Answering All Your Questions About the Monat Hair Products

Answering All Your Questions About the Monat Hair Products

hey everyone so this is a bit of a bonus video as in I just kind of wanted to film this quickly and wanted to answer some questions so last week I uploaded a video all about money products and how I'm absolutely amazed with you know how it's healed my hair and I realized that a lot of people who are wanting to get blonde people that are like wanting to change their hair up but their hair is so so damaged and it leaves us hairdressers without an option of what we can do to your hair so I knew that you know when I made this video I knew that I had product that I 100% believed in and I actually used and so what obviously when I found that I knew I had to share that with you guys but I have to say I was not prepared for the amount of questions so I knew I had to get on here and really answer those questions as quickly as I could one of the biggest questions or one of the biggest concerns that everyone is asking about is about the price everyone says is really pricey like why would you mention this buh-buh-bah but in reality these products are so concentrated and I know I mentioned that but I don't think IM ffice eyes that enough so the main thing with this product is that it's not diluted with any water it's 100% concentrated so if you think about that that like when you buy a big bottle of shampoo a huge percentage of it is just water so with money you're not paying for water you were paying for only product so I have a little trick on what I like to do to maximize the product where I use a teeny tiny bit diluted with some water and that's how I apply it to the hair and it's suds like crazy for a sulfate-free shampoo have never had a sulfate free shampoo that actually suds this much so I'm so excited that a lot of you are already saying that you've ordered it have already received it and you know you have like courses on how to use it so I will show you here my trick on how to actually apply it how to blather it up on the hair and how you're going to get the best results with that with using the tiniest tiniest amount of the product to ensure that this products going to last you a much longer period of time you have a very important thing with a natural sulfate-free shampoo is sometimes it can take up to three times of shampooing your hair to actually remove residue and build up from other nasty products that you've been using so don't get discouraged with the first try I know that the first time it was like oh this doesn't feel as good but as soon as I put the conditioner in it's like Oh feels great but literally it is with time using the product that you're like oh my gosh Wow like how did I ever use anything else but honestly if you need to remove that product and because there are no sulfates stuck going to strip your hair the way normal shampoo does normal shampoo will just kind of strip you know all that like a residue stuff and then you add a ton of it back with all the other chemicals that are in the product so just remember when you're doing something the right way and you're cleansing it actually deep cleansing it it's going to take time so I really wanted to make sure you guys did understand that but do give it that benefit of the doubt do give it that time for it to really show you what it can do for you all right so obviously that is for the shower part another thing that I briefly mentioned I definitely didn't give it enough of spotlight as it deserves this is probably what I owe 50% of my healing – is this a lot of people were saying that they had thyroid problems is this going to help so the girl that actually introduced me to the products that's one of the things she was going through and that's what has helped with her hair the power of this oil is that the fact that it is so microscopically small product and it actually penetrates your hair it actually penetrates your scalp that's where all the benefits come from so the other thing with this is it is good for hair loss I've been applying it to my hairline and I kid you not I have so much new hair growth obviously with time with age all right hair especially around the hairline has a tendency to get smaller and let me explain the reason for that our hairline is exposed to all the elements both the Sun wind you know all the weather debris in the air and not only that us women we have makeup or lotion or you know facial cream or sunblock we always have something our faith if you think about it as you're washing it you're kind of pulling it into that hairline well if you think about it over time over years those follicles are so clogged that they end up getting smaller and smaller so if you imagine like the actual hair shaft pulling through that follicle you know when you're younger girls really but if you imagine that follicle getting smaller and smaller with time because it is so clogged you know with products and you know the elements it's eventually going to get so small that that hair does not have enough room to push through and what ends up happening is that hair follicle dies and after six months of that hair follicle being inactive it completely dies as in it's done it no hair will ever grow out of that so products that say that they will bring your hair back and they'll you know regrow hair back that focal is dead there's nothing you can do but if that hair is in that like stage where it's I've been blocked for a month but it can still be revived then you can still have new hair growth and that's what products that are actually you know small enough to penetrate and to actually cleanse out that pore but not just cleanse it but also heal it with really delicate ingredients that's really what's going to get in there and recharge that hair to you know keep on growing and allow it to grow because it's going to give it room in that follicle to be able to grow freely so there are products that claim that they will regrow hair but if you think about it if it's going in your hair and in your scalp that also means that it's you know eventually running through your bloodstream so it better be something that's super natural and super organic and this is the first product that's natural and delivers results because normally like natural products they'll make you you know your hair feel healthy and all of that but to actually see astounding like benefits like this from something that is so natural that's what's so so amazing and that's what I wanted to share so the thing with this oil is you can apply it to your hair you know while wet when you're out of the shower you know you want to just hydrate it before you even you know apply heat from a blow-dryer or a flat iron or curling iron you want to put that in your hair you're already nourishing it it's wet but you're already like prepping it then what I like to do is after I'm done with a blowout I apply you know just a teeny tiny dab and what I mean a teeny tiny this stuff goes a very very long way so I don't know if you can see what's in the tip that I don't know if you can actually see what's in the tip there teeny tiny amount that's too much so I literally drop one drop and that is enough like I spread it all over my hands and that's what I apply and that's what will give me so much so much shine and like I said very little goes a very long way so for the scalp like I was talking about earlier when my hair is wet I literally take you know tiny dab like that and rub it in my fingers and around my hairline and I just massage that in and apply it basically to like the base of you know of your hair um and I'm like the clean freak when it comes to my hair and I feel like if if my hair in any way feels like sticky or oily it's just like ah like I just shower just blew out my hair like I spent you know over an hour my hair I don't want it to feel greasy and if you apply the right amount like I just said a teeny tiny tiny amount is enough and it actually volumizes the root which makes no sense why would a why would an oil volumize your roots but the other day I actually thought I'd put a little bit too much I was like oh right you know like I've ruined it and I just spent 30 minutes of my blowout and now my hair like looks all grey see in the front and like the more I like played around with it it was just super voluminous and people kept saying like wow like you blow out like you really went all out to their new blowout and it was kind of like yeah let's put a little bit more oil but I thought I was supposed to but yeah I'd really just volumize my hair um at the Brutes especially like in the front so definitely a miracle product um I have a few clients that you know we're already set in this one you know to like go blonder and I was just kind of like you know what your hair cannot take it you need to go on this cleanse in healing regimen with your hair before we started before we even start you know anything with color or a Lightner and for me or as any hairdresser it it means the world to us when you you know when you have hair that we can absolutely go in there do everything we want and everything we can do to get you to your you know desired a dream hair I don't want this video to get extremely long but I do have to touch on the last thing that I got asked a lot and you know like is this a sponsored video you know am i making money off of this at all of that I very openly said I am selling these products I also said that this is not a sponsored video in any way a sponsored video means you get X amount of money to mention a product whether you like it or not I did not get paid to make this video in any way am i making money or a commission off products that are being sold yes I am and the reason for that which I actually filmed in the first video but it got way too long and I felt like this is just way too confusing way too much information but the truth is that last year I came this close to putting out a hair line and really exciting I did I think as a hairdresser any hairdresser would be ecstatic to do something like that and you know I had picked packaging and picked formula and you know I was really excited I think almost to like in an egotistical way like my day was gonna be on you know product that I can use every day and I could recommend to people but I felt like I kept like going back and thinking there's nothing else like on the planet like this and I couldn't answer no to that and it was just like it's a great great great products great formula but I'm sure there's other shampoo and conditioner out there that that's the same and it was around that time that I was kind of going back and forth and like deciding that this client came in and you know introduced me to Monet products and and it was like instantly it was like this is the product that I wish I had invented you know this is like it's complete it heals it's natural like it's everything you could one and it's actually revolutionary because most products that do give your results are not natural so this is actually like one of the first of its kind and right away I was kind of like there's no point in me just selling a product just because it has my name in it but I decided to do was to become a part of this company and do this I'm not a salesperson I'm actually a terrible salesperson I am not good at lying I'm not good at convincing people of something that I don't believe in I can't even hide my own emotion so I don't know how I could you know um do that with an actual product about something that I'm so so passionate about so um like I said what I'm doing anyone can do you can sign up you can sell these products the other question that I really didn't want to get into but you know I had I didn't actually have anyone ask this but I had a few people comments like that this is a pyramid scheme the best answer I have for that is everything in life is a pyramid scheme the company worked for as a pyramid scheme we're all working for someone and I actually think anything that motivates someone to do more you know to sell more to whatever it is I think that's great that pushes you and that you know but honestly the only things pushing me is the fact that this is a good product I wouldn't stand here and say I stand behind this product 100% I believe in this product I am this product I wish I had invented this product if I didn't believe in it so if I came across something that's so regal and so good would I like keep it a secret like I mean I feel like I if I find a nail polish that I like I tell you guys so why wouldn't I with an amazing hair company like this and why wouldn't I you know jump on this amazing opportunity I feel my time is really limited with you hoping its lawn and having like a YouTube channel but let's face it we are all busy so when I decided to like be a part of this company I was kind of like where am I going to fit this and like I don't have time like but you know I feel like sometimes just facts speak for themselves like you know this the product itself is great and I would be stupid not to be a part of it and literally that's all it's come down to so I hope that this hasn't been you know way too product a way too much information or like like you feel like I'm just you know like pouring all this information on you but I always want to be super truthful with you and if there if there's ever anything that I feel like I didn't explain that well or you know I'm being really misunderstood or you know like really sense this confusion from the audience obviously I want to address it and I hope that that's what this has done I'm not putting this out there as like my normal video for the week I will be uploading another video on Saturday so this is really just to kind of answer these questions and hopefully you guys are a little bit understand it a little bit better so the other thing that I wanted to tell you guys about is for those of you that have ordered the product and for those of you that you know have started you know receiving the product I would love if you could take a before picture of your hair and then and then after picture of your hair so you know you can wait a month or you know whenever you start to see any result please send them to me and I would love to feature you in a future video I feel like that would be you know a lot of fun I encourage your 100% you know honest review but it is important to me to know that my audience is you know enjoying this product and like anything else you know you guys basically steer me in the direction that I have to go I give you great recommendations but obviously and ultimately in the end you know it's kind of what you guys want so you can send me your pictures on facebook at El banks I will leave you know the links and stuff in the description box down below but I would love love love to see you know your hair transformations so as always thank you so much for watching leave any further questions if you do still have any and give this a thumbs up if this is answered any of your questions I hope you're all doing well and I will see you in the next video bye


  1. I just listed: The Language of Trust: Selling Ideas in a World of Skeptics [paperback] Maslansky, Michael,West, Scott,DeMoss, Gary,Saylor, David [May 03, 2011], for $8.99 via @amazon

  2. I’m in a budget and can not afford to purchase the whole line, but I want to incorporate some products into my hair care routine, what two products could someone recommend, please 🙂 thank you xxxx

  3. Please visit and like the page for healthy hair😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. I just signed up as a Monat Market Partner and I loved your video! Super informative. There’s so much to learn and Im doing my best to learn it all. I see a lot of videos on how you can make money, but I like that you spoke about how you like the products and how you respond to people’s questions!

  5. Always been curious about Monat but now that I'm using a Lush shampoo bar I can't ever see myself using a liquid shampoo. Shampoo bars are super concentrated, much more concentrated than Monat.

  6. I love love Monat been using for almost 18 months — allows me to embrace my curls — not everyone likes A Foord but you still see Foords – if you dont like dont ruin it for the ones who do ! The company started debt free and are wonderful people – you dont need to be a stylist to share shampoo — pyramids are corporate America — networking is just a different business model instead of working 9 to 5 it allows you to leverage your time — so many negative people in this world – thats the real shame – almost 1000 000 people cant be wrong !

  7. I am sorry but that’s just insane paying that kind of money for hair products it especially for someone like me who has soooooo much hair and I go through hair products like crazy. That hair conditioner wouldn’t even last me a month.




  9. Im 1 year in I love it…. better hair than before kiddos. Im an MP but not making money due to my real estate career is my main income. I agree this is a good product. 1 year in an very happy

  10. Complete List of Monat Lawsuits – More Customers Complain About Hair Loss, Scalp Damage

  11. WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!! I’m a market partner as well!! ♥️🖤 if anyone else is interested in these products msg me!!! I’ll hook u upppppo! ❣️ #monathair

  12. I love monat…menopause hair …thinning, limp and lifeless…after using monat for several months much improved..

  13. I am so excited about using Monat 😊 And I appreciate your honest professional opinion and your guidelines on how to make the products work best for you. Do you believe as a blonde specialist that Monat will work in conjunction with a Brazilian blowout the one that is the full Brazilian that is supposed to last six weeks ? I have dark blonde 50% gray hair with routine root color and periodic highlights. What I am hoping is that after I use Monat for a year I will experience such an improvement to my scalp and hair that I won’t have to have the Brazilian anymore do you have any input with that little of information?

  14. OK I get it.
    You are concerned about your hair growth and it's Health. I'm not here to promise you the world or to say that my product has absolutely no water in it. But I also want to invite you to at least Respect People's Honest Hustles!
    There a countless of Lazy people that you fortunately will never need to criticize. But We, the ones who go out and try things, fail until we finally come up with that Facebook, Apple, Google invention, we go through a lot.

    Because when you join these companies, they basically tell you: Call your bodies and you are expected to raise a successful business that way.

    But it doesn't happen like that. I understand the disappointments about using Monat. Trust me I get it.
    But my purpose here is, to show you that are unconventional ways to stimulate your hair growth.

    Ways like: Nutricosmetic Drink (Collagen), Antioxidant Blend (Resveratrol), Concentrated Serum (Stem Cell) or a Advanced Shampoo (actually this one we only have available in Brazil at the moment).

    Só basically, instead of sticking to one brand that you don't like, go around and find other ways. Talk to your friends or read more content. Keep your Positive.

    Thank you for reading my post and hope to see you soon 😃🤗 bye!

  15. I've been reading the comments and I understand that one product may work great for one person and someone else may have detrimental results as everyone is different. Some people have sensitive skin and they might get a rash or whatever. Even if the product is all natural and USDA organic one can still have an allergic reaction. That's not your fault and I understand that. I love your videos. I just would put a disclaimer on any product that you are advertising that results may vary. I don't mean this disrespectfully. I believe you are truly sincere and that's why I took the time to leave this comment.

  16. Hi whoever is reading this post!
    …I had the privilege of knowing this girl. She is the sweeeeetest person. She is pretty honest and super professional! I am more than picki when it comes to hair and Silvia is NOT the kind of person who sales her soul to devil, that is the reason I just trust HER in everything she recommends for my hair. People, I'm trying the product, is A MAAA ZING! If u do not know about the alcohol in this shampoo and you are a skeptic like Me!….go to Google! It is a bionatural alcohol from oils, actually organic alcohol coming from coconut. Period

  17. I love Monat. My hair is 3 times thicker in 6 months. Had to do some trails to figure out which products were right for me but once I did, it has been awesome!

  18. Just when I thought I found a company for getting straight hair (Redken) I hear about Monet. Can you tell me if you used Redken products and ehat is the difference? Thank you! Kathy

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