaved
popcorn in those prepackaged bags. Those bags are lined with chemicals that are
linked to all kinds of cancers. You do not need extra chemicals in your popcorn. What you can do instead is for a few bucks
extra buy yourself an air popper. It’s much cheaper over time, and you’re avoiding
all the chemicals. And the last food that you should always avoid
is nonorganic dairy products. Dairy animals are raised with lots of antibiotics
and growth hormones. You do not need the added chemicals in your
body. If you do consume dairy you want to get only
organic dairy products.


  1. Well seems like it's too late anyway. The damage has been done…
    *eats some microwave popcorn*

  2. i would totally eat organic dairy if i could afford it lol its like all the healthy foods are the ones i can never afford..!!

  3. that's a misleading statement. Statistics would have you believe that running X amount of time will burn Y amount of calories, but certain foods increase or decrease the ratio by which you can burn calories- so some fatties could run all damn day and not lose a pound. There are more variables than just 2.

  4. That is terrible logic. Just because High Fructose Corn Syrup is in a lot of things doesn't make it any healthier.

  5. lol i'm an indian and i never consume any of the mentioned products ….. except cooker made butter popcorn which i simply love to have once in a while !

  6. But high fructose corn syrup essentially has the same shape and function as fructose, the sugar found in fruit. Should we just stop eating fruit?

  7. where all gona die anyways. why be so sensitive and worry about shit like that. my grandpa isint a health nut like you and he drinks and started smoking at 15 and he's 84.

  8. Why so much hate? I like what she is saying–those "foods" that she mentioned are horrible for our health!

  9. A lot of this is absolute bullshit. It's not becaus something is "chemical" that it is unhealthy, silly bitch!

  10. You're fat because you eat you ain't if you don't! Plain and simple! And on that note let me go pop some microwave popcorn! 😀

  11. For the dairy products, if you live in Canada you don't have to fear about any hormones or antibiotics as the Canadian regulations are very stricked with the farmers. Milk gets tested every second week for antibiotics and hormones. If a cow is on antibiotics, she gets milked separately and her milk gets thrown out until no traces of antibiotics are found. If any found, farmers are subjected to huge finds which is a risk they can not afford. I'm from a Canadian farm.

  12. Damn, I guess I should stop eating all this non-organic food. All this plutonium, uranium, gold, silver, platinum, lithium, chromium and iron is making me too dense.

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  18. OMG, our food supply is so jaded. we rely on these "agencies " to inform and protect us, and they don't. Good advice, you are very knowledgeable. thank you !

  19. It's a scientific fact that high fructose corn syrup is so similar to cane sugar that your body absorbs it the same way. If you don't eat high fructose corn syrup you might as well not eat corn.

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