what's up guys welcome back to the channel today we are doing a highly requested video ashwagandha for anxiety relief I'm gonna be talking about some benefits of this how you can add this to your toolbox to help you with your anxiety now realize that this isn't a cure just like CBD isn't a cure just like magnesium and calcium isn't a cure for your anxiety you need to make sure that this is a part of your routine something that you can add to your toolbox to help you overall you still need to be doing all of the other things I know a lot of you guys are looking for a one pill fix all this is not what this is this is something to help you manage with your symptoms something to help you out make your quality of life better and if I see people experiencing great results I'm gonna try it out and then I'm gonna share it with you today we're going to be talking about essential origins actual ganda let me show you a little close-up right there you can see their name right up there at the top very inexpensive guys it's important to note this is the same price as maybe going to the restaurant actually getting a cheap meal and there are 90 capsules in this so think about that guys if you are having any type of financial issues though if you comment interested down below in the comment section there will be a coupon code and given to you for 25% off so an already inexpensive product and now you're getting 25% off on that as well so sounds like a still to me and it's natural you don't have to worry about any issues with that so what makes this special why are people raving about this why are people requesting this video it's being used all over the world it's been around for 6,000 years ok it's a part of Indian traditional medicine it is an adaptogen which means it's a non-toxic plant ok that's gonna help us resist stressors of all kinds of celsus with our automatic nervous system helps it basically not get overwhelmed with an access amount of energy it disperses it to other areas of our body so this is amazing this is gonna help us not get too overwhelmed it's gonna help with panic attacks and anxiety symptoms it's been very very popular now it's also been known as the Indian ginseng many of you have heard of ginseng where they refer to it as the Indian ginseng it's gonna help with energizing and restorative impacts for the body so another close up of this product we will get into this a little bit more I'll do a demonstration on how to use it but let's get into some of the benefits of ashwagandha so one of the biggest benefits of ashwagandha is the fact that it helps you with your anxiety your stress your depression by reducing cortisol levels cortisol is like a huge enemy if you're trying to overcome anxiety and stress we want to get those levels down or at least control them and that's what ashwagandha can do it also can give you more energy and boost your mood this is going to help with things like depression negativity things that we deal with as an anxious person so it's gonna help us with that our energy levels are often down as well so we want to boost those that's gonna help us with our mood it's also gonna reduce inflammation lowers cholesterol triglycerides it's gonna also improve our brain function our memory I don't know if you were like me but I had brain fog so I had problems with short-term memory I couldn't even remember simple directions I couldn't put names with faces whenever I had anxiety so that's something that I really really struggled with brain fog is basically just this cloudy image in your mind it's really hard to make out things and decipher make good decisions be alert it's just a real real struggle this can help with that as well something else you can actually do is boost testosterone levels and help you with fertility it can lower blood sugar levels and also increase strength and muscle mass who knows be ripped like me jogo not exactly so now let's talk about essential origins ashwagandha let me show you another close-up right there their logo is up top it is certified organic GMO free without additives it has a powerful dose of 1500 milligrams that would be 2 capsules as a serving size you can reduce it to 1 capsule if you want make sure that you take this with plenty of water take it with or after a meal it's important I know many of us are different sometimes this doesn't bother us for other people it does so make sure that you just take this with your food that will avoid little spells of nausea I can even get this with a multivitamin so it's not out of the ordinary to feel that way if you're doing it on an empty stomach also it has a boost of absorption because it contains as you can see right here black pepper extraction that's gonna help it absorb much faster that's you know extremely extremely important also to help increase absorption rates even further you want to stay hydrated that always increases the absorption rate also these are veggie capsules which I'll show you in just a second they open within seconds of entering the stomach tablets that are hard pressed they tend to open in the small intestines much much later so the absorption rate isn't as good so these are actually veggie capsules so that's gonna open up much much quicker alright and they also have a 60-day money-back guarantee which i think is incredible not a lot of places offer that so if you're not happy you're not satisfied you can always get your money back so let me go ahead and open this up and show you what they're all about there are 90 capsules in this bottle so you know we've all seen these before but for those of you who don't know what you're doing or getting into you as far as capsules go these are fairly simple they're easy to go down because their capsules simple simple and I've already had my food today so I'm not gonna have any issues with that so how long does it take to start seeing results with ashwagandha okay everybody's gonna be different some people will you know experience some relief a little bit quicker some people it might take a little bit longer and it also depends on your dose if you're doing the one cast or the two but if you're doing two capsules every single day you know with your food and you're generally being healthy in other areas of your life it should start to taking effect within about two weeks you want to establish this into your system to make sure that it's working properly and sticking around and as far as how long do you use it you use it as long as it's working for you like I said this is a natural product this isn't like using an antidepressant or anything like that it is all natural so you don't have to worry about taking it for long term periods of time so again that's gonna be down below the link will be there remember comment interested for your coupon code to help you save 25% off it isn't expensive at all to begin with but we all could use to save a few bucks so that's just something that I'll offer as well so guys I hope you enjoyed the video there are many other things out there like ashwagandha that I hope to do videos over you know any a little thing can help us out I know some of us are desperate for a little bit of relief I was you know I was right there with you my additional tips for anxiety recovery that you need to be following each and every day in addition to doing things like ashwagandha that's down below as well along with some other resources make sure that you leave a comment remember to comment if you're interested in that coupon code subscribe if you haven't hit that notification bell to get updates when I put my videos out and yeah until next time guys keep fighting and stay strong I love y'all


  1. Stick to plant based diet… Exercise daily…. Laugh hard…. Never pause… Stay busy stay busy stay busy

  2. Hey idk what's with me the past 2 days when I got home from work I've been feeling a pulse in my head and it has been scaring me anybody know what it is?

  3. Hey Trey. I'd appreciate your comments.
    Is Ashwagandha root extract powder as good as the pills? I find the powder tons cheaper. What do you think?

  4. Hello trey!!! I want to know. How can i tell my parents i think i have ocd? I want to tell them but i don't know how to bring it up

  5. Hey man I'm tired all the time and was just wondering what would you recommend to take that would help without adding on to anxiety like coffee does

  6. Question…u have alot of experience with cbd..I want to try it just to take the edge off anxiety so I can do acceptance..but I'm scared to death that it will make me worse..everything that supposed to calm u down has done the opposite..even ashwagandha..I've tried cava, even my alternative medicine dr tried to give me that Bach gave me panic attacks for 3 I'm pretty scared to take stuff..the only thing that helps on panic attacks is lorazepam which I've only taken for panic attacks that I cant i dont take them much..but my question is, if i take CBD…and it causes panic..can i still take a lorazepam?

  7. Thanks so much Trey. I'm going to try this if it doesn't counter act with Xanax. Thank you for all you do for us 💕

  8. Hey bro god bless you I'm struggling with my health anxiety you said meditate how do I go about doing that and what did you jernal about

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