60lbs of stress I put to Rest I CAN FITNESS

60lbs of stress I put to Rest   I CAN FITNESS

what are you waiting for hit the subscribe button hi my name is Debbie and I'm a police officer I'm going to remember what I can't fitness for a year-and-a-half my heaviest weight was about 215 how I get there how I got there I have three beautiful children and most of my weight gain was not like everyone else why can't not everybody else but mine's was due to stress working high stressful occupation most of the time when I we switch our uniforms out is when it's damaged but when I realize I had to switch my uniform I was because I was handing a lot of excessive weight I decided enough is enough when I realized physically I wasn't healthy and I wasn't healthy mentally and physically I heard about I can't fitness was through my high school friend Wendy and she told me I was telling her about my obstacles with my health and my weight loss and the stress I was going through and she was like have a trainer named shot at this gym that I go to I can't fitness and he's putting on a cardio boxing class and she could take all your Gresham out on the with the gloves so I was like you know what I'm gonna give it a try and from the cardio class the trainers shot was very encouraging charming and he cared he showed me that he cared even though he had a class a lot of trainees but he focused on us individually even it was a even there was a group setting I felt like I was still getting that individual attention he told me that the regular classes are just the same even though you're in an environment where more than 10 people it might be 40 70 you still going to get that individual attention and I got it my initial thought was that was going to be a regular gym the the regular training the regular gym environment what I what I got from I cannot expect that I was feel at home you feel safe you feel encouraged there's a lot of leaders here they develop leaders within their trainees to the trainers our leaders and they train their trainees to be leaders too so when you come here you feel you feel like you're going to accomplish more it's excitement it's a drill it in it's scary at times because you don't know what Dior shot rod or Ashland has in store but once you get in motion it's a great workout it's just just a great atmosphere when I might initial my first in this shoe is when what they encourage you do that I can is take a before and after most people don't take before pictures so you really don't know if you're losing the weight or not and when I took my first before and after picture I have hi coveted a confidence and I think you just went overload and when I say confidence is not only and physically the physical aspect my confidence is that I could do push-ups I could lift more mentally I have Drive for everything else in life everything I was like it's working I feel better I look better so I was I just want to take more off I want I want to look better I want to look fit what I would tell someone that just walked through the door is give it a try don't be scared don't be discouraged the first week is like you feel like a truck hit you but trust and believe is going to get better and when you see that your endurance and your your endurance and your energy level and your physical appearance starts to change it's going to push you to do more so don't be afraid for the unknown because the unknown sometime is greatness I can't means to me is drive determination discipline I can mostly formosus family is family oriented is family driven it's encouraging it pushes you to the limit and things that you don't expect that you can do I can we'll get you there hi my name is Debbie is I can't finish transformation please subscribe to our you channels

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