1. Have only done the 45 min max but this was great. I can really feel it working and I am losing weight and my cardio is improving. Thank You so much for these workouts. Amazing ❀❀

  2. First time doing this workout. My clothes are SOAKED in sweat. Burned almost 700 calories, did a few modifications (mostly the push up section). I feel like an absolute BEAST!

  3. Dripping sweat by the end of this–so good! Thanks for such an intense cardio and strength workout. I love doing this plus some weights for upper body after. Thanks Christa and Popsugar!

  4. The video was a good idea but with speed you compromise form and it's the best way to get hurt… so I dislike it.

  5. thank you so much I did it all at my first try and I am so happy w myself I can't wait for do another one tomorrow

  6. Sorry, but all workouts made by this trainer are too hard for me, too much of combos impossible to memorize and for my small room. I prefer Jeanette Jenkins

  7. Love this workout! It's my go-to for kickboxing. No lie though…I was definitely cursing you out on those lunges at the end. I heard 10 and we got like 15 on top of that lol. Great ass-kicking workout πŸ™‚

  8. In awe of these ladies. As a 29 year old out of shape dude these workouts have been great. Thank you!

  9. I can't be bothered leaving the house for a body combat exercise at the gym and then ran into this! Great workout!!! Well done ladies and thank you.

  10. Christa Dipaolo's workouts are amazing πŸ™‚

    and they totally work to get back into a good mood when I had a shitty day..
    so thank you πŸ™‚

  11. so privileged to be able to work out with Christa from the UK. Would love more workouts, they're my favorites.

  12. The only body parts that didn't sweat are my palms and soles. Help me Jesus. 😰😰😰😰

  13. I`m curious! Does anyone know how much calories you burn with that workout?!? Also Christa, I love your workouts!! Gives me so much energy, time flies and it makes so much fun!! Hope we get more videos in the future!

  14. Currently at 218 lb, coming back to this workout. It always reminds me that exercise is FUN and that my body is powerful, strong, and quicker than my negative self-talk says it is. Always a favourite! Thinking I'll kick-start my love of taking care of myself with this workout more often.

  15. The most convenient 60 min cardio workout I've ever done. It went so fast. I had fun doing it and broke a good sweat definitely doing this 2-3x a week

  16. Bring Christa back!!!! absolutely love these boxing workouts–I actually enjoy my cardio for the first time ever. More please! πŸ™‚

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