American-Moroccan Food showcase on the Bouregreg

American-Moroccan Food showcase on the Bouregreg

Make some noise! Great! Chef Halima and Chef Erik These two Chefs will meet today in a food showcase Mr. Omar went to the market this morning and gave them two baskets with the same ingredients and they’ve been told to show us their creativity Ther weren’t aware of what they are going to cook We will see what they will prepare for us today Chef Moha came to see you Indeed they have the same ingredients we have couscous we are proud that an American Chef use our products Couscous mixed with Paella with Argan oil. Couscous is known in our country for the main course, i have noticed some kind of research. I didn’t tasted the dessert yet Ambassador Bush will give us his remarks in a moment we welcome Chef Erik who came to Morocco and wanted to see our products and he liked very much Moroccan food also good Job Halima! Great Job both o you!


  1. Thanks for the initiative ! would be great to have more events like this one connecting ppl of both countries!

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