A Fitness Journey – Elliot Chong – Rocky Point Fitness

A Fitness Journey –  Elliot Chong – Rocky Point Fitness

I am a registered nurse.
I’ve been nursing for about 13 years now. I’ve always been into kind of Global gym stuff, playing baseball, martial arts… I got into boxing, which kind of lead
to like a head injury so I had to stop. It was a pretty bad injury. Actually, I was pretty sick
for I guess about a month. I was getting massive headaches
and my face went numb, my hand went numb. It was a bleeding blood vessel.
There was quite a bit of pressure on my brain. They repaired it and then I was in hospital for I guess about a week. I couldn’t do any more contact sports. Then I got into Rocky Point. I got tired of just the Global gym
and not having any directions I got bored of it so I wanted
something more interesting. My friends were going to Rocky Point. I’d heard really good things about Rocky Point. It has good reviews online. They were the first ones
to actually get back to me. I think it was Tom, like within 5 minutes
he emailed me back I mean like all this stuff and saying,
“Just come down and check it out.” So I’m like, “Okay” so… The next day I think I came in. The gym’s garage bay is open and there’s this… long blond-haired guy with his hat on backwards just sitting on a stack of weights and I was like, “Okay, that can’t be Tom” ’cause this looks like
some young punk surfer dude. But no. It turned out that was the coach. But he was really friendly
and then he knew his stuff and then he took me through, I think it was only a partial WOD of a workout. I think the full thing was just too much for somebody for their first time but they just love these workouts. I’m like, “How can somebody love this stuff?” But I just kept coming back and the amount of time between sessions
got smaller and smaller and now… Now I try and come every day if I’m not at work or… if I don’t have something to do
I’ll come and do a workout. Katrina, she helped me
with my nutrition and stuff. She started a company
called Married to My Macros and I’d seen her in some pictures and I’m like, “Okay, she’s got a six-pack.
She didn’t have a six-pack before.” There’s something she’s doing right
that I need to ask her. I started tracking what I was eating. I was 225 at my heaviest and now I’m about one… Well, this morning I was 169. It was a few months after I’d started before I started noticing a difference. Then I look at pictures and I’m like,
“Wow! I’ve lost a lot of weight!” And then my shorts weren’t fitting me anymore, my pants were too big, my swimming trunks were too big.
They were falling off me in the water. So I’m like, “Okay, I think this is really working.” So it just motivated me more
to just keep going because I’m like, “Okay, I think this is the key.” So I work out even harder
and push myself even harder. Then once you step in here and you try to workout you won’t want to go back to a Global gym. And it was true for me. And just… Just try it out. There’s no workout that’s like it.

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