Acne Scars & How to Treat Them!

Acne Scars & How to Treat Them!

Hello I have decided to come back to youtube after 9 to 10 months because i have to make a video about this topic which has been highly requested question on my twitter and also my instagram First of all i want to make a disclaimer that i am not a dermatologist i’m not a chemist i’m just a person who loves to google and share everything that i read online I just got back from my class so i decided to post a video and record myself from my phone and post it on youtube because i feel like after this i have another class so i have to keep going So today’s topic i will be talking about type of acne scars and how to treat acne scars So, there are two types of scars When it comes to PIE, PIE is the type of scars that are red and easily affected by people with light and bright skin tones For me, when i read about PIE on skin care websites and etc the most efficient treatment when it comes to PIE is laser treatment When i heard about laser treatment i sighed So when i scroll down and they said but worry not, there are ingredients that can treat Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE) PIE is caused It happened when we picked our pimples, when we expose our skin to sun exposure when we use harsh chemical exfoliate or chemical burns I am so confident to tell you guys about this one ingredient that has been approved by all skin care websites which is vitamin C. Renee Rouleau approves vitamin C. Chemist confessions talk about vitamin C Simplest skin care also explain about vitamin C when it comes to PIE From this skin care website The Klog, it shows that it treats the scars using vitamin C It was so exciting to watch how the red scars slowly improving over the days When it comes to vitamin C, there are a lot of types of vitamin C. The standard of vitamin C is LAA which is the L Ascorbic Acid Ascorbic acid is very potent and highly unstable It means that when we use LAA, there are chances that our skins can be irritated and stings a little bit. It has a tingling sensation So that’s why i don’t recommend you guys to go with potent ascorbic acid if you guys don’t have solid skin care routines. Solid skin care routines means that when you guys have already used If you still are searching for the perfect product i don’t recommend you guys to go with vitamin C because it accelerates your skin cell turnovers and will cause your skin to purge It means that pimples will grow on your skin. So when it comes to vitamin C i will recommend you guys to use it only if you have already a solid skin care routine. If you guys really want to use vitamin C i will recommend you guys to start with low percentage. Example of product is Cosrx Triple C Klairs Vitamin C Tiam C Source For me you can start with Klairs because the percentage of Ascorbic acid is 5% Tiam is 20.5% and Cosrx is 20% if i am not mistaken Vitamin C have a lot of benefits So vitamin C is a very famous ingredient when it comes to scars treatment. If you guys really want to try vitamin C but are afraid of the ascorbic acid because of irritation and stinginess you guys can try vitamin C derivatives They are usually more stable and less potent than the LAA Ascorbic Acid. Examples of vitamin C derivatives are When it comes to Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, they are water soluble vitamin C. I recommend the Ordinary because it is awesome and and has the desired ingredients in the product You guys can also try the Hada Labo whitening essence because it also has MAP Recommendation for AP and AG are the Ordinary products Recommendation for AP and AG are the Ordinary products because they have the specific ingredient. Vitamin C derivatives also offer the same benefits as ascorbic acid such as brightening ingredients, stimulate collagen production but they are water soluble vitamin C. They are less potent and more stable compared to ascorbic acid. They are usually more gentle to our skin The next topic i will talk about is PIH PIH are type of scars that are dark and easily affected by darker skin tones They are like brownish skin scars If your skin concern is PIH, you can also use vitamin C because they are brightening ingredients They can treat PIE and also PIH The next ingredient to treat PIH is Arbutin Function of Arbutin is they inhibit or prevent the melanin production My recommendation of products when it comes to Arbutin, is the Ordinary Alpha Arbutin and the next product will be Hada Labo whitening essence There are two types of Hada Labo whitening essence which are MAP vitamin C derivatives and also Arbutin The next ingredient you can use to treat PIH is Niacinamide The function of Niacinamide is it slows down the transfer of melanin production to cells. So my recommendation of product when it comes to Niacinamide is the Ordinary Niacinamide plus Zinc There is an ampoule at a drugstore which is called Lost and Found (LaF) ampoule which also has Niacinamide I think a lot of people know about Niacinamide because it is also famous ingredient It is also one of the brightening ingredient When it comes to dark scars or PIH, always look for brightening ingredients. They are not only Arbutin, Niacinamide. They are a lot of ingredients which are If you guys want to use Vitamin C serum, Niacinamide serum or Arbutin Serum we start with So another recommendation when it comes to PIH is Alpha Hydroxy Acid AHA is a type of exfoliant. It exfoliates your dead skin cells. They are many types of AHA. My recommendation if you want to try AHA is always start with Melanin Acid Melanin acid actually contains bigger molecules so the chance that your skin is irritated is very low If we read in a chemist confession, it shows a picture of Mandelic, Lactic and Glycolic acid Glycolic acid has small molecules so that is why it irritates a little bit. It stings a little bit That is why people don’t prefer glycolic because it burns a little bit If you a beginner in AHA, always start with Mandelic Acid Then lactic acid and lastly glycolic acid My recommendation of product when it comes to mandelic acid is Wishtrend Mandelic Acid It has 5% of mandelic acid You can also try the Ordinary mandelic acid. It has 10% mandelic acid if i am not mistaken If you guys have already tried mandelic acid, you can also try lactic acid. Lactic acid is very moisturising so you can use the Ordinary but they have 5% and 10% lactic acid After that, we can move to glycolic acid If you guys really want to try glycolic acid, you can start with low percentage. My recommendation of the glycolic product is the Pixi glow tonic, AHA Cosrx 7 and the Ordinary glycolic acid Pixi Glow has 5% of glycolic acid Ordinary has 7% glycolic acid So always start with lower percentage so that you can build up your skin tolerance and to adapt to certain acids. The most important thing to treat PIE or PIH is to always use sunscreen I need to emphasise on the importance of sunscreen when it comes to scars. For example, i use one brightening ingredient which is Niacinamide Function of Niacinamide is to slow down the melanin production If i do not use sunscreen, i will expose my skin to sun exposure and will cause more melanin production so i think the Niacinamide will be confuse It wants to help slowing down the transfer of melanin but we keep giving melanin so it will become confuse It is no use if you guys apply brightening ingredients if you don’t wear sunscreen Same goes to Arbutin Arbutin is to prevent melanin production but if we keep exposing our skin and it will keep producing melanin Arbutin will also become confuse It is really important to wear sunscreen if you want to treat PIE and PIH. All skin care websites emphasise on the importance of sunscreen to protect our skin from sun exposure It is no use if we use brightening ingredients or hydration if we do not use sunscreen Always use sunscreen I hope my video will help you guys in explaining that there are two types of scars which are PIE and PIH That is all from me. I hope i will see you guys in the next video. Byebye


  1. Saya pakai tea tree oil from aiken utk rawat pigmentation, ambik masa so kene sabar tpi hasilnya berkesan kat muka saya. πŸ™‚

  2. salam kak mai ☺️ boleh ke kalau kita nak apply sunscreen tanpa remove light makeup (etc bedak compact)? thank you kak mai!

  3. Terima kasih banyakkkk banyak Kak Mai πŸ’–. Tapikan man tanya apa beza VitaminC Suspension dengan Megnasium Ascrobyl Phosphate. Haritu nak beli dahhh, tapi terbeli VitaminC Suspension hem

  4. Hai kak maisarah. Nk tnya psal solid skincare routine, mcm sy acne prone skin, so mmg akan sntiasa naik jerawat. Cuma takdalah naik banyak2 terus. So macam mana nk tahu basic skincare sy dh kukuh ye? So far dh pakai dua bulan basic skincare and sy dh selesa ngn produk yg guna. Tp jerawat naik je. Sorry kalau pening or berbelit ayat sy πŸ™

  5. Akk mcm mne nk buat kalau jerawat naik kt tmpt yg sama.. Besar2 pulak tu.. Lgi2 time period.. Nti lps tu dia oke balik tpi tu lah kesan bekas jerawat tu yg susah nk hilang.. Stiap kali period akan ada parut baru yg muncul 😭😭

  6. One tips kalau nak beli product the ordinary, cuba search kat shoppee, as it is cheaper and kalau ada voucher boleh free postage. But make sure it is originalπŸ™‚

  7. Hi kak mai, nak tanya kalau kita pakai the ordinary or any acidic punya product, for example yang contain aha then we should apply everyday or only 1-2 times a week? Apply dekat semua muka or certain area yg ada scars je? Thanks in advance ❀️

  8. Assalamualaikum kak mai, saya nak tanya, kalau skin jenis ruam2 sometimes combination, sesuai ke pakai ceradan n moisturizer ceradan?

  9. Kak maii mcm doktor kulit dahh πŸ’• sukaaaa sgtt2 ! Boleh suggest serum utk kulit sensetif + berminyak? parut merah2 😌

  10. Anyone here have have scars yg lubang2 tu
    Bukan setakat hitam2 atau merah2 tp ada lubang

    Siapa tahu cara untuk hilangkan, share lah ye😩😩😩

  11. Klau nk pakai serum scars yg kak tunjuk lm video semua tu.. pakai time bila? Everyday after cleanser eh? Then baru mosturizer and sunscreen?

  12. Hi kak mai. I ada problem acne yg tak mau pecah. Ada org panggil cyst acne. I used product yg ada ingredients tea tree or salicylic acid but it not works on me. Any other suggestion tak?☹️ Tq in advance❀️

  13. Boleh tak klau nak pkai niacinamide & alpha arbutin in one routine skincare? Or kne choose one of them in only one routine? Pls i need answer :') thanks.

  14. ramai yg suggest hiruscar post acne. sekarang baru seminggu try so i need to be patient to see if there's any difference on my acne scars hehe

  15. Assalam kak mai, after sy pakai hada labo hydrating face wash& hydrating lotion for almost 3month but my face dia naik tiny bump and then jerawat besar satu dua mcm tu, and also redness is it normal? Or should i stop using it?

  16. Thank you mai. Skrg baru i tahu, i ada PIE combination with hormonal acne. And paling x betul, i treat guna alpha arbutin n niacinamide. Dahla acne i tu degil, harini dh okay then timbul balik dkt tmpt yg sama and lagi besar n sakit. Now, i mmg akan tukar ke vit c.

  17. someone who knows quite well about skincare pleasee notice me πŸ™Œ . Bfr this kak mai ada ckp better jgn use foam facial wash sbb harsh on skin, then i decided to try simple gel wash , but i do need to uss some aha ingredients to remove whiteheads. So if i pakai hada labo aha + bha, will it irritates my skin ? Please someone ?

  18. Personal story from me (not good in english) – read till end : I have dry/combination skin and fair skin.

    Sy masih tak dapat solid skincare routine. Skin saya tidak terlalu teruk, tapi masih kekadang kering, tumbuh jerawat di dahi dan dagu. Pipi saya normal skin type.

    Sejak sekolah till degree tak pakai ap2 skincare product, sy hanya guna wipes (Guardian's) utk lap bb cream sy (Silkygirl). Faktor sy aktif bersukan, semakin berusia (hormones rose up) dan of course stress, kulit sy mudah 'penat' dan kering. Sy once ada guna produk tempatan (Tati's), and yes it did really clear my face (tiny bumps etc) and whiten up my skin. AND as you guys know, this product is HELL. Fprtunately i used the product just for 2 months and i stopped. Then after 2 days i stopped using Tati, my face turned to quite dull and dehydrated and it lead to breakout.

    Starting from there, I always try to cover up my skin with bb cream and other concealer makeup products. This constant covering up face routine has made my face to get jerawat (not a big one but it has a small white what u called a pus acne), and this small pus acne was come n go, and i usually tend to pop it out

    In 2016, I started my skincare personal research and study. I do know that some Youtubers (esp western or korean) theyre really love to do video talking about their skincare routine, so i write the suggested products down and tried some of them. I love to search and see review comments before purchase, BUT GIRLL, dont believe and depend totally on their suggestion and advice. Some of them are true and good but some of them are just they are trying to market the product cause they've got paid for that. And about review comments in website, some of them just tried the products about 2-3 weeks. Some of us might found that "WHY on earth IT DIDNOT work on me??" —

    Logically speaking, we dont know their whole life care routine. Our routine might and of course is different (from our personal routine, sleeps schdule, our diet, our personal hygiene practice (our clothes, inner scarfs) what makeup products tht we're using, what brush, cleanliness of our brush/sponge, our habit in touching face. AND YES, we do have hormones (esp woman age 21-30), this factor cant be help by applying the products. We should be patience, and do not over stress on the acne.
    What should we really do its just dont take risk to try local product which they didnot do any scientifically research for a long time enough to claim their product is safe. We should try at least lessen down the irritance by trying trusted brands and dont ever neglect our personal surrounding hygiene. and yes, Hydration is good for our skin. Our skin can heal better and faster if we hydrate well enough. (and in addition, makeup products really can make our face become sensitive and damage our skin barrier. )

    I believe Ms Maisarah really sincere in sharing this. Shes good with her disclaimer and not a over sharer or overclaimed. Keep it up Sarah!

  19. i never picked on my pimples, wear sunscreen everyday but still get red acne scars a lot. how unlucky i am

  20. Blh share kt mne blh dptkn product the ordinary.. Sbb tkut nk bli.. Rmai ckp byk yg fake..please help me

  21. Can someone help me? I have a very dry skin.. slalu mengelupas kulit ni.. bila basuh muka tu ya allah pedihnysa.. what should i do??

  22. Kak Mai, mcm mana nak guna hada labo essence tu ya? Guna before apply sunscreen dgn moisturiser atau mcm mana?

  23. Sy menghidapi PIH…+ Acne scars yg sedikit dh makin hilang selepas guna The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution + The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Vit C + Hada Labo AHA/BHA Foaming Wash…mgm sgt2 berkesan!!

  24. Hai sy nak tanya. Skrg muka sy breakout + dull. Parut. Jerawat semua ada. Is it ok kalau sh guna hada labo whithening essense as a moisturizer & klairs freshly vit c as a serum? Boleh suggestkan toner apa y sesuai tak kak. Tq

  25. sila baca ni supaya products u guys pakai berkesan!

    bila dah pakai product yg mengandungi vitamin c derivatives atau potent vitamin c, jangan pakai sekali dgn bahan ni

    -benzoyl peroxide/AHA/BHA, sebabnya boleh deactivate the vtamin c
    -niacinamide, sebabnya boleh membentuk niacin and irritate sensitive skin

    vitamin c mmg sesuai dipakai dgn vitamin e sbb boleh brighten and nourish skin.

    semuanya hanyalah chemistry:)

  26. Hi..sis , mcm mna nk tau product the ordinary yg kita beli tu ori atau fake??sis selalunya beli dri mn ya?pliss answer me

  27. Niceee 😍 thankyou kak mai. Tapi nak tanya, guna apa ye kalau untuk treat parut jerawat yang berlubang ?

  28. Informative video sharing you have. The Ordinary Mandelic Acid or The Ordinary AHA? Is both has the same / similar functions? Should I get both or which should I start use with first?

  29. Anyone ada experience pakai The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc? Boleh bagi feedback? Can it causes breakout or purging kalau skin barrier weak?

  30. i ada beli sunscreen tau , tapi dia kata untuk whitening so like bila pakai tu akan jadi putih gila , so ok ke kalau pakai macam sunscreen ? nama dia temon familyy spray protective

  31. Kalau kita ada PIH but bukan dark scars dia macam redness scars tu pun masih guna niacinamide/ arbutin ke? Please help. This is the only thing that make me confuse 😭

  32. Kalau just pakai arbutin product untuk PIH tu boleh ke ? I mean basic still macam biasa just untuk rawat acne scars i just guna arbutin product

  33. Mai, the ordinary magnesium ascorbyl phosphate pakai sebagai step ke berapa? As stated on the box, supppose pakai after water based serum. Tapi dia jadi clumpy πŸ˜…

    btw my usual steps is cleanser-toner-essence-serum-moisturizer

  34. Akk mmg jenis yg kerap kelip2 mata ke πŸ‘€ .. Tgok video akk sy pn terikut2 kelip2 mata, pening kepala xdpt nk focusπŸ˜‚ hihihi

  35. 10:09 sampai habis, baru betul cara dia ni explain. Depan depan tu mcm budak uni buat presentation baca slide. Lemau. I said what i said. Dont mention me 😜

  36. knapa klau mula2 pkai apa2 produk,, naik jrwat byk sngt.. then diorang bgtaw mula2 pkai akn jdi mcm tu.. lama2 okey laa… btul ke?? or xssuai dgn kulit??

  37. im not sure but i have jerawat scars on my forehead… would this type of video be suitable for it on how to treat it?

  38. The best product to get rid of PIH to me is Cosmoderm vit E 30k IU. It took me 2 months to get rid of 1year age of PIH! But too bad i learnt from this experience that it caused fungal acne on my forehead as well as on my cheeks. Now i dont know what type of ingredients to use as my recent acne scar is getting worse 😭 i tried niacinamide for 4 months but it does nothing! Might try glycolic acid after this. Pray for me πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜­

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