Arm Workout For Beginners At Planet Fitness

Arm Workout For Beginners At Planet Fitness

YouTube is too wavy coming at you with another video today and welcome to wavy Fitness today we're gonna be working on biceps and triceps I know I haven't really dropped a video in the wild but we bout to get back into it I'm at Planet Fitness so make sure y'all comment like this video and subscribe for more content what's good YouTube it feels so good it'd be back and as you can see today we're doing arms I started off with a bicep curl this is very very crucial to making bicep gangs I cannot stress that enough and you have to do it the right way a lot of the times I see people in the gym swinging their arms and not controlling the weight as you can see here I'm doing very slow reps and I'm controlling a negative that's very important to know I started off with 40 pounds which isn't too heavy but it's all about how you how you lift the weights you all right so right now we want 21 so I can't stand these work this work out but everybody give okay so just like I previously stated I cannot stand doing 21 for anything now pretty much what 21 is it's a variation of three different bicep curls so you do seven halfway from the bottom up another seven from up to the middle half of your chest and then seven full extensions as you can see here and I'll show you in another part of your video exactly how to do it again if you missed it all right so these are rope curls I really love this workout because you feel it and your biceps you feel the burn I really love you what you do is you you go down and you come up as you come up you spread the rope apart and that's when you squeeze as you can see me doing that right here I come on I'm doing it kind of fast probably need to slow down a little bit that's why I did another set and you see me when I come to the top I'll pull it apart and that's where you really feel it in your biceps this is definitely a very good workout to incorporate all right so right here these are actually called tricep pull downs you'll see me doing a couple of different variations of this workout it's all working out your triceps as you can see right here I started off with the closed clip then after that I flip it over and then I'll do another set both sets as you can see right here I'm doing two sets of 15 overhead talking my boy right now laughing and joking but this is definitely a good workout for you to do now make sure you control the weight when you do this as you can see I'm not coming too high above my sternum I'm keeping it tight and I'm controlling the weight alright so right here I told my boy is zoom in so you can see how to get the form right one thing that I suggest the most when working out and I can't say this enough is having the right form because if the form isn't right then you're not working out right so right here you see I have the right form I'm coming down and I'm squeezing I'm doing it slowly then I flip it over go to the wire it and do two sets of fifteen one Close Grip one Y group ooh rope extensions what can I say about this workout I remember when I first started doing this exercise it burned like hell it really did so for beginners you know what to expect all the people who's been working out for a while you know what it is it's definitely beneficial and it helps you get that muscle separation and your triceps so incorporate this into your workout and you won't be sorry all right so as I stated before there's many different variations of tricep extensions this is a new one that I recently learned from my homeboy when I was in the gym shout out to you he was like your wave me try this out and I'm like cool I'm always down to incorporate new things into my workout and as you can see I'm not doing it with much weight probably like 15 pounds but I'm doing slow reps and I'm squeezing at the bottom and you'll love it if you add two C workout alright I'm doing another set of the dreaded 21 exercise so as you can see I'm starting from the bottom I'm coming up to my sternum seven reps and then after I do that I start from the top come to my sternum seven reps again and then I do full extension so I'm coming all the way down and I'm going all the way up if you do this about three sets of this workout I guarantee your arms will be burning alright so that's pretty much it make sure you comment like this video subscribe for more content – wavy wavy fitness check it out deuces


  1. I m glad somebody finally in a normal gym lol most guys be in gyms with equipment I never ever seen! So thank you bro for this

  2. It's not a gym… it's planet fitness.

    You go to a gym to work out.

    You go to planet fitness to talk on your cell phone.

  3. The that particular gym design is inadequate because you're always being stared down by the people doing cardio. The Cardio machines are right behind the heavy weight area

  4. 3:05 my man hogging up the machine on that cellphone lol, good job Big Brotha I’m about to be a starter there and I’m as skinny as toothpick🤣🤣🤣I cant wait to get bigger man

  5. Bro you skipped forearms. Next time you do arm day, at least end your workout with reverse curls using the cable machine, and if you can, finish with farmer's walks.

  6. Thank you for making content that is easy to follow and to incorporate in daily fitness! Helping me reach my goals

  7. U hit some good point bro could u guys follow me an Instagram high_voltgeee an if u like the work am putting in leave a comment are drop a like thanks for the support

  8. :41 you have to do it the right way… Perfect timing with the dude sitting using his leg to help his curl hahaha

  9. Man I appreciate your videos!! N I appreciate you for making it look easy. I’m loving the arm workout. Looking forward to watching your other videos. You’re a great teacher keep it going 💪🏽

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