Are Airplanes Safe for Obese People?

Are Airplanes Safe for Obese People?

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act until membership including special david packing dot com slash made one arc airplane safer overweight passengers
i was reading about this because of an interesting new york times article about
this more than six decades ago the federal
standards for the strength of airplane seats and seat belts were written and government regulations were based on
everest passenger weight of a hundred and seventy pounds now the average man ways american and
weighs a hundred ninety four pounds of the average woman one sixty five so some
scientists and engineers are really raising questions both about whether we are we need to reconsider whether the kind of status quo airplane
seats and airplanes more generally are safe or overweight passengers what do you
think do i think we should be read reassessing
this yeah could hurt i guess now there’s a lot more to say about this
uh… when we actually look at uh… changes to the regulations and
back in two thousand five the f_a_a_ changed the average passenger weights
that are used to calculate uh… the way the the weight in the
airplane the men’s weight was raised by twenty five pounds two hundred pounds on
average and the women’s weight was raised by thirty four pounds to one
seven nine that the summer calculation it even more in the winter when
travelers typically have have you close possibly jackets with them as well so
that has been changed the problem is that uh… a number of engineers including robert cells there at the center for applied biomechanics
at the university of virginia is saying that if i have your person completely fills
the c_d_ itself forget about the way calculation for the play more broadly this it is not likely to be his intended
during a crash this can apply to different things
number one this can apply to uh… people sitting next thing i would
jason through the overweight person but also this kind of like to see it dot
usage because as we know legally uh… you only need to have a
seatbelt extender if you can’t buckle your seatbelt for takeoff but after take off all those times when
most people here the pilots say finkelstein is off but you should keep
it uh… on wall your sitting that type of thing obese passengers are far less likely
both in in automobiles as well as in airplanes to spend a lot less time with
their seatbelts fastened which can then further the risk of of
injury to themselves and to others in a crash now the for the feedback from this
particularly from interest groups like for example the national association to advance fat
acceptance are saying that listen this is just yet another way to criticize and
condemn people that are overweight and the reality is that if airlines just
address this everybody would benefit possibly by creating a couple of isles that have uh…
slightly more expensive seats better wider and my thought is it’s it’s
called business class or first class and that’s exactly what the the group is
advocating sing these would be price similar to business class seats without already exists in my point of
view yeah i mean i can’t think of anything else that uh… airlines
themselves would be able to do to uh… e to compensate for overweight
people i mean and they’re certainly not going to start ordering new planes that
have uh… would mean you plan to be a seats new seats or new planes and the
reality is if you want to get sick city finest if i might be narrow body
airplane you want to get stick seats across with
an eye on the middle simple math dictates how wide the seat
can be and therefore if you reduce the number
of seats are going to start talking business class prices which then i’m
discriminating price wise against overweight people same thing applies if you force them to
by to see a follow some would say if u baaki by two seats then you pay for
two seats um… it’s it’s it’s off tough situation for rape people i mean
arm of the mindset that people allow themselves to be that
overweight well that’s a controversy direct not everybody does your are now
you have here you have to ask that question uh… when years when you’re debating whether or not they should be
paying more for airline seats and when people to say about this time out of all
condition then you say what you need to have some kind of dr stating that right uh… you know there’s this really isn’t
about waiting fat people i mean we we do have what’s the eyes the society that is built around encouraging people
to increase consumption of everything but that being said there has to be some level of personal
responsibility at least in cases that are not so-called medical cases but the
time how do you really distinguish in the end i don’t know the deal i mean none i would look at it like this when you go
to an amusement park you have to be a certain height even if you’re an adult to get uncertain rides and you can’t be over a certain way you can’t be over certainly and sometimes you have to be of a
certain way to be a police officer in good standing
you have to have the minimally physically fit there’s all sorts of things where you
need to just have certain physical characteristics and there is
discrimination based on that if you call an amusement park telling you can’t go
in even though you’re a forty-year-old in good health but you’re just one inch
shorter than the limit i would say that you know if people
wanna fly an airplane they should do things that they should be in a physical state that
is safe for the rest of the passengers certain now what about the argument
hinted to be made that was in the same way the airplane has to accommodate
someone who is disabled in the form of having uh… i don’t know uh… some kind of uh… diabetes that might
qualify you but there’s a disabled person if you are you that the obesity is a
type of disability you you all of a sudden can just say
listen you can either do it or you can well i mean when you get into disabilities that could truly be something that someone has no
control over anne when you have a debilitating
disease uh… certainly something you have no control
over so you could get have to ask the
question is your weight controllable uh… i guess i would have to come down
for some time a doctor’s note or or statement confirming that you have no
control over it all right sonya thoughts on that one


  1. The question that should be asked is:

    "Are obese people safe for the airplane and the other passengers in it?"

  2. I think fat people should fuck off. Lose the fucking weight instead of making wider seats which will drive up the cost of going on an airplane.

  3. making wider seats won't just raise the prices for fat people, it would drive it up for everyone, which isn't fair.

  4. As a person who's of a large build, I try to set on the inside near windows. I dont have fat hanging over but I have broad shoulders so I know I'm more likely to take up more space. I try to look out for the people looking next to me.
    One thing I would like to know is whether these engineers also compensated for height increases within our population as well? That also effects a persons build.

  5. yes. People tell me that the additives isn't the problem, but I am quite convinced. Having spent time in countries where those additives are ILLEGAL. I noticed I drop in weight suddenly even when I'm not as active. I noticed other Americans dropped in weight too. I find it interesting that it is still being denied that processed food is bad for you, and companies go out of their way to put shit in your food.

  6. as far as I have seen, unless it's a medical problem, people who become Obese tend to not give a damn about other people, and are more likely to put other people in danger in emergence situations. now not all of them are like that, but that sould go without saying, but it sould be understood that a person that big openly knows that they easaly become a problem for other people, unless they have phocopthic tendencies.

  7. being overweight is not healthy. It was looked at as a form of being wealthy years ago, now it's flipped, fat people are looked at as being poor, and skinny people rich, when what it REALLY is, is that fat people are just fucking lazy and don't take care of their bodies, if they don't want to take care of themselves, they should just fucking die already.

  8. Overweight people need to be discriminated, naturally Humans shouldn't be that fat and its unfair if everyone else has to pay the penalty. Personally i think its crazy that people let themselves get so fat without thinking oh shit i should cut back.

  9. im over weight maybe not enough to warrant a bigger seat but if i was i would pay for it…. just dont sit there all skin and bones and tell me im fat because i want to be when you haven't been fat a day in ur life….. it is life choices mixed in with finances and genetics…. just lost a little respect for louis i thought he was better then that

  10. No its not far fetched in the us they make u pay for 2 seats, They have been doing it for years, if someones body goes onto the seat next to you & you didnt pay for it then u should buy the seat !!!

  11. The morbidly obese can/do float. They have so much fat on them, they float. Fact. Think of a whale and blubber.

  12. 120 normal chinese passengers in one airplane or 30 american fat bastards. Go to gym and stop eating lazy fuckers.

  13. Haha. Some of you are idiots,what does the sweating & breathing hard have to do with overweight people,I have heard and seen skinny people have the same issues. Get over it,not all metabolisms are the same or diets for that matter.

  14. America is the only country but has a shitload of fat fucks laziness is what its called not disease that's just an excuse stay out of McDonalds and Burger King you fat fucks

  15. an what happens when u get blownup for ur country an cant run anymore an are over weight now so it there fault for that we I say thank you a lot

  16. i have never had a wt problem. all ways ate right. this topic just really pisses me off. it encompasses my parents, grandparents and siblings.. I have no respect for fat people, period. its a choice

  17. When people start down that road of being over weight they are changing the mechanics and chemistry of their bodies. It no longer becomes an issue of just not eating as much if you want to loose the pound. The food that got you fat in the first place have damaged your digestion, liver, gall bladder, thyroid gland and adrenals. You are now so unhealthy it is almost impossible for your body to create the body possess needed to loose weight. Your gall bladder is so damaged that it no longer can create bail that break down the fat you eat. You need good fats to loose weight but you can't digest it so your body can't make the enzymes necessary for weight loose. Your liver is so fat that the over 500 functions it is designed to do are slowly killing you. Because you went down the road of sugar and fast food you have put yourself on the road to an early grave. You better get educated about how to get your body working again cause just dieting will not do it and most people just can't understand why they can't loose weight. Most fat people in an effort to loose the weight are starving but that fat on their body will never be burned for energy. So by not eating your body will start eating its own muscles to get energy

  18. In the end being fat is a medical condition. When you become very fat you have damaged the body in a way it can't just loose weight by eating less calories. Fat just doesn't burn because you are eating less.

  19. I once flew with an injured leg – I had to pay extra for a seat with additional leg room AND I had to prove that I was at least mobile enough not to cause an obstruction in case of emergency. ALL perfectly reasonable, I took up more room so I had to pay for it. So should fat people – end of story. AND if your so fat you are going to present a hazard in the event of an emergency evacuation you should not be allowed to fly. There should be no debate on this – your rights do not extend to putting others at risk.

  20. I gained weight and got a bit fat, then started to eat better and got skinny. Not that hard “people of size”

  21. I think it is risky for the other passengers and for the obese himself, because in that a case he can not move freely he can developed a thrombosis in their legs which could be fatal, and is risky for the other passengers and uncomfortable, in my last flight was flying an obese man beside me and he must go to the rear of the plane because he couldn't stay at that seat, and worst, he was by the window , so less move and if he goes by the aisle don't let go out the people inside, and if he is in the middle, the other two people are are uncomfortable, so is a nightmare, in that flight there were about 5 obese people, more than 400 Pounds each one! So I think they must be on diet before travelling except if it is for an emergency of course, for their own good, because obesity is an illness by it self.

  22. They are in danger. When a French airline crashed in Canada, the security crew stated it was a struggle to get them out promptly. They are a danger to themselves if they do not buy two seats or lose weight

  23. I am over weight as a result of a faulty pituitary gland. I had a shunt in to drain spinal fluid and was not allowed to travel so I am so far out of the air plane rules. I just got my shunt out and was going to fly to see my new baby nephew. I was pretty much told I needed to purchase 2 seats which I can't afford. I don't weigh enough to qualify for biariatrics and besides it wouldn't help since eating isn't my issue. I wish airlines would have maybe a normal section which is all basically business class. Fat people up to 350lbs fit comfortably. Then have a small section with the itty bitty seats that if you are supper thin and can fit in them you get to save money if you want. Like a reverse 1st class. Reward the thin i stead of punishing the rest. Just my thoughts. I don't want punished for something I dnt help. But I don't want to inconvience anyone else either.

  24. I'm a large person and whenever I fly, I book two seats for myself. Not only so I won't crowd anyone, but I get much more space than I ever did in business class, and at a fraction of the expense. I'm more comfortable, the airline's happy and so are the people in neighboring seats. It's a win for everyone.

    What the airlines should do is replace one of the center rows of four seats with three wider ones and charge fifty per cent more for them. They make more money, if a big person needs it it won't cost two full fares and if a skinny person wants to spend a little extra, they can get an economy seat with the space of first class.

    If I'm going to pay extra, I'd rather have that than the same narrow seat with three more inches of leg room in the "economy Plus" section.

  25. 7/30/18…..Older video but FAT people overflow their seats & infringe on neighbor seats.
    But in an emergency FAT people can be in the way & become a danger to EVERYBODY on board!

  26. I am shocked at how incredibly ignorant and cruel so many people are. When women go through menopause, their metabolism slows. Add decades of Type 1 Diabetes (which causes insulin resistance making it inevitable you gain weight and losing it becomes greatly more difficult), extreme fatigue – like falling asleep while driving only 20 minutes -from Parathyroid and Thyroid tumors, Hypercalcemia and constant pain from Lupus.

    People with autoimmune diseases (NOT a choice) often have more autoimmune diseases, fatigue, difficulty losing weight while gaining is extremely easy. Just eating right does NOTHING to help them lose weight. Just eating right and going to the gym may make them healthy-ish but it cannot undo what the diseases are doing.

    Diseases of the endocrine system wreak havoc on a person's body, health and weight which in turn causes depression. It is a vicious circle they battle every day. Depression causes some to comfort-eat. Depression is also not a choice, it is a chemical imbalance.

    Working in healthcare can give you a very different perspective.

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