Aldi, Nutrition, and Health

Aldi, Nutrition, and Health

hey van turf and her family so we spent the night at miss a's and mr. C's last night thank you guys so much and this morning we are going to go to Aldi to get a few things and so we can get ice if they have it I'm not sure if they do and then we're gonna go to the RV park for the African Americans that RV again so at Aldi and I already started washing them so I got some cherries the Rainier cherries those are they were $2.99 a pound and I got about a pound and a half so I spent about 4 dollars and 43 cents on those I got some red seedless grapes red seedless grapes are although I don't think these are seedless yeah they are circus they were a dollar 93 a pound in know they were 99 cents a pound and I got a pound in 93 ounces so I spent a dollar 91 on that I also bought in almond milk because I want to eat the cereal that I have left over I have a few little bags of cereal from when I was buying cereal when I had my fridge so I decided to buy almond milk even though I don't have a fridge I'm just pretty much gonna eat like 2 or 3 bowls of cereal today and try and finish that melt off I also have been in the mood for some mini peppers I love eating these raw just slice them and seed them and just like a snack it's like popcorn for me I'm not a huge popcorn eater but if I'm watching TV and I have some of these sliced up in a little bowl or something Oh YUM so all of those things together the milk the grapes the peppers were two dollars and 79 cent the meth was a dollar nine-cent and the cherries I spent $10 in 92 cents so it wasn't bad for 11 bucks right I have other food here so I just got a few snacky type items these are the kind of things I'll eat if I don't feel like cooking anything over the next couple of days so those are the kind of things I'll eat so I'm gonna keep everything in my Big Lots reusable tote and I'm going to sit it over here where my fridge would be if I had a fridge so it's just going to stay there for now but right now I've already washed these cherries and I'm pretty much gonna polish these off so that's that now I know that I'm supposed to be starting my 30-day fruit feast challenge on the 15th of July through the 15th of August but I've decided to push my back from August 1st to August 31st and do the 31 days in August so yeah I'm just I have less stuff going on in August than I do in July so I want to try and do the complete 30 30 31 days so I'm the only thing I have going on that will require you know me eating different food is my granddaughter's birthday and that's not a big deal I can still buy fruit and eat fruit at her party that's not a big deal to me I'm not that kind of stuff doesn't bother me but I've got so many things because I have to meet ups with you guys and I really really want to hang out with you guys and you know eat we're probably gonna have seafood here at the event for what mr. Mumford was saying we might so I really kind of want to enjoy myself during the month of July and then take August to really fully dedicate myself to eating the fruit every day and then I'll be on the road by September 1st and so I can just go back to just being regular plant-based in September so I hope you decide to join me if you don't that's cool too any little thing you can do to improve your eating your nutrition your health maybe not using chemical Laden products if you can around the house for cleaning if you have a headache maybe try some home remedies if you have pain maybe try a home remedy instead anything you can do to help your overall health take a walk every evening once it cools off or if you get up in extra you know 3040 minutes early and do some kind of movement or exercise in the morning whatever you can do to overall improve your health is the only reason why I'm asking you guys to join me in this journey it's still part of my journey you don't have to do what I'm doing but I'm still gonna share everything that I'm doing there are a lot of things going on in my life right now in the background that you guys don't know about that I'm gonna be pushing and telling you about later on and that could mean big changes for the channel that's definitely gonna mean big changes for me and for my life and for everything that's going on over the next several months so I'm working these things out in the background and I want my health to be on point I want my nutrition to be on point I want to give me some guns look at that so weak so weak no definition so I just want to do a quick shout out and I wrote it down so I interject I'm horrible with remembering I want to do a quick shout out to three very special ladies who with their help my fitness and my seat will be getting worked on and getting better thank you to Miss J for my tanks she brought my gray tank and my fresh tank off the Amazon wishlist which is below you so choose thank you so much because I'm gonna be working on my sink in the next few days and getting it together I'm so excited I can stop using this bucket in the sink I mean this little container in the sink and throwing it out the window I can start using the actual seat thank you and along with that I want to thank miss Kay or the foot pump because without the foot pump can't get the water up and out of the faucet thank you ladies so much for helping me get my sink back together I got all the other components that I need to fix it and I'll be working on that like I said in the next few days and I want to thank misty for getting my red weights hand weights in ankle weights I'm gonna be working it out working it out working it working it working it out and I'm gonna share some of what I'm doing for aerobic type exercise because even though I'm a small person I have horrible cardio health and I will tell anybody this and I think I've said it on numerous videos before my cardio health looks so I do have an aerobic dance exercise that I signed up for online and I'll be sharing that down the line after I've used it for a little while it's an actual program online that you can purchase a monthly pass or an annual pass for and I decided because my friend owns the studio that is on this platform and I used to do work out there in Virginia with her that I would support her and this new venture I'm so excited that she is now able to get her dance aerobic exercise to the entire world because everyone should definitely be doing Kaza Shane so I'll put the website here you guys can go check out the website and I'll let you know how I like it after a couple of months of doing it I'll share a little bit of that with you enjoying the videos well give them a thumbs up and expand the family by sharing them and go in the comments and tell me below one even more head over to patreon and support them making a future videos for just $1 a month and even more still get off your cell phone in text banner fam all one word two seven zero three seven eight three thirty-two thirty-two I'll see you tomorrow thanks for watching


  1. Hi, Crystal. I'm feeling inspired to join you in your August challenge. Not yet sure to what degree, but I will do something to improve my well-being daily. I thank you for that, my friend. Stay natural.✌🐸

  2. Aldi’s, my favorite store as it’s
    right around the corner from me.
    Hope to c you in the Atl🏃🏾‍♀️🍇🍒👍🏾

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