AOC Recounts 'Crushing Anxiety' of Living Without Health Insurance

AOC Recounts 'Crushing Anxiety' of Living Without Health Insurance

I was uninsured less than a year ago I was uninsured seven months ago and and so I want folks to raise your hand again because I know what being uninsured is like it's not just a financial issue it is the stress and it is the anxiety when you wake up every morning and you don't know if you're gonna slip on a curb if you're going to find something on your body that you want to get checked out if your knee starts to ache everything becomes a spiral of anxiety because you don't know how you're going to afford it so when we talk about rationing care in a for-profit health care system with no guardrails where it's the Wild West where you're allowed to profiteer off of insulin off of people's lives how many of you in your time of uninsured or having health care that was too expensive delayed getting a prescription or delayed going to the doctor delayed going to the doctor so you rationed your own care is that correct miss Burton yes absolutely the cost of a for-profit insurance company forced you to ration your own care correct absolutely I know exactly what that's like i rationed my own health care for ten years I was on a self-imposed waitlist for ten years not going to an orthopedist where my knee hurt not going to seek mental health care or counseling when my father died all of those things this right here is a complete complete condemnation of the for-profit health care insurance industry because while they're talking about how socialized medicine how how a public guaranteed to the right to healthcare will force us to ration care we are rationing our own care we're not talking about months long waiting lists under the system we have now we're talking about years long waiting lists for the system that we have now


  1. I don't have insurance because the morons at the govt thought i was married to my sister. I was canceled for not turning in my sisters income. We don't even live together.

  2. Yes AOC I also waited in pain for 10 years for surgery I could not afford. I finally could not walk by the time I got medicare to pay for surgery. How many others I see limping in pain, waiting, waiting—?

  3. Your dad had insurance you liar! You are infuriating with your Bronx victim baloney, stop lying! You came from a great home, stop lying!

  4. All she had to do is go to the healthcare website and sign up for Obamacare if she was uninsured but I imagine that would be far to difficult for her so my suggestion is assign people with as low of an iq as her a handler to help them sign up for healthcare

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