7 Signs of Low Vitamin D (How Many do You Know?)

7 Signs of Low Vitamin D (How Many do You Know?)

Hey, this is Dr. Berry. In this short video, I want to talk to you about the seven signs that your vitamin D Level might be low. Now some of you may or have already caught on to the vitamin D epidemic of low vitamin D in the US and Canada, but many of you have not and that's what I want to talk about today Vitamin D is a big deal if your levels are low chronically it can lead to suffering Early disease and early death and so we want to avoid those three things all we can. Now if you already know about vitamin D And you take a good supplement I bet you have friends and neighbors who do not know Please share this with them on your social media email it to them you can text them the link you can share this in any Number of ways to help me help even more people now, let's talk about seven signs that your vitamin D Might be low and I may even talk about what you can do to fix it at the end We'll see. So the number one for an adult, the number one sign that your vitamin D might be low is bone aches. Okay. If your bones ache, not your joints, but your actual bones themselves That's actually if your vitamin D is Low that's a condition called osteomalacia, which means painful bones and when your vitamin D Level is below 20 or 25 you can have osteomalacia or painful bones This is a sign that your bones are starving for vitamin D, they're not being able to keep their bone density up where it needs to be this is your bones yelling at you "Hey, dummy take some vitamin D Or get out in the Sun." right? so osteomalacia is a big deal if you don't have enough vitamin D You can actually lead to osteopenia and ultimately Osteoporosis which are brittle bones and that that's the condition that older folks have when they fall on the carpet and break the wrist. When you fall down on the carpet you shouldn't break any bones; if you do, then you've been vitamin D Deficient for a long long time. So achy bones… that's sign number one that you may have low vitamin D Sign number two is chronic fatigue, and I know, I know, I know, that's the sign of about a thousand different possible conditions; But if you go see your doctor for chronic fatigue, one of the very first things he should check is a vitamin D 25 level to see if your level's low. That's an easy fix it's an easy catch and easy fix if he checks the right lab work. So chronic fatigue can be from low vitamin D The next is if you have a fracture, a broken bone, from just a little bit of force If you step off the curb and break your ankle if you fall and break your wrist on carpet Right if you just like to fall off the couch and break your wrist That's not normal human beings are made to bounce not to break and so I've seen so many patients in my office come for follow-up after they've been to the orthopedic surgeon for a broken wrist just like this: "I Was leaning over to get something to pick it up off the floor and just fall off the couch and broke my wrist." That's not normal. Okay, and the orthopedic surgeon did not check any blood work so when I checked their vitamin D Level It would be 8 or 12, and it should be over 40, Okay? So if you have a broken bone for no real reason, like if you're coughing a lot from bronchitis and you break a rib, That's not normal! that shouldn't happen. You probably have low vitamin D. If you have frequent (this is number four), if you have frequent viral infections, like it seems like you have a cold every 10 minutes, right? or you Just have just repetitive infections way more often than your friends do, that could be a sign of low vitamin D; because keeping your vitamin D where it needs to be can actually protect you from infection. If you have (number five), if you have depressed mood… I don't mean you know clinical depression, I'm talking about just depress, kind of down in the dumps, that can be from low vitamin D. More and more research is coming out to show that vitamin D is very un-inflammatory both for your brain and for other body tissues and … and so one of the things that you could have is a depressed mood if your vitamin D is very low. So part of the workup for Depression when you go to your doctor should be some blood work and within that blood work should be a vitamin D 25 level checked, and if it's low it needs to be fixed. Number six is slow wound healing. if you get a cut or an abrasion and it seems like it just takes forever to heal, [coughs] if it seems like you heal far slower than your friends and family, then you may have low vitamin D. vitamin D is in charge of hundreds of biochemical reactions in your skin and other parts of your body and your skin just doesn't heal as effectively if your vitamin D is low. So that's another red flag that you may have low vitamin D. Number seven, it's kind of like number one, but it's different: If you have muscle aches, just your muscles ache for no real reason, now if you, you know, if you walked ten miles yesterday and that's the first time you've done that in years, It makes sense that your muscles would ache; but if your muscles ache all the time and there's no real reason for it, you may have low vitamin D. Obviously there are other things that could be so go see your dock and get a full lab panel and a full exam, but you may have low vitamin D. And something as simple as taking Vitamin D3 every day could fix your achy bones and your achy muscles. Number eight is basically if you live in the US and Canada, this is a bonus, if you live in the UK, if you live in the US, if you live in Canada, if you live anywhere up in the higher latitudes, you don't get enough sun to make vitamin D, okay? And so my hierarchy my solution for you if your vitamin D is low is to get more sun. If you can't do that then take it… then you can get more vitamin D in a good Ketogenic diet. if you're eating grass-fed butter, that has vitamin D. If you're eating the egg yolks from chickens who were able to run around in the yard and eat bugs and worms Those egg yolks have vitamin D3, right? So butter and then if you're able to eat pork that's been pasture raised and that and actually was allowed to run around and eat grub worms and acorns and other good things and play out in the Sun all day, that pork will have good vitamin D. And so I'd much prefer you get your vitamin D from the Sun and from your diet. But if you just have to have a supplement then make sure you're taking a good vitamin D3 supplement, not D2! Maybe your doctor says "Oh, you need to take this vitamin D2 once a week or once a month." Don't take that! It's just not as well absorbed as vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is a much more natural way to take it and so if… also a lot of people think dairy is a good way to get vitamin D. It's a terrible way to get vitamin D. It's been fortified with vitamin D2 as well, which is again not as well absorbed. So if you can't get it from the Sun And you can't get it from your diet then take a supplement. And some people need to get it from the sun, from their diet and take a supplement. It's up to you; you decide which one of those people you are. But if you do take a supplement make sure it's vitamin D3, make sure it's in a in an oil-filled gel cap, and make sure that the oil they use is not soybean or canola oil. You can get one off Amazon with Olive oil and that's much preferable to taking one with canola or soybean oil. So there you go, the seven signs that you might have low vitamin D And then just a bonus if you live in the US or Canada or the UK, Then you're at very high risk of having it, because there's just not a lot in the food supply And you don't get enough Sun to really make up the difference. Now if you enjoyed this video Please consider subscribing to my channel and clicking that little bell, so that every time I get a bright idea you'll be one of the very first to know; and if you feel like my videos have really helped you and maybe even changed your life a little bit click on the patreon link down below you can throw a buck or two my way And it just helps me have more time to make more videos Just like this. This is doctor Barry. I'll see you next [time].


  1. How much IU need to use daily when is vitamins D only 20 to 25 . I have this problem it is low but my doctor is kip said that is ok it is normal . But I am third muscle pain have mild fraction on my middle back T9 . And still staffer over a year my leg on back is so pain full. Just one things go away other come . So please can you tell me how much is good to use vitamin D . Thank you !

  2. Doctor,Thanks for the informative video. Nowadays doctors and nutritionists recommend taking a little bit of Vitamin K2 Mk7 as well along with D3. Say 50mcg K2 along with 5000 IU Vitamin D.

  3. I take 50 thousand IUC vitamin D without my levels not getting any closer to normal levels. My levels started at 3 and my highest value lately was 18

  4. Can u get hair loss if your Vit D 3 level Is at 22 because i dont have thyroid problems nor unbalance hormones i Am drinking Vit D 3 can u please answer i just subed to u am i am worried please answer

  5. You know, I always thought that when I would cut myself, and it took a bit longer for it to go away, it was just my body changing. A couple years ago, I had gone to the doctors, and it was revealed that I had low vitamin D. I didn’t feel much of anything so I was quite surprised. I did take a supplement for a while and then I stopped i’m not sure how long it was though, because I’m not experiencing any symptoms, and when I do get a cut because I’ve fallen, it may be a last for about a week or two if that. I only have one time when one of my friends cats bit me and it took a month for the bike to heal. Good video, and this is definitely something for me to look for if my vitamin D ever goes lower.

  6. pigs have no sweat glands their toxins stay in their systems..they dont chew the cud quick digestive systems they are scavengers and do not release toxins this is why the bible tells us not to eat pork or shell fish like shrimp . maybe you could address this in a video?

  7. Those with kidney and thyroid diseases, and those who live in Alaska and other countries where the sun is restricted for long periods of times. Workaholics and college students who are often too busy for outdoor activities and as a general rule, have a poor diet. These are people who can be more susceptible to Vitamin D deficiency.

  8. I live in the USA and have low D. I’ve been treated for it for 9 months with a pill once a week and also taking d3 everyday. With every check every 3 months, it Continues to get lower. Is there a reason for this?

  9. Hello Dr. Berry
    I clinker your link vit D+ vitK2 supplement. It showed ONLY Vit D3, none K2??

    I will order sports research plant-based vitK2 + D3 5000 unit veggie soft gel (coconut oil).
    Unless u have a link with K2 there? All organic no GMO?
    I will take calcium too because I have osteoporosis -3.2 on my hip. I broke my left foot (5th mat plus vertical oblique open bone. )last Dec 2018. Until now. Slow. I am 48. Finally, I could walk bear weight a few weeks ago with a walker but still hurting. Not full heal yet plus alignment around my ankle torn.

    So I am stress, having Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, all my knees, shoulders wrist, back from old injuries sports and accidents before plus I tripped and fell down. That is it. Here am I.
    Is calcium okay with vit d3 and vit K2. ? Please let me know. I may have no choice bec of osteoporosis? I had a bone destiny test -3.2 on my hips and spine.
    What do you suggest? I would like the natural way and options bec i have a lot allergic. I think i used a lot of medicine cream on my position ivy and rashes on my skin for years that are up my bone! Unknown until the broken bone. No warning or prevention in the first place because people or drs look at me like 30 but no!!!! I will bec 49 next two weeks in July. Invisible?!? So i would like/need her from you. Suggestion.
    Thanks so much.

  10. So my vitamin D is super low my doctor proscribed 50,000 unit capsules vitamin D vitamin and it’s still staying low now 14 is the last number the blood work said which it went down from 17 in three months I can’t go out in the sun I’m some what allergic to the sun exposure ( honest it’s a rare thing but I blister up from the sun) So what do you suggest besides vitamins please need help .

  11. I'm form the UK. I had off the scale non existent Vit D levels, low B12 and hypothyroidism. Thought I was dying! It was ten years before the GP actually helped me.. By actually taking bloods. I think the three are very much linked. But it's all about the gut!

  12. I live in Greece, we have lots of sun, but I was still very low…now my level is 80. How high should I go, my Dr says his is 120!

  13. Vitamin D3 in a soft gel capsule is an animal product. I would like to forward more of your videos to others, but I do not agree with all of the animal products that you promote. It would be nice to here you address some of these with vegan solutions and not just those of the typical meat eating diet. There are companies that make a vegan D3…. it is not a liquid, it’s a powder in a magnesium stearate capsule

  14. I have had a vitamin D deficiency for 10 years. Diagnosed with fibro 10 years ago – my levels have never been above 8-12. My current doc made me feel like I was crazy and warned me against Vitamin D toxicity, basically treated me like a child who was going to Overdose on Vitamin D. I swear he thinks I’m not taking it. 😳 He prescribed 50k units of D 2 once a week. It hasn’t helped. I’m still exhausted, bone pain, muscle pain, feel really blah most of the time and have struggled with weight loss for 10 years. I just ordered from your link the vitamin D 3 and am praying it helps. Thank you for all your videos – they have been life changing for me! ❤️

  15. New subscriber here! Thanks, Dr. Berry, for making this and all your other videos!

    The second I see someone who looks pasty and is significantly overweight, I think 'low vitamin D." Personally, I had extreme mood swings and crying spells before I started taking it. I really don't know anyone who would NOT benefit from at least taking 2500-4000 IU of vitamin D daily. [I watched a vid from Dr. Greger and he states that 4000 is the minimum for everyone.] Even here in Texas. We just don't get enough sun, most of us, and also we don't want skin cancer. [I just had a precancer blasted off my face, which was not at all fun. Sunscreen is my new best friend.]

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