Aries Love & Health July-August 2019

Aries Love & Health July-August 2019

[Applause] [Applause] Ares hello I do readings here in person in Orlando Florida you just want to go through my website to book those through my website um so let's get her started this is good mid-july through mid-august and we're gonna do some love some health and some sexuality so here we go I do past present future so in the past I've got queen of Pentacles Ares a lot of you in the past were too consumed with work or business to be in a love relationship or to give the appropriate amount of time and energy to a love relationship or you were dealing with someone a same thing so it's you or the other person this is clean a pencil Pentacles so this is a potential earth sign which would be would be a Virgo Capricorn or Taurus so it's possible you've been dealing with an earth sign at any rate someone's feeling placated someone in the past was feeling click placated neglected possibly you've been single not been dealing with anything at all but like um just maybe you've just been so consumed with work and whatnot you haven't been looking around to get involved there is that Center card this is mid-july the present spot mid-july through mid-august we have the hair font so this is a Taurus so Taurus Taurus I'm just saying possibly some of you are still with this person um this is being a significant spiritual mentor in the lives of others like usually many others so this tells me a lot of my Aries are significantly impacting the lives of others and that's pretty typical of Aries or analemma aries my venus is an Aries so I get it also I'm this reading is good for your Venus sign as well um he's tired look at him snick cave but he's exhausted he looked addicted I'm being honest he looks like heroin addict to me and he's in this gorgeous spiritual church so how we see this is some of you have been like going through the motions spiritually but feeling spiritually depleted yourself so perhaps you're helping everybody else and not yourself and OMG that message was all throughout your general July reading this goes right along with that so that's telling me it continues mid-july through mid-august and I'm hearing needing to get out have some fun so I will speak freely that I um when I feel like overworked over busy and I'm not having enough play time whatever that means for me I self soothe with food shopping you know whatever so um there are a lot of addictions out there that aren't drugs and alcohol right is what I'm getting at so basically take care of yourself get that rest solitude downtime that you need or because what I saw in July it needs to end and I saw an opportunity for this kind of thing to come to an end at the end of July but just so in this timeframe I just don't want to see you continue in this through August if you can help it right interesting so as far as love goes and again these are love videos but they could be about any relationship um it could be you are so tired you're losing your perspective and you feel like a significant spiritual mentor of yours possibly a Taurus it's kind of like going like this at you but they're not they're just like hey Aries see what you're doing there get it together and you're sick which is what happens when we don't get enough sleep right so um for some of you your relationship to this emotionally unavailable person is your addiction and they constantly this was all in your July spread they constantly are just like and no ares i love you i mean it i want you i they constantly give you indications that they're in it to win it and they're really not they're preoccupied with work or other things or other people or whatever and you're getting mid-july through mid-august real super fed up with it because you see their highest and greatest potential good for you that's called potential for a reason not really gave a look giving you what you want me you don't wake up to that fact so that you can a truhair font card is a picture of the Pope and it's like with a little lamb which is like nurturing I know what it means religiously but go with me on this I see it is like you really want to be like in your strong empowered spiritual power with a beautiful nurturing loving little lamb on your lap you want to be in that energy not looking like this do you see you know so there's that tough love for you sorry mid-august or later see what's gonna happen for Aries future oh nice knight of Pentacles shoe oh I love this card in this deck basically do you see this he's a knight in shining armor with a rhinoceros body and I see that flag is else's wagon frozen let's do this message shall we this person comes along and they seem like a knight in shining armor it's possible it's this person and they transform into this energies to general readings so there's that but um they're a knight in shining armor like hey every agent and done but they're slow and plodding like a rhinoceros the knight of Pentacles always reaches his goal the knight of Pentacles is always looking ahead they do have to say that so they're always like how am I going to get that goal what do I need to do here to get that goal I might my um Saturn is in Taurus so I get it um this energy but do you see if the Elsa's frozen flag and and I know that Elsa is all about locking herself in her ice castle so this person's still a little in their ice castle min I'm hearing the great at mid August or still in their ice castle I'm hearing let it go let it go you're gonna have to let that go and then I'm also hearing the song by Madonna frozen you're broken when your heart's not open that was also in your July spread so at the very end of July so here's the deal ready don't let someone else's clothes off frozen heart caused you to close off and freeze your heart you stay open if this is the same person but they're just too busy with everything else under the Sun to give what you want me to you it's making you feel exhausted like screw this get it together I always feel like you know you reel me in then you shut me out in the cold and then really oh really I ask you really with your your slow plodding rhinoceros body and your froze Elsa's frozen flag you want to present yourself as a nine tiny armor really like I'm about over it and what I'm hearing is is that to me what this person can be with someone else but nothing will have if you close your heart off to this person same messages in your joy spread if you close yourself up to this person you closing yourself up to all people you can't get in that new awesome person or if you do it'll be the same type of person because if you're closed off you're going to attract something typically that's closed off right for some of you this is a brand new new new person coming in awesome congratulations again could also be an earth sign Capricorn Taurus Virgo and it's confusing is what I'm hearing for those of you were this sub random person coming in mid-august or later it's confusing it's just like okay Mike you're you're like hey mentioning Armour check out my armor my awesomeness and then you're like okay cool you're Aries right impatient okay cool let's do this and then they're like whoa hey a rhinoceros body whoa hey Elsa's frozen flag good let me just let me just think think about before I let you into my fortress of solitude and you're just like what are we doing here you think it's more of the same like this other person but it's not they're different give them a chance give them a break I'm hearing they're slow to melt the ice all the way but that ice is like there's steady meltings just give it a minute Ares I know you want things right now but give it a minute and again that could be this person as well so just I'll let you guys it is general readings it's good the health message shall be again past present future in the past um I've got security so for some of you um your health related issues have to do it kind of goes back to childhood and an extreme sense of insecurity in childhood whether that was abuse or not enough money food you know etc maybe your parents constantly laid there their many issues on you whatever it was and and that has led to some sort of a disruption in your your energy field and your health today is what I'm hearing and for some of you you might have been dealing with an issue since pregnancy since something started up when you started having children um if you have been dealing with infertility issues so I'm a medical intuitive I've been an RN for 17 years most of that and post open heart intensive care I have had some pre-op post-op um experience with in part of my career with p pediatrics and and obstetrics and newborns so anyway if you have had any issues with your fertility or or any pregnancy any of that definitely see me for a reading mid-july through mid-august explore explore like look at other options whatever your health issue is whether it's fertility or whether it's something stemming from childhood explore if you've been go all doing all Western explore Eastern if you've been doing strictly Eastern it might be time to see an actual Western doctor one of my specialties is being able to point you in that direction or hey mostly I see you need to go see an orthopedic surgeon however um I feel an herbalist can help you with this one thing over here it's often not just one Pat answer right and then mid-august or later mmmn tome or a beautiful mid-august or later Aries I've just got for a lot of you your health is being affected by people blaming you or people like Ares I want this and when you set a boundary they're like how dare you it's it's like that and the answer to that is continuing to set boundaries so that you are comfortable in your interpersonal relationships because these are bees and bees are in a hive they are all about community and and working together in interpersonal relationships I've just been having to set a lot of boundaries lately it goes so well it kept but I love that I go eat a bunch of junk food to soothe myself because I'm stressed out about setting this big boundary with someone and then I set the boundary and they go okay you know I've lost 90 pounds so I typically use you know food to soothe and it's it's getting old and I don't want to gain the 90 pounds back right so that involves I just heard a really great thing lately which is shonda rhimes also lost about 90 pounds and she was like I had to stop eating my boundaries and setting them I love her she said IDs she put it differently that's that's my that's my that's my Jamie Cheshire quote she was like I just kept eating my feelings but I say that I had to say I it's time to stop eating my boundaries and set them instead you know far healthier right so anyway I see that once he starts doing that mid-august or later you will then I see these flowers as me on the knees you will then be able to move forward more rapidly and your big fat beautiful life awesome with your health and and all of that especially and then the pelvis here again I just feel for a lot of you it's got to do with your genitourinary tract so either your your sexual organs or your bladder kidney that that kind of stuff and that will all get better as you get healthier boundaries with your interpersonal relationships is how I'm seeing it and just I'm just gonna do a general sexuality message for you which I see as for if some of you are kind of celibate and you've been celibate for a while um that's an egg and I I can't make an 80-minute video so I gotta just kind of pick something and go with it remaining celibate can make you feel safe and secure like you're in a cocoon and and you're not having to deal with all that ah but I'm hearing I'm not telling you to go out and have sex if you do awesome but I'm saying maybe explore that why your remaining celibate and maybe take a look at that cuz maybe something can be done in there and then um if you've been dealing with someone or something where there's been a lot of blame going on blame anger uh this jerkface keeps jerking me around whatever it is um on the sexuality message I'm seeing you as the like just stop you know just open-hearted compassion for that person can't help the way they are don't use that as an excuse to not engage further with your make that beautiful love life and sex life and all of that is what I'm hearing um if something went on in childhood like abuse you know sometimes we need counseling sometimes a reading can help you get in touch with what the abuse was and what to kind of do with the healing going forward in that because sometimes I'm just looking back at the childhood abuse stuff um can can create a fear of intimacy and it's like I'm just hearing it's mid-july through mid-august it's time to explore all of that so Aries thank you so much for joining me today not have a blessed mid month to mid month and definitely check out your July video and come see me again in August for your August videos thanks so much clothes not buh-bye


  1. Aries is my Rising
    Libra is my Moon
    Capricorn is my Sun…
    So, I showed up in this reading😄

  2. Spot on! Waiting for a Capricorn… And will keep the heart open…
    Will work on the boundaries/blaming and putting up the boundaries.. So far siblings don't like it.
    Thank you 🌞

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