1. Thx so much y'all so much I makes me feel so much better and I don't know if this is a good thing or not I did a bunch and when I got up to get me some water I felt dizzy y so if y'all think that is good or not please tell me.p.s this makes me feel so much beter

  2. I LOVE Tabata music! Every so often it turns on my MP3 and I groove into pushups or squats when it says it! Thanks Tabata!

  3. I knew the Tabata songs with 20 seconds workout, 10 seconds relax, but 30 seconds its harder than appears :O Khaleesi rules

  4. Who disliked this workout awesome video ..they must love into Mac Donald’s , Burger King , Alcohol , cigarettes n pizza !!
    Anyway thank u for this useful video !

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