Army Physical Fitness Test Requirements 2018

Army Physical Fitness Test Requirements 2018

hey dogs and welcome back to my channel today's video is gonna be another military-related video if you're not trying to blend make sure you subscribe now you know I do military video that do blogs and on whatever you want it took for you make up videos story times I advise my next advice advice comedy but you but yeah today's video is gonna be a militarily the video today with anything I'm soccer them out cuz I'm in this uniform I'm talking about the PT test but yeah so my setup today is kind of shitty like I'm not even gonna lie I'll struggling trying to get this right and I was like you know what I'm not moving my camera no more no more I moved into more got messed up so I'm kind of – there's too much space here whatever this is get right into the video so the a P of T is the army physical fitness test and I get a lot of questions about the PT test or if there's four basic AIT body blase your future soldier ought to come in your truck bring her out what does speak to test what is the requirement how do I meet the requirements how do I feel whatever your questions are I'm pretty sure we're going to instruments video and if not go ahead and make sure you leave them down below in our tribal reply that's everybody if I can't I'm sorry but I'm sure I'll try to provide everybody so offer it stands for AP of T is your army physical fitness test and message your physical endurance basically so they give you two minutes to do as many push ups sit ups and your to mama run so nine times the 10 you take a peek at sense every six months for in regulation desist talks a years so every six months a Kapiti says there's a matter of what your rank is if you're a sergeant if your officer if you're whoever's you just take a piece test to be within army standards so with that being said are you're probably wondering well what is a little whack to do right what is it since I got you alright so just do to mix push-ups sit-ups a tomorrow like I say that's not an intent the push-ups sit-ups are the hope instead usually it's outside unless it's wintertime then you do like a pushup on the inside and then you go go outside and run you know I'm saying this should like a fourth drum and for dinner have a look Trek but a lot I haven't seen a lot of new stations that have a track but actually haven't been allowed to see either so I can't don't quote me about there not being a track they're big track but after when you do the two miles you have either a track of it doesn't make a regular like you know track turf track or you'll have like the arm a trail that you get my down and they'll tell you where to start and what a tender point is well out the block I personally love the track method the most most people don't know they just run straight whatever the run there and back I'm sure attracting my eight laps in mentally and my head get around each lap under two minutes to get the time that I desire so on your big sets you have a total of 300 persons you can receive so when you're a basic training your 350 points or 50% whatever each event to be qualified to either an advanced AIT know you get to AIT you have to reach sixty percent of each event to qualify to the next thing and then when you get to your duty station at sixty percent and then when you get to like our schools there's like VLC or something of that sort and that VLC is like when you look school to be a surgeon can you get to be able to score 70 percent each of it okay so a couple examples for the 15 60 percent that I was talking about will be this so if you're a female up to the age of 17 to 21 so you get 50% you do 13 push-ups 47 sit-ups in a two mile in nineteen point two for 60% you have 19 pushups 50 sit-ups and a two-mile and 1854 now for male for 50% you have to be 35 push-ups 47 setups and a two-mile in 16 I think I'm on 36 I don't know and if for 16 percent you I'm gonna do 42 push-ups pick three setups and you do to Mara in 1554 so if you notice all the sit-ups for each male and female aren't saying because they pretty cool in that part but you should Camela supposed to be stronger lutely are faster than the females so basically that's just the bare minimum so you wanna reach you want to get a 300 if you get a 300 or if you get over 270 you get a pity pension bTW being good and Pt in the Army is looked at very good thing if you're gonna PT people within my jus you know probably pretty good BTW because you know who are yet so I'm yeah you want to be gonna be teeth now when you first get spinach and they're gonna give you a 1 1 1 and a 1 1 1 is a 1 mile one mile women and pushes men women to sit up so don't freak out if we don't reach whatever standard at that point because they're really just trying to test you to see where you're out while you're struggling out with your strengths or weaknesses are if it's training really is incentive for you to fail however if you do come back to training or if you do fellow PT test and basic training they don't give you an opportunity to retake that test whatever at the end no I there was 350 test I actually tell my second Pete says so you fell it and you got to take another one basically basically just got a pass the last piece tip if you don't pack you guys PC says then you're the with that camp and if you don't pass it back home that you'll be discharged in the military so they do give you an opportunity even though everybody already graduated for you to get back in shape we try to catch up it doesn't what you try they pass it then you'll go on say auntie however I actually felt what about it says a big change because I had muscle failure when I did push-ups on I said it's only to 3540 or no say Porsche gun yeah 47 I was sick today my feet says but my drill sergeant was like you ain't sick you just trying to get off the PC system like notice are both got up nauseous but the guys like yeah whatever so I assume that my feet says in a field and I think it's a call mom and I crying she look up my feelings so hurt so but just don't freak out if you feel up it says amazing you know are they gonna do let's have a little bit of heart okay you got it if you really want to pass me the training and really want to prepare your face training here future soldier whatever the case may be all you have to do is have a little bit of heart and actually work out so like do two minutes of push-ups every night do 2 inches sit-ups every night it'll need to run 2 miles or more like times a week like it's nothing like if you practice practice practice practice principal purpose so you just gotta keep working out get tone you know do it that's money hold your fee have people around you that are willing to help you like you know I'm saying cause it's a little bit of hard if you really want something you're gonna get it so if you really wanna get incentive in this area you struggle with PT if you really wanted passion PHS and basic when you're at the end of a you trying to keep your personal hygiene or your personal time when you write letter to be in there having your battle buddy with watch your form make sure you're going down and watch hold your people to sit up saying motivate Union I'm saying set of writing letters everybody make sure you're gonna be at a curse that stage are you ready latex like do the push-ups do no sit-ups and knock it out like it's nothing you know I'm saying cuz nothing like it's nothing like it's all mental when you're tired it's mental you cannot replace laziness with a prayer and inspect you did oh if I prayed about I'm gonna pass my peace test no you got to get out there I'll push some pushing on get it out there and do it upset if you gotta go out there and run and sweat it it's gonna hurt you know I'm saying sometimes does hurt I know if I'm paying for tomorrow and if I'm not crying if I'm gonna go out uncle stick if I'm falling over tonight run hard enough you know I'm saying so you look you you


  1. I'd rather just run straight because if I know how long I have left my body's gonna get lazy vs if I don't know and I can't measure all I'm gonna remember is keep pushing cuz you could be sucking ass

  2. Wait so men and women have different requirements? What happened to equality and women can do the same as men? Which is it women, equality or special treatment?

  3. Hello how are you ? I passed my asvab with an 87 . I need some tips on pushups. I am trying to build my strength to do pushups can you give me any tips or anything ? I am doing knee pushups, wall pushups please I don’t want to wait till last minute

  4. feminists cry about equality but yet females still get watered down standards because of vagina
    why not give feminists what they want true equality not there version of equality make the standards the same
    to gain entry into any of the armed forces females should have to pass real standards aka male standards

  5. So except for the sit-ups women are cut a ton of slack and are expected to be way weaker and slower than men. Got it…..

  6. I’ve been thinking about joining the army for the longest but your videos helped me make my mind up ! Thank girl

  7. super random but ive been watching ur videos noticed you got braces put on how long before they let you get em? & did you get em through the military ?

  8. So with feminism suggesting a women can do anything a man can do or better and gender equality suggesting that men and women are the same because biology doesn't matter….why are the standards lower for women vs men? By doing this arent you theoretically making a lower standard army overall? I am curious as there seems to be a lot of double standards that are always in the favor of women. Personally I think the standards should be the same so we can have the strongest army inclusive of both women/men depending on who makes the cut..

  9. Currently I weigh 245 lbs and I could run a 1.5 mile in 11 minutes and I could do 35 push ups without stopping and sit ups are easy asf….. but the thing is “don’t qualify” because of my weight 🙁 my height is 5’9 by the way…. and I have more muscle than fat…….. can I still join while weighing this much

  10. Is it true that theres a new ACFT ? Like deadlifts , etc but im worried about the pull ups- it is the new sit ups exercise; not just by sitting but you will pull up and your knees must touch your elbow pls reply

  11. Idk why but I feel like everytime I test my self I end up doing less pushups Idk if its a good thing and now im actually doing the proper form or idk what. I had my friend who is a Marine judge my pushups last time I tested my self

  12. When doing sit ups is someone holding your feet down or no? Btw I loveeeee your videos, you really put things in a different perspective for me because I was kind of doubting my decision to join. Thank you❤️

  13. This really helped me because I’m considering joining the Army but I have to lose weight in order to enlist. I am physically active but the only thing Im worrying about is slimming down and making sure I’m able to pass basic and the pt tests.

  14. Can you have braces during basic training and can you get them during basic one day, because you Don't have dental until you joined ?

  15. There should be no man and woman entry requirements. There should only be entry requirements. A woman shouldn't get short cuts just so she can live her fantasy and tell herself she's physically equal to the boys. She isn't. The weakest man on earth would destroy a woman.

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