9 Healthy Food Swaps for Kids

9 Healthy Food Swaps for Kids

so I'm a mom and I'm also a holistic nutritionist I'm all about raising little food lovers and I've put together a great video today where I go through some of the most common food products we buy when we're on autopilot at the grocery store when we can make far healthier options and I totally get it as a parent it's overwhelming knowing what to choose at the grocery store when you have so many like mix marketing messages and food packaging all fighting for your dollars so I've chosen nine common foods that people buy that I have given you a healthy swap for that in some cases actually more affordable but most importantly so much more nutritious for you and for your kids too I want you to eat the foods that make you feel amazing I'm so excited for you to come on this joyous journey with me because I know we're gonna feel refreshed and rejuvenated and totally motivated to take the best care of you okay the first one I'm going to start out with is the one that your kids are probably eating every single day and I'm gonna start with box cereal now it would be really obvious and super easy for me to say like swap out the Lucky Charms or the frosted flakes but I feel like that's too obvious we know that those are full of sugar so I thought I would start with a box cereal typical box cereals that they look like they're healthy you know you might see like a field of wheat or it just like looks natural and healthy but it's actually not because it could be full of sugar and I'm not saying that this isn't healthy it's just that if you want something that is has contains less sugar and the second or third ingredient isn't brown sugar then this is not the best choice so what you can do that is way more affordable is just make your own granola you can go to a bulk store and you can do a big batch of this you can buy your rolled oats you could buy a few different dried fruits chopped them up you know mix it with a little bit of maple syrup some cinnamon and then bake it I've got great recipes on how to make your own granola and if you're thinking but joy I don't have the time you do this in large batches so you could do this like once a month and then you're getting so much more fiber and you're not getting all that refined sugar and sodium and other food additives you know this for sure this package brand is healthier than a lot of them out there so you know you have to worry about like artificial flavors and dyes and all those things and you don't have to worry about that when you make your own so my next one is ketchup who loves ketchup here so ketchup is one that I can't personally relate to because I've actually never been big into ketchup but I hear from you guys I definitely hear parents tell me that their kid won't eat anything without ketchup and really what you're telling me is that your kids won't eat anything without sugar so that's the thing with ketchup right one tablespoon of ketchup has four grams of sugar four grams of sugar is about one teaspoon of white sugar and who only uses one tablespoon of ketchup your kid might be getting you know 3 to 4 teaspoons of sugar that's far too much so what you could do instead is swap to salsa now you have to be careful with some Celsus too because you know what honestly sometimes they can have even more sugar than ketchup this is one you definitely have to her transition kids are not gonna be open to this at first well some kids might be but it you can put it on eggs all of the foods that you would put catch up with you can 100% use salsa with if you think of the most common food that most kids eat every day I bet it's yogurt and this is a really easy swap to make this yogurt isn't even the worst of the worst but it's the flavored yogurts in the yogurts with the fruit on the bottom can be loaded with sugar sure one of these has about 4 grams of sugar but what kid is only eating one of these this is so small this is like one spoonful most kids are gonna eat like two or three of these so what you can do the simplest thing to do with yogurt is buy plain unsweetened so no flavoring no fruit in there and then you know what you as a parent are in control of how much sweetener there is in there so I love using kefir coconut yogurt I make coconut yogurt myself if you're not into the coconut yogurt you can just buy plain yogurt add honey add a bit of cinnamon add a little bit of maple syrup and then you're in control of how much sugar your kid is getting everybody has had a goldfish love him or hate him definitely one of the most popular packaged foods and my biggest issue with goldfish is just all of the ingredients it is loaded with that's a challenge with process and packaged foods right there's like food like substance in there so I say the biggest issue with this is the food additives for one you've got the msg so which is the Otto lies yeast you've also got ammonium bicarbonate which is actually found in fertilizer and it's a flame retardant and yeah it's also used to baked goods but I think we can do better than this I know people love their goldfish but I think we can do better which is why I absolutely love these love ducks bye love child organics they're made with organic corn grits organic dehydrated carrot dehydrated apple and you can dip them into hummus or whatever dip your kids loved and they're really really tasty and crunchy so that's what kids love about these is a crunchy snack right and you get the same thing with love child and if your kids like sort of a sweeter flavor my daughter likes both the sort of sweet in the more salty I also love love child organics I'll leave and this is made with organic spelt flour and they're just like they're so cute and I sometimes dip these in almond butter or Sun butter if my daughter is taking these to school because it has to be and not free and in these little cookies or crackers whatever you want to call them there is only 2 grams of sugar per 5 cookies and 5 cookies would actually be a really good serving a food that we've all grown up on is peanut butter so whether it is Kraft or Jif or Skippy the biggest problem I see with all of these brands is that they're just so sugary and you know really a nut butter shouldn't be anything other than nuts when you look at the ingredients list you shouldn't see soybean oil and that's of course genetically modified soy bean oil corn maltodextrin sugar vegetable oil that's not what a nut butter should be made of so nut butter should just be nuts or seed so if we look at this Sun butter that I buy that Vienna loves this is just shot dry roasted sunflower seeds and organic sunflower oil now a lot of times like our the peanut butter we buy is just peanuts the almond butter we buy is just almonds now if you are transitioning your child or yourself your grown-up you want to transition from Skippy to a natural peanut butter I get it it can be hard but you know what you do you just put a little bit of raw honey drizzle a little bit of raw honey overtop of the natural butter and you'll love it and your kids will love it too so sometimes it's just about you know transitioning them slowly and they'll be into it now when I was in the first you start shopping for these foods that I want to show you you can make healthy swaps for I noticed there was a huge section in the grocery store across from all the processed box cereals of puddings and fruit sauces and Apple sauces and I picked up like five or six of different ones and they were all loaded with sugar like it cannot believe this applesauce has 22 grams of sugar per serving like that is just about eight grams less shy of a can of pop that is pretty crazy so you know what sugar as much as people will argue that sugar doesn't affect children I bet those people do not have kids and have not seen the effect of sugar I have seen it firsthand with kids in 100% negatively affects their behavior and their attention span and their happiness so what can you do instead so many options first of all instead of applesauce how about an apple just as convenient slice it up put some nut butter on it if you want to have some protein and fat with it but eat the whole food then you don't have those added sugars you can have a pair you can have an orange kids love fruit if this is what they grow up eating it is easier right but if they grow up eating this then it's a little bit of a transition but you can do it I also love love child organics purees so we started when our daughter was about six months old and we started introducing foods we loved traveling the with these and we loved having them for convenience when fresh fruit wasn't available and what I love about love child is all their purees they add different superfoods in there so in this one there's quinoa and acerola so it's really high in vitamin C and really high in antioxidants as well in quinoa of course has some protein so it's just like really convenient and way better and not loaded with sugar like this one there's full packet has eight grams of sugar versus one of these tiny little apple sauce jars has 22 grams of sugar way too much ok another food that I definitely grew up on was pancakes I am a pancake monster we make pancakes for our daughter every single weekend but we just make it from scratch and it's so easy so I like I said I grew up on the antrum I'm a pancake mix where you just add water or put in your egg or whatever but I'm encouraging you to choose a healthier better option using whole base flours because if you look at the ingredients here you know the pancakes I mix the pancakes that I use just have like four ingredients and the ingredients are the actual foods that I'm putting into the bowl whereas this has all different sorts of ingredients I mean do you really need color to be added to your pancakes of course not and especially important for children is to avoid the artificial colors those dyes and avoid the artificial flavoring that's really important so I really like spelt flour so you know all you need is like a couple more ingredients like some baking soda a little bit of vanilla some eggs you can use coconut flour if you have a gluten-free home or brown rice flour I have so many free recipes on my blog for pancakes which I will link in the description box for you as well so a little stat for you in Canada children's fruit and veggie consumption 40% of it comes from two things any guesses fruit juice and white potato and you can bet the white potato is probably french fries so I know that kids love juice I get it so if you didn't start your kid on juice great don't introduce them to it or do what I do so my daughter loves sparkling water I take a little bit of water in her little mason jar and I just shake up she loves blackcurrant juice she loves cranberry juice but it's just straight-up juice this is a brand I really like Black River and all I do you can do this with any juice you have for your kid I just put a little splash of it and she thinks she's getting juice a total mom when such a good mom hack so that's gonna save you money too because you're just basically diluting the juice so whether a kid loves orange juice now if your kid is already eating like a full glass of orange juice every day you're gonna have to transition them slowly but you can do it and then you know resort to Whole Foods first if you your kid loves orange juice then get them to eat oranges so my final food product that you can make a healthy easy swap is granola bar why do you go to the grocery store you will see a wall of so many different kinds of granola bars there are just as many bars as there are box cereals and it can be very confusing and so you know I picked up a brand that kind of looks healthy says nature and the name but the problem is is all of the ingredients if you just look at the ingredients label a criminal up I really shouldn't have this many ingredients and guess what the second ingredient is sugar we really need to get these refined sugars out of our kids diets and out of our diets so a bar that we absolutely love is Odie chomps you've seen it in other videos before where I've talked about like best carbs for kids and packaged foods that we love my daughter loves the Odie chomps they come in like a whole variety of flavors and I will link it in the description box as well so I just want to thank love child organics so much for sponsoring this video and bringing the formation to you and I want you to know that I only do sponsored videos with friends I absolutely love and we use in our own family it's my assurance to you that you can trust everything I recommend because if you came in my kitchen and open my fridge are you looked in my cupboards you would see the things that I'm talking about all the healthy versions of them so if you guys like this video give me a thumbs up comment below if there's any food swaps you're wondering about you can ask them below and I'd be so happy to get back to you and I'm sure I've got lots of recipes to share with you guys as well so subscribe to my channel and hit the little bell that shows the notifications so you never miss an update and I hope you have a joyous day bye guys


  1. Totally agree with your video, Joy. I'm off of procesed food with artificial contents. Im All natural food 😤

  2. I LOVE this kind of content and I'm so excited that I've been making the right choices for my 1 year old twin daughters. Love Child Organics is a staple in our household, especially when we're in a pinch. They also love breakfast cookies for in the mornings – I put carrots, apples, raisins and make them with coconut flour. I'm loving these healthy alternatives and even notice I'm making changes in my own diet because of it! My girls are always watching and wanting what I eat!

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