Advances in Nutritional Science to Slow Aging and Remain Healthy Until 100 by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Advances in Nutritional Science to Slow Aging and Remain Healthy Until 100 by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

thank you nice to see also many familiar faces and friends and great to be here I'm glad you're here and nice to see so many people taking interest in their health what we know what greater feeling to live without fear you know what I mean who wants to go to doctors and having tubes put in the orifices of your body and running back and forth to the emergency room and tested and afraid and fraid of dying or having strokes or running for a bus so yeah you know we're getting cancer getting chemotherapy or stuck in a nursing home are able to turn yourself over in bed and wants to live like that and think like that they don't just live life and be free and and joyous and happy and creative and enjoy your life without especially a later years right so this is all about how could you not be a nutri terian how could you not wanna live to be or 100 years old with your full mental and physical capacity they'll be fully enjoy your life in America here we have the worst healthy life expectancy of all seventeen most industrialized countries the worst I know what the word healthy life expectancy means it means the quality of your life particularly the ten years before you die you know what I mean so the average American may live to be 78 or 80 years old but the ten years before they die they're not really fully living living half a shell of themselves that and they're miserable and unhappy then the American diet doesn't just cause depression it causes dysthymia which means a lack of excitement about your life a little bit semi depressed and chronically you can't think that clearly but you kind of hate everybody who wants to happen to you what happens to other Americans especially when these advances in nutritional science over the last two decades is such a blessing to give us the power to have better health than is ever attainable in human history and better than the Blue Zones the Blue Zones just eat whatever foods around them whatever's grown in the area and they happen to do better than other people in other areas because they're eating mostly natural plants they raised themselves with a farm or they're in their area but we can do better than that we can actually take the best foods and the best practices from multiple Blue Zones and multiple soils and multiple areas we have actually you know refrigerators in and jet planes and we can put together a diet style that's even more longevity promoted promoting than our ancestors could have ever achieved especially living in different parts of the world different climates and nobody's taking advantage of this so let me ask you a question what percent of Americans are overweight do you know seventy sixty eighty sixty-eight all right you know what the the US medical health authorities said five years ago that it was about sixty five percent of Americans were overweight but then two years ago they said it was 70 percent but that's because they use a BMI of 25 as the demarcation line which we normal weight and overweight and stare for using twenty five s demarcation line it classifies about seventy percent of people as being overweight but all Blue Zones all longer populations don't have a BMI below 25 they would BMI below 23 did you follow that you know a male can have a BMI up to 24 if he's muscular but no female should a BMI above 23 and expect a live of one normal lifespan if we use the 23 and a half or 2324 BMI as the demarcation line which we normal weight an overweight then we classify eighty nine percent of Americans being overweight did you follow that that's more accurate let's look for a second before we start this lecture let's just look for a second at that 11% of people of so-called normal weight right are those really healthy people that are normally no right that's right not necessarily the right answer because the majority of those people smoke cigarettes use drugs are depressed have autoimmune diseases or alcoholics have occult cancers have digestive sorters have you know some medical condition that's keeping them in a normal weight and you're reflecting on the American diet that's so overweight causing it's so Lippo lipo toxic so deadly that anybody who's healthy needs the American diet blows up like a balloon the only people that are normal weight or people who are too sick it's actually studied that about 2.6 percent of Americans just two point six percent or a normal weight because they eat healthfully and they exercise regularly 2.6 percent so when you say what percent of American an overweight let's reframe that question say what percent of Americans either overweight or sick and that's like ninety seven and a half percent do you get that okay and this idea that there can be a healthy overweight person is ridiculous there's no such thing as healthy overweight people even have a normal cholesterol you cannot be diabetic but fat on the body ages you prematurely and secretes toxic mediators and inflammatory compounds for example fat on the body secretes estrogen and ester increases risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer if you're not a normal weight you're not healthy and if you're not a normal weight you're not eating a healthy diet you may think you are you've been bamboozled into thinking something that's not true whatever that word means but whatever it means you've got it you see I'll tell you the answer to this question Oh to that question advances in nutritional science with health leak 200 I'll tell you the answer right now so if you'd like you could leave here's the answer and if you can write it down the only thing proven in the history of science it's a slow aging an extend you man lifespan is one thing moderate caloric restriction in an environment of micronutrient excellence I'll say it one more time you have to eat less calories moderately not to come in or x''k moderate caloric restriction while you obtain micronutrient adequacy or excellence better than adequacy excellence because when you achieve micronutrient excellence by the way it naturally suppresses your appetite and you start to want to eat the right amount of calories and you lose weight so you get to your ideal weight and moderate caloric restriction slows down your metabolism and that's what I'm getting to here we want to moderately caloric restrict so we lose weight and we moderately slower metabolism we want them Italian to slow because want to be able to eat less food and not get too thin take my body for example I weigh about 147 pounds let's say 150 pounds I want to have that muscle I want to be able to ski and do chin-ups and do my sports and be strong I don't want to get too much thinner than this but I want to slow my aging process enough to be 100 so on a moderately caloric restrict eat a little less calories and so if I eat if my basal metabolic rate is let's say 1,500 calories a day but need 1,500 calories a day to maintain this weight if I eat 1600 or 1550 a little bit extra calories well 50 calories a day extra up at 385 days a year that's about three extra pounds a year times 10 years gained 30 pounds it will just take 15 years off my life go shoot over shooting I met him at my basal metabolic rate with too many calories just a quarter of a bagel extra for 30 to 15 years of my life what up on the other hand I understood my calories a little bit stead of 1,500 I do 1450 do I lose weight to become anorexic my bones melt away my muscles get weaker what what right here's what happens right you're brilliant this lady in the second row said that the metabolism slows a little to prevent me from losing weight excessively so even though eating too many calories makes me gain weight eating a little less calories won't output my body will prevent itself from getting too thin to maintain the muscle mass that I exercise for and my metabolism will slow so my thyroid will ratchet down a little bit and my respiratory quotient the amount of calories burned by breathing will ratchet down a bit my body temperature will lower a bit my body has all these mechanisms it'll set into motion to not to waste calories and therefore a slower metabolism means I'm aging slower the only way to age slower the only Fountain of Youth is to moderately caloric restriction eat less calories and not get too thin most Americans think they should speed up the metabolic rate so they can get more food and not get too fat isn't that what you've been told most likely how does lean the bleed uneven women's magazines how does or pick up a book off the shelf of a bookstore how to speed up your metabolic rate to lose weight as if it's favorable speed up your metabolic rate that's like saying die younger to lose weight that would be a good book bestseller every diet almost every diet plan out there should have a sticker on it that says lose weight but died under warning this diet may make you lose weight but don't be prepared to die younger for it will go into that and how dangerous dieting is but right now I'm telling you something different I'm telling you that the battery in a flashlight maintains its charge when the flashlights turned off you keep it turned on the battery dies out the slow metabolism means you're aging slower and when you eat a die it's so rich in nutrients and fiber it suppresses your appetite and takes away your addictive drives to overeat here's a normal range of thyroid function the lowest part of the thyroid normal range and the highest part of the form of thyroid normal range II follow that let's put a line right down the middle low normal high normal got that in the low normal range you have half the heart attack rates compared to those in the high normal range did you follow that you want to speed up your metabolic rate eat more food or take drugs to speed up in my pocket or look for some supplement or some magic cure that's gonna make you it's gonna make you burn more calories and make you burn up your metabolic rate you don't want to do that you don't have to uncomfortably caloric restrict you naturally desire less calories when your diet is high in fiber and high in fighting nutrients you know fiber gets degraded by bacteria in the gut and it turns some of that fiber into a compound called butyrate that sends negative feedback to the hypothalamus in your brain telling you to stop eating there's multiple mechanisms you have to control your Apple stats there's some mechanisms that ratchet up you're out of stat and other mechanisms that ratchet down your APIs that when you eat the right foods it turns down your APIs tat and makes you not want to eat more food you know what if I had a rough day right here at the front of the room and I'm fighting you to eat at my buffet for you guys in this side of the room as you take you place in line to fill your plates up at the buffet I'm gonna give you a tablespoon of olive oil to have while you're waiting in line that's 120 calories for each tablespoon and then I'm gonna have the scientists weigh and measure everything you took on your plate and how much you ate so we can see if the hundred and twenty calories from olive oil had you take 120 calories less up here or if it had no effect compared to people not given the olive oil and here's what I'm saying I'm saying the olive oil gets digested so rapidly with no fiber no space occupying earth in the stomach and no significant nutrient load that signals the brain that you will not take in less calories when you eat up here you'll take in the same amount of calories so all you did was add an extra hundred twenty calories to what you normally would have eaten thus shortening your life accordingly now you guys waiting on line to eat had an apple you took I gave you an apple to eat when you were waiting in line but the Apple has fiber moisture pectin and it holds space the the pectin is and the fibers hold the water into it and occupy space in the stomach and it contains certain nutrients that ratchet down the APIs that so that's 65 calorie Apple the scientists will find that when you choose your menu up here and fill your plates at the buffet you would have naturally eaten 65 calories less because you had the Apple before the meal or as part of the meal did you follow that now what if though instead of giving these people in this side of the room these dummies that had the oil what a few guys instead of doing that I hid the oil and now instead of giving you a peak olive oil in line you turned it down I mix the one tablespoon of olive oil into the food is it the salads of the vegetables into the brain whatever he was you reading and now you had a hidden 120 calories marbled mixed in there now how many calories would the scientists figure out that you consumed 120 calories extra or or less no you eat more eat more calories because oil revs up the at the stat and makes you want to eat more cal because it's Russia's into the bloodstream so rapidly it's the concentrated calories entering the bloodstream that signal dopamine receptors in the brain and it tells you to eat more food and now you eat 220 calories more not 120 calories more the foundational the whole fountain foundation of human health this is being slim and not having fat on the body and you've been scammed by the biggest scam and have been perpetrated on people in the world to have people convinced that oil of all types is a health food olive oil canola oil right flaxseed oil coconut oil you're pouring calories on your food empty calories putting fat on your body it goes from the lips to the hips and five minutes flat right stuck on there we could take an electron biopsy of that waist Lee could look under a microscope oh we do that oh yeah there's a coconut oil is pig fat no that came from wow that must have been um let's make some peanut oil there there's a peanut oil right I can see it on that microscope from your lips to your hips in five minutes flat rapidly absorb calories rev up fat storage hormones and they live up the brains hormones that make you want to eat more food they shut down your connectivity between your instinctual drive to eat and how many calories you need and gets it all mixed up so you become overweight okay I'm gonna start the lecture you guys ready all right let's do it oh that's not my slides just over the head a yard okay oh I can see it right there – thanks for your help take you out take you along so my lectures you know if directly it my producer alright so food gives us two types of nutrients right it gives us macronutrients and macronutrients contain calories you can see up on the slide fat carbohydrate and protein and when I told you so far you're getting us into your heads is that Americans eat too much fat too much carbohydrate too much protein we're consuming too much calories and the reason we're consuming too much calories is because we're eating macronutrients that are not micronutrient rich micronutrients suppress the APIs that micronutrients do not contain calories there are things like vitamins and minerals and phytochemicals and antioxidants Americans are ubiquitously deficient in micronutrients because they're eating so many processed foods and sominus animal products they're not eating enough plant food and it's the plant for the particularly the vegetables that have the most calories what what do you think is the most powerful classification of food to fight cancer is the healthiest food to fight cancer is it Donuts cookies rice cakes breakfast bars chips soft drinks cheese doodles Twinkies or donuts which is it or or or is it eggs or is it vegetables it's nuts beans are really powerfully protective against cancer but vegetables are probably the strongest particularly green vegetables and those powerful fighters against cancer but putting all those vegetables together in one category how many vegetables what's percent of the average American diet contains vegetables what percent of vegetables Americans are eating 2% good guess your cook this is a very educated group you know so I'm saying here that we need to eat more micronutrients and less macronutrients you guys have that right what I'm saying here is H equals n over C that's sort of been talking off the last ten minutes I'm saying that your healthy life expectancy how long you're gonna live and the quality of your life in your later years now good either to feel now smartly gonna be now let's create a V to get happy you're gonna be our link to the micronutrient Pro calorie density of your diet that means the more you eat the oil and the bread and the meat and the cookies and the crackers the more you throw empty calories into that body of yours you're shortening your lifespan and you're destroying your brain and the more you eat foods that contain antioxidants and phytochemicals and nutrients you're extending your lifespan you're protecting your brain and you're also decreasing your desire to want to overeat did you get that almost all overweight people are micro nutrient deficient because if they ate enough high nutrient foods it'll be very hard to overeat so that says the first principle on the bottom it says there the first principle of a nutrient diet that's the most important principle that's what I told you ten minutes ago when I said moderate caloric restriction in an environment of micronutrient excellence right you guys got this now it's very important to get this properly because a low calorie intake that's high in nutrients slows the aging process and look at the knee and look at the slide that's going over here that what happens it reduces inflammation it stops free radical formation it increases DNA repair it stops genetic alterations that increases genetic repair removes toxins from the cells and of course it removes you know slows the metabolic rate in the process you know your body's like a little machine it's a little factory making product here when you metabolize product in the product you're metabolizing your calories when you metabolize product you form toxins predominantly free radicals when you metabolize any calories as a result of the utilization of those calories you form free radicals that age you eating ages you but when you're eating foods that are high in micronutrients and phytochemicals and antioxidants the food supply the anti oxidation effect that diffuses the accumulation of free radicals created from the metabolism of that food did you follow I just said natural foods prevent the formation of those free radicals because maintain the radical from the free radical fighters so they're making it so they don't so eating doesn't harm you eating only harms you when you're eating foods that don't contain the free radical fighters that's a band that they called the free radical fighters if they're Foo Fighters or something like they must know something about nutrition now the foods were the most powerful free radical fighting ability our vegetables particularly colorful vegetables for example a study showed that the Fiji Island is who smoked a lot of cigarettes had very low rates of lung cancer relative and compared to the Hawaiian Islanders who hardly smoke more lung cancer among the Hawaiians smoking much less because the Hawaiians morning is much green vegetables as the Fiji Island whose were even with regard to smoking even with regard to exposure to those excess sun with skin cancer even regard to exposure to asbestos even with regard to exposure to a known carcinogen the exposure to green vegetables mitigates or lessens the cancer potential of other risk factors did you follow I just said there are lots of things that cause cancer but all those things that cause cancer they're ripped the probability of them causing cancer is reduced dramatically because these vegetables arm the mechanism in the cell with the ability to repair and remove toxins and to prevent damage from accumulating our cells have the ability to repair the damage that if left unchecked would lead to cancer the build-up of methylation defects the buildup of DNA cross links being broken the DNA of toxin material all these things that we occur that know that cause cancer are diffused by vegetables you know I always say we've landed the man on the moon already and I mean by that is we already know how to prevent cancer we already know to win the war on cancer in America we've already wipe out more than 90% of all breast cancer in northern 90% of all prostate cancer all these common cancers I'm saying more than 90% conservatively because a lot of population is filling studies on 50 years ago and more of populations around the world that had less than a hundred times less the cancer rates we have today in this country so I'm being conservative the same groups reduce it by 90% it's more like reducing it by a 99% because it's what other countries are the primitive populations had very low cancer rates the first cancers even mentioned in the medical literature in the 1740s that they found was most prevalent was scrotal cancer found in people working in chimney sweeps chimney sweeps was a job they were treating out chimneys they would get squirtle cancer these cancer is a new phenomenon human history we don't have to get cancer you've been thinking you've been taught it's the normal consequence of Aging and everybody gets it right and you have no role to play if you get cancer it's just genetic or just was luck what about what a child gets cancer at age two years old what did they do wrong well we know that we know that the parents diet not just during pregnancy but even the parents diet prior to conception affects the health of the child and their risk of childhood cancer or brain tumor formation did you file that and what do you think is shown to be protective against childhood cancer vegetables if the mothers eat green vegetables through their to their childbearing years and years before they give birth even conceived the baby but you know what we do as medical professions and health professionals we give people folic acid pills because their diet is deficient and Foley and their body is deficient in folate from not eating vegetables so we give them a pill so they don't have to think of eating vegetables they get fully they can just keep on that fast food diet and have a kid with cancer now we do all the wrong things everything wrong that's what the medical profession does we always have a pill solution for something you know people don't like to answer we found the war we we solved though and one the way on cancer already in the sign of the literature what people are looking for a different answer instead of vegetables they want an answer to be a pill like fulvic acid they want a pill so they could still smoke three packs a day and not get lung cancer with this pill they want magic life is not a fairy tale it's real and you are what you eat you got that listen I'm sorry but I have to get through this election I can't take you and egg the answer's no but let me let me complete I prefer to hold the questions to the end okay thank you so most of these studies show that vegetables are protective but if we investigate the most powerful foods against cancer in most the studies we find that raw vegetables have an enhanced protective effect compared to cooked not too cooked aren't protective but there's a factor in raw vegetables that make them even more protective particularly raw green vegetables and raw cruciferous green vegetables because they're the food richest in the ability to produce those ITC's or isothiocyanates that have powerful effects on activating the a re the a re is the antioxidant response element in the cell is activated by flavonoids and by the ITC's from green vegetables and without those vegetables without greens your cells don't function normally you can't be normal without the inclusion of green vegetables in your diet you're living just a mere shell of the person you could have been come vegetables also have the most protection against stabilizing and repair and protection of endothelial function and endothelial health the endothelium is the lining of your blood vessels and what I'm saying right now is that green vegetables activate biological mechanisms that keep the inner lining of your blood vessels smooth and slippery and preventing from plaque from adhering or developing on the interior wall of your blood vessels if you eat those green vegetables so whether it's protection against dementia protection against cancer protection against strokes or protection against heart disease if I ask you the question what food is the most protective against any of these chronic diseases the right answer is always going to be green vegetables right what is the other primates eat mostly what is a gorilla and baboon and chimpanzee mostly eat as their main source of bulk of calories no vegetables put a muzzle on that guy all right so my nutrient IQ act phone app is not out yet it's coming out a couple of weeks but this app gives people a fun game to could play a rough idea of the nutrient levels of these foods comparatively and there's not you know I don't want people get crazy about comparing one natural health food to another they're all super healthy the more variety and the more symphony you get of nutrients from your diet of different types of food even different types of mushrooms even different types of onions even different types of vegetables are important the more variety in your diet of these healthy natural foods the longer you live but you see that the processed foods and the animal products we're dividing food to three categories processed foods and the products and plant foods it's the unrefined plant foods where all the money set that's where all the nutrient levels are ATS and I divide this so athletes and younger people to particularly can play the game and try to get all those high nutrients into the body by adding enough of those foods proportions so what I'm saying is that not only are these foods rich in nutrients and fiber and I've already think I've told you that the high fiber content and the high nutrient content makes you desire less calories and I tell you that earlier I'm also telling you here that all these anti-cancer foods like raw vegetables like beets and snow peas and fennel and tomatoes and you know the low or the low sugar fruits like kumquats and berries and pomegranate and cherries and all these and the cook green vegetables and the non green cooked vegetables like mushrooms and eggplants and and squashes and they're super low in calories they they don't have more than 100 calories per pound how many pounds when your fans in that one leader of a stomach that you have it can't fit any calories in of natural foods it's impossibly come all the way the average ruler in America 60 pounds overweight she couldn't have become six pounds overweight eating these foods it's impossible you can't fit that many calories into the stomach you have to pour oil on your food or be adding white flour will be adding meats and animal products you can do the stomach gets fills up you're not supposed to eat till you're full anyway when you're eating a meal get up from the table push yourself away so you feel your stomach and say do I think I had enough don't eat till you're uncomfortable just to eat so you can make it to the next meal without getting too hungry so uncomfortably hungry eat as little as you can because you know these foods have are so rich and nutrients you're chewing them well and you're implicating them because you're realizing the life-giving power of these foods and then you realizing the blessing of being able to eat this food and with this life-giving power it has in it and where we can make it to these delicious recipes to taste great you know with a lot of thinking you know we know it's impulsed impossible to become overweight if you're reading a healthy diet in natural foods you have some eating processed foods to get overweight and that's how we know with lots of scientific study and contemplation that skipper never really lived on that island [Laughter] let me just tell you something else that smiling and laughing makes you live longer too and the joke doesn't have to be funny if you just smile and laugh and anything that makes you live longer so if I tell you the stupidest joke and you write and you know what I may have told that joke 400 times it's still okay G bombs greens beans onions mushrooms berries seeds right what does that mean why am i telling you g vines why is it so important to remember g bombs because these are the foods that have been identified in the scientific literature to show dramatic protection against cancer and nutria terian diet includes a full portfolio of the full of all those anti-cancer foods so all the bases are filled so you're covering checking off every box of the nutrient casa fication that slows aging and protects against cancer right you know if there was another category of foods that would powerfully protect them against cancer and there are like tomatoes for example then we should include that a new staring guy too but the most powerful ones are g bones it's not a diet only of g bombs but i want people to recognize that so they can remember to eat the green vegetables every day and remember to try to consume some mushrooms every day not once a week mushrooms on a regular basis almost every day because the studies show that people eat mushrooms regularly almost every day for example one study on asian women showed a 64 percent lower risk of breast cancer just because they had about 10 grams of mushrooms the size of your thumb on a regular basis on every day people who eat beans everyday beans in the Nurses Health Study in Boston were the food with the most powerful association against breast cancer that's right throw a dart at any of those foods take seeds like flax seeds with their lignans we'll look at the study on those lignin containing seeds like flax seeds and chia seeds and sesame seeds to applicants and by the way seeds have lignans in them they track the lignin count in a woman's diet who had breast cancer and they filed the breast cancer deaths for ten years and they found that women who ate a third of one milligram a day of lignin had a 71 percent reduced risk of dying of breast cancer over that ten-year period 71 percent lower risk just from 1/3 of a milligram of lignin a teaspoon of flax seeds a teaspoon by the way not a tablespoon a teaspoon has 7 milligrams and these women rolling 1/3 of a milligram and they already had cancer already certainly though younger in life you start things when you before you get cancer the more effectively they are protecting you as you wait till you're near death and you try to put healthier habits then the effect is going to be lessened but even when after they got cancer it's still reduced their risk of death tremendously and they still were taking the wrong dose anyway what I'm saying to you right now that the studies show that these foods are dramatically protected against cancer each food taken individually just people who eat onions regularly have it between a 55 and 88 percent reductions of most common cancers just for meeting a quarter cup of onion a day and that's not because they had it with the flax seeds and the mushrooms and the kale and the collard greens they just had them onion in their diet what if we designed the diet style that included all these powerful anti-cancer foods on a regular basis then what would happen well that's what I'm man fighting people do and that's what with the nutrit Aryan women's health study does if we're doing the study at northern area University where women register for the study and we have thousands sign up and they pledge to eat these foods every day and they follow a new sterian diet and we're following them for 20 years we want to show people that we have the knowledge and the ability to wipe out cancer not totally wipe it out cuz we're not going to know what but we can have a journey almost wipe it out we could live it in other words we have a tremendous power to save lives here tremendous power to save lives you should be part of that power this is like giving you superpowers I'm giving you superpowers you know what I mean by that like what good are superpowers you to fly through the air or see through x-ray vision or to bend steel or do all kinds of crazy things we're not being invaded by aliens or other aliens with superpowers those are no good or worthless not totally worthless but the real superpowers we need are the powers to stop people dying of heart attacks and strokes and cancers all around us how many people in this room that's right here we'll just check it out right raise your hand if you've been stabbed by a knife in your torso or head or your family member has been stabbed by a knife alright two people how about shot by a bullet raise your hand shot by bullet killed by a bullet family member yes one person two people okay what's that no standby a Knights are in surgery I didn't know that surgeons shot people with bullets there's an emergence of the Northup edik surgeon here at least they shooting people with bullets all right look now answer the question if you don't mind how many of you know people in your family who either had a heart attack or a stroke or a cancer diagnosis that's a neighborhood I wouldn't want to live in and that's a neighborhood you got to get out of right get out of that neighborhood take yourself out immediately today because that's gonna make your life miserable who wants to get older and be sickly is that the golden years you work all your life you finally have some money saved up in the bank you retire so you can be tortured and suffer or they call it the coal use and most people die in America now how much money they may have how much money they save it's all gone anyway you know where went to medical care the end of their life that's right what if Stu wants to die in a hospital after being tortured anyway you can't just die peacefully at home got to be rushed off there so they could torture you for a few weeks or so take all your money and then you could die as opposed for example to somebody like who wrote The Good Life it's okay I'm Helen and Scott nearing Scott nearly wrote a book The Good Life there's an MIT scholar right he showed people by having a house in Maine he picked Maine because it's a cold climate in the United States he wanted to show people can build a little green house and make his own food and be self-sufficient with very little money and be healthy and happy and he did that he lived to be 101 years old at 101 years old he was getting weak he couldn't work in the field anymore he was getting a little tired and fatigued so he sell up so he had a big party and if I'd had all his friends from all over the world and he said goodbye to everybody in good health and then in the next couple of months he passed himself to death didn't want to get wait until he got sick so he just gently like but he lived to be 101 his wife Helen died it and I think 97 in a car accident actually but the point is that he died under his own terms and good health at the age of 101 you know what I mean I'll show you some people just one person some clap it's not a big deal she's one person but I'll show you a lots of my patient my nutri teri in patients over the years who've been living into the late nineties and a hundred and great health to it so it's not really one person I can't even get these people to die okay I better go faster we'll never get out of here the second prince in the Newtonian IX million like the third or fourth slide the second principle of a new trait Aryan diet is your diet has to be hormonal e favorable and the hormones we're talking about you know or estrogen insulin igf-1 insulin-like growth factor-1 you know let's talk about insulin first because you guys must know that excess insulin shortens your life span and when you're overweight your body has to produce excess insulin you're ten pounds so here am i at a favorable weight and my body may produce let's say 10 units of insulin a day for my body's need requirements 10 units a day if the set of weighing human victims Wow if I weigh 160 pounds my body might need 15 units a day at 170 pounds I might need 20 units a day if I've made 180 pounds I may need 50 units a day if I weigh out 210 pounds I may need a hundred students a day that's 10 times the amount of insulin I needed if I was a normal weight you following that as you gain weight you become more insulin resistance and your body has to produce much more insulin in response to everything that you eat and the fat cells secrete estrogen and other negative factors as well but if we eat a high glycemic diet with a lot of insulin producing potential we shorten our life span and foods that produce our high glycemic means that they have a lot of glucose they're the carbohydrate is converted into glucose and the glucose enters the body very rapidly so foods that have a high glycemic load means their glucose calories enter the bloodstream rapidly like if I ate white rice or white bread or sugar or honey or maple syrup that's all fat high glycemic carbohydrates which spike in insulin load if I have 200 calories of beans the carbohydrate in beans is broken down very slowly and they enter the bloodstream at about one or two calories a minute you don't have to produce very much insulin to do away with the get rid of one calorie of glucose Amit did you follow that there's hardly any insulin needed to do to handle bean because it's broken down so slowly because beans are rich and slowly digestible carbohydrates and they have the most resistance starch of any other food because they're high in resistance starch it means those starches are almost like a fiber in that they're resistant to enzymatic degradation by the zest of enzymes so instead of being broken down by the rest of enzymes they're broken down by bacteria in the gut and as the bacteria in the gut essentially ferments them they become a fuel for the growth of healthy bacteria the bacteria in the gut that break down the resistant starch and beans and turns that into fact short chain fatty-acids the bean carbohydrate the starch and beans is converted into fat by the bacteria but those that the conversion takes place too far down in the digestive tract so 90% of those calories are lost into the toilet bowl so the resistance starch and beans mostly passed through you as a non-caloric source they ratcheted down the APIs that by those fifty calories but only five calories came in did you follow that they had you no longer prefer to eat but all those calories didn't come in so you had a meal you ate your vegetables and your beans and the vegetables are not biologically accessible either and a nuts are all not all biologically accessible either but you felt like it have that many calories and you felt like I had enough food and not hungry you'll have to do but you get to be dinnertime and you start to get hungry and all those calories didn't even come into your body you moderately calorically stricted just because of eating the right food because it's shut you're a pass that down and almost calories never even came in where's low glycemic carbohydrates do the opposite I said that backwards the high glycemic carbohydrates go into your bloodstream rapidly the low glycemic carbohydrates are like beans they come into the bloodstream very slowly got that and the high glycemic carbohydrates do the opposite they rev up the appetite because when calories enter the bloodstream rapidly don't forget the rapid infusion of calories of the bloodstream triggers dopamine release in the brain dopamine stimulation the brain that make you like opiates do like shooting up with heroin or snorting cocaine does the more when you eat calories that flood the body fast like oil like white flour or white rice or honey or maple syrup you're gonna get high from the a mild high from those foods that make you want to get more of them you know what I say you can't eat just one you can't just sit down there and have one tablespoon of ice-cream with all that sugar you got to eat the whole pint you got to eat the whole bag of french fries you got to get one sodas no longer enough from you you still became so dopamine insensitive from all the high calories you consume they gotta have a bigger soda now with the burger and the fries and you're still hungry maybe get another serving of fries then it's bad enough they're having all this cancer-causing food but now they're eating they figured out a way they didn't make it more cancer-causing we're gonna take the food now that's already cancer-causing I'm going to take this potato high glycemic potato I'm gonna fry it not just an oil but oil that's gonna be reheated all day long so we calm rancidity and carcinogenic compounds with our fry the potato and carcinogenic oil Wow even working in the fast food restaurant if you don't eat the food just inhaling the fumes from the oil is the bat or as carcinogenic with the only country in the world that allows class 1 carcinogens now a class 1 carcinogen means a definitive carcinogen like a prize process I'm talking about processed meats now like hamburgers and like um bacon and hot dogs and Bologna with the only country that permits these class one carcinogens was a definitive carcinogen like asbestos no dioxin to be served in school lunches to kids can you imagine we do this they don't allow that in the Arab countries they don't have that in Europe you know allow that and you know only here can we do that can we give kids class one carcinogens and bring them to the soccer games and feed our kids doughnuts to make them get cancer faster my children were pretty much grown up could never figure out they'd always say to me both these parents love their children why they doing this and I go I remember my daughter Kara was four we were at this health quest we're at a place when in my house would be exercise right and she comes out of this kids boot camp that she called the blue boot camp and she says to me don't these parents love their children ice of course they love their children you're talking about they're eating cheese doodles and like and I'm candy the parents are bringing in for the kids and I said they don't know what we know that what you eat makes who you are and makes your health they don't know that you said they don't know that what you eat makes your body how could they be so stupid and I said you know it's not they're so stupid so everybody's doing it so they have they it's called cognitive dissonance they don't think about it and when you're a fruit nut game whoa must have been attacked by the fast food manufactures design what happened there when you're a food addict like most Americans are they're eating these fast foods and their doughnuts and their croissants and whatever it is they're you know their bagels and the cream cheese on it and they're going away to have their drunken whatever they're having a drunken Donuts but they're they're not thinking of causing cancer they've blocked it out they don't even think about it they're just doing it because they're fueling their addicted behavior there's no thought processes because addictions dummy down your intelligence and make you not think automatically the addictions take over part of your brain and they take it away from you you no longer in control of the bank you lost your keys to the bank because now your addictions drive your behavior and drive your thought processes the addiction is the person who's an addict the brain makes delusional rationalizations why it's okay to poison themselves oh it's um it's too much stress right now to quit smoking my son smashed in the car might be you know there's always some excuse why it's never the right time to get off the cocaine the cigarette to the doughnuts right I don't think healthy now we think of pregnant in other words when you're an addict the the addictive potential of these foods Drive your behavior and even drives you think you're thinking and you just live just to you start your life becomes a life to chase and to supply your addictive your addictive part of the brain the primitive brain you're driven to drink and to eat and to fuel the brain with addictive substances and you know what you're no longer a creative kind and elegent and you no longer and to that degree that you're driven to your assert to serve your addictions is to that level that you can no longer be the best producer the breast parent the best to your neighbors your country your world you no longer other things don't matter to you anymore you become more self-centered more narcissistic and less intelligent and then you get elected president I'm sorry I just came out I couldn't help myself it likes sometimes it was though trying not to do this not to do that but I so glycemic load insulin and disease well we know that when you have higher sugar training foods it drives overeating behavior and it drives all these common diseases of what I'm telling you there's a unifying a unifying biological mechanism via which all these diseases develop and this unifying mechanism means that when you eat calories without nutrients you build up free radicals reactive oxygen species and you build up a GES advanced glycation end-products those are not the only toxins but that combination of reactive oxygen species free radicals with their identification end-products build up in your tissues and age you rapidly and cause macular degeneration aging of the brain dementia nerve damaging your legs kidneys to go hypertension atherosclerosis and cancer say that three times fast so glycemic load foods high glycemic load foods like white potato white rice white pasta and chocolate cake which is weight as a fake ten right it's just fake you know I always say the weight of the bread the sooner you're dead right of course don't trust things that are too white cocaine cigarettes you know white flour always we want to eat a lot of colorful and nutrient-rich plants now medium glycemic load foods like corn and sweet potato and you know and grains are okay but the lowest place to see mcleod foods are the vegetables like the green vegetables and the squashes and the fruits like oranges and berries and beans and nuts those the lowest glycemic like plant the lowest glycemic plant foods and looking at beans for a minute because we're looking at beans as an example because we could put all the carbohydrate containing foods on a hierarchal scale of quality I could have made it 50 foods long but I just general I just chose like 10 foods and we can show the amount of resistance starch and the amount of fiber and the result and the amount of nutrients in that food and anti-cancer potential and phytochemicals and might add micronutrients in that food and here's what I'm telling you I'm saying that beans have the most fiber and have the most anti-cancer phytonutrients compared to other carbohydrate sources they're the lowest glycemic and your body breaks and they have in there full of inositol pentakus phosphate which is a powerful anti-cancer substance that doesn't the tumors grow and causes apoptosis of abnormal cells incredibly protection against cancer and you know an Australopithecus phosphate has such powerful anti-cancer effects because it's 26 letters long but here I'm saying is that these beans look at the amount of fiber and resistant starch well they all the potential to produce the healthy bacteria the reason people don't digest beans well and beans produce gas is because they don't eat them regularly enough so they haven't built up enough of the bacteria to digest the resistant starch and beans so they produce more gas when you start eating beans every single day then your body builds up all the healthy bacteria that aids in their digestion and unfortunately you stop producing all that gas how come nobody even smiled at that one thank you the word unfortunately was a joke I guess you don't get that because you didn't live the life I lived okay some jokes are like you only get yourself kind of like you know I mean beans and cancer beans and cancer you eat beans you have low rates of cancer why in the Nurses Health Study if I'm saying that greens like cruciferous green vegetables are the most protective food against cancer then how come in a nurse's health study beans show the most protection against breast cancer how come no you don't know that one because they weren't eating enough because nobody was eating enough green vegetables there there weren't any high consumers of green vegetables as a whole in the group but there were people eating more beans more people in likes you know whatever their heritage their diet from the heritage where the country has come we I suppose people in hi bean diet see less breast cancer there was no group reading hide more greens but we do have studies from other groups eating high green diets and it shows incredibly dramatic effects on cancer but the goal is what to do is it beans or greens what is it we're supposed to do both whoa now igf-1 is called insulin-like growth factor-1 and it's called insulin life because it binds to the insulin receptor and also promotes angiogenesis and tissue growth that drives cancer and fat storage you know the word angiogenesis means yes who doesn't know what it means angiogenesis smooth angiogenesis I can't look down and talk angiogenesis means the growth of new blood vessels the word angio means blood vessels Genesis means to make new so fat cells secrete angiogenesis promoters which says blood vessels grow into me bring me more oxygen and more sugar and more nutrients so I can get fatter fat cells promote their own growth and the more you eat insulin and igf-1 both insulin and igf-1 promote angiogenesis they accelerate fat growth and they accelerate the production of angiogenesis promoting hormones from fat cells cancerous tumors secrete a Geo Genesis factors to because cancer is when the cell becomes abnormal they want that replicates very rapidly and it can't replicate rapidly unless it gets a new blood supply a lot of blood and a lot of glucose sugar coming in so it greets hormones that make blood vessels grow to it and supply it with oxygen and glucose so it can replicate you can't have cancers developing without angiogenesis molding hormones because blood vessels won't grow to fuel the cancer mushrooms and onions and green vegetables all these pomegranates and Sherry's have anti-angiogenic effects they say no way Jose I'm not letting you put fat on your body they're anti fat storage the opposite of oil and sugar they say no way Jose I'm not letting you get cancer thereby we must be bilingual they say in Spanish no way Jose but igf-1 is elevated by animal protein whereas whereas insulin is most promoted by sugar and high glycemic carbohydrates high glycemic carbohydrates do app do increase the secretion of igf-1 but not as much as animal products do animal protein in particular increases igf-1 and higher levels of igf-1 are associate with the aging of the brain aging of your body fat storage and increased rate of cancer we have to keep a relatively low amount of igf-1 if you want to live to be a hundred that means if you're on a diet that has a lot of animal protein you like a Paleo diet or a ketogenic diet you can't live a long time you're paying the devil and you're saying I want to lose some weight I don't care if I drop dead young cuz let me just tell you one thing before I go on with this lecture we give stuff more credence if they follow have three different criteria because why listen to me and why have any faith in what I'm telling you why can't you just believe the next guy that comes up on the stage and he tells you that's better to eat in ketogenic diet have all meat in oil why do you listen to him he'll show you some slides of people that lost weight he'll show you some studies people that drop their glucose level why believe me I'm telling you the answer that question right now okay because we give studies more credence if they involve many thousands of people that's one large numbers of people number two they go on for decades and number three they look at hard endpoints like death or cancer or heart attacks or strokes not short-term studies soft endpoints like they lost way to drop the cholesterol that went on for a year or two I could give you a diet of nothing but Twinkies and it'll work it'll be a great diet the Twinkie diet because you can't eat that if you're just eating Twinkies you get sick of Twinkies and you can't eat too many calories after a thousand calories and give up you're sick of eating Twinkies already it's doable and you lose weight and you look good you look helpful improve for a year or so you'll probably take 30 years of your life or more but you got some short-term benefits let me just say one thing here losing weight on any method is if no benefit at all only weight loss that you keep off for the rest of your life is of a benefit anything you do short-term to lose weight is if no benefit because the weights not gonna stay off you unless you keep doing what you did to lose it for the rest of your life the weight is not going to stay off as we come back and when the weight comes back it's more dangerous than the weight that came off you because as you gain weight you put more saturated fat on your body as you rapidly gain weight and the backpack becomes more visceral so dieting on these crazy diets losing gained weight the yo-yo your weight is not good for your health the only safe way to lose weight if you're overweight is to eat a diet style that has anti answer and longevity promoting effects so you could stay eating that way for the rest of your life because then the weight you lose is going to stay off you for the rest of your life did you file that temporary weight loss is of no benefit you can't say oh I'll just do with this kilo diet is Paleo diet drops away and then I'll start to eat healthy no it doesn't work that way and you pay a price for every cigarette you smoke do you know I mean for that you pay a price for every bagels and lox that you have served yourself you're shortening your life with every time you eat carcinogenic food you're shortening your life why do that there are healthy things that is just as good and when you get healthy your tastes get stronger and you enjoy food food war and you pleasure out of intellectual appreciation and aesthetic appreciation for the beauty of that food now as I was in California last week and it was cutting open a passion fruit and all the liquidy water in there with those seeds that you chew and I'm going what a marvel of nature this is it's like such a thing of beauty that has the food has this harder shell on the outside to keep the water inside to supply clean water to us and it has these anti-cancer seeds full of lignans and all these phytochemicals of it than cancer that are rich and it's like an I'm just saying that that nature put into these all these foods that we can gather and find in that are so incredibly adjust at one meshed with our body to give us to give us incredible health we have this opportunity to have incredible taste sensation at the same time with appreciating the wonder and beauty of these foods that make us live long and protect us disease is unnatural we have a body that's disease resistant we just got to supply it with the right substances when you take in a lot of animal products especially dairy products this dairy raises igf-1 the highest we accelerate our death it's not just because the lack of phytochemicals and antioxidants you see plant pro teens even high protein plant foods because look beans are very high in protein about 30% protein beans that 30% protein is not really 30% because I told you the resistance starch doesn't even get digested so the lost calories makes means you can higher than 30% iron protein and a hamburger some grains a high approach to protein quinoa is high in protein nuts and seeds are high in protein green vegetables of super high in protein how come all these high protein plant foods don't raise I G f1 like the high protein animal products do what's that no it's not because there's no saturated fat it's not the saturated fat that raises igf-1 it's the protein raised I just won when you eat an animal protein the protein is biologically complete it enters the bloodstream biologically complete and rapidly the body takes the excess proteins and it can't excrete them or burn them for energy it turns them into hormones that we don't need that result the excessive growth and excessive growth of things that shouldn't be growing when were adults by cancer we take in plant proteins they're not as biologically complete and the body makes them biologically complete by mixing and maxing mixing and matching up stored amino acids in the villi and it can mix and match and it can even digest some more of the vehicle disease that some of the bacteria live in the gut or taking some the epithelial cells to add more protein to the to the bloodstream to complete the protein that it needs to make the amount of hormones it needs to make but the body is measuring and making the amount of hormones it needs it's not overshooting it by double or triple the amount by taking a lot of excess complete proteins did you follow that a high protein plant diet does not result in high levels of igf-1 like a high protein animal products do and you can't keep Adam igf-1 favorable if you're eating a lot of animal products a matter of fact for a lot of people 10 percent of calories from animal products is way too much because their igf-1 production production is too high on 10% they've got to go down to 5% or less between 0 and 5 percent to keep the igf-1 favourable for most individuals this is not controversial among nutritional scientists worldwide there's a level of igf-1 via which we know maximally extends lifespan too high is bad and too low is bad we want to be in that sweet spot and you can't get to that sweet spot with a lot of animal parts in your diet and as you age though you need to have adequate protein and as you move to a vegan diet unless it's designed to include adequate protein it may drop igf-1 too low a nutria terian diet is designed to be protein adequate with the inclusion of beans and nuts and greens and a wide assortment of foods so it's safe for a toddler or for the elderly even as protein bioavailability and assimilation goes down even increased needs for growth in athletes so you follow I'm saying right now a lot of these vegan diets are not favourable for the extremes of life they don't supply enough protein fat for children the elderly now pooling the studies on IG f1 and breast cancer we know that higher levels of igf-1 drives breast cancer as it does Drive prostate cancer when high-protein diets haven't studied for cardiovascular risk as well and here's a study that plotted more than a hundred thousand participants by the way more than twenty years tracking their diet based on how much protein they I'm a protein they ate and the more animal products they ate compared to they gave people a one if they need a vegan diet and a twenty if they ate a diet like an Atkins or a Paleo diet and they showed that out of all these thousands of people with thousands of deaths meaning hard endpoints that the death rate increased as the percentage of animal protein went up in the diet very systematically and logarithmically you know right along that curve more animal products more death where as we look at the stuff when people need more green vegetables we see more intake more life span now with mushrooms or onions or tomatoes there's going to be a leveling off of the benefits in other words once you eat 20 grams of mushrooms 25 grams maybe eating fifty-year gram does not gonna do you any better you've already got maxed out at 50 at 25 grams of mushrooms 10 grams already goose breast cancer rates by 64% but people mix green vegetables of green tea with the mushrooms they got 89 percent reduction of cancer in that study what I'm saying here is that with green vegetable that's somewhat different there's no leveling off of the benefits if our I just said the studies show that as the quintile as the amount of green vegetables consumes goes up so does longevity in a study of 134 over 134 thousand people large numbers of people tracking them for decades looking at hard endpoints more green vegetables longer life same thing with nuts and seeds in all these studies these large-scale studies on large numbers of people looking at hard endpoints we show that we use these large-scale studies over time that people eat more nuts and seeds more regular consumption of nuts and seeds have increased lifespan and decreased or caused mortality lower rates of heart attack low rates of stroke and lower rates of cancer dramatically in the physicians Health Study there was a 60% lower risk of sudden cardiac death in those physicians eating nuts and seeds three more times a week look at the Adventists Health Study for a minute well here's a study that has a meta-analysis of 25 trials on nuts and seeds showing if you lowered cholesterol and the more you ate the more it dropped LDL cholesterol because nuts and seeds have sterols and stanols particular fibers that bind cholesterol and find fact and when you eat these high-fat foods the fibers that contain and the sterile sustain holes that are holding onto those fat pass through you into the toilet hole sucking the fact some of that fat out that passes through you so all that calories are not biologically accessible so you felt like you ate the 200 calories it ratcheted down your after step by 200 calories but only 150 calories came in they naturally and comfortably made you caloric restrict the fat that's now passed through into the toilet bowl was not the fact that was in the nuts and seeds to begin with because the fact it's now on the toilet bowl is fact the step that these in fact magnet in the nuts and seeds sucked out of the bloodstream because things pass from the digestive tract of the bloodstream and think passed through the villi from the bloodstream back into the digestive tract and nuts and seeds have the ability to suck out cholesterol particularly oxidized LDL which is the most dangerous type of cholesterol it puts more bad fats into the stool so what I'm saying here is that the seventh-day adventists study first published in 2001 showed that longest life was in vegans who ate nuts and seeds regularly and the flexitarians those people away to animal products who ate some nuts and seeds lived longer than the vegans not eating nuts and seeds you follow that one that was in 2001 a large scale study but in 2018 a new seventh-day Adventist study came out the seventh-day Adventist study Health Study 2 came out 17 years later larger numbers of people filed for more years showing that when they divided nothing see didn't take into five different quintiles comparing the highest quintile abettin seed consumption to the lowest showed of 39 percent decreased risk of cardiovascular death in the highest quintile of nuts and seeds consumption it was funny because I heard I saw on the internet the other day some guy was spouting off something about nuts as not being protective and he was saying that um that these studies can't be counted on because the nut company funded some of the research that gave a grant or something I'm thinking to myself yeah I know that they were the conducted seed companies were going around shooting all these people are causing people to die because they weren't nuts to see I don't know what he's talking about here first of all there's a large numbers of researchers Wobblies projects their peer review they track variables variables for conflict effects and they also are our make sure that there's no conflict of interest and just because if not there's some nut and seed company some nut company funded some of the studies or some of the researchers doesn't invalidate these dramatic results we found these other results are cumulative progressive and hold up in every study even the ones that have no brand can the not the seed company and the ones that do so the same exact thing and that's dramatic protection against oil cause mortality you file that you can't argue that these studies show meat is dangerous and when they're studying not eating nuts is dangerous we don't like that part of the study throw that part out just accept the part that meat is dangerous and I want the part that naughty nuts is dangerous this is unbelievably crazy people right you have a crazy people wanting to justify the way they want to eat or their proper their prior prognosis of their favorite nutritional guru were therefore these two nutritional gurus who put out some ideas or I or dietary protocols that have been proven wrong over the years don't want to give up the fact that their diets have been proven wrong and they hurt people and they caused people to die and somebody has to fight against that to stand up for that it's irresponsible it's and it's right it's not and we have to be conservative and responsible and careful in our advice particularly with vegans who can get fat deficient and shrinkage of the brain from DHA deficiency we don't want to cause damage in people and do it and give them bad advice even if it hurts a small percent of them we don't want to hurt 5 per damage 5 percent of people if we didn't have to the this means that come a combination of all the analysis of diet of studies looking at this issue show that one serving of nuts and seeds a day on the average have show the same thing as Adventist Health Study two was a dramatic decrease in all causes of death about 40% reduction in cardiovascular mortality same things it's 19 well oh all these studies show similar things – I look down I get very loud I got it more green vegetables more beans more nuts and seeds means you're lowering the glycemic effect of your diet because you're including more calories and a lower glycemic did you follow that lowering the glucose parameters accelerating your weight loss decreasing the amount of calories you need feel like eating and making eating less calories more comfortable I can't make you eat less food I can't make you eat the right amount of food that's up to you I can only tell you this that when your diet is well designed then eating less will no longer be uncomfortable you won't desire this will make you less desirous of overeating you'll be comfortable and you won't have to overeat now I know most of your life you've been trained to overeat you've practiced over reading it's been socially acceptable you've used food recreationally to stuff yourself that's hard for you to stop overeating if you're overweight and you're not losing at least two pounds a week or pound every three days you're not on the right diet and you're not following a nutri terian diet my advice if you're not losing weight if you're following my advice a nutri terian diet then you need there at a favorable weight or you're losing weight at about a pound every three days one of those two things got that while you're overweight and losing weight you're getting much much healthier even before your weight is all lost because just losing way that that rate is stopping estrogen production from the fat cell and it's starting to make lower insulin resistance and prevent angiogenesis production you're dramatically reducing your risk of cancer just from being on the diet even when you're still overweight because you're losing weight did you follow that one you got to be moving there or you got to be there but don't be stuck with your head in the mud the secret formula for obesity if you want to really get fat is to s+ so you know what that means right sugar soil and oil salt makes eat more calories increases your rapid stat so does oil so two sweeteners it makes you into a monster a calorie consuming monster that can't be controlled a new trait Aryan pyramid has vegetables of the base of all types of all colors particularly green vegetables but all those vegetables and beans and nuts a new trait Aryan goes for a variety of high nutrient plants but we avoid empty calorie foods go back you want to see the pyramid again is that it I got a hurry up here I've only got like 15 minutes left the food pyramid has beans and fruits and nuts and whole grain tack grains we're trying to tell people to not eat processed foods and either take the animal products out or in very tiny amounts less than 5% of total calories the nutria terian doesn't eat processed foods and sugars and sweeteners and honey and maple syrup we don't use white flour and donuts and cookies and rice cakes and breakfast bars and chips and soft drinks and cold cereals and soda and junk food why why would we put poisons you can get ten men to tie me down to a chair to force that down my throat like why it's like the same as trying to shoot me up with heroin what I'm saying now is here is I'm warning people against this low-fat vegan advice that you get cut out all the nuts don't have oil now I'm agreeing with not having the oil how can you have oil and nuts that's way too many calories that pick one of the other you don't want to put oil in your diet that's empty calories that isn't – you against cancer your fat calories should come from nuts not oil is excess calories you can't use an excessive amount of nuts because it'll be an excess amount of calories not our nutri Terry and I have using excessive amount of calories your total calorie count has to keep you a favorable weight but if you're not eating nuts and seeds and you're not taking a DHA supplement then you could be both fatty acid deficient and DHA deficient and DHA deficiency leads to shrinkage of the brain depression anxiety and dementia and lots of vegans leave a vegan diet because they become depressed or anxious on a vegan diet because of DHA deficiency there was a study done funded by the nutritional Research Foundation when they took 166 vegans who were not supplemented with DHA and they took their blood for DHA and got their omega-3 index and they found about 65% of those people were DHA insufficient and about 25% were radically and severely deficient they could have been demented if they filed that plan through the rest of their life and as a physician caring for this community for the last 30 years I've seen hundreds of people on vegan diets come to me in their elderly years demented I have some now who come to me in their 90's or in the mid-90s they're in the great health they're in phenomenal health but the memory's gone and the brain is gone because they had to weren't totally should be taking tha we don't that some people can produce enough DHA yes but the difference is when people – people are genetically determined based on conversion enzyme sufficiency or insufficiency it's not based in the quality of your diet there are some people claiming out there in the internet world that the reason why some vegans are getting deficient in DHA it's because their diet is a junk food vegan diet with too much oil in it that should they eat a healthy vegan diet with whole plant foods and nuts or eat greens whatever there should be eating they wouldn't to become DHA deficient that is untrue it's not what we found and there's no studies that show that that's a theory in the in actual what we found was that there was no correlation between those vegans eating healthier and taking in flax seeds or chia seeds for their source of DHA fat or are not eating oil and their production of DHA that was genetically determined not based on what the precursors they were eating so all the chia seeds and flax seeds in the world or eating all the green vegetables that oil isn't going to assure you to have DHA adequacy that's not factual and it's your job to assure you have DHA adequacy or a vegan diet because it's your brain and it's your life right these people are not care about you they care about themselves or they would be more cautious in their advice and not taking risks with your health you following me so here's a study that showed a thousand women file for eight years greater DHA omega-3 index had a large brain volumes that means that when you had the index below 3.5 you had shrinkage of the brain and brain shrinkage obviously causes dementia and this adequacy is more important if lifespan is enhanced because who cares if your Blayne is gone if you're going to die at 70 or 65 anyway like other Americans they're not gonna live long enough to be demented it's more important for us people are gonna live a long time you file that one now here's a study on cholesterol or an effect of a nutria terrier diet I'm gonna go rapidly now it showed that it lowered cholesterol more powerfully than statin drugs but when a nutria terian diet because of all those antioxidants it takes away the most dangerous type of cholesterol the oxidized LDL it wipes it out it's not can't be compared to the efficacy of a drug because the drugs cause weight gain and diabetes and make you feel fatigued and the nutria Taria diet reduces inflammation and causes this and it's smoothes out and makes your inner lining of your blood vessel more slippery and better blood flow and restores elasticity and lowers free radical production and fuels the production of the antioxidant response element there's a million different mechanisms in which you benefit and a study about a 400 people a nutria tearing diet dropped the people's blood pressure 26 points more than drugs can without the cancer-causing effects of those drugs when they're giving you the drug and writing the prescription is the doctor saying to you I want you to know that you could lower this better with a diet but I mean the drugs going to increase the risk of breast cancer by 50% but here it is if you want it then they tell you that well if you didn't it's malpractice what could it because first of all there's a lot of other reasons why the drugs not just cause they cause breast cancer but they also push diastolic too low and wasn't ready to the heart be – they've to get and I start to a favorable range they had a perk to the systolic to push this table to a favorable range they had to push the dynastar to an unfading which is too low he can't the blood flow back to the heart again fast enough now you're going to an irregular heartbeat these drugs are dangerous I'm promising you that you don't have to have a heart attack or a stroke their promise can't be met through medication it can only be met if you have a normal blood pressure without medication if they've normal cholesterol without medication the normal glucose inside abetik parameters without medication I have a normal body weight without medication and own body weight without guests expanding or bike or gastric bypass you have to earn these parameters to having to be protected do you get that the prescription here let's eat some beans every day a big salad every day I have at least me fresh fruits a day and at least one of those should be berries of pomegranate cherries or some low sugar fruit like coolants and have at least an ounce er an ounce and a half of nuts and seeds at about a half an ounce of each meal particularly with your raw vegetable meals to facilitate absorption of those phytonutrients have a big salad every day have some cooked vegetables every day at a walk or something and have some mushrooms means every day – when you're on an SI d diet the standard American diet your life span is a crapshoot you could live it's a wide a wide bell you know what that means a wide bell-shaped curve it means that the average American lives at 80 the bell is why you can live to be a hundred they could also die at 60 they're away gonna fall on that Bell 60 65 seventy eighty eighty-five life becomes a crapshoot on our nutri terian diet you don't just shift the bell over 20 years you don't just increase the chance of you living to be a hundred but you narrow the bell you know what that means the now of the Bell it means on a nutri terian diet you're living longer yes but even people with weaker genetics live a long life the better so the Bell becomes to the people with weaker genetics live to be 95 and the people with poor it with better chances to be 105 but there's nobody dying at 60 or 50 or 75 no matter because you're because the because it's not going to be such a big wide variance here do you follow what I'm saying here so let's look at some examples here's Emily from Fort Wayne Indiana there she is one year later 120 pounds lighter take a look at her face see how much younger she looks these are unretouched photos see the wrinkling and the skin color and the skin tone the skin texture it's just one year later no longer depressed and sickly but people are almost aging backwards because it shows you how bad the diet was is what she's not aging backwards we're just giving her back the health she always would have had if she ate properly right we're making her telomeres healthier again we're making her live long were giving her back the potential to the longer life again now and you can see it on her face here's Jody a year later having lost about 20 pounds but the point was that she got rid of her psoriatic arthritis and I could show you cases the contrary of their lupus and multiple sclerosis that nutritional excellence is powerful its powerfully effective therapeutically so people don't have to suffer and here's Scott who lost 300 pounds 300 pounds he's not on a diet he's eating to live longer to prevent cancer so he's not gonna gain the weight back and he did it and here's John 23 years later he's the guy on the right that's a joke here's the point with John he had chest pain and it had a stress test it was abnormal his cardiologist said he need urgent he needed stent placement urgently and I said John give me three months this is not urgent you're not having pain at rest you're only having pain with exercise not undergoing a heart attack I'll show you we can reverse this he goes back to his cardiologist three months later and the cardiologist says I can't believe I've never ever seen a case where your heart disease was reversing the stress test improve like that and especially at all even in any amount of time level in three months of course he never saw it never advised people what to do you just see sick people and make them worse and the stent doesn't make you live longer it makes you live sure there's now you have a foreign body in your heart that has a clock for the rest of your life we're now gonna be on clot-busting drugs what things runs the rest of your life and here John is at 97 with no heart disease and no blood pressure problems now that he had when he was younger as he get older you don't develop these conditions and in fact as he got older he got better blood pressure got lower cuz more use in the diet then he has Steve and Sarah there Steve it was soaked our way to 26 and Steve weighed 447 the first year Tara lost 80 pounds Steve lost 220 pounds at first year 220 pounds in one year I just had a person who left my health retreat last year she was there for six weeks and she lost 50 pounds while she was there for 6 weeks in the year after she left she lost 150 pounds the 50 plus 150 she was 200 pounds in one year now would she have accomplished that without coming into the retreat of course not you know why because in the food addiction reach it's a food and addiction center where we come to my retreat if we deal with their emotional issues as why they become food emotional over leaders we get rid of their physical addictions we give them the food quality that's gonna get the nutrients into the brain and the recipes with the chef's to make the food taste incredible and they take the time of being there enough time being there for 4 to 12 weeks she was there for 6 weeks it takes time to get rid of the attraction to your cocaine and to your Donuts into your sugar it there for a week – you're not gonna go you're gonna go back the problem with these places we they're a week or two is he go back home when you gain the weight back need to train over wait for addicted people how to maintain this lifestyle and live it for the rest of your life you have to learn how to enjoy it and live it permanently or it's not going to benefit you anything you learn to decide to do that's right for you keep doing it but we're teaching people how to maintain it and how to love it so Steve he lost two at the door – Chloe you lost 32 pounds of course he got rid of his sleep apnea is diabetes she got rid of her her body pain or depression or sinus infections or allergies the door to Chloe got whatever their asthma there's completely different people different emotional to look on life the fog lifts they think differently you know who's really thrilled about this super duper thrilled about it right the dog take a look he's finally got some room to sit in the car all right I'm wrapping up here my website is dr. Furman com I have support people who support you their members with people can communicate with each other ask the doctor and get advice from me in my medical staff food addictions counselors we even have a nutri terian dog section you communicate with people you get advice you get support you get community lling of community and you get the information you need to protect your precious health and nutritional research or nutritional research org that's the nonprofit website of the nutritional research foundation they want to support some of the research being done we're starting a men's health studies show to prevent against prostate cancer where we have 2,500 women a role in the Women's Health Study we want more women to join and if you are a nutri teri and pledging to follow this diet you can come to that's–that's website click on that and be and be a participant in that study so support our research or be part of the participant of that research if you're a beginner and you're overweight and your weight is yo-yoing IREC of the book i'm recommending to you is the end of dieting that's the starter book the end of dieting to deal with addictions and yo-yo dieting and to get you on a steady and consistent plan for the rest of your life I have some books here I have the mighty to live cookbook I have mine that we designed these recipes and create them over years they're incredibly delicious this way of eating is more tasty and delicious and when people eat this way longer their taste buds to acclimate and get stronger they like it even more not suffering I know people are thinking or saying that go well just kill me right now if I'm going to eat vegetables my whole life but right now just eat right there saying I want to eat what I want to eat their mother died younger it's not just dying younger it's killing yourself along the way suffering your whole life and you're not enjoying food more absolutely not you enjoying food less you've weakened your tastebuds your addictions are driving you at so that's your irrational food addicted self talking for those of you who are know people who are diabetic and overweight and food addicts and need extra help some people can't do this on their own I'm in my facility there under my care with serious medical conditions and we're ratcheting down carefully on medical supervision to reduce their medications may be able to take pretty sick people and deal with psychologists who specialized in food addiction and therapists who specialize in people in helping these people and we get these people better again and we set them free or we let them set them free they leave when they leave they they've got the skills and a different psychology and the ability to stick with this and to be able to enjoy it and continue the benefits so I guess that's it I'll be here to take a few questions I have three or four more minutes thank you for coming okay I'll let you ask your questions then you can go ahead the question was about sleep how we heal most during sleep and that's true and what's the hours we need but I want to say something in response to that question that that will make you live longer if you finish dinner earlier so when you go to sleep you don't have food in your stomach so it's more hours that you sleep without digesting food that makes you live longer so whether you need five hours or eight hours it could be variable based on your own individual needs they say an average of six and a half to seven hours of what most people need but some people need less but what I'm saying to you right now is don't eat late at night and go to bed in a full stomach that's the message you'll sleep better what healing will take place while you're sleeping and you'll live longer yes I'll repeat the question anyway okay I don't want to speak to that that down oh um what happens if you're allergic to nuts what do you recommend well we recommend we do testing to see what not see most allergic to so you can avoid those and most people allergic to nuts can eat some seeds like hemp seeds or pumpkin seeds so there's other replacements and then so we got to do it but over time it's possible to improve your health enough through healthy through improving your immune system that you can pick some of the things you let less allergic to and through through oral food challenge with this very tiny microscopic amounts we could get you your allergies to even improve okay last question sorry I think I'm at a time I at a time Steve how many questions could I do I keep going a little bit okay I'll take five I'll do five minutes then okay we can do when we do five to ten more questions yes I just wanna ask you about lengthening telomeres with diet you Hanson that you can yes the question was about lengthening telomeres with diet and I'm telling you that when we do the telomere testing on people and they follow houston-area diet their telomeres grow back and they can lengthen it's remarkable and we also can measure methylation defects today in modern medicine and methylation defects accumulate to the point where you have cancer and we see the methylation defects go back the other way and people go from a high risk of cancer development to a low risk of cancer development as they follow the program okay yes thank you so much dr. Furman first I just want to say that I'm a recovered compulsive overeater I've kept off 85 pounds now for 15 years all the women in my family have obesity problems so it's possible and my life is committed to helping other people do this now so my question is this Brenda Davis said that cooking beans over 360 degrees causes various three different kinds of chemicals she mentioned dr. Greger said that if we boil our beans for 10 minutes it gets rid of the lectins Brian Clemens says that you know cooking at all causes all kinds of chemicals what is the science stay in your experience first of all yeah the science is very clear that we cook beans in water as opposed to drying them out and baking them at high temperatures it's not just beans any food you dry bake or grill or barbecue or flame-broiled anytime you grill a food in the oven and make it brown or bake it you're gonna form acrylamide another pair another dangerous compounds that's not the case when you water cook foods in a stew in a crock pot or a soup and beans we generally cook with water and water cook beans there lectins are deactivated except for the healthy ones that have been affected building bones that beneficial effects and they've been shown to have lifespan benefits strengthen the elderly with muscle mass retention old early people and prevention against cancer so so proven lifespan and cancer but the wait but the question is a good question because it's telling people that when you warner base cooked in a soup or a stew or a crock pot the temperature can't get that high because the water prevents the temperature from getting that high and the moisture prevents burning from occurring and damaging effects and brenda davis is a wonderful oh there she is right there she knows her stuff say i was really trying to be clear that it's only dry heat that produces those compounds that's why i was suggesting boiling and you can easily do a instant pot or pressure cooking beans in you're doing it in water it's not a concern at all you need to cook your beans well thanks Brenda see that we got it right from the horse's mouth okay there's somebody right there I see a hand right there okay no person just a hand could you tell me what we're eating it's very good what is it I think it's fried chicken cooked in maple syrup they're trying to demonstrate the foods you shouldn't be eating I have no idea but I know one of these commies I gave they brought out pizza right after my lecture that bringing out pizza and everyone in the audience they just turn this lecture and they're running up to get the pizza and there's Warren you guys in attendance in this lecture well Eve yeah yes go ahead yes blending blending up yes okay available like you do in oil the question is when you blend something like blending nuts are you making the fat more bioavailability like with oil well you're not removing the beneficial compounds and fibers they're still there it's almost like chewing them well you know you see this person's just said what about cardiovascular disease increasing risk in the philia information see he's been kind of like heard this inflammation in this information he believes it to be true that something about the fat or the oils can cause end of endothelial information it's just not true there's no such you you know it's true when you have heated oils yes but those studies are there's no never been a study that show that nuts cause endothelial information matter how much oil is consumed if that's consumed matter of fact it shows the opposite the eating of nuts increases vascular elasticity and as anti-inflammatory effects and facilitate the absorption of anti-inflammatory compounds there's no damage from blending and not because you're not increasing the glycemic effect because they're non glycemic to begin with okay yes what about what about the foods that are imported that are irradiated you know they still didn't have them or get my understands they can still say organic and yet they've been irradiated like nuts coming from another country or berries coming from Mexico or whatever you know how are they treating them to get them in here even with the organic label and then are they still worth eating yeah you know I you know food can be there's different varieties and qualities of the food we eat and a food like that may still be very healthy and good for you compared to not eating it but it may not be as healthy as food grown in grew better soil you know so like there's certain graduations of quality in the food like for example organic food is really good with this food that's even better than organic that's going to better quality soil maybe in your home garden may be used earthworm castings in wet quano and mineral rock and then and fresh forest compost that may be a made of more richer soil with a better microbiome and word destiny and get even better food but so do the best you can and I do recommend people garden a lot and grow some their own food and the really great soil so you have some mix with that you know what I mean but most nuts though don't forget they've come from trees that grow 40 feet into the ground they're very tall they're in sealed shell you hard-to-get pesticides on them the radiation or whatever they're doing them to reduce mold or whatever is relatively minor compared to the sprays used on other foods and the chemicals and animal products and processed foods that's where you're really getting the endocrine disrupters and exposure to chemicals not a little bit of food radiation from the food the fear of radiation is really blown out of proportion you can overcook a food in the microwave but it's not gonna radiate the food it's not going to damage your food it's like radiating your body with radiation so you're really blowing something out of proportion okay yes yeah Mike the question is about soy you eat what Entei tempeh the question was what about soy organic soy and the soy raise igf-1 because it's high in protein I'll say three things number one if we look at all the studies on beans and their effect on cancer it looks that most of the studies that look at this issue seem to reflect that the consumption of soy has the most protection against cancer compared to any other being I think it's because of the effect that the genestein blocks the estrogen receptor in the breast tissue so any self produced estrogens block from stimulating breast tissue now the most favorable way to consume soy of course is tempeh or edamame or dried soybeans that are reconstituted in a soup because it's not highly processed so non processed soy is the most anti cancer protection because all the fiber and all the features that soy are they are present in the tempeh in the soybean and in the edamame as we take it and remove the fiber and make soy milk out of it and tofu out of it it's not going to be perhaps as cancer protected as we process it more and make it into isolated soy protein and soy foods then you exalt with a problem because then it could have negative effects on igf-1 and you're also losing the beneficial if a cancer effects of the food so to sum that up your tempeh is okay okay dr. Fuhrman okay I'm dr. Fuhrman yes you raised your hand for your friend okay oh the somebody else Steve's out there giving away on you around the microphone I don't one okay okay ahead just speak loud Steve I'll repeat the question it's not video I knew it was on video I would have answered the questions differently you carry me around well that's funny that's really good I don't know for me are you that person in front of my house in that band looking at me with those binoculars okay okay I'm just teasing you that yes I have a question about fat okay dr. Thomas Seyfried was here and he spoke about cancer the metabolic cause of cancer and on his pyramid he said that fact was the most the largest percentage of your diet the fat was the largest end of his diet not a blind eye yes yes yes I agree with that okay okay so I had asked another speaker what would she recommend for good fat and I said to her nuts would that be a good fat I was curious what she'd say and she said fat is fat now we know that's erroneous so I would like to every yeah another word she was saying I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I know isn't that ridiculous yes I think that was ridiculous so my question to you is what do you recommend as good fats besides nuts and seeds you know good question and keep in mind that you're gonna hear lots of speakers up here you've got to have a discern discerning mind to figure out what you think is real and supported by the litter and when when people are you know where the lecturers are coming together and to agree on things that are well supported whether or not and to be able to filter out the nonsense from the real things that are valuable you know okay let me answer that question whatever it was I'm only recommending nuts and seeds you source of fat I'm not recommending any oil be included in the diet oh is that good enough no oil because oil is a processed food now it's easy to overeat calories from fat because we can make this to fit to make us give us too many calories so we're not gonna have the oil plus the nuts and seeds we want to choose one or the other nuts and seeds or have much more health giving effects than oil when you want to eat walnut oil or walnuts poppy an oil of pecans sesame oil or sesame seeds you want the whole fiber the whole aisle flavonoids the whole sterols you want all the beneficial pieces in the whole food right but nuts avocado but nuts and seeds have seemed to have more beneficial and nutrient levels than avocado does so avocados okay but that shouldn't be the major source of your fat you're better off having epi miner and having more nuts and seeds there depends on your caloric needs and your body weight how many calories are right for you we don't want to overshoot your calories but it seems that about half an ounce of nuts and seeds are necessary to maximally absorb the beneficial phytonutrients for the meal you just ate now should I have my nuts and seeds as a snack between meals so I have them with my breakfast oatmeal or should I have them with my lunch salad or with my dinner walked veg with my dinner soup where we are so eat those nuts and seeds at what part of the day when should I eat them this person said anywhere right that's right you should eat them with the meals and with the vegetable meals particularly with the meal with the biggest salad right because you want to get maximum absorption of those anti-cancer nutrients in the raw vegetables yes thank you thanks dr. Furman very informative question I have is I think there's been a lot of discussion the controversy around diabetes type 1 type 2 so in your opinion or scientifically can you actually reverse type 1 diabetes the question was just to make it clearer and louder that he's ass insinuating that type 2 diabetes can be easily reversed and I have to say that it might retreat in my practice we promise people they can reverse the type 2 there's almost always the case it's very very rare that we don't have a type 2 diabetic become non diabetic that would be exceedingly rare that'd be like a type 1 and a half is so advanced they don't reverse it must always get better now the type 1 is harder to reverse and usually does not reverse but I personally have had some cases of children come to me right when they were newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 4 or 5 years old and I have some cases that totally reverse themselves I have personally cared for type 1 diabetes who don't have diabetes anymore at all and I'm publishing those put them into a little series of recording and publishing the Amana medical journal shortly so you're also saying but I'm saying that once the diabetes exists for years the beta cells have been destroyed and they're not going to grow back can stem cell treatment be impossible it may be that ten years from now when we when we perfected that idea of stem cells being able to grow back the beta cells in the pancreas which hasn't been perfected yet I think that that could be something that might happen in in the future that we were able to help type one diabetics through stem cells grow back the beta cells have been destroyed but that's not yet available in the technology we have now okay thank you yes okay why don't we just do two more questions then oh ok one two one two one a head yes and I'm choosing you guys because you had your hands up the longest the other people put it down put it back up again you kept up the whole time so I thank you so there's been explanations about the need of adequate cholesterol and on your diet what are the what are the levels that you achieve and what is a Suarez force for cholesterol because usually it's saturated fat from coconuts or whatever do you need that or can you get it in some other way do you know what the cholesterol level is of animals like elephants and chimpanzees and gorillas and monkeys do you know where the average cholesterol runs no idea I know you have no idea what asked the question the average cholesterol of most of most animals in the wild runs very very low like between 40 and 70 you know very very low you don't need much cholesterol the body makes all it needs it doesn't need very much this idea that you need to eat saturated fat of a higher cholesterol is fabricated by the people pushing animal products and by the paleo people it's nonsense the body makes the cholesterol it needs the needs more it'll make more you don't have to eat cholesterol and hopefully eat something to drive up your cholesterol there's plenty of pre Curt and there buddy and there's plenty of fats and you know we want your diet to be fat adequate that's why we're having some nuts and seeds in any way and those who those will convert to can two colors I didn't take my cholesterol it needs when your diet is a healthy diet you don't need to eat cholesterol or saturated fat by the way there is some saturated fat and low amounts and nuts and seeds right even olive oils 14 percent saturated by the way it's not as high as coconut oil I'm not recommending it but there is some saturated fat present and low amounts of saturated prep fats that are naturally present nuts and seeds are not an issue well nor do we have to think that we have to eat high amounts from getting an animal products either which is that which people are advocating on a paleo diet you got to have the cholesterol got on the cholesterol so in a blood test what's a what's an adequate range of cholesterol total cholesterol I don't think you should think about what the adequate range is you should you cook your LDL cholesterol should be below 100 you can't be can't be too low if your body's lowering into that level without medication you can just leave let it be where it goes don't be worried about it being too low yes thank you sure okay great I have friends who tried to go plant-based and I claim that after doing so they don't feel that great so then they revert back can you speak to the some of the common mistakes that people make when they're trying to go plant-based that may lead to them not feeling so well yes the number one problem is that they that when they start to eat a healthy diet and get rid of the animal products all the extra nitrogen nitrogenous wastes ammonia urea uric acid are dumped into circulation and they feel fatigued and wiped out and it could take them even a month to get over that so most of it is that they gotta give it a full month because they're dumping too much nitrogen back in their tissues that they're dumping waste products out and they're feeling ill because of the waste dumping which means they're getting healthier and they're feeling bad because of the detox that's the number one reason the second reason is because of DHA is could be due to deficiencies particularly a DHA that that affects brain function that's when people get depressed and anxious on a nutrient on a vegan diet let's say there's DHA deficiencies there are some people though who require more protein and sometimes their vegan diet doesn't give them enough taurine and enough amino acids in general and those people do better by eating you know sunflower seeds and edamame and hemp seeds and quinoa and green vegetables and they they need their diet designed to their vegan diet designs have adequate protein because it's the common vegan diet or even mostly rice and potatoes macrobiotic it was enough protein for them especially are you eating a high protein diet so we got to have the vegan diet be more protein adequate so it's usually protein adequacy deep fatty acids and it could be deficiencies of b12 zinc iodine and DHA but the DHA is the most common deficiency because most people on the vegan diet already know it's low in b12 and they probably taken b12 so it's usually what they're missing is usually moral and zinc is what's not going to zinc Effects of zinc deficiency in a vegan diet wouldn't show its effect till many year to many years of them till they're old or something if they were poor zinc absorber so it's mostly DHA that's going to have its effect in a few you know but that's usually gonna take to become DHA deficient would also probably take a couple of years to become DHA deficient what's that you wouldn't expect that right away then you won't affect it right away if it's a it's a if it's a year in two years in it's more fatty acid DHA if it's right away it's more dumping detoxing and if it's an intermediate you know if it's not one of those two things and it probably is they need more protein the design the protein to consign the diet accordingly to be higher in protein sure okay we're done thank you [Applause] you


  1. Coconut oil is the world's most weight loss friendly fat. It contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful effects on metabolism. Several studies show that just by adding coconut oil to your diet, you can lose fat, especially the "dangerous" fat in the abdominal cavity.Jun 7, 2017

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