A Father Hawk Is Not Allowed To Get Near To Adorable Cubs.. Why? | Kritter Klub

A Father Hawk Is Not Allowed To Get Near To Adorable Cubs.. Why? | Kritter Klub

Let’s go home~ “Nah…” “I.. want to fly some more..☆ Scott! Zookeeper : He’s trying to get past it ★’Scott’ (Male / Harris’s Hawk)★
Why is he doing that..? Zookeeper : He seems to be looking for his chicks or trying to find his chicks’ mother ★Scott’s wife ‘Taebaek’ ★ ★and their cute ‘chicks’★ He’s been separated from them It’s already been a month… ★ ‘Scott’, The chicks’ father and Taebaek’s husband★ Zookeeper : Scott’s paternal love is too strong Mommy ‘Taebaek’ / Daddy ‘Scott’ Scott sat on the eggs himself and Daddy ‘Scott’ met his first chick..haha Zookeeper : The mother has to hatch two more eggs She has to nurse and incubate at the same time But she can’t do it because of her husband Taebaek : Honey don’t overdo it… For the safety of the chicks and the mother’s psychological stability Eventually.. Decided to be separated in individual rooms ha In Mom’s bosom The second chick was born That night.. The third chick was born, too! “My babies, let’s eat~” Feeding babies Nom nom nom BUT The youngest chick couldn’t eat any.. Zookeeper : After feeding the 1st and 2nd chicks she wakes up (the last chick) and feeds her… She couldn’t sleep properly for 3 days only getting some naps The greatest love of the mother..♥ As they eat well and grow well WOW..Big growth! I’m gonna fly~~!! Zookeeper : You are all grown and standing now! Tada~ A gi~ft for the chicks~~♥ What what is that? Zookeeper : It’s an identification tag ring to put on the chicks Got it~ While wearing matching rings as Mommy Taebaek and sharing love together~ Meanwhile.. Dad ‘Scott’ is still wandering Zookeeper : You want to see your chick~ Where’re your chicks~are they in there? The day that he gets to meet his family that he has missed so much…☆ Puzzled Taebaek..Taebaek.. Scott : Honey~ I missed you Hey kids, it’s Daddy~ The first time they are seeing his face An awkward atmosphere..? Right then! The wife approaches first She attacks her husband..?? An unexpected situation occurs He couldn’t even get near the chicks :’-(( and ‘Scott’ even got attacked by his wife Zookeeper : The mother’s instinct to protect her chicks is so strong She is not allowing the father.. Let’s leave it here today.. Zookeeper : Even though it might be hard immediately we will narrow the distance bit by bit we need to create a lot of time (where they can be together) Don’t worry too much, Scott! The kids will soon know that because Dad was there We’re here too..☆


  1. Birds are such beautiful animals!!!!
    I just adore them!!!!
    Happy St. Paddy's Day to everyone all over the world!!! 🍀🌈🍻☘

  2. Какие же миленькие пушистики-одуванчики!!!

  3. Ami me quisieron regalar un pollito pero sabia que no podía cuidado asi que lo rechace like si te quisieron regalar algun animal

  4. Because the Scott wasn't there when Taebaek was helping the chicks to grow up,she must have forgotten how Scott looked like and thought he was going to attack her chicks thinking he is a threat. Normal instinct for Taebaek to attack. (Sorry if I spelled anything wrong)

  5. Aw, poor Scott 🙁
    His wife attack him as tell “HOW DARE YOU TO SHOW OFF! I'VE BEEN RAISING OUR CHILD ALONE!”

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  7. It was necessary to place the birds in different cages, but in the same room, and now the situation would be normal. I don’t understand why the dad of the chicks was so cruelly taken from the room, even during all this time they couldn’t just see each other. And now, of course, problems…. unexpectedly?

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  9. Captive breeding always changes the behavior of animals … if they have the health to live in their habitat, just protect them from the predatory action of other humans … don't imprison them in cages. It is a very sad life.

  10. There’s a previous vid if i can remember from sbs tv. The dad is too caring to his chicks that the mom can’t do her role as mom so they separated dad… now dad gets alienated huhu

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