1. What do you think about consumption of sugar in athletes, who burn 2000+ calories per training secession? There’s no way I could complete training on my bike, at a high intensity, without simple sugar/glucose.

  2. Bottom line… include avocados in your diet if you enjoy them, if you're looking for a healthy fat source to make oil based vitamins and antioxidants more bioavailable in your salads and veggies. But don't add them, thinking they have some sort of magical nutritional power.

  3. i bet ALAs(/possibly some other omega-3s) r thinning – if not taken in excess
    it would be more interesting if they did the studies with flax/perilla/butternut squash seeds

  4. When you swap out one type of fat with another type of fat of course you're not going to lose weight but if you replace carbohydrate with fat that's when you lose weight. If you swapped out white rice and white bread for avocado you would definitely lose weight. When people go on a ketogenic diet they lose weight without even trying and don't hungry.

  5. the crux of the issue is Americans have added 5lbs of avocados a year on top of our already excessive diets. I predict adipose needle biopsies would reveal we are collectively carrying around quite a few avos since their collective marketing agreement opened up Mexican avos to the US market and now what was nonexistant in the 80s is ubiquitos

  6. How can a food by itself make you fat or slim? goddamn it, it's the total calories. also your lifestyle, nutrition+exercise, are these fucking videos even necessary?

  7. What a BS video … a waste of time.  If you are such an expert that you can differentiate good studies from bad studies … then why subject us to all the bad studies, before you do not even make a case or answer the question.  Total waste of time.

  8. Does water kill? Yes, if you drink too much of it in one sitting. Stupid title, sorry Dr Greger. Without context, it has zero meaning one way or the other.

  9. Fascinating… Studies about how healthy avocados are were paid for by Hass, the Avocado Grower, and the study chose people who in general ate plant based to start with, so they would normally be thinner even without avocados.  Avocados are healthier than non plant based fats, BUT, it is still fattening, so eat sensible amounts according to yourfat and calorie intake for the day.  FYI  Some toxicity in relation to the liver was discovered.

  10. ANY food in the world can be fattening if you’re exceeding your daily caloric intake for weight maintenance, just like any food can make you lose weight if you’re in a caloric deficit. The question here is if people’s overall health improves when substituting butter, margarine, etc with avocado?.

  11. Avocados are very usefull when you are triying to isolate carbs in your diet and just eat fat, maintaining your hormonal balance low in insulin and high in glucagon and epinefrin. Its not just about caloric intake.

  12. Okay. So what's the conclusion?

    Sure, 6-minute bite-sized videos are handy. But leaving out the conclusion is a bit unsatisfying.



  15. I'm not sure of the point of this. Even with healthy food, adding calories to a diet will likely cause weight gain. If calories remain the same, I would expect no weight gain. Maybe it isn't always that simple, but it's often true

  16. Lol, this video made me laugh several times! Thank you doctor for presenting the available information!

    🙂 I like avocados and eat them often.

  17. are avocados healthier option for bulking up than using meats & dairies, if one wants to add more calories to add more weight to turn to more healthy muscles? Thought Dr. Greger's research team found avocados to have many benefits for the heart and against cancer cells https://youtu.be/P5YZlluVXn0

  18. I replace the oil I would have eaten on my food with avocado instead. It's a better alternative but I still eat them in moderation.

  19. Sooooo basically they are just as fattening as oil, butter and margarin. Since I don't eat butter oil or margarine , I guess I will continue to stay away from avocados as well.

  20. The verdict is in. Dr Gregor is is an idiot! And let’s face it, he’s not like a “real” doctor, but an outcast that makes glorious claims off of studies, and then he changes his mind on the studies as he sees fit!

    The avocado is one of the best foods you can eat on a ketogenic diet, and there are tons of studies that show a ketogenic diet can reverse metabolic syndromes, reverse diabetes, lower triglycerides, help people to lose weight when they couldn’t with a high carb low fat diet, adnauseum!

    Like I said… Dr Gregor needs to get a real “doctor” job, and give up the “nutritional” nonsense gig wherein he cherry picks his studies to tout his dietary choice.

  21. The only avocado I care for is in avocado rolls:) But no do not expect eating fat will help you lose weight! It's healthy otherwise!

  22. I eat a lot of Avocados regularly and I have not gained any fat since. I went from 16 to 10 % body fat a year ago while consuming avocados and nuts as my main fat sources daily and still do today with still maintaining 10% body fat. Sugar and low to no fiber Carbohydrates are the cause of you getting and maintaining fat in most people.

  23. lol the reason vegans go after avocado is cause it contains the same fat as meat lol love this nonsense, vegan bullshittery

  24. The question is sort of retarded. Sort of shows lack of understanding of how food actually works.
    Most food is fattening. It's just a matter of whether your intake is greater than your expenditure when it comes to calories. There is no such thing as a fattening food, only fattening quantities over time. It's not the type of food that makes you fat, it's how much you consume compared to how much you burn over the same period.

  25. The question wether avocados are fattening still stands. I think the way to the study is to have two groups eating a salt, oil, sugar free whole plant diet one with avocado and other group without for a 30 day period. Anyone up for it?

  26. NUTRITION FACTS; have you seen the new study implicating fish oil in the development of long-term steatohepatitis (fatty liver damage)? I'm still reading it, but whoa….one more reason not to eat fatty fish! Additionally, I would like to know, is ALGAL DHA implicated in a similar way?

  27. In my line of work (dietitian) I see NO DIFFERENCE in the BMI of avocado-eating WFPB'ers and WFPB'ers who eat a low fat diet. NO. DIFFERENCE. Avocados do not make one fat.

  28. [1:58] 15.7 to 19.7 teaspoons of added sugar a day (4.2 g/tsp), that's lot of added sugar (82-102 g of added sugar/day, 328-408 kcal/day).

  29. i'd like to see a study with plant based diets with avocado and without avocado, so there's no replacing animal fats with it.

  30. can you please talk about this study: http://www.businessinsider.com/plants-know-they-are-being-eaten-2014-10
    It says the plants are aware and have defence mechanisms like animals do?

  31. Is it safe to eat the seed of the avocados? Just want to know if that is a thing or something to avoid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30HNVhQeGTg

  32. Experienced subjects on a whole-food, plant-based diet, (no sugar, oil, flour, or salt), who are  still overweight can trace extra pounds to nuts, seeds, & avocados. Anyone else eats many other foods more likely at fault.

  33. Can you go overboard with good fats? How much avocado/nuts can you safely consume each day? Is a half cup of walnuts, a handful of pecans, and a whole avocado too much?

  34. I add them or nuts to my meals, too much starch or low calorie veg and I’m just too hungry and need to eat again in 2 hours.

  35. This video is a good example of how objective Dr. Greger is. He follows the evidence and does not cherry pick, despite claims by some vloggers.

  36. So I guess basically avocados are as just as fattening as oil and margarine and mayonnaise, so if you are trying to lose weight , stay away from them and substitute those avocado calories with a plant food that is not 75% fat. Did I understand the video about right?

  37. This is all very interesting, but it doesn't say much about the effect of avocados on people who eat a high carb low fat diet.

    If you add avocado it will increase the calories. If you replace some carbs with avocado,….. you'll eat more fat.

    On a high carb diet, these fats will just go to fat stores and you'll feel more hungry because you ate less carbs.

    Anyone have experience with either adding avocado or replacing some carbs with avocado?

  38. Eat a whole food plant based diet and you can eat almost as much as you want ! Don't have to worry about counting calories or worrying about carbs or fats in avocados or nuts. I eat more than i ever did and have lost all my belly fat. Getting rid of all animal products and vegetable oils is the answer ! Spread the word to everybody you know. They may get angry but the first health scare or cardiac event will make them listen.

  39. I had learned how carbohydrates were tied into weight gain as well as generally to keep away from carbs, on the contrary had under no circumstances considered using them to lose excess weight. The number one idea behind the four cycle weight-loss strategy would be to train your body to reduce fat for fuel in comparison to carbohydrates. It’s built around scientific inquiry into the higher than average carb diet habits of the Japanese not to mention their excellent long lifespan expectancy. The evidence indicate that it’s their higher carb-cycling day-to-day diet strategy which helps to go on remaining healthier into old age with a reasonable body mass index (lesser incidence of overweight).Read even more here https://tinyurl.com/ybrell6b

  40. bottom line are they fattening or not
    should we just avoid them
    im kind of confused has to the message of this video on avocados
    are they healthy or not

  41. so the bottom line is, that calories do count. well, duh! meanwhile, i am surprised that he doesn't seem to be encouraging the eating of avocados, since they are so healthy to eat. this tells me that his agenda is not necessarily plant foods over animal foods, as much as being pro-carbohydrate and against dietary fat. and if that is the case, then i have to strongly disagree with him. dietary fat makes one feel fuller, which makes one eat fewer calories in the long run, plus it lowers one's insulin, while eating carbs increases appetite and dramatically raises one's blood sugar

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